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Man’s skull fractured when woman hits him with bag of coins

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

The victim and his alleged attacker in a Wednesday afternoon incident gave Terrebonne Parish sheriff’s investigators similar accounts of what happened but disagreed about the weapons involved.

Officers found the victim sitting in a lawn chair in front of a Babin Street residence, bleeding from his forehead.

He reportedly told them he had been approached by Ashley Williamson, 28, 505 Paris St., Houma, who asked why he had disciplined her child and hit him in the head with a fist-sized ball of coins inside a sock.

His injuries reportedly required 10 stitches and resulted in a skull fracture. He told deputies he had Williamson’s permission to discipline the child.

Williamson, located Thursday at Colonel’s Truck Stop, told investigators she heard the victim had beaten her child and confronted him. During the argument when he picked up a brick, she struck him twice in the head with her right hand, on which she wore two large rings, she said.

Williamson was jailed on charges of aggravated battery.

BG’s sentencing postponed until June

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Sentencing for BG has been postponed until June 13, 2012.

The former member of Cash Money’s Hot Boys faces 8 to 10 years in prison on gun charges. Federal prosecutors are expected to push for harsher sentencing.

In December of 2011, BG, whose government name is Christopher Dorsey, pleaded guilty. He was arrested with two other men in November 2009 for allegedly possessing three weapons, loaded magazines and two extended clips. The car he was in had been stolen from an Alamo rental car parking lot, and that two of the three guns had been reported stolen.

Ohio bus driver accused of choking student

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A veteran bus driver accused of choking a third-grade special-needs student as she was driving the girl home from school in an encounter captured on video was fired by the school district on Thursday, a district spokesman said.

The Columbus City Schools district fired driver Laura Roberson on a district charge of malfeasance for inappropriate contact with a student, district spokesman Jeff Warner said.

Warner said a surveillance system recorded Roberson on Tuesday afternoon while she drove the 9-year-old student she was driving from school on Tuesday. He was not sure how many other children were on the district bus used to transport special-needs children, and did not know whether the girl required treatment for any injuries.

Roberson, 59, of Canal Winchester, did not immediately return calls to her home.

The district had suspended Roberson without pay pending the Thursday hearing that resulted in her dismissal. No other details of the hearing were immediately released.

Warner says it is not clear what led to the encounter but he said the recording showed that Roberson’s actions “were not physically appropriate.”

He said that the girl’s foster mother reported the matter to police and to the school, but Warner did not know whether criminal charges had been filed.

A police report did not list Roberson as a suspect, The Columbus Dispatch has reported. The report said no weapons were used, but that the student was injured.

Police did not immediately return calls Thursday.

Roberson had been a driver for the 50,000-student district since 1984, and the only other incident reported against her was backing into a stop sign in 2009, Warner said.

He said the district has more than 800 drivers who do great work and have a difficult job.

“But we want to everything we can to protect our students and to ensure that they are transported to school in a safe and caring fashion,” he said.

LAPD Reportedly Raiding Home of Charlie Sheen

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Photo Credit: TMZ

TMZ is reporting that the LAPD is serving some sort of search warrant at the home of Charlie Sheen and that the search began in the past hour.

TMZ is also reporting that Sheen may have violated the temporary restraining order obtained by Brooke Mueller and that the order prohibited Sheen from possessing weapons.