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(NEW HEAT) Damar Jackson – “Everything” (VIDEO)

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Rising star Damar Jackson just released the visuals to “Everything”, a single off his new “Unfaithful Deluxe” album featuring heavy hitters Gucci Mane, NBA Youngboy, Moneybagg Yo, Kash Doll, and Yo Gotti. He’s currently touring across the nation with YFN Lucci.

Damar Jackson is quickly becoming R&B’s new vocal star, exploring themes of love and relationship drama in the “Everything” video. According to Damar, ‘Everything’ is a song about a certain person that was rocking wit’ me while I was going through a real toxic relationship. Everything I couldn’t talk to my girl about, I could talk to this other girl about. We ended up being close but my loyalty was still to my girl. So I never told anybody about this one special girl that was there for me,” Damar explains. “The passion in this song shows how much you can connect with somebody but still love someone else.” The video begins with a scene that many people of color can say they have dealt with, blatant racism in an establishment that goes unchecked in full. “This video takes you through real life situations in Louisiana. How racism is still alive and how we deal with violence within our own communities,” says Damar Jackson. Having the two dueling themes of love and race issues visually clash makes for a mix of emotions when you watch “Everything.”

The director, Cinemadona, works the angles just right to get the story across on screen. Yet, that love triangle still tugs at your core when you hear the pain in Damar’s main girl’s voice. “We don’t have many resources, so we love real hard and take loyalty very serious. You will see how I spend a lot of time with the person that I can’t be with. We share moments that allow us to grow but loyalty keeps me with the one I started with,” Damar maintains.

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Houston’s premiere artist Breadman is getting ‘Big Bags’ of ‘Dirty Money’

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Houston, Texas has long been known as one of the mainstays of urban, particularly rap music. From the early explosion of hip hop into mainstream to the recent wave of artists making names for themselves, while using the avenues blazed by the city’s early entertainment industry architects, Houston is definitely a stakeholder in modern entertainment.

Enter Breadman, a breakout star from Houston’s infamous South Side. He, in conjunction with his HKMG brand, is putting out some really good music – as well as up and coming artists. All of this is done under the guise of hard work, tenacity and consistency – three keys that are sure to lead to continued success.

Breadman’s most recent offering, “Big Bags”, is a rousing anthem featuring Houston mover and shaker G-Hustler. The video depicts Breadman and G-Hustler in their element – rapping about getting to the proverbial bag. It’s one of many videos recently filmed by Breadman. In late 2017, he dropped the visuals to “Dirty Money”, one of the dopest songs to drop in recent memory. It features Houston super crooner Eddie Coke and the video is directed by the legendary Mr. Boomtown – quite an accomplishment for Breadman, as his plans are coming together!

We caught up with Breadman to chat about “Big Bags”. Here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Your new video “Big Bags” is doing quite well. Tell us about the concept and song itself. How did it come about?

BREADMAN: Me and the homie G-Hustler know each other from outside of the studio, so from the street side of what we know about each other, it was trying to get a bag together. By us both doing music, it was only right for us to link up that way since we was already linked up in the streets.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How did the collaboration with G-Hustler come about and how was working with him?

BREADMAN: He met me at the lab one day on some other business and from there we just went at. I had some beats going and he came up with a hook. And from there we came up with Big Bags.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You had a banner year in 2017. What’s on the horizon in 2018 for HKMG and Breadman?

BREADMAN: 2017 was like one of those, “Y’all better look out for me years”, whereas 2018, Imma make it a year where y’all know who I am – while getting a bigger bag.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Your work ethic is definitely up there – take us through a day in the life of Breadman and let our readers know what drives you and what makes you so successful.

BREADMAN: My everyday personal goal is to do better than I did the day before, no matter what it was I was doing. And I always plan ahead to make my next day better. Just knowing I have a lot of people who don’t believe in me, makes me strive harder at what I’m doing. And for the people that I already have believing in me, I strive even harder for them, cause those are the ones I know I can’t let down.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You’re currently one of the premiere artists in Houston/Down South. What advice do you have for up and coming artists, as far as them becoming a success?

BREADMAN: And for some of the up and coming artists that’s trying to do it, one thing I can say, and that is Always invest in yourself.

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A word from the ‘Stomp the Violence’ campaign (VIDEO)

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Check out what New Orleans’ self professed “first and only socialite” is doing, along with rapper Keedy Black and many others – Kali Red is making things happen & getting the word out to the world that we need to do whatever we can to STOMP THE VIOLENCE.


Monday, September 5th, 2011

The Heat just keeps on getting hotter!  Look at who dropped in, “I was just in the neighborhood”, she tells Nik-O-Licious as she comes in sits down and starts to vibe with The Heat.  Heck, I took the impromptu to mean it’s an opportunity. I mean, how often does, a “Supermodel” just drop by because she was in the neighborhood. ..Ummm, never!   Check out what this beautiful, exquisite, talented Actress/Writer/Model Chantaille Elkerson had to share with your girl Nik-O-Licious at The Heat.

THE HEAT: So, Chantaille tell us where you pay homage to…

CHANTAILLE: I’m an ATL native…grew up in Metro Atlanta but spent most of my time in Adamsville…over on the Westside…

THE HEAT: Do you remember the day you looked in the mirror and said, “I need to be making money with these looks?”

CHANTAILLE: (she giggles with shyness). It wasn’t really like that.  When I was a child I liked to read. I still love to read. My mom used to have all these coffee table magazines, a lot of fashion magazines and books.  I’m a very visual kind of person.  I started not wanting to be in the magazines but wanting to take the pictures to put in the magazines.  I actually told my mom I wanted to be a photographer.  I can remember telling her if it was going to be too expensive I would understand.  But what she did was purchase me one of those Polaroid cameras, the one’s with the instant pictures and one day I saw how good I looked in the picture.  So then I expressed that interest and she started taking me around to modeling schools and agencies and from there, here I am…I was around nine or ten.

THE HEAT: What was your first gig as a model?

CHANTAILLE: Like I said, I didn’t really pursue it early on but about seventeen.  It was a calendar spread for Glamour Girl.  It was an urban magazine.  I can remember at the time, I didn’t even know what they meant about Urban. (she laughs)  I just remembered it as being one of those Eye Candy genre magazines.  At that time, I didn’t have any images, professional images, or anything, but I got the job!  After that I went on to do some promotional modeling and then I got into doing hair modeling. I did some stuff for Bonner Bros. and Pink Luster, she laughs hard, you remember them right…

THE HEAT: What are some of your greater accomplishments right now?

CHANTAILLE: I would have to say without a doubt being a face for Avlon.  Avlon focuses on getting women to embrace their natural texture of their hair.  (gently rubbing her bold and beautiful Tomboy hair cut) Then of course: Bobby V “Words”, Ludacris Conjure Cognac Commercial Short, Hamilton Park “Computer Love”, “The Invaders” minor role, just a “lil sumin sumin”. (she smiles proud of herself)

THE HEAT: Who would you say still gives you inspiration to keep doing what you’re doing?

CHANTAILLE: One of my number one protégés is Canadian model Linda Evangelista.  In my book, she is a star commonality.  She was and is what I would say a true model is.  And of course Naomi Campbell, I love everything about her.  Then there’s my girl, Grace Jones, her ferocious tenacity is awesome! You remember Strangé, her role in the movie Boomerang, I mean if you saw her in this movie, you can’t do anything but give her the props she Grace-ciously deserves…(she giggles)  She loves herself, like I love myself.  She never conformed into the commercialization of the modeling world.  For real, Grace Jones was ahead of her time.  Sexual but Powerful!  Just like me!

THE HEAT: You got that right! Grace Jones was way before her time. What you got going on now?

CHANTAILLE: I’m working now more on choosing quality over quantity.  I’m being kind of low-key right now, weighing my options.  I’m blessed right now, I’m not one of the desperate ones that’s gonna just take any gig doing just anything.  I’m much better than that.  I’m a professional.  I have to maintain that quality first and foremost. Just getting my portfolio tight and seeing what’s really out here for me to go after.  The world is wide open for me.  So I want to be ready for what comes my way, you know.

THE HEAT: Well, we found you from your cameo in S.B.B. (Sons of Bobby Brown) latest music video, hit single, “You Got Me”.  How was it working with Jason Weaver and Sky?

CHANTAILLE: Are you kidding me, it was awesome!  I got mad respect for both those guys.  Actually, Sky and I have known each other from way back when.  He’s more like a brother to me.  And Jason, wow, he’s so down to earth and professional. I can see why they both are very successful in the industry.

THE HEAT: Looked like there was more to you just playing a part in that video, more like a very sensual love affair going on, is it?

CHANTAILLE: (she smiles hard and giggles out loud) No…it was shocking to me when I got the call from them to be a part of that project. I mean they could have gotten anyone, but they chose me, natural beauty. What more can I say…(she smiles a slight shyness)

THE HEAT: You are definitely a natural beauty.  Guess they knew what was best for the visual. So what’s your plan in this ambitious career you’ve found yourself in?

CHANTAILLE: I would love to ultimately work with some actresses in film.  I’m pursing opening my own business and having that business flourish.  I already have the number one client, ME!  I’m also interested in doing some writing and like I said acting in the film industry.  Not to sound so cliché, but like the majority of people out here doing their thang, I wanna do it all! Then I have some film roles pending in: “Pulse of the Indigo”, “Sunny’s Reign”, and “Thicker than Water”…  Key word, pending…

THE HEAT: Well, Chantaille I’m glad you were in the neighborhood and decided to swing by and holla at your girl.  You The Heat hotter, girl!

The bold and beautiful, sophisticated, sensual, natural beauty ends our little girl session with:

CHANTAILLE: Nik, I thought you knew! The Heat’s got it going on! Ya’ll Hot!

Hats off to Chantaille Elkerson!  Chantaille we know we’ll be seeing much, much more of you in the days to come!  We got our eye on you Chantaille! Be Blessed Lady!

Feel “The Heat”!

Candy Casha: More Than Just A Model

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

“Beauty is a primeval phenomenon, which itself never makes its appearance, but the reflection of which is visible in a thousand different utterances of the creative mind, and is as various as nature herself.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Casha “Candy Casha” Sanders is yet another example of a bright, talented young woman who uses brains, as well as beauty, to parlay her career to new heights.

Urban model second – student first. That’s Candy Casha’s motto. Education is first and foremost among her priorities. After all, it has become quite obvious in this world that one cannot make it on looks alone – and Candy Casha is breaking out of that mold.

As a student at the University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff, Candy Casha is active around campus, making sure she grabs every educational opportunity that comes her way. With the future she has in store, she is making sure life does not pass her by.

Check out our interview with Candy Casha:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell our readers a little about yourself.

CANDY CASHA: I’m a model, of course, and I used to box. Last year, I was Golden Gloves champion. Since I’ve started to model, I’ve come across a lot of different companies and celebrities. I really like it.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: We’ve heard a lot about you, as far as your push for academics. Tell our readers about that.

CANDY CASHA: I attend school at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. I’m very active in school also. That’s one of my main focuses, no matter what.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What is your major?

CANDY CASHA: Mass Communications and Journalism. I plan to be an author.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us some things about you that our readers may not know.

CANDY CASHA: I’m a fun person. I really like the motto, “Live, Laugh, Love.” That means a lot to me. I enjoy living life. I love the color pink. Almost everything I own is pink. School is the most important thing to me. Education is definitely important, if I had to emphasize anything about myself. I’m single and I love athletes.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Did you hear that guys? This is one lady who’s going somewhere through a lot of hard work and grind.

Candy Casha can be reached via email at You can also follow her on Twitter and check out her model profile HERE.



Tuesday, March 8th, 2011



Miss Mika (Photo Courtesy of LC Modeling & Promotions)

Miss Mika (Photo Courtesy of LC Modeling & Promotions)

Miss Mika (Photo Courtesy of LC Modeling & Promotions)

Miss Mika (Photo Courtesy of LC Modeling & Promotions)



























































Our latest urban model, Miss Mika, comes to us from Oklahoma.

Miss Mika was born in Lawton, but was raised in Del City.  She is the reigning “Miss O’ City 2011” and is currently a student at American Broadcasting School.  She looks forward to embarking on a career in radio.  Although modeling is her main focus, she has always had a passion for radio.

Miss Mika has been modeling over 5 years and has taken part in numerous fashion shows, photo shoots and videos. She has also promoted and hosted many events.

Miss Mika is currently the president of LC Modeling and Promotions, based out of Oklahoma City, where she is strives to build the LC brand to its full potential. Keep on this lookout for this rising star.  You can check her out on the following site:

Miss Mika (Photo Courtesy of Willing Stasis Studios)