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Texas pool party cop had dealt with two suicide calls before 911 call

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Officer Eric Casebolt quit the McKinney, TX, police after video of him apparently over-reacting at a pool party prompted a storm of protest. His lawyer said he had been emotional at the time.

The police officer who quit his job after drawing his gun on a group of teenagers and slamming a bikini-clad 15-year-old to the ground let ’emotions’ get the better of him, his lawyer said today.

Officer Eric Casebolt quit the McKinney City police last night amid protests over his actions, described as ‘indefensible’ by his boss, which was captured on video.

But today his lawyer revealed that he was dispatched to the pool party after consoling the widow of an African-American man who had committed suicide by shooting himself in front of children at a swimming pool, and helping to talk a teenage girl out of taking her life.

She said he had not intended to respond to the call when it came through initially as it was simply about ‘trespass’, ‘given what he had just been through’.

But when he heard a report of violence, he decided to go – despite the toll of dealing with two emotionally-draining calls in the course of just over an hour.

Source: Texas pool party cop had dealt with two suicide calls before 911 call

Prescription Drug Sweep, Names Released of Dozens Charged

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015


Here are some of the highlights:

In total, throughout Operation Pilluted, Arkansas state and federal authorities have charged 140 individuals with prescription drug crimes, including 94 federal defendants in five separate indictments, and 46 state defendants. Included in that total are 4 doctors, 4 nurses, and 5 pharmacists.

Seven arrests were made today at the KJ Medical Clinic in Little Rock, including Dr. Jerry Reifeiss, prescribing physician, Kristen Holland, pharmacist at Bowman Curve Pharmacy, and Aaron Borengasser, physician’s assistant, formerly with Artex Medical Clinic, which later changed its name to KJ Medical Clinic.

Also indicted in the case, Christopher Watson, 42, of Greenbrier. The licensed pharmacist is alleged to have engaged in the unauthorized distribution of Schedule II, III and IV pharmaceutical narcotics from his family owned and operated store in Perryville.

Nearly 1,000 law enforcement officers across four states took part in the operation.

Defendants and Charges, United States v. Christopher Grant Watson, et al.:

Conspiracy to Distribute Schedule II, III and IV controlled substances
Christopher Grant Watson
Bartley Wayne McMillen, 42, Conway
Eric Flynn Horton, 48, Conway
James Kenars Crenshaw, Sr., 64, Conway
James Kenars Crenshaw, Jr., 29, Conway
Lorrie Jean Kirk, 55, Bigelow
Jonathan Arnell Jones, 30, Little Rock
Jesse Lee McGraw, 56, Conway
Joe Shering Jackson, 31, Little Rock

Possession with Intent to Distribute and Distribution of Hydrocodone/Oxycodone
Christopher Grant Watson
Bartley Wayne McMillen
Eric Flynn Horton
James Kenars Crenshaw, Sr.
James Kenars Crenshaw, Jr.
Jonathan Arnell Jones
Joe Shering Jackson

Conspiracy to Obtain Prescription Narcotics by Fraud, and Obtaining Prescription Narcotics by Fraud
Christopher Grant Watson
Bartley Wayne McMillen
James Kenars Crenshaw, Sr.
Roy Lamont Willard, 35, Conway
Jessica Tucker Monk, 33, Perryville
Jeremy Ray Johnson, 32, Cabot
Andrea Dawn Reynolds, 34, Conway
Lloyce Jermane Love, 37, Conway
Brenda Kay Ebsen, 58, Mayflower
Gary Wayne Strickland, 56, Conway
Dorothy Jo Flowers, 65, Conway
Beau D. Armstrong, 30, Hot Springs
Brenda Giles Jackson aka Brenda Bates, 55, Conway
Tammy Kay Sharp, 49, Mayflower
Sherman Ray Tiner, Jr., 50, Conway
Mason Dewayne Tiner, 18, Russellville
Jessica Marie Whiddon, 27, Hot Springs
Stacie R. Dukes, 56, Mayflower
Angelia Gayle Ferguson, 45, Greenbrier
Daphne Lynette Garner, 40, Conway
Doris Jean Johnson, 58, Conway

Possession and Issuing Counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes
Tammy Kay Sharp

Misprision of a Felony
Tommy Watson, 66, Greenbrier

Healthcare Fraud
Christopher Grant Watson

Felon in Possession of a Firearm
Joe Shering Jackson

Drug User/Addict in Possession of a Firearm
Christopher Grant Watson

Possession of a Firearm in Furtherance of a Drug Trafficking Crime
Joe Shering Jackson
Eric Flynn Horton

Defendants and Charges, United States v. Anthony Markeith King, et al.:

Conspiracy to Distribute Schedule II, III and IV controlled substances
Anthony Markeith King, 39, Little Rock
Christopher Dion Manson, 31, Little Rock
Shawn Michael Brooks, M.D., 44
Jerry Scott Reifeiss, M.D., 60, Conway
Felicie Wyatt, M.D., 41, Memphis, TN
Kristin L. Raines, 38, Little Rock
Aaron Paul Borengasser, 35, Little Rock
Stella Osei Green, 52, Little Rock
Jason Dewayne Sowers, 38, Pine Bluff
Randy Eugene Chane, 52, Houston, TX
Gerry Hill, 29, Little Rock
Larosha Danette Hall, 33, Pine Bluff
Densheo Lorraine Davis, 43, Natchez, MS
Amber Marnique Smith, 27, Mabelvale
Kristen L. Holland, 33, Bryant
Justin Russell Dyer, 25, Little Rock
Edward Lee Palmer, II, 23, Conway
Kenneth Darrail Lowery, 25, Conway

Possession with Intent to Distribute Schedule II and III controlled substances
Shawn Michael Brooks, M.D.
Jerry Scott Reifeiss, M.D.
Stella Osei Green
Kristin L. Raines
Kristen L. Holland
Kenneth Darrail Lowery
Amber Marnique Smith
Edward Lee Palmer, II
Jason Dewayne Sowers


Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Tyrone Davis began his radio career in 1972 in Laurel, Mississippi. He spent several years in Lafayette, Louisiana. From Lafayette he moved to Memphis and did promotions for Malaco Records. Tyrone believes “everyone experiences the blues” he says “it’s just a way of life, from the corns on your feet to getting that pay check on Friday and heading to the blues club. It’s just a way of life”.


Happy Birthday Tyrone “Da Don Davis”!

THE HEAT: Tyrone “Da Don” Davis, how’s everything going?
DA DON: Everything’s good…I can’t complain about anything.
THE HEAT: We’ve been trying to catch up with you for a minute. You’ve been busy.
DA DON: Well, I’m sure everybody’s busy at this stage.
THE HEAT: They better be in today’s times or get left behind.
DA DON: Yeah, I’m just doing my thang. This coming June it’ll be “forty” years.
THE HEAT: Wow! What a great feat in life to have accomplished. Much love to you in your dedication to the love of music. You are one of the reason’s I love what I do. Meeting people who have a love for music. You are the top Blues DJ on the radio right now, congratulations.
DA DON: Thank you. I’m glad that you thank I am. It’s an honor that you would even say that. I’m not sure that statement is true, but nevertheless, I thank you for saying that.
THE HEAT: I mean given your ratings and your status quo in the radio industry, I don’t think there are many that would dispute that. Especially since you recently received the 2011 JUS BLUES AWARD FOR BEST BLUES & SOUL RADIO SHOW.

DA DON: Since you put it like that, I guess it could be true. (we giggle) I’m with a great network. We’re syndicated in over forty markets. Recently welcoming: WIGO Atlanta, GA & KCOH Houston, TX. Our other larger markets are Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Birmingham, AL, and the list goes on and on.
THE HEAT: I’m often criticized from the younger generation when I try to educate them on the fact that if it weren’t for the Blues, we’d have no music at all. What’s your take on that?
DA DON: I think that this genre of music is really on the upswing. I recently read an article where Gail King, OperaWinfrey friend, said that her favorite music was this genre of music, one in particular, Mel Waiters. She said that she was introduced to the Blues by Bruce Springsteen, isn’t that something. I think this genre of music is really on an upswing. It’s just like that New Orleans “bounce” was about fifteen or so years ago. You can look at how things have grown for them. I think this music is really getting ready to take off.
THE HEAT: This is why people like you are so vitally important to the continuous movement of Blues/Southern Soul music. If it weren’t for DJ’s, to go along with the Blues, where would we be? (we laugh)
DA DON: Gotta love the DJ’s!
THE HEAT: It is always a pleasure to search through the crevices of the worlds shakers and bakers, from what the new generation is calling, “The Sip”, (Mississippi), especially from my hometown Laurel, MS, where so many legends and stars are born, to shout out to them and say, “Hey, I see you and I love what you’re doing! Keep it moving little L.A.”.
DA DON: Yeah, over 40 years ago I started loving the airwaves in Laurel, Ms.

Lil Glenn from Laurel

Little Glenn was the big man when I started coming out of Laurel. Then there was “Jimmy Earl”, “Jimmy Lee”, “Leon Franklin”, Harvey Knight” and “CJ the DJ”. I was on the air back then as “Sly Ty”. The next generation came along with those like “White Dog”, “Skillet”,

ATL's V-103 Greg Street

“Greg Street” “Disco Kid”, and the late grate, “Little Richard”. I got my start in Laurel, MS and I’m very proud of that too, it’s a rich heritage.
THE HEAT: So when you go home and visit, are you swamped with youngsters wanting to get some of that knowledge you have acquired in your career as a disc jockey?
DA DON: Not one! I can’t believe it either. I can remember “The Great Ookie Dookie” was a DJ in New Orleans, we didn’t get a chance to really talk but we talked some and I took what I needed to help me. Not one youngster from home has ever approached me about a career as a successful DJ. If you know of anyone please send them my way, I want to pass this knowledge on to them.
THE HEAT: Sounds fantastic. That’s love. Most people are selfish and want to hoard what they know and how they got to be who they are hindering others. I love the fact that you’re much like me; willing to share.
DA DON: I’m here for those who want it.
THE HEAT: Sounds great. Is there anything you want to leave us with to pass on to the fans or the artist from “The Heats” #1 Blues/Southern Soul DJ?
DA DON: American Blues Network is doing well. There’s one thing I want to leave to the artist. Please, the only way this music is going to grow, your production has to grow with it. Make sure you get the best quality sound you can get. Many artist wonder why their music doesn’t get played on the radio, for me, it’s because the quality of the sound isn’t it’s best.
THE HEAT: Now that you’ve mentioned that. Where can someone get in touch with you in reference to getting their music on your show?
DA DON: They can contact me at: and I’ll listen and see what we can do and I will have an opinion.
THE HEAT: Da Don, don’t be a stranger to The Heat. Come back and keep us posted with what’s happening in the Southern Soul world so we can bridge the gap of what the artist is saying is a style of music that needs rejuvenating and you, the DJ, saying it’s on an upswing.
DA DON: Well to that I have one last thing, I’m a glass half full type of guy, I’m not a glass half empty. I think the guys who don’t see the music growing, their glass is half empty, not half full, that’s where I’m coming from. (he giggles)
THE HEAT: Before we get out of here, I just want to be one of the first to congratulate you on your up coming 2nd year Anniversary. May you and your lovely wife be blessed with many years in the riches of health, happiness, and prosperity and always walk in your journey together hand-in-hand.
DA DON: Thank you, I appreciate that and it’s a beautiful thing being married to the beautiful woman I have. Thank you Nik and The Heat for recognizing me and my continued efforts in radio supporting Blues/Southern Soul. It’s a great thing you guys are doing over there. Keep up the great work.

Tyrone “Da Don” Davis, congratulations on 40 years of giving us great Blues & Southern Soul music! Happy Anniversary!

For anyone that is looking for great Blues/Southern Soul Music log on to: and listen 24/7 where you can catch Tyrone “DaDon” Davis Show.

Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The HEAT