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Heat Exclusive: A Conversation with King Reality

Thursday, January 11th, 2018


The Heat Magazine takes a travel to the West Bank of New Orleans. Many may not fathom that this area near the East Bank of New Orleans includes surrounding cities known for music. These small cities are unique and offer eclectic music. If a visitor travels across the Greater New Orleans bridge, they’ll become familiar with Algiers, Harvey, Belle Chasse, Westwego, Kennedy Heights, and of course Marrero just to name a few.

Ice Mike, Bust Down, Tim Smooth, and Dj Too Cool, all who have earned their place as legends of New Orleans and Louisiana hip hop earned their national acclaim on this side of the Mississippi River. Mobo Records, Ruthless Juveniles, and other West Bank area artists manufactured hits in the 90s.

MC Thick was the most well known rap artist from Marrero in the 20th century after landing a deal with Atlantic Records largely due to his hit single “Marrero” which was produced by J Diamond Washington, an owner of Diamond Studios.

In the 21st century, the hip hop scene continues to flourish. Rappers such as Choppa Style and Baby Boy Da Prince both received national success. Nowadays, artists like B Assasson and Daniel Heartless are making their way through the ranks of the industry.

In 2006, a young man started his professional rap career leading him to a national collaboration on Baby Boy Da Prince’s album. Perfectly titled, “Across Da Water,” the album included a song “Marrero” and this is where his first creative energy was released. Currently, he has a full length album  “New Orleans Premonition” available on all digital outlets. The Heat Magazine wanted our readers to get an inside look on this burgeoning artist.

The Heat Magazine: Tell the world your stage name?

King Reality: My stage name is King Reality.

The Heat Magazine: How long have you been a professional rap artist?

King Reality: I have been rapping since I was 5 yrs old.

The Heat Magazine: Being from Marrero, you come up with Mc Thick, Choppa Style, Baby Boy, and B Assasson. How important is it for you to represent your hood in your music?

King Reality: It’s very important that I continue to carry the torch because those brothers paved for like myself to come through.

The Heat Magazine: What separates you as an artist from your peers?

King Reality: My experience separates me from my peers because of real life situations that I have been faced with and overcome.

The Heat Magazine: As it relates to production, who do you work with?

King Reality: I work with beats by Nell, Quarter Key, and Alroc Kapezee from Untouchable Records.

The Heat Magazine: What are your immediate plans for 2018?

King Reality: To let my talent be seen throughout the world and be a major takeover in the industry.

The Heat Magazine: Tell us about your latest release.

King Reality: My mixtape is called MARRERO JAMMBALAYA with features from Mr Marcello and Choppa Style as well as a few other artists.

The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give to an upcoming artist?

King Reality Stay consistent and trust God. Always believe in yourself.

The Heat Magazine: Who influences you musically?

King Reality: Tupac and Soulja Slim.

The Heat Magazine: Tell us some things about Marrero that our readers and fans may not know.

King Reality: It’s a small city with lots of love where people have been knowing each other their whole lives. It’s a place with a lot of unity. It’s a place where if you stayed for a while, you would probably not ever want to leave.

The Heat Magazine: Do you plan on working with anyone in the future that we should know about?

King Reality: Yes, I plan on working with Lil Wayne, Drake, Piles, and more.

The Heat Magazine: What do you think about Louisiana’s rap scene?

King Reality: I think we are building. We are coming behind Cash Money and No Limit who showed us how to take control of our destiny. No matter what, the world is ours! (Bahlee dat)


Check out the album here:

Hip-Hop Mogul ‘Jimmy Henchman’ Found Guilty On Drug-Trafficking Charges

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

A federal jury found hip-hop mogul James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond guilty Tuesday on all charges that he used his music management company as a front for a huge drug-trafficking ring.

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn won convictions on all indictments against Rosemond, including cocaine distribution, conspiracy, money laundering, firearms possession and witness tampering.

Rosemond’s defense had maintained he never had any involvement in running the drug ring.

“James Rosemond never touched a kilo of cocaine,” defense lawyer Gerald Shargel said during opening statements. ”He is not that kingpin that the government says he was.”

Rosemond, whose clients have included Brandy and Salt-N-Pepa, used Beverly Hills hotels as glitzy pit stops and shipped cocaine in music cases.

He even had fans in court, including actor Michael K. Williams, who played the drug-dealer-robbing rogue Omar Little on HBO’s “The Wire.”

“A lot of people don’t end up with an office on 25th Street or appear on an HBO series. Our stories are very rare,” the actor said Monday, explaining why he supported Rosemond. “Having been through the muck and mire, I’ve had my own brush with bad choices. We had a certain camaraderie that we shared.”

Tupac always said Jimmy set him up in this song.

(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) SKRILLA, a young artist on a mission

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Ask anyone who is affiliated with Skrilla and they will describe him as a talented artist with an unstoppable work ethic.

Attitude can take a rapper far – that’s why we expect Skrilla to be one of the next big acts out of New Orleans.

Born in New Orleans’ 17th Ward neighborhood known as Hollygrove, Skrilla is a young man on a mission. He is an artist with hustle and brains and he is a hard worker.

It seems Skrilla has already mastered several of the skills needed to be a successful music artist and he has a team behind him that is doing everything they can to push his music to the forefront.

We caught up with Skrilla and here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us how you got started with music? What inspired you?

SKRILLA: I got started with music by growing up listening to my father rap and watching him dedicate his time in writing music. I knew if my dad could do it, then I had it in me too, so I wrote my first song at the age of 13. I would call my dad my inspiration because of the passion he had for the game.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Who were some of your musical influences growing up?

SKRILLA: My musical influences growing up would most definitely be the legendary Tupac, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Hollygrove has produced some of the most influential & legendary rap artists – probably more than just about any other neighborhood – what legacy do you plan to leave through your music?

SKRILLA: I feel like Lil Wayne was a regular n***a from the hood who achieved greatness, then why can’t I? My legacy is to be one of the greatest of all time.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where do you expect Hustle Till I Die Records to be in the next several years?

SKRILLA: I expect Hustle Till I Die Records to be on the beach, with sand in our toes on an expensive vacation in the next several years (LAUGHS).

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: If you could work with any artists or producers, who would that be?

SKRILLA: If I could work with any artists right now, it would be Lil Wayne, J-Cole and Alicia Keys.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What’s on your music playlist right now?

SKRILLA: My music playlist right now would be J-Cole – “A Dollar and A Dream,  pt. 3”, Wiz Khalifa – “When I’m Gone” and “Whose World Is This?” by J-Cole on repeat.