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Houston’s premiere artist Breadman is getting ‘Big Bags’ of ‘Dirty Money’

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Houston, Texas has long been known as one of the mainstays of urban, particularly rap music. From the early explosion of hip hop into mainstream to the recent wave of artists making names for themselves, while using the avenues blazed by the city’s early entertainment industry architects, Houston is definitely a stakeholder in modern entertainment.

Enter Breadman, a breakout star from Houston’s infamous South Side. He, in conjunction with his HKMG brand, is putting out some really good music – as well as up and coming artists. All of this is done under the guise of hard work, tenacity and consistency – three keys that are sure to lead to continued success.

Breadman’s most recent offering, “Big Bags”, is a rousing anthem featuring Houston mover and shaker G-Hustler. The video depicts Breadman and G-Hustler in their element – rapping about getting to the proverbial bag. It’s one of many videos recently filmed by Breadman. In late 2017, he dropped the visuals to “Dirty Money”, one of the dopest songs to drop in recent memory. It features Houston super crooner Eddie Coke and the video is directed by the legendary Mr. Boomtown – quite an accomplishment for Breadman, as his plans are coming together!

We caught up with Breadman to chat about “Big Bags”. Here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Your new video “Big Bags” is doing quite well. Tell us about the concept and song itself. How did it come about?

BREADMAN: Me and the homie G-Hustler know each other from outside of the studio, so from the street side of what we know about each other, it was trying to get a bag together. By us both doing music, it was only right for us to link up that way since we was already linked up in the streets.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How did the collaboration with G-Hustler come about and how was working with him?

BREADMAN: He met me at the lab one day on some other business and from there we just went at. I had some beats going and he came up with a hook. And from there we came up with Big Bags.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You had a banner year in 2017. What’s on the horizon in 2018 for HKMG and Breadman?

BREADMAN: 2017 was like one of those, “Y’all better look out for me years”, whereas 2018, Imma make it a year where y’all know who I am – while getting a bigger bag.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Your work ethic is definitely up there – take us through a day in the life of Breadman and let our readers know what drives you and what makes you so successful.

BREADMAN: My everyday personal goal is to do better than I did the day before, no matter what it was I was doing. And I always plan ahead to make my next day better. Just knowing I have a lot of people who don’t believe in me, makes me strive harder at what I’m doing. And for the people that I already have believing in me, I strive even harder for them, cause those are the ones I know I can’t let down.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You’re currently one of the premiere artists in Houston/Down South. What advice do you have for up and coming artists, as far as them becoming a success?

BREADMAN: And for some of the up and coming artists that’s trying to do it, one thing I can say, and that is Always invest in yourself.

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Arkansas Man Murdered While Asking for Directions in Chicago

Monday, October 21st, 2013


An Arkansas man was fatally shot early Wednesday after he and a friend stopped to ask for directions at an unknown location in Chicago, the “Chicago Tribune” reports.

55-year-old Robert Franklin and his friend, both from Blytheville, Ark., were in town to visit relatives on the South Side when they apparently became lost, police said.

The men flagged down a man they saw on the street and let him in the car when he offered to help direct them to their destination, sources report.

At some point, the man pulled a gun and announced he was robbing them as Franklin sat in the passenger seat and his friend drove. One of the victims handed over $400 in cash, the sources said.

The robber then opened fire, hitting Franklin twice in the back and twice on the right side of his body.

The friend told cops he drove to Stroger Hospital around 3$5 a.m., and Franklin was pronounced dead at 4:06 a.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

No one was in custody Thursday evening, and a description of the shooter wasn’t available.

Chicago gang violence shows no signs of stopping

Monday, December 10th, 2012

(CBS News) CHICAGO – There is a war going on — not overseas, but right here on the streets of America. A gang war has taken over parts of Chicago.

Over the weekend, 14 people were shot. Two were killed.

So far this year, there have been more than 2,364 shootings and 487 homicides.

CBS News National Correspondent Dean Reynolds rode along with Commander Leo Schmitz of Chicago Police Department’s 7th district. The area is a gang-related swath of the city’s South Side. They started to drive as children were leaving school for the day.

“When you have them coming out of school, and there’s any kind of gang conflicts, you’ve got a mix like fire and gasoline,” Schmitz said.

The gangs are fighting a war over turf, drugs and money.

Off-Duty Police Officer Dressed As Clown For Charity Event Shoots Dead Teenager Who Tried To Rob Him At Gunpoint

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

An off-duty police officer who was dressed as a clown shot dead a teenager who tried to rob him at gunpoint.

The incident happened as the officer left a fundraiser at the Kiddie Korner Day Care in Chicago just after 10pm on Friday.

As he went to his car, the teenager, named on Saturday as 16-year-old Jerry Moore, approached him and asked him for money, authorities said.

When the officer said he didn’t have any, police say the teen pulled a gun.

After a struggle, the officer grabbed the gun and fired, killing Moore.

The officer sustained minor injuries in the incident

A weapon was recovered from the scene, the Chicago Tribune reports.

One person was also taken into custody.

The charity event, in the city’s South Side, was attended by 50 children.

Authorities haven’t released the name of the officer involved.

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating.