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(NEW HEAT) JAYARSON & Skip drop the visuals to “Third Brick” (VIDEO)

Monday, October 22nd, 2018
New Orleans legend Skip & JAYARSON collaborate on “Third Brick” (produced by KMorGOLD)

If ever there was a super dope collaboration, Third Brick is it!

Hailing from Hollygrove, the legendary Skip of UTP and GhettoSlave fame joins New Orleans MVP JAYARSON on the visuals (and audio) of “Third Brick“, one of the cuts off JAYARSON’s “Foe Bricks” EP, available everywhere music is sold or streamed!

Watch/Comment/Share “Third Brick” and support two of New Orleans’ finest, not to mention Producer KMorGOLD!

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The Heat Magazine wishes Skip (UTP) a very Happy Birthday!

Thursday, February 13th, 2014


We here at The Heat Magazine want to wish Skip a very Happy Birthday!

Music artist, businessman and much more, Skip is a man of many talents. As the owner of several New Orleans area businesses he is probably best know for music career than spans years. Skip was one-third of UTP when “Nolia Clap was created – he probably didn’t even realize how hot that anthembwould become internationally!


Skip is also the owner of Chicken & Watermelon, a popular wingspot located in the heart of New Orleans.


Join us in wishing Skip a very Happy Birthday! Comment below or hit him up on Instagram at @skipofutp & follow the legend!

Visit Chicken & Watermelon’s website at


Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


Friday September 20th in New Orleans at The Howlin’ Wolf, WQUE’s (Q93FM) legendary DJ Ro will kick off his birthday. Ro “DJ Ro” Watts links up with host DJ Slab One while Dj Hektik will accompany him on the wheels of steel.

One might assume a great party is satisfactory but the iconic mixologist has a plethora of great New Orleans hip hop artists scheduled to rock the stage.  Juvenile, Dee-1, Skip, Young Gabe, Crix Green, Shorty, Dank, Merk, Audyo Dope, Demplz, Nino Purp, and more will bless the microphone at this memorable event.

DJ Ro is one of the most influential mixologist in New Orleans. He broke down barriers as he became the first African American deejay to mix urban music on WQUE.  Since then, he has dedicated more than twenty years of service to mix show radio and specialty 5 o’clock mixes.  Being a stakeholder and philanthropist, DJ Ro organizes back to school events and supports needy families and children during the holiday season.

The Heat Magazine is excited about the event and wanted our readers to be aware.  DJ Hektik and DJ Slab One are also well known deejays at WQUE that support the essence of local hip hop in the Crescent City.  Call 504-617-3902 to purchase your tickets.  Be sure to attend and witness a party and concert that will invigorate the hip hop community.  For more information contact Dion Norman or Dream Management at:

Commercial Link:

Check out DJ Hektik G’z & Souljas Virgo Mix




Skip set to release new mixtape Tuesday

Sunday, September 8th, 2013


Legendary New Orleans rap icon Skip is set to drop the highly anticipated mixtape this Tuesday.

“UPTOWN DOWNTOWN · F*ckin & Duckin” from Skip and 6 Ward Pook will feature some of New Orleans’ nicest talent, along with production from sought after producer Blaqnmild.

Skip became nationally known for the hit “Nolia Clap”, along with fellow rappers Juvenile and Wacko. He is a well respected businessman in his own right, as well as continuing to be a force to be reckoned with, within the entertainment industry.

Follow Skip on social media:

INSTAGRAM – @skippa17th


UTP SKIP opens food establishment “Chicken and Watermelon”

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

In the city of New Orleans, food and music have an unending relationship.

UTP Records recording artist, “Skip” has taken his business endeavors to another realm. Adding what New Orleans citizens and tourists find hard to resist, an intriguing eatery.  Not only is it an eatery, the name says it all.   Chicken & Watermelon is not connotative for buffoonery.  It’s literally a great variety of chicken wings and watermelon punch that has gained a delectable reputation in New Orleans. The grand opening approaches as Skip and his business colleagues will unveil the well located convenience restaurant  on Dec. 17th at 11:00 a.m..  Be sure to stop by 3400 South Claiborne Avenue and try a wing of your choice.  For more information, contact Chicken and Watermelon at 504 896-4596.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            523728_505233412830022_1341993316_n


NEW ORLEANS ON THE RISE: NOUE releases new mixtape (VIDEO)

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

8th installment in the successful NOUE mixtape series

New Orleans Union Of Entertainment (NOUE) returns with their 8th installment in their epic mixtape series.

The Union is on fire as they continue to drop the best of New Orleans mixtapes.  New Orleans On The Rise features the following artists:
  • Calliope Var
  • Soulja Slim
  • Youngest 1’s
  • Devious
  • Cise HD
  • Ghetto Twiinz
  • Mista Meana
  • Juvenile
  • Da U Boys/Hickk Louch
  • Strait Jigg
  • Kidd Kidd
  • Partners N Crime
  • Jay Jones
  • Choice Rhymez
  • & many more artists
For more information, contact @NOUE1 and @deviousontwitt.
New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars-New Orleans On The Rise

1. Streets Made Me-feat. Soulja Slim-Calliope Var
2.Ya Know-Youngest 1’s
3. Never Change-Partners-N-Crime
4. We Da Bizzness feat Ghetto Twiinz-Cise HD
5. Light You Up feat. Jay Da Menace-Jay Jones
6. Tha Truth-Da U Boys(Hickk Louch)
7. Black Shirt Mix-Devious
8. #AStepAhead ft. Kidd Kidd –Strait Jigg
9. Spend Dat Money feat. Marcialago & Juvenile-Mista Meana
10. She Knows-Youngest 1’s
11. Black Ass-Tweeday
12. Supernova-Choice Rhymez
13. Cologne feat. UTP Skip-Snare Bros.
14. I’m Back-G Quikk
15. Above The Water-L.A.W.
16. Bang Bang-Lo Kee
17. Closure-Dreezy
18. That Thang-Marcy
19. Pure Uncut feat. Veno-Shipe
20. This Way-Majesty Sozey
21. Feelin’ You-Redd & Poizon Ivy

EAZYMONEY: Redemption & Resilience

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011


Resilience: the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc. after being bent, compressed or stressed; ability to recover from illness, depression, adversity, or the like

We know of no better word to describe talented rapper and urban poet, Eazymoney, than the word “resilience”.

Eazymoney is a product of New Orleans’10th Ward. Like so many other artists before him, Eazymoney is pure, unadulterated, raw talent just waiting to be uncovered – a diamond in the rough, if you will.

Though he has experienced more than his fair share of rough times and set backs, he continues to exhibit resilience and shine – shine that The Heat has a feeling you will be seeing a whole lot more of in the near future.

Surrounded by a ton of other musical talent, Eazymoney not only raps, but he also performs Spoken Word poetry – a talent that he has nailed.

It took a long time to find, thoughts that a pen reincarnates through my mind. I did a lot of wrong, some of y’all might call a crook, but I touched too much money to be worrying about a checkbook. Take a look through my sunglasses, everybody smile when the fun passes. See how much makeup over the years can help hide my pain and tears of sorrow, trying to live off ten dollars tomorrow and the stress that world gives the best …”

The poem “Be Forgiven” is deep on a spiritual level and it goes on to speak of how we can be forgiven and make what was wrong, right. It’s deep – very deep – and speaks volumes of this young man’s talent and potential, given the right opportunity. It also speaks of redemption and is a testament to positive change, no matter what a person has been through in his or her life.

“Even if you took a life, you can be saved, too. Be forgiven.”

Eazymoney clearly has the perils of this world figured out and he stands poised to overcome the hurdles it throws his way.

The Heat had a chance to catch up with Eazymoney and here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Who is Eazymoney?

EAZYMONEY: I’m a regular person with the same problems as everyone else. The only difference is, I have the ability to put life’s struggles into words on a track to paint a picture people listen to and understand where I’m coming from. I can rap about almost anything cuz I have been through just about everything, from losing my mother, getting locked up, having money, and even being homeless. I just don’t want to be thought of as a artist who can only make hood music, when I’m capable of making hip hop, bounce, gangsta, R&B, whatever . The name Eazymoney comes from always being focused on money, no matter what the hustle is and making it look easy.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Who are you affiliated with?

EAZYMONEY: Right now, I’m working with a label called Ghetto Slave Records with Skip from UTP. The label consists of us two, Reggie Hammin, Reem & a lot of talent down here that’s nice, but ain’t been heard yet. It’s so many people who been a part of my career or had a hand in it – Threat & J-Dawg of Black Menace & Mista Meana & Kango Slim of PNC mentored me when I first started rapping for a crowd & got my first deal. Reem and Hasheem (Recon) taught me how to make my own music and put it out myself. Juvie, Wack and Skip (UTP) showed me it’s business and people really making money from music. Then J. Prince & Scarface put me on my first nationwide album, My Homies Volume 2 ,”We Out Here “.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Who influenced you musically?

EAZYMONEY: Honestly, and I’m not just saying this, but it’s the artists around me in my circle cuz they say something or make something that have me like, “Damn, I gotta step my game up. Can’t let em shine on me.” Skip is like one of the most animated artists I ever heard. Reggie Hammin gives the most emotion and creativity I’ve seen and Reem is like the ultimate lyricist. I hear people say they don’t write, but I watch him sit there for 30 minutes then walk in the booth and rap. But I grew up on real music from my family – older people – so you know I heard Patti, Luther, Isley Brothers, stuff like that, so I try to make real music that you can listen to years from now cuz that’s what influenced me first. They was talking about real life experiences and really playing them instruments like that and we sample them now to get that sound. Shoutout to my cousin Al who wrote my first rhyme when I was 12.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How much of an effect does New Orleans have on your music?

EAZYMONEY: A lot in different ways cuz it made me who I am – gives me what I rap about, showed me a lot of different genres of music from hip hop, bounce, jazz, blues – you name it, it’s here. Its also hurts cuz it’s politics here so if you not affiliated with certain circles, you have to work just that much harder. That’s why y’all would be riding to my music, but hear somebody ya’ll think wack gettin more love.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about the spoken word material you do.

EAZYMONEY: Well really rap is poetry. We don’t always get that much credit, but it is. But when I write poetry, it’s no set amount of words to express like you would writing 4 bars in a verse, so you can really describe whatever picture you’re painting, but I love spoken word. It’s more competitive then rap cuz you know they gonna say something catchy. Spoken word is so special cuz they don’t focus on music with words – just words and how you put them to get your point across.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What can we expect from you in the future?

EAZYMONEY: Right now, I’m promoting “Ghost Dope”. It is my first project since I came home. Be looking for the new Ghetto Slave project, “High Fructose Corn Syrup “, the “Kongo” album, Eazymoney & Reggie Hammin, and a bunch of Ghetto Slave projects. Right now, I’m dealing with some legal troubles, so I might make a mixtape for the time I’m doing in the halfway house. Be looking for that, too. Just remember, when you hear me say 2000 & Ghetto Slave that’s because we gonna be here a long time.

You can follow Eazymoney on Twitter – @EazyGhettoSlave


EDITOR’S NOTE: We salute Eazymoney and wish him the best of luck in all of his creative endeavors. Make sure to download his album and check out the videos. You won’t be disappointed.


Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Christopher “Chris” Tucker, born the youngest son of Mary Louise (née Bryant) and Norris Tucker, Thursday, August 31, 1972 in Atlanta, GA.

Chris Tucker is a household name known as an American actor and comedian.  We know him for his roles in movies as 1994 “House Party 3” as Johnny Booze.  He played in three movies 1995. The first which brought his thin physic and a need to get a haircut bad boy to the screen in “Friday” as Smokey, where he was Nominated – MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance, Nominated – MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance, and Nominated – MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo (with Ice Cube).  After playing the “Smokey” role, Chris Tucker began to search his life for meaning.  In 1995 he would also play in “Panther” as Bodyguard and “Dead Presidents” as Skip.  He followed this claim to fame in 1997 starring in “Money Talk”, as Franklin Hatchett, along-side actor Charlie Sheen.  Mr. Tucker did not follow-up in his role of Smokey in Next Friday (2000) because he had decided to get high on something greater.  He became a born-again Christian after filming “Money Talks.  His roles in 1997 also included “The Fifth Element” as Ruby Rhod, which unfortunately got him Nominated  for the  Razzie Award for Worst New Star, but he would soon bounce back starring in “Jackie Brown”, with Samuel L. Jackson as Beaumont Livingston.  His big break came when he co-starred alongside Jackie Chan in the 1998 Box Office Hit “Rush Hour”, the beginning of the Trilogy, as Detective James Carter.   He would continue this rein as he would play in Rush Hour II in 2001 and Rush Hour III in 2007.  His amazing talent was enough to get him nominated as follows during his Rush Hour days:

Blockbuster Entertainment Awards for Favorite Duo- Action/Adventure (with Jackie Chan)
MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo (with Jackie Chan)
Nominated – Image Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Motion Picture
Nominated – Kid’s Choice Awards for Favorite Movie Actor
Nominated – MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance
Nominated – MTV Movie Award for Best Fight (with Jackie Chan against the Chinese gang) 2001 Rush Hour 2 Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor
MTV Movie Award for Best Fight (with Jackie Chan against the Hong Kong gang)
Nominated – MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance
2007 Rush Hour 3 Nominated – MTV Movie Award for Best Fight (with Jackie Chan against Sun Ming Ming)

In 2011 Chris Tucker returned to the stage as a comedian.

Chris Tucker is a true blood from the ATL.  Tucker was raised in Decatur, Georgia , graduating from Columbia High School in Decatur, GA, after which he sought out his acting career in Los Angeles, CA.

Chris has a son named Destin Christopher Tucker, whom he enjoys spending as much time with as possible.


Feel “THE HEAT”!

You can catch Chris Tucker on stage in September at a city near you!

Sep 2 Fri

08:00 PM

Sep 3 Sat

Palace Theatre Albany Albany, NY
07:30 PM

Sep 4 Sun

NYCB Theatre at Westbury Westbury, NY
07:30 PM

Sep  9 Fri

Shea’s Performing Arts Center Buffalo, NY
07:30 PM

Sep 10 Sat

Citi Wang Theatre Boston, MA
07:30 PM

Sep 16 Fri

The Chicago Theatre Chicago, IL
07:30 PM

Sep 23 Fri

UNO Lakefront Arena New Orleans, LA
08:00 PM

Sep 24 Sat

The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater Miami Beach, FL
07:30 PM

Sep 30 Fri

Murat Theatre at Old National Centre Indianapolis, IN
08:00 PM

Oct  1 Sat

Fox Theatre Detroit Detroit, MI
07:30 PM


Friday, August 19th, 2011

Real Recognize RealUnity is something lacking in a lot of areas of art, and sometimes that pertains to music as well. The newly formed New Orleans Union For Entertainment, or N.O.U.E. as it is known, is the exception to that rule. Together with some of the younger artists, quite a few legendary artists are affiliated with the N.O.U.E. and are the driving force behind its advancement. Devious, Partners N Crime and the Legendary DJ Erv are several of its principals, who are helping to push the envelope of entertainment, where New Orleans music and entertainment is concerned.

In a city known for being one of the music capitals of the world, discord and loosely formed cliques have, in the past, plagued the rise of what could one day be the strongest force in the music industry. Awash with raw and polished talent, the New Orleans area has produced some of the most well known artists, especially in the genre of hip hop and R&B. It was not until now that a majority of the talent pulled together to help put New Orleans on the musical map for real.

Poised to release its third various artists mixtape in as many months, the N.O.U.E. presents “Real Recognize Real”, featuring the late Tim Smooth, Ice Mike, Black Menace, Partners N Crime, Devious, Da U Boys, Cheeky Black, Mia X, Kunta Fly Snooka, Majesty Sozey, The Rap Pack, Ms. Tee, and many more more artists.  The 25 song mixtape maintains consistency as it follows the Essence Festival and Allies mixtape releases.

“One of the main dilemmas New Orleans has faced over the years as it relates to hip hop is structure. We have always had a ton of talent but only a small amount of industrial structure. NOUE is addressing this concern because most hardworking artists echo this opinion.” – Devious


The N.O.U.E. is an action based collective that features artists in its own blog, on its internet radio affiliate and, The Heat Magazine, Dtv, Ramp Tv, Phat Phat n All That, and other avenues. In addition, the N.O.U.E. is equipped with professionals who offer their services at reasonable rates. As a result, several artists have leaped over the obstacle of rejection and are now making progress in the advancement of their careers regardless of their musical style. The beauty of the NOUE can be likened to “a pot of gumbo,” because the collective supports all genres and levels of hip hop.

The mixtape series consolidates New Orleans rap and allows industry professionals to be able to observe a variety of relevant music all at once, in contrast to finding New Orleans artists in a scattered fashion.

We had an opportunity to interview Devious so we could learn more about the up and coming N.O.U.E., along with its mission, what it seeks to accomplish, and much more:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What’s the mission of the NOUE and your vision for it?

DEVIOUS: The mission is to advance collectively. In the past, our advancement has been limited because of lack of knowledge, opportunity, structure, and rejection.  The vision is one of many: to see New Orleans in an active and professional musical industry environment.  It’s limited thinking to believe that only one form of music is credible. Imagine if rap music was never given an opportunity, where would we be?  So don’t tell me all genres can’t be or won’t be showcased.  If that is the case, then New Orleans Union for Entertainment is at odds with any media organization that censors or streamlines our music into a uni-sound genre.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about the mixtape series and how well it’s doing in terms of exposure and downloads.

DEVIOUS: The New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars is off to a great start. Exposure is within the U.S. and overseas. The whole idea is to create a movement and cement the name and work of New Orleans rap music.  Thousands of downloads between all the sites, blogs, and forums that our series appeaars on – it’s a unified movement in music.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Who are some of the artists who’ve appeared on the mixtape?

DEVIOUS: Partners N Crime, BlaqnMild, Ms. Tee, Fiend, Da U Boys, Mr Magic, Black Menace, Devious, Utp Skip, Cheeky Blakk, Young Torrento, Sess 4 5, Majesty Sozey, Kunta Fly Snooka, Serv-On, Six Shot, Big Ramp, Magnolia Chop, and more.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Some of the veteran members have been in the game literally decades – tell us about that.

DEVIOUS: Music is universal, timeless – no such thing as time when it comes to the creation of music.  With that being said, greats like the Nevilles, Charlie Wilson, and even our rap vets from New Orleans can maintain consistency in music creation. As far as what’s up with New Orleans Union for Entertainment, we are making sure our music is represented in a proper fashion. We cannot let our music be streamlined to one particular genre. The whole idea is to create a multicultural industry in New Orleans as it relates to music. It’s not coincidental that the majority of basic rap tunes are credited to vets from our city. Like Jeezy says, The Real is Back.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where do you see the city’s music 5 years out, now that we are seeing unity and involvement from all different aspects of the industry.

DEVIOUS: In five years, I’m not certain.  I know that New Orleans music will prosper to higher heights. More opportunities will come our way. Fifty Cent says New Orleans rappers are active.  I plan on intensifying that activity, hustling in a slightly different way, and carrying the torch for my homies Tim Smooth, Sporty T, DJ Baby T, and DJ Kenny D. Rest in Peace to all the fallen musicians. So if we play our cards right, stay busy and maintain a level of quality, creativity, and determination, we will conquer some of the giants that have blocked us in the past. New Orleans will return to its hotbed era with focus. In five years, we should have a new movement in music with worldwide notoriety. We should make millions with our God-given talents by then.

With unity and perseverance comes success – and so it is with the N.O.U.E.

You can follow N.O.U.E. and Devious on Twitter:


Here’s the lineup for the New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars – Real Recognize Real mixtape, a tribute to the late Tim Smooth:

1. Wood Grain – Da U Boys & The Show

2. My Birthday – BLAQNMILD featuring Princess of Crime Mob

3. Around The World – The Rap Pack (Dappa,The Show, K. Gates, Y Dot Luck)

4. Welcome2MyCity – Black Menace

5. Bout Ta Pop It Off – Devious

6. Be Right Back – Eazymoney featuring Skip & Mista Meana

7. Call Me – Jay Da Menace featuring Mia X w/ Kango Slim

8. Stronger Now (Bounce) – Ms. Tee

9. Wobble On It – Redd & Poizon Ivy

10. Y’all Niggas Gone Make Me – Cheeky Black

11. I Gotsta Have It – Tim Smooth (Rest In Peace)

12. Get With Me – Big Ramp

13. Moxie – Kunta Fly Snooka

14. Gotta Do Me – Mista Meana & Ms. Tee

15. Papers (remix) – Hasheem Amin

16. Come Take A Look – Majesty Sozey

17. Game Need Lotion – Eazymoney featuring Reggie Hammin

18. Mic Check – Young Torrento

19. She Rocks – Poizon Ivy, Da Streets 1st Chyna, Redd, & Shabazz

20. Meet Me In Rubensteins – Tim Smooth (Rest In Peace)

21. Superstarz – Ice Mike

22. The One That Got Away – DEE-1 featuring Mannie Fresh

23. For New Orleans – Kooly

24. Ooh La La La – The Rap Pack

25. Put Ya Ballys On – Bust Down

Download the mixtape here:

To learn more about the N.O.U.E.‘s movement and mixtape series, visit