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Authorities Recover 1,500 Cases of Stolen High-End Meat Worth $300,000

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014


Sheriff’s deputies from Carson recovered $300,000 worth of high-end beef and lamb stolen last week, authorities said Monday.

The shipment of high-end beef steak, leg-of-lamb, rack of lamb and other expensive cuts was reported stolen Dec. 2 by a company called Lamb Cooperative Inc.

Deputies located the meat two days later at a cold storage facility in the 2000 block of Imperial Street in Los Angeles.

Deputies recovered more than 1,530 cases of meat, about 90 percent of what was stolen. It was unclear if any arrests were made.

Mother Kills Son & Burns Down House Before Fatally Shooting Herself Following Breakup

Monday, July 14th, 2014


In a murder-suicide case that has rocked Indiana, a 46-year-old mom reportedly depressed over a breakup killed her son, then set their house on fire and shot herself to death.

Carla Gilliland had gunned down her son Parker Gilliland-Wampler, 15, and their dead bodies were discovered inside their burning house in Ellettsville, Indiana on Thursday.

The Monroe County Coroner has ruled Parker’s death a homicide, and his mother’s death a suicide.

A source told Indianapolis news station WTHR that Gilliland had hit a rough patch over a “family breakup,” while Sheriff’s Detective Sgt Brad Swain said Gilliland had been recently embroiled in “domestic issues” involving Gilliland and Parker’s father and had hinted about wanting to hurt herself and the boy.

A neighbor said, “She’s just been sad lately, depress[ed]. Some issues she didn’t share. [We] tried to help out as much as we could. It’s just a tragedy.”

But Gilliland’s daughter Katie has charged that the crime was preventable, as police apparently didn’t intervene when Parker expressed concern about his mom’s behavior and they had visited the home.

Katie Gilliland, Parker’s older sister, wrote on Facebook that cops simply didn’t act: “I would like everyone to know. That the system failed,” she wrote. “It failed me. And it most certainly failed my baby brother. CPS and [Sheriff’s] department were aware that [P]ark was afraid for his life to be in that house…Yet they made him go back.”

Restaurant busted for selling marijuana

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies have served a search warrant at a restaurant they say was a cover for a marijuana dispensary operation.

Sheriff’s spokesman Jason Ramos said they served a warrant this morning at The Farmer’s Daughter on El Camino Avenue near Watt Avenue. Their website describes them as having local specialty foods and a cafe.

“Intelligence information shows the majority of people coming here were coming for these purposes rather than to patronize the restaurant,” Deputy Jason Ramos said.

Ramos says they have been investigating this restaurant for some time and they were able to serve the search warrant Wednesday morning. He says they have found marijuana, baked goods and lollypops so far.

Ramos said he believes the restaurant was a guise for the marijuana operation.

The restaurant’s owners, Robert Sand, 64, and Shelby Lucero, 50, were also arrested and booked on felony charges including possession of marijuana for sale, unlawful production and cultivation of marijuana, and criminal conspiracy.

Cremate Me With My Kids Mother Shoots Her Four Children Dead And Then Turns The Gun On Herself’

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

A mother-of-four killed her children and then herself early on Tuesday morning.

Sheriff’s deputies in Brevard County, Florida said 33-year-old Tanya Thomas shot her four children, who ranged in age from 12 to 17.

They were Joel, 12, Jazlin, 13, Jaxs, 15, and Pebbles Johnson, 17, deputies said, all of whom lived at the Port St John property with their mother.

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‘Teabagger’ will face arrest by New Orleans authorities

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Late this evening, an arrest warrant was signed in connection with the videotaped assault of an incapacitated LSU football fan, following the BCS Championship game in New Orleans, between LSU and Alabama.

WDSU is reporting that Orleans Parish Magistrate Commissioner Robert Blackburn signed the warrant for arrest on two charges, sexual battery and obscenity.

The development clears the way for the arrest and booking of the individual suspected to be the abuser depicted in the video released earlier this week on the internet. Brian Downing and his attorney were supposedly en route from Russell County, Alabama to New Orleans to meet with NOPD detectives.

The signing of the warrant Thursday night makes it likely that Downing will be taken into custody and appear before a judge within the next 24 hours. The video, which began circulating through website and bulletin board postings over the past week, shows an unidentified man dressed in LSU gear slumped over a counter at the Krystal Burger restaurant on Bourbon Street. He is surrounded by men and women wearing crimson, and celebrating the University of Alabama’s 21-0 victory.
Several minutes later, people began mocking the passed out LSU fan, stacking fry containers and trash on top of him, placing their fingers in his ears and nose, and posing for photos and videos beside him. At one point, the man begins to stir, only to return to what appears to be a state of unconsciousness. Shortly thereafter, one individual unzips his pants to expose himself and thrusts his genitals in the face of the passed-out fan. He then pretends to sodomize him while many onlookers did nothing. The video even showed what appeared to  be a Crystal Burger employee passing by, stopping to look at what was taking place, and then doing nothing to stop it.

On Wednesday, NOPD officials stepped up their investigation with a call for help in identifying the person committing the obscene act. The Ledger-Enquirer newspaper, based near Downing’s hometown, reported that Downing had stepped forward to meet with authorities about the incident. Downing’s cousin is reportedly the sheriff of Russell County, Alabama and claims he encouraged him to turn himself in after receiving a call notifying him that his cousin was the aggressor depicted in the video.

Source: New Orleans Crime Examiner