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Steve Harvey Speaks On Relationships

Monday, January 27th, 2014


Steve Harvey Speaks On Relationships, and TD Jake speaks on your past, never let your past relationships, mess up your good relatiosship. What your going to lose is that good man that was by your side.

Heat Relationships (Respect Yourself)

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014


Ladies: If you don’t respect yourself? Why demand as much from a man? I need to speak on this, because it’s actually disturbing to see the steps “some” women take, to impress men. Please stop disrespecting yourselves with taking pics with your ass all hiked up, like you ready to be mounted, and those “club” pics, trying to show as much skin as possible. I really want to know what type of guy, you’re actually fishing for? Because good men see foolishness. We see a thirsty female, who feels her smile & personality are not good enough. “Let me entice a man, with my assets” We see a damaged soul, desperate for attention. Please stop, with the desperate attempts to get attention from men, because only dogs will go after your ratchet self. I know I have some hate coming my way, for saying this, but I’m not here to please you.

Heat Relationships (To Those Who Break Hearts)

Friday, January 10th, 2014


To those who pretend to live and break hearts without remorse: Your first mistake was taking them for granted. Your second mistake was leaving them. Your final mistake—and biggest gift—was letting them realize that they were better off without you… clearing the way for someone who would value them

Relationships: An interactive look on the highs and lows of Love

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

As man and woman travel the trek of life, culture embeds the need for relationships and love in order for man and woman to develop socially and find fulfillment. Celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, and Dr.Phil have offered their expertise in the form of visuals, movies, and publications. The Heat Magazine takes an interactive approach by interviewing select adults who are on the battlefield of life and love.

The Heat Magazine: Do you believe that women blur their vision in finding a mate because of lust?

Nyja Horton: Many women’s vision is blurred because of not being intimate with self, no knowledge of self, and no self awareness to even know what characteristics of a man that they are attracted to compliment them. They try and build relationships based on only one attraction when the other person possesses many characteristics. With that, lust is created through void. It is merely a feeling of need to make up for all other emotions that are absent.

The Heat Magazine: Do you think that texting has impacted relationships in a positive or negative way?

Geia Carter: I think texting has impacted relationships in a positive way due to the way we can use texts to communicate little love messages, thinking of you messages, etc. It helps to maintain being in touch on a busy work day when talking on the phone is not so convenient. Every now and then, it’s rather pleasing to get a random text from your sweetheart. On the other hand, the negativity comes in when a couple relies solely on text messages to communicate. Relationships take a lot of nurturing and face time in order to build. No amount of technology can replace human interaction on a personal level. It’s impossible. To make sure that texting is beneficial to a relationship, people must understand to use it IN ADDITION TO human interaction and not INSTEAD OF.

The Heat Magazine: Do you think that a broken heart permanently affects a person’s future in relationships?

Jack Spratt: I think that it definitely does in all relationships but the question is whether we let it affect our futures positively or negatively. A lot of times in relationships, we tend to cling solely to our hearts and emotions while neglecting our logic and wisdom which eventually results in miscommunications and broken hearts. A broken heart could positively cause one to consistently consult all of his/her faculties (mental, spiritual, and emotional) before making romantic decisions or on the negative side, it could cause one to permanently harbor bitterness and trust issues internally. So the key, in my opinion, is not the broken heart that one suffers, but the lesson that he/she takes from it and how they plan to apply that lesson or experience in future relationships.

The Heat Magazine: Do you believe that relationships are more like business arrangements instead of true love?

Brandon MajestySozey Henderson:
Most def!!! We live in a time where a mass amount of couples should not even be together. Bonds,values, and dedication have been replaced with hidden intent,greed,personal,physical,and financial gain.

The Heat Magazine: In your opinion, why does a partner lie but expect honesty from the other partner?

Kory Jessie:
Most people lie, expecting honesty because they themselves consider them-self a person that can handle honesty but think that everyone else that they are talking to can’t handle the truth. Hypocrites.

The Heat Magazine: Do you think that men and women make bad decisions concerning commitment because of selfishness?

Chandra Cooper:
Yes, I think so. I will be real and say women are probably more selfish than men.
To the question about broken hearts, I don’t think so because every female I know (besides myself) has had their heart broken many times by many different men and they fall for the okie-doke everytime a new man tells them the same thing the other man (who broke their heart) did.

The Heat Magazine would like to thank all participants in this article. For more information or if you would like to add your perspective to a follow-up article, contact Dion Norman at

HEAT RELATIONSHIPS: Ladies, don’t sell yourselves short

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Too many women are selling themselves short these days, settling for little or nothing – putting up with BS from men who have nothing to offer but sex and games, which at some point they realize neither are that good any way.

There is something in these women that have caused them to believe they can’t or won’t find anything better.  Until they can see the value in themselves, no man good or bad will be able to see it either.

It’s easy to blame men for not respecting women, but respect is something women have to demand. At some point your self respect sets the tone for how the man/men in your life will treat you.

He has to know that there is more to you than your body. Once that is established you must teach him your body is way too valuable to give to just anyone. Just because they SAY they like you, doesn’t mean you’re going to sleep with them. The reality is you’re either looking for a sex partner or life partner.

Though it is true that a man does initially see you in a sexual nature, you determine if that’s how he continues to see you or if he sees more in you.

When a man meets you, the first thing he does is check your price tag. He is going to assess your value based on how you carry yourself. If you let him cheat, lie, or mistreat you, you are basically lowering your price.

At the end of the day if he can’t afford you, then don’t let him have you, but at the same time there’s nothing wrong with pricing yourself out his range!

Getting to Know Mista Meana of Partners N Crime

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Life has a way of causing humans to perceive each other in ways that are sometimes a bit off centered.  In the entertainment field, it is quite a challenge to distinguish the true character of a star.  Due to the mysterious element that constantly grows as an artist reaches higher heights, some media companies and lay citizens often create their own definition of who an artist really is.  Detrimental or not, the buzz keeps spreading.  Generalizations and stereotypes continue and some questions remain unanswered.  The Heat Magazine places great enthusiasm on delivering in-depth interviews which accentuate the “realism” in the stars that share their business endeavors with us.  We had an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with Mr. Meana and get a closer look at his life, journey, and upcoming music.  With enormous success as one half of the acclaimed rap group, Partners -N- Crime, The Heat wanted to see what was on Meana’s mind and agenda.

The Heat Magazine: What’s your latest work that we can look forward to?

Mista Meana: Well my latest work is titled “WHO SAY I CANT RAP”.  It consists of 24 songs.   It is giving my audience a clear side of who I am as MISTA MEANA and no PNC haven’t broke up. (laughing out loud)

The Heat Magazine: What can we expect from, ‘Who Say I Cant Rap’?

Mista Meana: On this project you can expect my views on life as I see it from all levels: street, spiritual, clever, and witty side. I have a song with my 10 year old daughter AMARI on a song called “ROCK WIT US”. I also got my HITZ INTERNATIONAL fam on board. Outside of that I have JUVENILE on my single track with this up and coming star WHIT BANKS. It’s a well rounded mixtape but people that have heard it say that  it should be an album.

The Heat Magazine: As a member of Partners N Crime, how have you guys been able to remain successful and grow musically?

Mista Meana: Well me  and Kango are like brothers and we always put God first in all our endeavors. We respect each others boundaries and we allow each other their own space to create.

The Heat Magazine: Who inspires you as an artist?
Mista Meana: Any artist that’s CREATIVE and DIFFERENT. I love creativity straight up!!!!!!!

The Heat Magazine:
Since we’re on creativity, What’s your favorite dish?
Mista Meana: Red beans and rice with baked chicken (you know I gotta throw the chicken in it lol) and some fresh veggies.  BAM!
The Heat Magazine: How do you feel about education?
Mista Meana: Education is big because knowing is half the battle. The more you LEARN the more you GROW, education ain’t something just for our kids. It’s something we all should continue to seek. REMEMBER knowledge is power people.
The Heat Magazine: What’s your take on relationships and the music business?
Mista Meana: Well this MUSIC BUSINESS is built off RELATIONSHIPS. In this business today: who you know that they know so we can get this done. “BUSINESS” in a nutshell and RELATIONSHIPS make that happen.  BAM (laughing out loud)
The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give upcoming artists?
Mista Meana: Grind and stay FOCUSED on the prize and remember to put God first before moving. Try to continue to move forward even through all rejects, but remain POSITIVE throughout your STRUGGLES and you can make this a career.
The Heat Magazine: How do you feel about the current state of the music industry?
Mista Meana: I love where the music business is right now.  I didn’t a year ago, because I didn’t fully understand the change the business took when they left analog and went digital. But now that I overstand the nature of the business,  I can move much better now and so can any artist that is dedicated to making this out of a career.
The Heat Magazine: What makes Mista Meana so unique?

Mista Meana: I’mma  realist, I stand on what I believe to be real or what you would call reality.  I seek the truth and stand behind it and let that be my armor and God be my shield.

The Heat Magazine: Where are you from?

Mista Meana: I’m from my mothers womb (laughing out loud), but I claim HOLLYGROVE home of the best RAPPERS and you read it right RAPPERS with a “S”. (laughing out loud)
The Heat Magazine: What’s the biggest lesson you have learned in life or in music?

Mista Meana: That everything you see ain’t always what it is. Remember LIFE is the teacher we are just STUDENTS  in the class. And MUSIC is my LIFE.  It lets my voice LIVE FOREVER.

The Heat Magazine: I understand that you spend a lot of time in the studio and handling business affairs with HITZ International, what’s in the future for you as an executive?

Mista Meana: To make every ARTIST I work with MILLIONAIRES and more. More meaning becoming the best people they can BE.
The Heat Magazine: How do you feel about the New Orleans Saints?
The Heat Magazine:
How important is having balance in life?
Mista Meana:
Balance is harmony when dealing with LIFE because everything in your life needs attention or it dies.  The more you put on your plate, the more you gotta digest.  Then you wonder why you have heartburn. (Laughing out loud)
The Heat Magazine:
With the latest surge of violence in New Orleans, tell us how you feel about it.
Mista Meana:
MURDER IS BAD FOR BUSINESS. It’s BAD for our NEIGHBORHOODS, It’s BAD for our FAMILIES, It’s BAD for our PEOPLE as a WHOLE. If we learn to HATE the right things like I HATE MURDER, then and only then will this MURDER SPIRIT STOP. We must COMMAND it to not ASK it to.
The Heat Magazine:
What’s your definition of a group and loyalty?
Mista Meana:
A group is FAMILY. It’s two or more people sharing the EXACT same vision. It’s like they see themselves as one. Loyalty is a given if you plan to be a GROUP.
The Heat Magazine:
As a family man, tell us about some of your proud moments.
Mista Meana:

Meeting my beautiful wife and the births of all my wonderful daughters.  GOD is GOOD ALL  OF THE TIME.
Mista Meana’s mixtape is scheduled to be released March 21st.  The Heat Magazine will provide more information in the near future.
For more information concerning this article, contact Dion Norman at
For more information on Mista Meana, contact him @MRMEANA on Twitter or MRMEANA504@GMAIL.COM.

Monsters Are Real

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

I think that people can be monsters in relationships….

Comparable to the fictional beast your parents warned you about, to make you listen. “Stay in your seat, be good or the monster will get you”. An attempt to make you behave, by instilling a fear. There was a point in your life between the time you believed in the monster, and when you finally realized it didn’t exist. During this time, you questioned your sanity. “Is this monster real, am I crazy, or is my mother lying?” A point of confusion that makes you doubt yourself.

I’m comparing emotional abusers to monsters. People who make you question your sanity. People who try to instill false information to make you behave the way they want you to. In your gut, you have a feeling that they are lying but at the same time you are scared. At this point, you have to believe that they are the real monster.

When someone is trying to manipulate you, they are struggling with a personal problem inside themselves that has nothing to do with you. You are fine, you are normal. You’re just in the wrong place.

Get back in your seat.

Don’t deny your instincts, because you are not crazy.

-F. Tate

ROBERT NOLDEN: From His Perspective

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

“If your happiness is based on happenings, it only takes one thing to happen for you not to be happy!” – Robert Nolden, Relationship Expert

It doesn’t take much to figure out that we’re living in a day and age where it doesn’t take much for relationships to shatter and fall apart.

Men complain about problems with women – women complain that they are treated less than desirably by men. Many from each side complain they are victimized and abused – cheated on and belittled. One of the main problems it seems we face, is the lack of ability to walk away from those bad situations.

Enter Robert Nolden, a New Orleans area native who seems to have all the answers. Nolden seems to have all the answers, or at the very least, a sobering word to shake us back to reality. He doesn’t coddle those who run to him advice – in fact, he gives some very cut and dried advice. He gives it to us straight, from a man’s point of view and perhaps that is what sets him apart from the crowd.

Never harsh, always on time and relentless in handing out intelligent advice, Nolden is poised to become the next young guru people turn to for a word or two on how to hold it together – or maybe even whether they should waste their time holding it together.

We had a chance to catch up with Nolden and he dropped some knowledge on us, as we knew he would. Here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell our readers about yourself.

ROBERT NOLDEN: I’m an author, speaker, and relationship advisor. I basically tell women what many men are afraid for them to know. For most of my life, I’ve been around men who were pimps, players, and man whores. It’s crazy because I remember my Grandmother telling one of my aunts about my uncle – “It ain’t on them. It’s in them. They can’t wash it off.” But after seeing the effects of it in my own home, I said I would be different, so this is how I’ve chosen to be. I started talking to women about relationships and an old man was listening. He told me I had something, so I been doing this ever since. It started with the “From His Perspective” group on Facebook and has spiraled since. I’ve turned into something like a black Dr. Phil or a Hitch for females, and I’m loving it!!!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You are obviously very insightful – tell us what you think the main problems are in relationships today.

ROBERT NOLDEN: I think the main problem in relationships is everyone is dealing with so much hurt, and hurt people hurt people. Everyone is spending so much time trying not to get hurt that they aren’t thinking about who they hurt.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What is your advice to someone stuck in a bad relationship, when they obviously have realized it?

ROBERT NOLDEN: If you’re stuck in a bad relationship, GET OUT. The only thing that has you stuck is you. You have to first love yourself, then don’t accept anyone who can’t love you as much as you love you!!! I know it sounds crazy, but if they can’t love you like you love you, why do you need them? People find all kind of reasons to stay together, but the truth is you really can do bad by yourself and a bad relationship is basically being by yourself anyway. Just make sure you’re RIGHT when you’re pointing the finger at them talking about how wrong they are!!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What do you have to say to females who continue to put themselves in less than positive situations?

ROBERT NOLDEN: I really believe where you are is where you want to be! I really can’t say anything to that female until they realize they are in that situation. But the first thing is pray and take time to yourself and figure out how you got there. Then, try to figure out how not to get there again. Until you find these two things out, you’ll only repeat the cycle. Next, never lower your standards – make them raise theirs, and if they can’t, keep moving until you find someone who reaches your level. Know your worth and don’t accept anything less!!!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where will we see you in the next several years? What’s next for you?

ROBERT NOLDEN: In the next few years, I plan to release a book entitled, “The Business of Love”. Also, I’ll be speaking at women’s empowerment conferences, trying to get more women to recognize their worth. I will continue to add to the website, and expand my practice. Last thing I can add is, I hear a lot of women trying to make men the reason they are in the situation they are in, but it’s time to stop being the victim. Remember no one can do you anything you don’t let them. If you know you’re a woman, look for and only accept a man. Remember, little boys play games and men don’t have time for games.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Check out the “From His Perspective” Facebook group – it’s one of Robert Nolden’s venues to dispense his fresh, and real advice:

Emotional Abuse in Relationships

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Setting the platform to build and maintain healthy relationships.

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NeXplicable P and Author, Broderick Carter had a very interesting show on the abuses that take place in relationships. The first topic in the series on abuse in relationships was emotional abuse, one of the most damaging, in my opinion. Next Monday, we will continue the series and cover the physical and sexual abuses that take place in relationships. Be sure to tune in each Monday at 8pm EST for Love & Relationships Show on NeX Radio

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