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Kim Kardashian Untouched Ass Photos Are Fake

Sunday, November 16th, 2014


The so-called “untouched” pics of Kim Kardashian’s ass circulating online are not real … this according to the magazine that published the real deal.

The pics that are circulating show what everyone expects to see … dimplings, rolls, a wider waist and stretch marks. The pic on the left is almost a cartoon version of reality. The pic on the right is a little better, just showing uneven cheeks.

A rep for Paper Magazine tells TMZ none of the photos are authentic. The Chief Creative Officer for the mag said on TMZ Live … none of the Photoshopping they did was drastic.

The fakes going around are all over the place … some make her ass look bigger, others make it look smaller.

The Heat wishes the late great Pimp C ‘Happy Birthday’

Sunday, December 29th, 2013
RIP to the late great Pimp C

RIP to the late great Pimp C

The entertainment community – and the world as a whole – continues to feel the loss of one of the greatest to ever rock the mic, the legendary Pimp C.


A Port Arthur, Texas native, Pimp C, as one-half of UGK, helped to show the world what “Trill” really is – and he helped show the world that the real deal exists, in that he kept it real in every interview. Pimp C helped to bring to light to the dark underbelly of music and he tried his best to educate independent artists and producers, to the extent they would listen.pimpc3

We still feel your loss, Pimp C, but we continue to honor your memory. Family man, friend, legendary music artist/musician, and extraordinary entertainer who was a definite original – we miss you!

Boss Dillinger & Real Deal Radio: The real deal in entertainment

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013


Host of one of the hottest shows on the air right now, Boss Dillinger is a man of many crafts. He does just about everything under the sun, in addition to hosting “Real Deal Radio” every Saturday.


Broadcasting live from the station located on Loyola University’s campus, you just never know who will roll through the studio during his broadcasts. Flanked by some of the greatest personalities in the city, Boss makes it a point to give a voice to some of the area’s most well-known up and coming artists. His interviews have become known as some of the most fun and unique ones on the radio waves.

The Heat Magazine caught up with Boss to find out just what it is that makes him tick – as you can see, it is quite a bit:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell our readers about yourself – what all you do and all about your career, your show, etc.realdealcrew

BOSS DILLINGER: Well I’m a 28 year old hardworking man. When I’m not in the radio station, I’m working at one of my many jobs, either at the ARC of St. Charles, teaching music at L. W. Higgins High School or mentoring at risk juveniles. Yes, I’m a busy.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You’ve made a huge difference in local entertainment, in terms of the support Real Deal Radio gives to artists, particularly local ones. How did you bring that full circle?  

BOSS DILLINGER: When I started Real Deal Radio, I said that I would try my best to help all local and underground artists any way I can, so that has been my plan from day one and it has been going good.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How did Real Deal Radio get started?

BOSS DILLINGER: Well, before I started doing radio, I was hosting different events here and there. Then I got a chance to get on a radio show and realized it wasn’t for me. I could do my own thing, so I said who would I get to co-host, but Will and Mike. We’ve been friends since childhood. Then Ray would call in with good points, so we added her to the show.


THE HEAT MAGAZINE: If you could pick 3 artists to interview whom you haven’t already, who would that be?

BOSS DILLINGER: I would have to say if I could interview three artists, it would have to be Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. I know I chose three rappers, but they come from where I come from and I know they could tell me how to get to where I need to be, as far for branding yourself, longevity and staying relevant – but if I could interview anyone, it would be Barack Obama.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where do you hope to see Real Deal Radio in the next few years?  

BOSS DILLINGER: in the next few years, I hope to see Real Deal Radio making a change in the way people view mainstream radio. I would also like to see it on an FM station, with me winning a New Orleans Hip Hop Award, among many other things.



EDITOR’S NOTE: Boss Dillinger and Real Deal Radio come highly recommended by The Heat Magazine. His show is funny and interesting, not to mention the highly regarded interviews it features. We have been present in the studio on several occasions and you can bet the hosts have a ton of fun while on air. It is truly a great show – make sure to tune in! Here is how you can keep up with Boss and Real Deal Radio:

Website – (Show broadcasts every Saturday from 7-10 pm CST

Twitter – @BossDillinger

Facebook  –


Mike Tyson explains the taste of human ear

Monday, July 9th, 2012

A much better venue for this would have been Rachel Ray’s show, in my opinion. But as it was, Mike Tyson was on Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live(Sun.-Thu., 11 p.m. ET) when he was asked exactly what Evander Holyfield’s ear tasted like when Tyson infamously bit him during their fight in 1997.

During host Andy Cohen’s “Plead the Fifth” segment, he was asked point-blank what human ear tasted like. Tyson is so used to the topic coming up by this point that he barely reacted at all. Instead, he quipped, “Depends on which ear that you bite.”

Then Tyson admitted: “It was not too tasty.” Cohen asked if it would be good to put Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Barbeque Sauce on the ear to make it taste better. Tyson: “That would have been a delicacy.”