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Heat Exclusive: Meet Super Producer BlaqnMild

Saturday, May 9th, 2015


Relentless pursuit of man’s greatest dream describes the demeanor of New Orleans eclectic producer, BlaqnMild.

If you’ve been following rap music in New Orleans and around the globe, you’ve heard the famous tag, “BlaqnMild you a genius” in the background of several blossoming artists such as 89 Boys, Partners N Crime, Lady Dahlia, Calliope Var, Devious, Skip & Six Ward Pook, Detroit, and many more.

Anchoring hip hop in its incumbent form as well as creating the “beat” for bounce legends Big Freedia and the late Magnolia Shorty, Adam “BlaqnMild” Pigott stays on his grind.

As a result, he’s been busy making major moves with music mogul Master P.  Blaq has produced a plethora of hits with the “colonel” including a surprising collaboration “Power” featuring Lil Wayne, Master P, and Money Mafia of No Limit Forever.

In the midst of all these accolades, BlaqnMild has created solo projects along the way. One of his earlier singles, “Birthday” featured Princess of Crime Mob.  From there, he went on to produce hits such as “Favorite Girl”, “Let Me Find Out”, “You Sleep Out Here feat Kevin Gates”, “Booty Bop”, “UptownDowntown” and more.

As the professional culture of hip hop calls BlaqnMild in to work earnestly, he returns with his new single, “Feel Special”. Check it out on soundcloud.








Sunday, January 8th, 2012

In the 1990’s, a musical dynasty rose to power – one that was responsible for catapulting many New Orleans area music artists and industry professionals into the limelight. Though many of the artists signed to No Limit Records were already regionally known, the label caused those “No Limit Soldiers” to become internationally known troops.

To this day, those artists put out some of the most memorable music ever to be heard and they most definitely helped shape and put the stamp on Down South music.

The “colonel” of the original No Limit Records was none other than Percy “Master P” Miller himself, who built the label from the ground up. The label has been rebuilt and remixed and is now known as No Limit Forever, with the reigns being handed over to Master P’s son, popular entertainer Romeo Miller. Together with his team, No Limit Forever is rising to the next level.

No Limit Forever is coming with new artists, new material and a fresh new look, as they prepare to take 2012 by storm. Its lineup includes a lot of new faces, as well as underground legend and New Orleans native, Pallo Da Jiint.

Pallo Da Jiint has been a sought after artist for quite some time, having done features with countless legends. Part of underground hit group, Street Runners, Pallo parlayed his talent into quite a successful indie career. His talent really came to light following Hurricane Katrina, when he was featured on one of the most heartfelt Katrina dedications, “Long Way From Home” by Roi “Chip” Anthony. Anthony is a veteran in the music industry and when those two came together on that song, it was musical magic. For anybody who experienced Katrina or was close to the situation, it was an accurate expression of what it truly was to “miss” New Orleans.

To say Pallo Da Jiint is a busy man these days, is quite an understatement. The Heat slowed Pallo down long enough to get an interview – here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell our readers who Pallo Da Jiint is?

PALLO DA JIINT: Pallo Da Jiint aka Giant – yesssiiiirrrr! I’m a native of New Orleans’ Mid City/Carrolton Avenue area. Can’t say much, but I am New Orleans to the tenth power. To the readers that know, I was born at Hotel Dieu Hospital. That pretty much rapp that up. I’m strong, driven and determined and wit a swagger like “whoa” – now it’s a rapp!!!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What new projects are you currently working on?

PALLO DA JIINT: Well, back in 2011, I was working on my second solo indie album, “Better Believe It”, That Street Runner Life! But, I got pleasantly interrupted by my now boss “Master P” and “Roi Chip Anthony” to pack up and let’s make history speech, so guess what I did? Pulled the plug on the indie work and got ready for the majors. Master P flew me and Chip to L.A. and let me loose in the Batcave and now, we’re gettin ready to drop multiple major mixtapes, for one – the Master P Mixtape “TMZ” – Too Many Zeroes. I have a record on there called “DUMBSH%*” that’s beating the streets up rite now. This movement gonna turn the Hip Hop scene in and out. My mixtape titled, “Dat Heat Rock” My Whip Game Sick will be droppin in the spring. Let me tell ya – SMH to the old and get ready for the new 2012 is No Limit Forever Time. Sorry Rap Game for the interruption. Like they say, “What goes around come back like Holidays and Birthdays!”

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What new projects are you currently working on? How does it feel to be on board with the new version of what was one of the greatest labels ever?

PALLO DA JIINT: All I can say about my No Limit Forever Fam is like how the fans feel – to enjoy the endless projects, movies, tours, clothing, television show, BBTV Network – about anything you can imagine in entertainment from us from 2012 on. As to how I feel – one word – “Blessed” – that all the work and sacrifice I put in for years, finally came around to help create the Biggest Comeback in Hip Hop History. In my Master P voice, “I Can Smell The Money” until I have “TMZ” – too many zeroes. Leggo!!!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Growing up, who were your musical influences?

PALLO DA JIINT: For me, New Orleans rap artists from 1988-2001, from Master P of course, Gregory D to Pimp Daddy, Magnolia Slim, Lokee, U.N.L.V, and R.I.P to my homie, Tim Smooth, and the ones who started and influenced the two biggest labels in the Hip Hop game from New Orleans – No Limit Forever  and Cash Money Records. There’s not a person from anywhere in the country – better yet the world – who hasn’t heard music from any one of these labels. Now, if that’s not influence, I don’t know what is!!!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: As we understand it, you’re very multi-faceted. Also, you’ve done features with a lot of legends – tell us about that.

PALLO DA JIINT: As for me, I’m not just an artist. I also produce, engineer, do computer graphics, video editing, promotion including concert promoting, and I’m also an actor. I’ve worked with a lot of entertainers. To name a few, the whole entire No Limit Fam, Master P, Lil Wayne, BG, Magnolia Chop, B Real, the Late Great Pimp C, and my brother from another mother “Roi Chip Anthony”, just to name a few!!!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What can we expect to see from you in the next several years?

PALLO DA JIINT: What you can expect from me? Street Runner Music and No Limit Forever is History being made – a whole new breath of fresh air, filling the void that’s been missing in Hip Hop, RnB, Pop – in the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY PERIOD!!! 2012 is here now. It’s time to change the game!!! NLF………………………

EDITOR’S NOTE: Be on the lookout for Pallo Da Jiint & No Limit Forever. They’re making big moves in the entertainment industry once again! You can follow Pallo Da Jiint on the following social media outlets:





New Music from No Limit Forever

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

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No Limit Forever presents T.E.C. featuring Master P

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

No Limit Forever presents T.E.C. featuring Monstahh a/k/a Master P in “My Potnas.”