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Al Sharpton Attacks The New York Times For Story On His Unpaid Taxes

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014


For a full 45 minutes, the veteran civil rights leader and MSNBC host lambasted the story, which said he had $4.5 million in tax liens placed against him. Sharpton characterized the report as both inaccurate and politically motivated before making an abrupt exit from the event.

“The story is at best misleading and totally out of context,” Sharpton said, charging the story was using outdated records.

He also argued his organization, National Action Network, was simply negotiating penalties with the federal government.

The Times report, which was written by Russ Buettner, also detailed Sharpton’s history of controversial statements including comments about whites and Jews as well as his long history of money woes.

Baby found with python wrapped around its foot

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Police say a 2-foot-long ball python slithered its way into an Illinois apartment and wrapped itself around the foot of a sleeping 1-year-old boy and bit him on his left foot.

Mattoon Police Department Deputy Chief Jason Taylor said the boy’s parents were awakened by the child’s noises to find the snake attacking their son about 11 p.m. Monday, the Mattoon Journal-Gazette & Times-Courier reported.

The father, Devin Winans, used a blanket to pull the python off the child, and his mother took the boy to a health center for treatment of a bite mark, bruise and scratches, the newspaper reported.

“It was definitely something we never thought of happening. It was definitely really scary,” the child’s mother, Sara Lacey told the newspaper.

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She said it was the first time she has seen the python and the apartment building is supposed to be pet-free.

Investigators believe the python escaped from a neighboring apartment within the building, Taylor said. Police have not been able to find the owner.

He said the snake’s owner could face charges for having an animal at large, according to the newspaper.

The snake is being held at the Coles County animal shelter.

Baby falls out of carjacked SUV as it flips over during police chase

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

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Agents questioned manager about Sharpton, Diddy & Jean

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

When accused narcotics kingpin/hip-hop manager James Rosemond met last year with federal investigators to try and strike a cooperation agreement, he was peppered with questions about whether he knew of any criminal activity on the part of Rev. Al Sharpton, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Wyclef Jean, according to an Internal Revenue Service agent who testified yesterday at Rosemond’s trial in Brooklyn federal court.

Federal prosecutors elicited testimony from Agent Marc Van Driessche about what Rosemond said during a series of nine separate “proffer sessions” in the U.S. Attorney’s office attended by various IRS and Drug Enforcement Administration agents, prosecutors, and Rosemond’s lawyer, Gerald Shargel.

During the first session, on October 4, Rosemond was specifically asked about Combs because, “We had information through other witnesses that the defendant may have made an admission to Sean Combs,” Van Driessche testified. Rosemond, the agent recalled, said that he had some prior “business transactions with [Combs] in the music business,” and described their relationship as “cordial.”

The nature of the mysterious “admission” reportedly made by Rosemond, 47, to Combs was not further described.

Rosemond was also asked about his business relationship and financial transactions with Sharpton. Van Driessche testified that he had “known through my investigation that he had some type of business relationship with Al Sharpton, and I just wanted to determine what the extent of that was.” Rosemond told investigators that he “did in fact give Al Sharpton about $10,000 as a donation or a contribution.”

When cross-examined by Shargel, Van Driessche agreed that the Sharpton questions posed to Rosemond by federal investigators involved whether the hip-hop figure engaged in cash transactions with the activist/MSNBC host and if he knew about Sharpton doing “anything wrong.”

Shargel also asked the IRS agent if he knew that Rosemond “represented Reverend Sharpton in an effort to find an outlet for his popularity and his talent, right?” Van Driessche replied, “I knew they had an arrangement, but I didn’t know the exact details.”

Investigators then asked Rosemond about hisextensive financial dealings with Jean, Van Driessche testified. Rosemond told of loaning the singer “$60,000 in cash that were drug proceeds but Wyclef didn’t know it was drug proceeds.”

Van Driessche explained that in the course of his investigation, “I saw that the defendant had received over $800,000 in checks from companies associated with Wyclef Jean or companies run by Wyclef Jean’s tour manager.” When questioned by Shargel, Van Driessche acknowledged that federal agents suspected that Jean may have been involved in laundering drug proceeds for Rosemond.

“So you wanted to find out if Wyclef Jean, a candidate for the presidency of Haiti, was involved in criminal activity, right?” Shargel asked Van Driessche, who answered, “That’s right.”

In the course of the lengthy probe of Rosemond and his alleged criminal cohorts, federal agents scrutinized business and banking records for evidence of money laundering by Rosemond and Czar Entertainment, his music management company. Czar, prosecutors allege, was a front operation through which Rosemond washed millions in proceeds from the sale of thousands of kilos of cocaine.

Van Driessche’s testimony included no further discussion of the purpose of the $800,000 transferred to Rosemond by Jean and his tour manager, nor whether federal agents are continuing to investigate the transactions. Jean, pictured above with Rosemond, has not been charged in connection with the obe of Rosemond, who faces life in prison if convicted by the federal jury that last week began hearing testimony about his alleged cocaine distribution, witness tampering, money laundering, and obstruction of justice.

At a sidebar yesterday afternoon with prosecutors and Judge John Gleeson, Shargel said that federal investigators were seeking “trophies” when they quizzed Rosemond about celebrities. The attorney added that when Rosemond did not deliver these high-profile figures, prosecutors rejected his bid for a cooperation agreement (which would have spared him from the prospect of dying in prison). Government lawyers rejected this claim, saying that Rosemond was untrustworthy and lied during some proffer sessions.

During one sit down with investigators, Rosemond described how he shipped cocaine and cash from New York to Los Angeles inside cases built to hold musical equipment. During this discussion, Van Driessche testified, Rosemond said that he and an associate “had used music cases to ship firearms to the recording artist The Game.” Rosemond is the longtime manager of the L.A.-based rap star (real name: Jayceon Taylor).

During Shargel’s cross-examination of Van Driessche, the IRS agent testified that Rosemond was also questioned by prosecutor Todd Kaminsky about whether he had any information about the murders of performers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Rosemond replied that he knew nothing about the killings that shook the hip-hop industry.

Prosecutors yesterday told Gleeson that they expected to wrap up their case late next week. After that, Shargel anticipates a three-day defense case with about 10 witnesses. During a sidebar, Shargel noted that he asked prosecutors not to share his witness list with the press because, “I don’t want some undue publicity,” likely an indication that he plans on calling some well-known individuals to the stand. (7 pages)

Man bitten & dragged by alligator while playing golf

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Take care if you’re playing at the Lake Ashton Golf and Country Club — that 15th hole is a killer. A Florida man is recovering at home today after a nine-foot alligator interrupted his golf outing in the rudest fashion possible — by trying to eat him. Here’s a photo of the gator right here. Albert Miller, 75, was playing in a four-ball tournament with friends when an alligator emerged from a canal and tried to drag him into the water. I hate when that happens.

Miller went over to the edge of the water with a ball retriever tool, and found two balls that weren’t his, so he turned to leave.

That’s when the alligator launched at him from under the water and got him by his left knee.

“He lifted me up three feet and slammed me down,” Miller said.

His friends ran over to help, and a tug-of-war ensued. Miller had been dragged into the water up to his waist,and the gator would not let go.

“It was excruciating to say the least,” Miller said.

As the animal started dragging Miller into the water, Miller prayed for a miracle.

He got one.

“He let me go,” Miller said. “I was three feet from my life. He had me submerged up to my belt buckle. That was my miracle of the month.”

Of the month? What happened in March?

Miller was rushed to the hospital and required 40 stitches. While the leg is still too swollen to be sure, doctors say that it looks good that the leg will be left intact. Wildlife officials, meanwhile, say they believe someone had been feeding the gator.

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Man arrested after 170 mph motorcycle chase

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

After being pulled over for speeding, a motorcyclist clocked traveling at speeds up to 170 miles per hour on the New York State Thruway reportedly was anything but remorseful. When told how fast he was going, he allegedly told troopers on Wednesday his bike could easily top 190 miles per hour, the troopers said.

Nikkolaus McCarthy, 25, was first spotted by a state trooper heading south on the Thruway just before 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday in the village of Ravena, N.Y., according to the New York State Police. The trooper noted his speed at the time — 166 mph — as well as the license plate number of his Suzuki motorcycle as it slowed down in traffic.

But after McCarthy sped up again, the trooper didn’t follow him, instead giving out a description over the air. McCarthy was clocked at between 150 and 170 mph.

Twenty minutes and 50 miles later, in New Paltz, N.Y., troopers were able to stop McCarthy when he slowed down in traffic. After being pulled over, McCarthy told the troopers he was low on gas; when he was advised of his speed, he told them his motorcycle could go over 190 mph, WHEC reported.

McCarthy was arrested and charged with fleeing police, reckless driving, speeding and operating out of class because he didn’t have a motorcycle license. He’s being held on $20,000 bail in the Albany County Correctional Facility.

McCarthy’s fine for speeding would be determined at his arraignment, a representative for The New York State Thruway told

McCarthy is from Charlton, N.Y., in Saratoga County, according to The Albany Times Union. His bike is a 2007 Suzuki, The Times Herald-Record of Hudson Valley said.

Ice cream man arrested, charged with selling weed

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

A Waldorf, Maryland, man faces charges after being busted for allegedly selling drugs out of an ice cream truck.

After receiving a tip through Crime Solvers, Charles County sheriff’s deputies found bags of marijuana and a stash of cash in a truck operated by 20-year-old Alexander Hoskins, authorities said.

“Ice cream or marijuana, you can take your pick with this guy,” said Diane Richardson, of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

Police stopped the truck at Bayswater Court and Sheffield Circle. They found the marijuana and cash in Hoskins’s underwear.

He apparently had been dealing from the truck for some time, according to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

“We wish we got that call just a bit sooner so we could have found more drugs, but what we did find was significant enough to show that he had been dealing it, and for us, we’re removing a drug dealer off the streets,” Richardson said.

Hoskins was selling to teens and young adults through word of mouth, authorities said.

He was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Hoskins is out on bond and out of business, authorities said. He won’t be selling ice cream again anytime soon.

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Multiple shootings in Tulsa, OK, investigated as possible hate crimes

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

A city-federal task force has been set up to find the attacker or attackers who shot three people dead and wounded two in a string of early-morning attacks in north Tulsa, police in Oklahoma said Saturday.

Three men and one woman were shot within a mile of each other in north Tulsa at around 1 a.m. on Friday morning, police said. The body of a fifth victim, a man, was discovered outside a nearby funeral home in the predominantly black part of the city after 8 a.m. on Friday. Police said he was likely shot at about the same time as the others.

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All the victims were black, prompting the Rev. Warren Blakney Sr., NAACP Tulsa president, to say that someone appeared to be “targeting black people to shoot.”

“I’m on edge for my people,” Blakney said, according to the Tulsa World.

At a Saturday afternoon press conference, Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said it was too early to know whether the shootings were racially motivated.

“The whole race issue, the hate crime issue, there’s a very logical theory that would say that’s what it could be, but I’m a police officer, I’ve got to go by the evidence,” Jordan said, adding that no racial slurs had been used by the gunman, Reuters reported.

Jordan had a message for the shooter: “We’re coming after you.”

Officer Jason Willingham said police were searching for a white man driving a white pickup, which was spotted in the area of three of the shootings. At least two dozen officers are investigating the case, along with the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service, Willingham said.

“We don’t have one definitive way where this investigation is headed,” Willingham said. “Right now, that’s the only thing we have to go on.”

The local chapter of the NAACP and other black leaders held an emergency meeting Friday evening at a church to appeal for calm and discuss safety.

When asked if people in the community felt that the shooter was targeting black people, Tulsa City Councilor Jack Henderson replied, “Yes, absolutely,” reported.

Henderson said people should not let “some crazy, deranged person mess up their weekend,” but he added that the community “needs to watch their backs” until the shooter is caught, according to the Tulsa World.

“We have to handle this because there are a number of African-American males who are not going to allow this to happen in their neighborhood,” said Blakney, according to The Associated Press. “We’re trying to quell the feeling of `let’s get someone’ and we will make as certain as we can that this isn’t pushed under the rug.”

Police don’t believe the victims knew each other.

“There is no forensic evidence to link at this point,” said homicide detective Sgt. Dave Walker. “Timing and location lead us to believe they may be connected.”

The FBI is assisting in the investigation as part of a joint city-federal task force, dubbed “Operation Random Shooter,” and will determine if any federal laws were broken, said Special Agent Clay Simmonds, FBI spokesman for the state of Oklahoma.

Police identified those killed as Dannaer Fields, 49, Bobby Clark, 54, and William Allen, 31. Fields was found wounded about 1 a.m. Friday, Clarke was found in a street about an hour later, and Allen was discovered in the yard of a funeral home about 8:30 a.m.

Minutes after Fields was found, police found two men with gunshot wounds in another yard two blocks away. They were taken to hospitals in critical condition but expected to survive, police said.

Police Capt. Steve Odom said in his 30 years with the police department, he’d never seen so many shootings happen in such a short time.

86-year old gymnast wows onlookers

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

MAINZ, Germany – Trying to stay healthy in your senior years? You might want to follow the example of 86-year-old German retiree  Johanna Quaas.

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Almost daily, Quaas practices on the parallel bars and has already won 11 gymnastic medals in the German senior citizen championships.

During a break in the recent Cottbus Challenger Cup gymnastic competition she wowed the audience with her performance. She not only performed a full planche at the bars, in which she held her body flat on the balance bars supported only by her arms,  but also showed a handstand, the cartwheel, backward rolls and a headstand.

A video of her recent performance by has gone viral on YouTube and gotten more than 1.4 million clicks. She has even had to hire a media agent in Berlin because she’s been so overwhelmed with interview requests.

Quaas, a former sports teacher who comes from the eastern German city of Halle , first gained public attention when she appeared on a health program by local German television MDR in early March.

She says she now does gymnastics “just for fun” and that she has stopped participating in regular competitions. Maybe it’s because she hardly has any competition in her age group. The only other athletes in her senior category are in their mid-70s.

“I want to give the others a chance too. And to perform against 70-year-olds all the time is no fun after a while,” Quass told MDR television.

Fake armored car driver walks away with tons of cash

Monday, March 19th, 2012

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