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(NEW HEAT) “Only Human” – Partners-N-Crime ft. Ha Sizzle

Monday, June 4th, 2018

New Orleans, Louisiana has long been home to entertainment giants, but probably none are more iconic or legendary than Partners-N-Crime (PNC), who just released their new single entitled “Only Human”, featuring New Orleans bounce standout Ha Sizzle. The track is produced by KC.

PNC is celebrating its 25th year in existence and is one of the most well-known musical acts to ever come out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Their catalogue is one of the most extensive out of Southern Hip Hop and Bounce acts, not to mention various songwriting credits. “Only Human” is available for download and streaming everywhere music is sold.

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(NEW HEAT) Perry G x Kat Trakz ft. Mr. Meana & K Soul – “Ball”

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

Looking for some dope, positive music? Look no further than “Ball“, the new hit catchy single from Perry G and Kat Trakz featuring Mr. Meana (of the legendary New Orleans group, Partners-N-Crime) and K Soul. They not only put together a winning track, but the visuals are nice too!

Check them out and Watch-Listen/Comment/Share!

(#TuesdayThrowback) P-N-C featuring Fifth Ward Weebie in ‘So Attracted’

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

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Happy Birthday Mr. Meana of PNC from The Heat Magazine!

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Today is a special day for Mr. Meana, 1/2 of the legendary New Orleans group known as “Partners N Crime” (PNC) – the group that is known for coming to “Pump Tha Party“. Everybody please take time to wish Mr. Meana a very Happy Birthday!

Whether it’s volunteering to speak to kids in an effort to motivate & move them forward, mentoring the younger artists on his HITZ International label, giving solid advice to friends & family, spending time with his wife & kids, or making new hits, you can bet Mr. Meana is somewhere busily filling his day with positive things.

Make sure to leave him a comment on our site or tweet him a very Happy Birthday wish! Follow him on Twitter – @MrMeana & follow his label – @HITZINTDOTCOM.


NOUE releases epic anniversary edition mixtape – ‘Heart of the City’

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

The New Orleans Union of Entertainment (NOUE) has done it again, this time with its release of the anniversary edition mixtape, “Heart of the City“.

Make sure to check out the free download from the South’s premiere force, the NOUE. Follow them on Twitter – @NOUE1 & @Deviousontwitt. For more information, email NOUE president, Dion Norman at

1. Intro
2. Our Father- Devious
3. Babu- Youngest 1′s
4. Crush ‘Um- UNLV
5. WHY YO?- Devious
6. Dolla Bills- NO4
7. Heal The World- Mannie Fresh
8. Love You- Kevin Gates
9. Lost Boys- Da U Boys
10. Bloodline- Ghetto Twiinz and 3D Natee
11. Dont FN Play With Me-Bigg Ramp
12. I’m Gone-Majesty Sozey
13. Drag Em Thru Tha River-UNLV
14. Here I Go- Mystikal
15. Picture Perfect- Juvenile feat Birdman and Lil Wayne
16. Money is The Motivation-Redd and Poizon Ivy
17. Take Me Higher- Partners N Crime
18. Uptown Downtown Status- Six War Pook and Calliope Var
19. Brand New Day ft. Delis- Jay Da Menace
20. King Leon Remixx-Jay Jones
21. Do What It Do- ViGi and Trinidad
22. Outerlude

SMASH BRO CHEDDA: Get ready to meet him at the bank

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

“Everything I received in life came from hard work. Nothing is given these days. Creating a song is only one piece of the pie. Artists need to learn the recipe for the pie before they can eat.” – Chedda Mane a/k/a Smash Bro Chedda

Some rap artists live and breathe music. It’s in their blood and everything they do. Meet Chedda Mane of The Smash Brothers, hailing from New Orleans’ infamous 9th Ward. He also goes by the name, Smash Bro Chedda.

Chedda just dropped his first solo mixtape, “Meet Me At Da Bank” on February 21st and we hear it’s already garnering quite a few downloads – nothing less can be expected from an artist with a flow like Chedda. He lets loose a lyrical assault without missing a beat.

Working with legendary New Orleans based groups such as Partners N Crime and Black Menace, his talents are accentuated and brought to the forefront. Currently an artist off the HITZ International label, Chedda looks forward to his future in the music industry.

We recently caught up with Chedda and learned a lot more about him and what makes him tick:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about yourself.

CHEDDA MANE: My name is Anthony Satcher Jr. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and grew up in the Press Park area. As a member of Smash Brothers, I work overtime in the streets recording, performing, promoting, shooting videos, making appearances, and hustling. I grew up listening to the music of the legendary rapper Fila Phil which is where he based his ground work. Growing up in the mean streets of New Orleans, me and my brothers overcame the struggles of hustling in the streets, going to jail, and losing close friends to the violence that comes with living the lifestyle we live. I always had the hidden talent to rap, but never had the ambition to move forward and push my music. After reaching the goal of seeing large amounts of cash, having all designer clothes and shoes, jewelry, and the best cars, I was tired of losing close friends to the streets and the police always on the lookout for the lifestyle I was chasing to acquire all the finer things in life. Although I continued his hustle throughout the years, it wasn’t until 2009-2010 that I realized that making music was what I wanted to do.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You work with some true legends – Black Menace, Mr. Meana and Kango Slimm – how is being mentored by such true professionals and real lovers of their craft, worked to further your career?

CHEDDA MANE: Working with HITZ International has shown me the success you can create by dedication, hard work and most of all, teamwork. I have been exposed to many different aspects of the music industry. I am working with true legends. It’s an honor to have these opportunities. Beyond working with legends in the studio, we’re family. Meana is my big bro and J-Dawg – he’s like pops or the uncle who keep ya on ya shit. Kangol is just a human beatbox, hahahahha. I feel like I play for the Miami Heat.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What projects are you currently working on?

CHEDDA MANE: “Meet Me At Da Bank” is my first solo mixtape. The single from the project is titled, “Joe Gambino”. That project is being released in the first quarter of the year. I have some surprise remixes that are being released soon for the fans. I’m also working with Stackaman aka T-Stacks on a follow up from C.O.D. and I’m working on a deal for Smash Bros condoms and a high end clothing line.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: It’s obvious that you’re a hard worker. How do you believe hard work and grind can benefit artists?

CHEDDA MANE: That’s with anything you do in life. Everything I received in life came from hard work. Nothing is given these days. Creating a song is only one piece of the pie. Artists need to learn the recipe for the pie before they can eat.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Do you think the New Orleans music scene is hard to come up in and if so, what do you do to overcome the obstacles and hardships?

CHEDDA MANE: The New Orleans scene can be a tough crowd, but good, quality music can overcome everything. I have a good team behind me and a lot counting on me, so I stay focused on my music. I attend functions all over the U.S. and apply different knowledge I acquire through my music career.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where can we expect to see you in years to come?

CHEDDA MANE: Whatever God has planned for me, I am definitely prepared.  You can expect Smash Bros and HITZ International to be a household name, above all.

(HEAT RECOMMENDED EVENT) The Writer’s Block: HITZ International Edition

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Don’t miss The Writer’s Block: HITZ International Edition Wednesday, February 15th, presented by The Hut Studios.

The February 15th edition will feature the following artists:

  • Mr. Meana
  • Da U Boys
  • Strait Jigg
  • Jay Jones
  • A. Levy
  • Fly Boy Keno
  • DeepNSpace
  • NemVenom
  • Loui V & More

The event is being held at the Therapy Wine Lounge. THIS IS AN EVENT YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS! These are some of the hottest acts in New Orleans.

(EXCLUSIVE) N.O.U.E. Releases Special Edition 2011 Essence Festival Mixtape

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Get your copy of the N.O.U.E. Mixtape

New Orleans probably has the largest concentration of musical talent, as any place on earth. The newly formed New Orleans Union for Entertainment (N.O.U.E.) will be releasing a Special Edition Essence Festival Mixtape later this week, just in time for the 2011 Essence Music Festival.

The mixtape will feature New Orleans area rap artists, including cuts from Partners-N-Crime, Devious, Big Ramp, Da U Boys, Jack Spratt, The Legendary DJ Erv, Mr. Magic, Sess 4-5, Magnolia Chop, and a host of other artists.

The mixtape is being featured on over fifty websites and will be available locally through N.O.U.E. members and at venues near the Essence Festival.

Though the N.O.U.E. has only been in force for a short while, it has already served to bring together artists, comedians, members of the media, DJs, models, promoters, and other individuals in the entertainment world, in an effort to elevate the New Orleans entertainment industry to a new high.

The N.O.U.E. movement is growing daily and with the release of the mixtape, the coalition hopes to aggressively promote its mission at the upcoming Essence Festival. Guided by veteran members including Mr. Meana and Kango Slim of Partners-N-Crime and Devious, the N.O.U.E. is poised to take New Orleans entertainment to a much higher level, locally, regionally and nationally.

Check out the slideshow below for a taste of what’s to come and make sure to get your copy of the mixtape as soon as it becomes available.

Partners-N-Crime, The Roots Perform At New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

The Congo Square Stage at this year’s New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival has had some big name acts already during its first weekend of performances.

Partners-N-Crime opened the festival earlier today, with a rousing performance. Joined by 5th Ward Webbie, Partners-In-Crime performed with a live band, with The Roots and John Legend performing later in the afternoon.

The Heat Magazine caught up with Mr. Meana of Partners-In-Crime. He tells us, “It was off the chain. It was great. They played our music in Treme tonight.”

Salute to Partners-N-Crime, John Legend, The Roots, and all of the other acts that played the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in the past couple of days.

Join The Heat Magazine as we gear up coverage of the upcoming weekend of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Among numerous other acts set to perform are Mystikal, Mannie Fresh, Mint Condition, and Shamarr Allen.

(Jazz Fest EXCLUSIVE) PARTNERS-N-CRIME: New Orleans Legends To Perform At Jazz Fest

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Legendary: of or pertaining to a legend or of something celebrated, as in legendary music artists

The Heat Magazine can think of no better word to describe Partners-N-Crime, or PNC as they are affectionately known by their admirers, than the word “legendary”.

There is just about no other group anywhere in the world that can bring people together like New Orleans’ own, Partners-N-Crime. It is nearly impossible to find a group with the longevity and staying power like PNC – and even more difficult to find one that has the influence carried by PNC.

PNC will be the first act to go on stage just after noon this Sunday on the Congo Square Stage at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. They have a very special show planned for their guests, including performing with a live band, bringing something totally new and fresh to the music world. It is sure to be a performance you don’t want to miss. They will also be appearing at the Tim Smooth Benefit concert Saturday night at the Chalkline in Marrero, Louisiana.

Mr. Meana and Kango Slim are true legends and mentors in the music world and they represent their city well. They have not only helped to shape the bounce music movement, but they have helped to create a style of music that is often imitated, but never duplicated, a quiet compliment to this duo who have brought such a rich flavor to an already spicy gumbo of musical talent throughout the Crescent City.

PNC has created countless classics such as “Pump Tha Party” and “N.O. Block Party”, just to name a few, and their originals can get a crowd going mad in no time flat. PNC’s music does more than hype up a crowd though – on some level, it also serves to bring people together, in a city that is, on some levels, sometimes known for division. PNC will even be shown in an upcoming episode of HBO’s hit original drama, “Treme”. When a David Simon production takes notice, that’s proof positive of sheer star power.

The Heat Magazine had an opportunity to speak with PNC about their upcoming Jazz Fest appearance and here’s what they had to say:


THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What can you tell our readers about PNC that they may not already know?

PNC: As far as the people from New Orleans are concerned, we’re considered legends from here because of our sound. We’d say that we’re one of the only groups that’s left around that’s still doing New Orleans style music, meaning with the dialect – the whole nine, you know. Even Wayne and them some time sound like they’re from somewhere else, the way they pronounce words and say certain things, but what we have now – we still have that cultural sound, like the kind of music that has how New Orleans talks – or you know, that New Orleans cold swag. Like, we still do the party, we still do the bounce or vibe within our music so that’s what Partners-N-Crime is about. It’s like we’re bringing New Orleans to the world, for real, you know. We’re bringing the culture. Anything by Partners-N-Crime is going to have New Orleans culture in it. That’s pretty much what we stand for. We’re just trying to give back that sound to the world – like Atlanta got their style of music, Miami got their style, and DC got the go-go – well, we got this thing that we consider bounce or what people consider a style and we freak it all different kind of ways. We might do it classical style or we might add a jazz feel to it, but the whole level of it is – you’re gonna feel that bounce essence. At the end of the day, that’s how we do it.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What makes PNC different, as far as Mr. Meana and Kango Slim staying together for years? What is the glue that holds PNC together? You see some groups come and go, but PNC has always been around.

PNC: Loyalty, first of all. We brothers from a different mother, you know what I’m sayin? Friends may fall out or grow apart, but family always finds a way to stay together when it’s a loving family, so we have love for each other and we have respect for each other so we give each other our lanes to do what we do. That’s pretty much been us from the beginning. We have respect for what makes sense and it can come from either one of us – at the end of the day, if it all makes sense, that’s what we choose to do as a whole. That’s been our gel for keeping us together. We don’t like the word “fan” because it’s a word short for “fanatic” and we don’t really look at people as fanatics. We don’t look at everybody that buy our records as fanatics. We look at them as supporters. We have a good supporting team that make our grind what it is. We try to keep giving people what they love and that’s what makes Partners-N-Crime what it is. That’s what kept us in the game for so long – to have love for what we do and to have respect for what we do. People who support what we do see that about us and push us to make another song. If we wanted to quit today or tomorrow or do another vibe, they’d make us go back to the studio to do it again. That’s pretty much what it’s been – love and passion for what we do. And more than anything, we put God and family first in everything we do. We know that is so important.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What can we expect from PNC at the Jazz Fest performance?

PNC: At the Jazz Fest performance this year, we’re going to do a live band. We’ve been working with a live band for a year now and a lot of our performances we’ve been doing in the last year have been with a live band. What we’ve been trying to bring to Jazz Fest this year with Partners-N-Crime is show them that we can do a real music set, besides what every rapper do with just getting on the mic and rap over the words and this and that – we want to give them the live essence of what we’re doing. We want to give our supporters some music where they’ll say they would have thought Trombone Shorty or somebody would have directed or created it. We’re going to give people something different and something grown and where we’re at and we’re going to give them that old school music for what they love, from “Pump Tha Party”, “Tell Me Why You Acting Funny” to “Shake It Like A Dog” and songs like that. We’ll give them all that, but we’ll give it to them in a live performance and I think people are going to enjoy what we have to offer.


EDITOR’S RECOMMENDATION: Make sure to check out Partners-N-Crime at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on Sunday and pick up a copy of the CD they made especially for their supporters, “Partners-N-Crime & Black Menace Presents Chill Society”. It’s highly recommended by The Heat Magazine management and staff and you don’t want to miss out on getting your copy of this special souvenir.