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(NEW HEAT) Foreva Frankie – “Can’t Hear U”

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

New Orleans’ premiere imprint Flippaville Ent just released the visuals to “Can’t Hear U” from young signee Foreva Frankie. The visuals are the first off his upcoming mixtape entitled “Golden Season”. Critics are expecting the young artist to live up to the hype surrounding the upcoming release and suffice it to say, he’s accepting the challenge.

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(NEW VIDEO) Bronco – ‘Nowadays’

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Check out New Orleans/EGMC Lifestyle artist Bronco’s new video, “Nowadays”. Follow Bronco on Twitter – @LoNamanth

The link/Dat Piff player for Bronco’s new mixtape is below.

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HEAT MIXTAPE ALERT: ‘Follow Every Dream’ by Devious

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Legendary New Orleans rapper (the “freestyle king” himself) Devious just released “Follow Every Dream”, a mixtape that speaks on just that – following your dreams.

It’s an enlightening project to say the least. Produced by Cise HD (production genius “Precise”), “Follow Every Dream is poised to set download records. With features from the Who’s Who of New Orleans’ indie artists, it is a “don’t miss” for your collection. It is also an eclectic/soulful mixtape that is sure to catch a variety of listeners’ attention. It features Jet Life rapper Fiend, UTP recording artist Lil Cali, Cise HD, Rock from Da U Boys, TNC Torcha, Madgesty Sozey, and many more prolific artists from New Orleans.

Devious is a 2013 Ascap Songwriter Award winner and well known for not only his lyrical ability, but his unbelievable moves in the industry. Cise HD is widely known for his production of “Here I Go” by Mystikal and all of the other classic artists on Big Boy Records.

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(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) Sonnie Carson, young rising star only seconds from greatness (Part 2)

Monday, January 14th, 2013

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What got you into music?

SONNIE CARSON: I have a cousin who raps who influenced me to start.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How has being from Brooklyn influenced your musical style?

SONNIE CARSON: The things I’ve seen growing up and living in Brooklyn has formed the foundation of which my music is based on. It has shaped me into who I am.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You’ve worked with some legends, including Jadakiss & Jim Jones. How was that experience?

SONNIE CARSON: Both experiences were one of a kind. The unexplainable feeling of actually meeting and working with people you grew up listening to and look up to – mind blowing.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Can you share any advice you’ve gotten along the way?

SONNIE CARSON: Be yourself. Never let anyone change who you are. At the end of the day you have to wear your reputation.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Any advice you want to give to some artists just beginning their careers?

SONNIE CARSON: Work through any discouragement. There will be ups and definitely downs. Keep working. It’ll get greater later!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where will we see your career in the next 5 years?

SONNIE CARSON: Five years richer than what I am now. I don’t know what the future holds but me and the rest of Scream Ent are ready for it!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sonnie Carson is an impressive artist! Make sure to download the “Flight 2012” mixtape. He is headed toward stardom, no doubt.

Check out Part 1 of The Heat’s EXCLUSIVE with Sonnie Carson HERE:

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(HOT #HEAT PICKS) #0017TH – The Movement

Monday, January 7th, 2013


If the question is, “What’s the hottest movement out right now?”, the answer would be, “Without a doubt, the #0017TH movement.” What’s that you say? Well, the #0017TH movement is the hottest thing going right now and The Heat wants to make sure you know all about it.

The multi-talented Nesby Phips

The multi-talented Nesby Phips

Straight out of New Orleans’ 17TH Ward neighborhood Hollygrove, Ground Zero for epic talent, comes the #0017TH movement. It started with the Nesby Phips/Reem collaborative mixtape, “#0017TH Hollygrove Ain’t Enough”.

Agent Reem of the #017TH

Agent Reem of the #017TH

The mixtape is all original in content and contains the hottest acts in the business right now – the multi-talented Nesby Phips and his partner in crime of sorts, Reem, of course, along with guests such as the legendary veteran J-Dawg from Black Menace and his son, the up and coming lyricist Jay Jones, Hollygrove Mikey, Curren$y, Mack Maine, Kango Slimm from Partners N Crime, Juvenile, the female spitter The Gurl Elle, Rock from Da U Boys, and Hound.

As if the mixtape and recently released videos were not hot enough, the #0017TH movement has been co-signed by Mack Maine, YMCMB’s self-professed “Obama”. You know when Mack Maine co-signs something, it is white hot. To add to the mixtape buzz, has been a series of cypher videos featuring Nesby Phips, Reem, Hollygrove Mikey, Jay Jones, Curren$y, and Mack Maine. They are a definite must-see/must-hear for any true raphead.

#SALUTE to the #0017TH movement. Nesby & Reem are two of the hottest spitters already – couple that with the talent with which they are collaborating, and The Heat predicts that New Orleans is about to again be put on the proverbial map – the world’s not ready for the coming musical revolution!

If you hear anybody say they have not heard anything unique, innovative or new lately in music or that they are bored with everything that is currently out, you can rest assured that they have not yet downloaded “#0017TH Hollygrove Ain’t Enough”. We will not give all the secrets away because, of course, we expect you to also download the tape, but we have to mention this – this is the first tape that combines a James Bond like presence with some of the best hip hop you will ever hear.

Visit the #0017TH website for the free download & to check out the movement: Follow Nesby & Reem on Twitter:

@Nesby Phips


Check out #0017TH videos below.

(NEW HEAT) Master P presents Pallo Da Jiint – ‘Dat Heat Rock’

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Hands down, the hottest mixtape to jumpstart the 2013 music scene, Pallo Da Jiint’s “Dat Heat Rock” comes #HEATRecommended and with that new No Limit Records stamp of approval. #TheTankIsBack

With features from Master P himself, Pimp C, Vicious, Magnolia Chop, Lokee, Sess 4-5, & many more, this is a download you don’t want to miss. Cop it today!


Dat Piff Link:

#EGMGLifeStyle Presents NadaGroup (The Show & Bronco) – ‘Under The Influence’

Sunday, December 30th, 2012


Prolific New Orleans rapper and EGMG artist The Show and his duo in crime of sorts, Bronco, have collaborated on what is sure to be a smash hit of a mixtape – check out “Under Da Influence”, available as a free download on Dat Piff.

Make sure to download this epic mixtape so you can say you have one of the best of the best on your player.



Currensy, Da U Boys, Nesby Phips, and 3D Na’Tee nominated for Best of The Beat Awards-Special Review

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

We, the members of the press, often overlook raw talent and tend to acknowledge artists that have already arrived.  Maybe it is due to “timeliness” and “relevance” from a publisher’s perspective.  Maybe it is due to being out of touch with what is really going on in our urban communities.  When this happens, we the media, can send a subjective message to the audience and slightly force “public opinion”.  As a music journalist, it is imperative to keep an “ear” to the streets.  The Heat Magazine works hard in delivering the story that goes into the depths of the urban community rather than rely on the superficial.

On January 18, 2013, Offbeat Magazine will be hosting and announcing its Best of The Beat Awards at the Generations Hall in New Orleans.

As it relates to hip hop, Dee-1 is nominated for Best Artist.  In addition, Da U Boys, are nominated for Best Rap/Hip Hop Artist along with Currensy, 3D Na’Tee, Dee-1, and Nesby Phips.  One may question how does Dee-1 get nominated for Best Artist among names like Trombone Shorty and The Soul Rebels and then receives a nomination for best Rap/Hip Hop Artist.  Currensy has been nominated for best rap album or mixtape along with Nesby Phips and Reem, 3D Na’Tee, Dee-1, and LG.


Currensy is the only artist who released a national release out of this group.  One might argue why is he not nominated for Best Artist considering he reached #2 on BillBoard for rap albums the week “Stoned Immaculate” was released.







As a music enthusiast, I am elated about all of the nominees.  However, the truest victory concerning nominees is Da U Boys, a rap trio coming out of Hollygrove area of New Orleans. Why? This is their first Offbeat nomination and it comes behind winning “Best Rap Album” at the NOLA Hip Hop Awards held in October at the Joy Theater in New Orleans.  After more than a half-dozen mixtapes and a debut album “Tha Shutdown”, this group has persevered through the politics of the music industry.  Da U Boys were recently cosigned by Waka Flocka on Twitter after releasing their compilation mixtape, “The Rise of The Last Dynasty”.432152_10151069069574720_185852041_n










As mentioned earlier, a journalist has to go beyond the superficial list and dig deep into the streets to discover the rawest talent an urban community has to offer.


Hollygrove-Aint-Enough-e1345055936869Nesby Phips and Reem are another hip hop group fortunate enough to make the short list for Best Rap Album or Mixtape.  Lately, the brand “OO17th” has been appearing online in a series of freestyle videos cosigned by Currensy and Mack Maine.







3D’Natee is also on the list for Best Rap Album or Mixtape.  She recently raked in many awards at the NOLA Hip Hop Awards for “The Coronation” Her latest collaboration is with the Ghetto Twiinz “Bloodline”.








Ultimately, the fans and supporters will decide the award recipients.  Although we are excited for all nominees, it is truly time to put in more research within our hip hop community instead of consolidating most hip hop artists in two or three categories based on “not really knowing” what’s going on in the “hood”.  It’s so easy to contact music industry stakeholders but instead some press members rely on their superficial understanding of hip hop.  This only distorts the culture and creates animosity within the industry.  Make sure to cast your vote for the artist of your choice in the midst of it all.

HEAT VIDEO OF THE MONTH: Sonnie Carson x Killer Mike – ‘Feet On the Ground’ (VIDEO)

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Check out prolific artist Sonnie Carson’s new video featuring Killer Mike – “Feet On the Ground”. Production is by Buckwild and is off Sonnie Carson’s Flight @2012″ mixtape hosted by Don Cannon.

Be on the lookout for power moves by Sonnie Carson and his label, Scream ENT. The Heat will be featuring an upcoming interview with Sonnie Carson – don’t miss it!

Check out Sonnie Carson’s newest mixtape project on Dat Piff:

(NEW HEAT) #NYA Muzik presents ‘Ragin Cajun’ – Red Gator

Friday, November 30th, 2012

#NYA Muzik presents RAGIN CAJUN
New mixtape by Red Gator available DECEMBER 2012 on
with special features from Kaos Inyear Jimi Clever Scarp Nola Polo Tee Crytikal Cayette @CyYounNOE and MORE… STAY TUNED FOR OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE!!!!
“Our Vision of Class & Culture”

A New Orleans native from the swamps of N.O. East.. born n raised. Redgator firmly believes in representing his city, as well as his state and region. As a member of NYA, this artist expresses his vision of “class & culture” through audio and video, hoping to make a difference in not only in music, but the world alone.

#NYA Muzik presents RAGIN CAJUN