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Heat Exclusive: Meet Super Producer BlaqnMild

Saturday, May 9th, 2015


Relentless pursuit of man’s greatest dream describes the demeanor of New Orleans eclectic producer, BlaqnMild.

If you’ve been following rap music in New Orleans and around the globe, you’ve heard the famous tag, “BlaqnMild you a genius” in the background of several blossoming artists such as 89 Boys, Partners N Crime, Lady Dahlia, Calliope Var, Devious, Skip & Six Ward Pook, Detroit, and many more.

Anchoring hip hop in its incumbent form as well as creating the “beat” for bounce legends Big Freedia and the late Magnolia Shorty, Adam “BlaqnMild” Pigott stays on his grind.

As a result, he’s been busy making major moves with music mogul Master P.  Blaq has produced a plethora of hits with the “colonel” including a surprising collaboration “Power” featuring Lil Wayne, Master P, and Money Mafia of No Limit Forever.

In the midst of all these accolades, BlaqnMild has created solo projects along the way. One of his earlier singles, “Birthday” featured Princess of Crime Mob.  From there, he went on to produce hits such as “Favorite Girl”, “Let Me Find Out”, “You Sleep Out Here feat Kevin Gates”, “Booty Bop”, “UptownDowntown” and more.

As the professional culture of hip hop calls BlaqnMild in to work earnestly, he returns with his new single, “Feel Special”. Check it out on soundcloud.







HEAT EXCLUSIVE-Louisiana Hip Hop Undeniable in 2014

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

In a state where talent is plentiful, it is easy to miss out on some of the musical gems created in Louisiana. The Heat Magazine wanted to consolidate a few of the undeniable musical treats that we were blessed with in 2014. In no particular order, be sure to check out the body of work presented in this feature article.



Kevin Gates “By Any Means” took the nation by storm and served as a precursor to his global tour. #IDGT


Line Dance and Two-Step owes so much to Cupid. Cupid’s
“Wham Dance” rocks audiences with the assistance of Mystikal and WQUE’s mixologist DJ Ro.


When Hollywood Hatch aka Boosie Bad Azz touched down, he showed the world alongside his rhyme partner Webbie. This mixtape cements his return.


Devious links up with Kevin Gates over a BlaqnMild banger.  This “You Sleep Out Here” collaboration was unexpected, flooded radio,  and continues to resonate. Many feel the remix is even better. Devious also released “Life Is What You Make It” which is produced by Cise HD. Check ITunes for singles and remixes.


Lil Cali aka Cali Pachino returns with another banging mixtape featuring Young Dolph, Mouse, Kevin Gates, Wale, Juvenile, and more. The Travis James/UTP artist continues to flourish.


Juvenile shakes things up and reconnects with Cash Money/Rich Gang/YMCMB on a new deal and a new single thus far.


On a Niyo/S-80 Track, the seventh ward emcee, Young Greatness, makes noise and lands a deal with Atlantic. “Buku” was a 2014 collab banger that flooded radio.


In the midst of celebrating the release of Boosie, Webbie returns with a 12 cut banging mixtape. Trill Entertainment is on the move.


As the world impatiently waits for Carter V, Weezy and Flow drop an ambient banger. The world wants C5. The Heat will keep you posted as more news becomes available.  Flow also has a new hit, “I Do”, produced by Niyo of Flight School featuring Nino Wavey.

photo (3)

Super New Orleans producer BlaqnMild links up with the Colonel Master P, Ace B, Calliope Var, Popeye, Romeo, and more. No Limit Forever is forever it seems. Search Youtube for new hits like “Bout it, Bout it” and “Fast Money”. Under the new moniker, “Money Mafia”, this Nola squad is on deck for 2015.


Fiend is one of the hardest working artists in the game. With hits like On My Job, Lil Ghetto Boy, and more, Sleepy Jones stays on the grind dropping bangers and collabs. Visit for his latest releases.


Luca Brasi 2 picks up where Luca Brasi left off. Kevin Gates does it again. The world will eventually hear an Atlantic album but in the meantime the Heat Magazine suggests our readers enjoy his current body of work.

Although there are several artists in Louisiana, the Heat Magazine highlights a few of the artists who have taken it up a notch in 2014. Stay tuned for follow up coverage on the musical mecca known as the “Boot”. Atlanta artists are noteworthy as they have stayed consistent all year. From the looks of it, Louisiana is back on fire. 2015 will be an intriguing year in urban music.





C-Murder Disses His Brother Master P on New Track

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014


On the track, the New Orleans rapper calls P an “unloyal hypocrite,” and claims that his brother, who he calls his “hero,” may have called the police on him.

Master P spoke on his brother’s previous track, and told AllHipHop that the rift was over money. The famed music exec also spoke about the love that he has for C-Murder, but says that it’s time for him to take responsibility for his actions that led to his jail sentence.

“I love my brother but at times he can be ungrateful and disrespectful. I’ve spent millions of dollars towards his legal fees in fighting all of his cases. Even when I’ve told him, “No”, I still came through. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is. I’m not God, I can’t break somebody out of jail. I wasn’t at the club with him that night, he put himself in that predicament, he just beat two cases before that, in which I paid for and supported.”

P added, “As a man, we have to be responsible for our own actions. I realize this is not about love, this is about money. And this often happens to families that are dealing with relatives with addictions, lack of education and financial literacy. I was taught that wise man learns but a fool never will.” At the end of the day, all family fuss and fight but when it get real only your family gon be there for you.”

Do you think Master P will respond to C-Murder’s latest track?

Source: Allhiphop

Master P Returns with New Mixtape Al Capone

Sunday, January 27th, 2013



 “I am the best hustler in the game.  I am the boss of all bosses.” Master P









No Limit Forever Records Music Mogul Master P returns with a nostalgic but reaffirming mixtape, Al Capone.  With a new cast of producers different from the original Beats By The Pound, P synthesizes hot new producers and acts such as Alley Boy, Fat Trel, and Calliope Var.  Additionally, Meek Mill, Game, Nipsey Hussle, Chief Keef, Krazy, and Kirko Bangz appear with the mult-million record seller.

Fans of the authentic No Limit sound are likely to enjoy Master P’s latest installment.  Upon listening, one will find the foundation in Master P’s rap style in conjunction with new twists to his delivery.   The Heat Magazine wanted to share the latest work of Master P with our readers who have supported the “Colonel” from the beginning.

Instead of critiquing the mixtape, The Heat Magazine would rather our readers tune in and give it a listen.  The compatible moniker Al Capone is allegorical to Master P’s struggle and hustle skills that lead him to gargantuan success.










The mixtape is available at and several other major mixtape sites.

For more information on Master P and No Limit, contact P @MasterPmiller.

(NEW HEAT) Master P presents Pallo Da Jiint – ‘Dat Heat Rock’

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Hands down, the hottest mixtape to jumpstart the 2013 music scene, Pallo Da Jiint’s “Dat Heat Rock” comes #HEATRecommended and with that new No Limit Records stamp of approval. #TheTankIsBack

With features from Master P himself, Pimp C, Vicious, Magnolia Chop, Lokee, Sess 4-5, & many more, this is a download you don’t want to miss. Cop it today!


Dat Piff Link:

(NEW HEAT) August Sound Clash mix released (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

In what may very well be the greatest Sound Clash mix yet, the August version has hits from Big Boy Records, No Limit Records & Cash Money legends, as well as others. Check out the tracklist for this mix and make sure to download it today:

Partners-N-Crime – Pump Tha Party
504 Boyz (Mercedes, Mac, and Jabo) – I Can Tell
Fiend – Mr. Whomp Whomp
U.N.L.V. – Don’t U Be Greedy
U.N.L.V. – Go D.J.
U.N.L.V. – Drag ‘Em ‘N’ Tha River
Mystikal – The Man Right Chea
Mystikal – Here I Go
MC Thick – Marrero
Tim Smooth – I Gotsta Have It
Mia X feat. Mystikal – Who Got Tha Clout
Silkk Tha Shocker – It Ain’t My Fault
Young Bleed – How Ya Do Dat
Big Tymers – Get Your Roll On
B.G. – Cash Money Is An Army
Soulja Slim – I’ll Pay For It
DJ Mouche – Everyday In My Life
Pimp Daddy – Gotsta To Be Real
Warren Mayes – Get It Girl
Krazy – Chopper City
Juvenile – Bounce For Juvenile
Partners-N-Crime – Up Early N Tha Morning
Dolamite – Hustlas
Kilo – The Ward Song
DJ Jubilee – Get It Ready
Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh – Buck Jump Time
Master P feat. Mystikal, Mia X, Silkk Tha Shocker, and Fiend – Make ‘Em Say Uhh!



(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) DIP, Drama In Progress (Part 2)

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

In Part 1 of The Heat’s exclusive with Dip, we learned a little about the label he calls home and the legends by whom he has been mentored. Check out our interview with Dip:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about yourself.

DIP: My name is Leonard Morrison, pronounced “Lanard”. I’m 29yrs old from Uptown New Orleans. I currently reside in Luling la about 20 mons outside of the city.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where did you get your stage name?

DIP: My stage name is derived from my great uncle who many call Rainbow Dip. A potna of mine started calling me Lil Dip. I took and acronymed it into. Drama. In. Progress. (DIP)

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Do you think your region has an effect on the type of music you do?

DIP: Without question my city has all the influence on my music, simply because I’ve never experienced as much as I have in my city, anywhere else. Then with icons like Mista Meana, Jay Da Menace and Kango Slimm working with me, showing what the formula is to making a hit song, it’s like I can’t lose. I look at Master P and YMCMB as inspiration. Those dudes come from the same place I do. So there is no excuse for me not to succeed unless it’s on my behalf. But again, yes my city influences my music. My city is music. GML. (gotmelaughing)

Click here for (HEAT EXCLUSIVE) DIP, Drama In Progress (Part 1):

Click here for (HEAT EXCLUSIVE) DIP, Drama In Progress (Part 3):

(THROWBACK HEAT) Scarface x Master P x 2Pac in ‘Homies & Thugs’ (VIDEO)

Thursday, March 8th, 2012



Thursday, March 8th, 2012

A southern anthem, if ever there was one – check out this throwback from almost 2 decades ago – legendary No Limit Records artist TRU featuring Mia-X.


No Limit Forever presents T.E.C. featuring Master P

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

No Limit Forever presents T.E.C. featuring Monstahh a/k/a Master P in “My Potnas.”