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(NEW HEAT) Ballistic – “Did It For the Dream” (VIDEO)

Friday, July 27th, 2018

A dream is defined as a series or succession of thoughts and images seen by one’s mind while sleeping. But some people are so focused on making a mark on this world, that they dream with their eyes wide open. Enter Ballistic, a super dope artist/songwriter/entrepreneur whose art – and by “art”, we mean music – is making just such a mark.

The music is not only quality and definitely worth adding to your playlist, it is arranged with such zeal that it effects positivity and enlightenment.

Stay tuned for much more on Ballistic and the Death By Design (DBD) movement. DBD is a breath of fresh air and young energy fused with purpose. What’s that purpose you ask? Just wait and see. It will soon be evident and it involves change that will help to transform the world as we know it.

Watch/Comment/Share the “Did It For the Dream” video, exclusively on You Tube. The single is available for download and streaming on all digital platforms.

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(NEW HEAT) Devious makes history with “Bounce That” (Prod. by BlaqNMild)

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

“We gonna start this thing off right – we got Devious in the house tonight!” – From 1992’s hit single “Where They At”

New Orleans legend Devious (and of course, Hollygrove’s own) has long been a mainstay in urban music. His new single “Bounce That” was released just as Drake’s new singles are working to bring New Orleans’ unique and often imitated/never fully duplicated sound to the world! Super producer BlaqNMild created the track and added his awesome flavor to the already delicious recipe. Yes folks, it’s an exciting time in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Devious has long worked as an architect of New Orleans’ exciting sound, most notably for his historical work on DJ Jimi’s 1992 hit single “Where They At”. In fact, that song solidified the careers of not only Jimi, but Devious and Mellow Fellow and led to an explosion of Bounce Music as an entire sub-genre. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we must put it out there that New Orleans culture created Bounce. The city’s own legends catapulted it into mainstream. Once it took its place in music history, artists such as Drake and T.I. helped to make the sound travel even further around the globe – BUT credit must be given to those who created, cultivated and nurtured Bounce and New Orleans music in the beginning! Devious is one of those “bricklayers”.

“Bounce That” is available at all digital outlets. A full length album entitled “The Narrative” will soon be released by Devious and you can expect to see some memorable collaborations on deck. Devious is a highly lauded, talented and awarded songwriter, artist, entreprenuer, educator, and mentor who has been busy gaining songwriting credits with Cardi B, Lil Duval, Project Pat, and more. As of late, BlaqNMild has been producing for Drake on “Nice For What” and “In My Feelings”, as well as on Devious’ upcoming album.

Be on the lookout for Devious’ new video and single “Coffee House” feat another legendary Hollygrove MVP, Fiend. In fact, be on the lookout for Devious and BlaqNMild to continue adding to the history of New Orleans’ beautiful entertainment resume!

(NEW HEAT) Sixx Mann x T-Pain – “Audi”

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

One of the hottest artists out right now is New Orleans, Louisiana’s own Sixx Mann, who has spent the past several years carving out his own lane in urban entertainment.

Sixx Mann’s linkup with the legendary T-Pain has only served to get his name out to the masses and to solidify his spot in entertainment circles. The duo recently dropped their up tempo single entitled “Audi”, available on all digital platforms.

While Sixx Mann and T-Pain continue to create new music, they have also begun working on other ventures, most notably their being tapped as official 2018 spokespersons for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Working with PETA has provided them with an amazing opportunity to branch out internationally, as well as to further their philanthropic efforts.

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(ARTIST 101) Gooze McKenzie, energetic artist on the rise

Monday, June 18th, 2018

Louisiana original Goose McKenzie is a high-energy performer/artist who is carving out his way in the entertainment world. Having been heavily influenced by East Coast lyricists, his wordplay is crazy. Goose will tell you that his main goal is to excite his fans through his music. He strives to make sure they have a good time while enjoying his art.

Get to know Goose McKenzie:

STAGE NAME: Goose McKenzie

LABEL: Major Paid Records

HAILING FROM: Napoleonville/Harvey, Louisiana

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Soulja Slim, Fila Phil, Ricky B, Cheeky Black, PNC, Pimp Daddy, Cash Money, No Limit, UGK, Slaughterhouse, Jae Millz, Murda Mook, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Tupac, Biggie, OutKast, any of the 80’s to 90 R&B, Lauryn Hill, etc.

FAVORITE FOOD: Any Cajun Based creole pasta originated in Louisiana & Dat Gumbo baby! Lol

FAVORITE SHOES: Nike Lunar Force 1, Duckboots/Lebrons

IF YOU COULD BE ENDORSED BY ANY BRAND, WHAT WOULD IT BE AND WHY? I would say NIKE because of the catch phrase “Just Do it”. The phrase itself is motivational & insists that you exceed and achieve your limitations of ones doubt in willpower.

FAVORITE SONG: I’m From Louisiana by Louisiana Cash


WHAT’S IN YOUR PLAYLIST RIGHT NOW? Fila Phil or any old school New Orleans artist, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Drake, Soulja Slim, Multiple Baton Rouge Artist, Kevin Gates, Boosie, Ty Dolla $ign

IF YOU WEREN’T RAPPING, WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? Working As Diesel fuel/ Test & Trials mechanic @ Huntington Ingalls industries inc.

IF YOU WON 10 MILLION DOLLARS, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT? Invest in a fitness center, create a program to help mentor young boys & coach them in football, by a house for my family & invest in my Daughter’s future. Help increase & build a better business portfolio under my record label.


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IG @ Goose McKenzie

Reverbnation @GooseMcKenzie

Soundcloud/lilgoose985 & lilgoose_mpr

N1M @Goose McKenzie & MajorPaidRecords

(NEW HEAT) Foreva Frankie – “Can’t Hear U”

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

New Orleans’ premiere imprint Flippaville Ent just released the visuals to “Can’t Hear U” from young signee Foreva Frankie. The visuals are the first off his upcoming mixtape entitled “Golden Season”. Critics are expecting the young artist to live up to the hype surrounding the upcoming release and suffice it to say, he’s accepting the challenge.

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(ARTIST 101) Sess 4-5, the hardest working man in showbiz

Monday, May 28th, 2018

If any entertainer has earned the title of “Hardest Working Man in Show Business”, it is New Orleans’ own Sess 4-5. He is indeed the “Hustle God.”

Sess 4-5 is an artist, promoter, activist, and entrepreneur (he’s owner of Nuthin But Fire Records) whose reputation precedes him – a reputation for putting in a massive amount of work as well as being an innovator whose promotional tactics are copied all over the region. Sess has managed to fuse the age of promotional hand to hand combat with the digital age to take his hustle to new heights.

Learn a little about Sess 4-5:

STAGE NAME: Sess 4-5


HAILING FROM: New Orleans, Louisiana 9th Ward Desire Project

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: 2Pac, E40, Mystikal, Juvenile, Daddy Yo, & Nas

FAVORITE FOOD: Fish and macaroni


IF YOU COULD BE ENDORSED BY ANY BRAND, WHAT WOULD IT BE AND WHY? Tidal because it’s a Black owned streaming platform and it’s in the music business.

FAVORITE SONG: “Trap Jumpin” – H.U.S.T.L.A.Z. ft. Magnolia Chop



IF YOU WEREN’T RAPPING, WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? Successfully running several businesses.


Twitter & Instagram: @Sess45

(HEAT VIRTUAL MEET & GREET) Mario ‘Yoey Yo’ Martin & his ‘Hell of A Life’ (INTERVIEW)

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

In the entertainment world, we depend on media personalities to not only deliver the news, but to ensure that delivery is expedited, interesting and accurate. And well, let’s be honest – we prefer that delivery to be wrapped in a fascinating and captivating package. Meet Mario “Yoey Yo” Martin, the well-traveled purveyor of dope media outlet My Hell Of A Life (MHOL).

My Hell Of A Life is one of the most vibrant sites out. It covers music, fashion, food, celebrities, movies, television, and just about any other form of entertainment you can imagine. Yoey is someone who is considered a gatekeeper to the entertainment world. He’s responsible for a lot of what we see and hear. And most importantly, he provides a young, fresh perspective that we can all appreciate. In addition to that, he immerses himself in urban entertainment culture. He even has his own apparel line that he hopes to expand in the near future.

We caught up with Yoey recently to find out what makes him tick. Here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us a little about yourself.

YOEY MARTIN: I consider myself from the city of New Orleans, the 7th Ward more specifically. I was born in Tennessee because my biological father was in the army at the time. I moved back to my parents’ hometown of New Orleans before I was even 1 year old, so New Orleans was all I knew. My mother remarried and at the age of 10 I moved to Iceland for 3 years then to Germany for 3 more years because my step father was in the Air Force. I returned back to New Orleans for my senior year of high school and then attended Dillard University majoring in Communications. In college is when I started to realize I wanted to do something with media.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What got you into media?

YOEY MARTIN: What got my interest into media I believe was I always wanted to be talented in a lot of the areas I like to cover like art, entertainment, music, food, etc., but I quickly realized I’m not a good cook (LAUGHS), I can’t sing, I can’t draw or paint, and I haven’t started taking acting classes yet (LAUGHS). But what I did know was I enjoyed all those things and I figured, well I could just talk about it and showcase the people who are talented in those areas. Basically I realized my talent was my writing and reporting on topics I enjoyed.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Growing up, who influenced you musically and entertainment wise?

YOEY MARTIN: Growing up, my I was highly influenced by what my grandparents were listening to (LAUGHS). My mom worked a lot once my father and she divorced and before she remarried, I was living with my grandparents. So I grew up in a house where music from the 70’s was what I heard all the time. I was a kid growing up in the 90’s riding to school singing along to the O’Jays, Earth Wind and Fire and Maze and Frankie Beverly. I can remember – and it’s still there in my grandmother’s house – me sleeping underneath a poster of the Temptations! (LAUGHS) So it was oldies but goodies and a lot of Gospel, more specifically Mahalia Jackson, my grandmother’s Aunt. Mahalia’s name as kid was often a conversation at home and hearing her music in the house because it was something I know my family took pride in, being related to a musical legend from New Orleans. Now once I was old enough to start watching BET and MTV, in New Orleans like everyone else, I loved No Limit and Cash Money. As I got older and met people from New York and Cali living on the military base, it was Jay Z, Biggie, Nas, Tupac, and Snoop, and then it was Fabolous and Dipset.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: New Orleans is unlike any place on the planet. How do you believe the culture of the city/region influenced you as a person?

YOEY MARTIN: New Orleans culture influenced me tremendously because even though I moved away for 6 years as a kid, I often would return home and visit and it was rejuvenating every time. I enjoyed being gone because it was an experience a lot of people from home may never get – to travel the world and meet all types of people, but what it showed me was there really is no place like New Orleans! We are beyond unique, we are a city that’s small in size, but big in heart. New Orleans went through Katrina. And we’re still here and when that happened, you watched us go to other cities and everyone in those cities knew who we were. Why? Because New Orleans people don’t act like nothing or nowhere else but New Orleans (LAUGHS). No one talks or walks like us. No one has this attitude of “man I’m doing me” (LAUGHS).

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What’s your favorite food?

YOEY MARTIN: My favorite food is a mix-up between Mexican food and Italian food. I love me some Taco Tuesdays with margaritas. But then another night, I love eating my pastas with a glass of red wine – tuck in the napkin type thing (LAUGHS). Now if you talking New Orleans, my favorite foods are jambalaya with fried catfish or a large shrimp po-boy dressed!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What are some hobbies you enjoy?

YOEY MARTIN: My hobbies are real simple. I heard Jay Z say once all he watches is sports and movies. That’s me. I watch sports and movies all the time. My favorite movies are action, horror and mysteries. Sports? I love my L.A. Lakers and the New Orleans Saints.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about your apparel line.

YOEY MARTIN: My apparel line is MHOLBRANDTEES. It’s still in the early stages and I’m not sure exactly how far I want to take it. It was more like I had a couple ideas in my head I’d like to share and hope people like it.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: If you could interview 3 people for MHOL, who would that be and why?

YOEY MARTIN: If I could interview 3 people for my website – that’s a hard question because my website covers so many topics so I’d like to question plenty of people. But okay – Top 3? I guess Lil Wayne, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kobe Bryant

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where did the name “My Hell Of A Life” come from?

YOEY MARTIN: My Hell Of A Life comes from my good friend and business partner Nick Reed and me. One day we were sitting talking about this idea of creating a blog, and then we said no, let’s go bigger. Let’s start a website and online magazine. So once we said let’s do it, we started talking about all the things we would want as content. We were discussing the places we like to eat and the music we listen to and the fashion we loved – just our lifestyle and I kind of blurted out, man we tryna show people a hell of a life. And that was it. But as far as the website, when you log onto the site the “my” applies to you. It’s you living a “hell of a life” with everyone else who loves the content we call our followers and fans #Hellofalifers.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: We see big things for Yoey Yo and My Hell Of A Life, so stay tuned. There is much more on the horizon for the brand!

(NEW HEAT) Hollygrove Keem – “Who Run It” (Freestyle)

Monday, May 7th, 2018

Hollygrove Keem is back, this time with even more smoke. He just dropped the visuals to “Who Run It”, a freestyle video with cameos from some of New Orleans’ up and coming music artists and entrepreneurs including Punn Da Pusha and the CEO of Distribute apparel company. The video was directed/edited by well-known videographer @DigitalDess.

Keem has long been a standout among his musical peers in New Orleans, Louisiana. Hailing from the infamous Hollygrove neighborhood, Hollygrove Keem has built his brand from the ground up over the past couple of years, having toured the nation with 0017th and worked with the likes of Fetty Wop, the late great BTY YoungN, Jay Jones, Reem, Punn Da Pusha, and more. He has endured more than his share of pain over the past couple of years, but that only served to push him harder. Ask around – Hollygrove Keem is back, better than ever and ready to take his place among the stars of his generation.

For interviews and media inquiries, contact Publicist Arlene Culpepper (@hurricanearlene) of MIKODreamz PR via email at

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HEAT MAG EXCLUSIVE: The Rebirth of Andy Pellerano | @AndyRebirth

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Who is Rebirth?



Photo credit 1 Vision Production @1visionproduction

The “Heat Magazine” sat down with the New Orleans native; Pastor and Christian Hip-Hop artist, Andy “Rebirth” Pellerano to discuss his trials and tribulations, and who he represents as a leader in a nationwide ministry.  In spite of the adversities of life, Rebirth has a phenomenal testimony of the amazing grace, glory, wrath, and miraculous power of God!

Andy’s roots began in the West Bank region of New Orleans which later sprouted all over the metropolitan area from the Westbank to the Eastbank. His parents are of Latin descent- the mother from Honduras and father from Cuba with Sicilian roots.

“Rebirth” is a Husband, and father of 4 with one on the way. His many accolades include a 2x nominee for a Nola Gospel Award, 2018 Nola Gospel Rap Artist Of The Year and “Church In The Streets” Reality show star that airs on WHNO. Also, he is the President of his national ministry called One Accord.





“If I had 300 men who feared nothing but God, hated nothing but sin, and were determined to know nothing among men but Jesus Christ and Him crucified, I would set the world on fire.” ~ John Wesley

Before turning his life over, Andy was a member of The Almighty Latin King Nation. During his teenage years, he experienced the initiation process and his first felony arrest at 13. Eventually, leading to a first-degree attempted murder charge at the age of 17. Andy served eight years and two months in prison. This pattern would continue throughout his life until he submits unto the will of God.


Heat Mag: In today’s times,  Why is it so important for our youth to hear your message?

Rebirth:  My message is vital especially for our youth because they are our future. My aim is to give them music that will inspire and create a positive dialogue that will ultimately point them towards evolution! Music that builds up and not break down! Our youth needs the truth and Jesus Christ is the truth, the way, and the life!!!!! (SonicBoom 🔥💥💨)


Heat Mag:  What do you feel you offer the music industry that we don’t already have? 

Rebirth:  I offer Truth – the street life perspective. I give you the way out as well! I give you my pain most importantly_ I give the solution! I really lived the life most rappers glorify – so I give them that- only I tell the entire story!!! I’ll tell you about slanging bricks, about friends that died because of it, the jailtime served, and leaving my kids to grow without a father etc.  Many will give you their pride, I speak about my pride that led to my downfall and how it gives you humility that leads to elevation!


On December 6, 2011, Andy’s son, Alexander Domingo Pellerano was born. This day would be bittersweet; his beautiful baby boy was born with PKD a terminally ill kidney disease. Prison never changed him. However, this did. This was the broken state when he called on the Lord.

Unfortunately, Rebirth caught another charge, and this would now be his third felony. In a ballgame, three strikes, you’re out. However, in the game of life, three times delivered him! The courts wanted to throw him away, yet God had a different plan! He parted the Red Sea of Louisiana’s judicial system and landed him at White Dove Fellowship where he’s finally healed! Andy is no longer blind, and his spiritual eye is wide open.  Miraculously, in April of 2014, Rebirth completed the program and was married the day of his release!

“I prayed while blind to the indulging dark underworld of New Orleans. I hit rock bottom, I had no choice; but to submit.”

Rebirth knew that the devil and his demons used him, committing senseless crimes was the game, along with worldly hip-hop. Now, he is traveling from state to state, sharing his testimony – both through music and spoken word! He owns a variety of culture that’s heard through his music. His distinctive style delivers soul-penetrating hardcore punchlines. His context derives from a streetlife persona in which he refuses to give the devil ground or glory.

Andy “Rebirth” Pellerano is an Apostle to the streets that have spoken throughout this nation. Also, he ministers to juvenile facilities, outreach programs, along with concerts in high crime areas! His anointed mission is the most requested artist outside of the country!

Heat Mag: If you could collaborate with one artist – living – who would it be or why?  

Rebirth:  Travis Greene,  His song “Made A Way” is so powerful. I feel so connected, and would like to share my testimony with him! That song is my life, I know came from a raw pure place, so making some music like that with him would be awesome!!!

Heat Mag: Which one of your tracks truly defines you?

Rebirth: Found My Way” from “The Warrior Worship” album which is currently on Itunes, and all digital music platforms. You may also find the visual on YouTube.  I dropped this as a joint project with @IAm_Burke. That joint right there is from me to you! Raw truth-real life-real answers.

Heat Mag: Last, but not least, Heat Magazine wants to know what’s your craziest “Where they do that at?!!!  moment 

Rebirth: We went to a secular event in a club to perform a set. We lit it up – in Jesus name _ and left out directly after announcing we would be outside. Immediately the bartender runs after us- in tears – confessing that she was a backsliding Christian and rededicated her life to Christ. Immediately after that, I turn around, only to see some people from my past. I had to apologize to them for some unresolved pain I may have caused. Rappers that gave their lives to Christ were scheduled to perform after us. There were prayer groups going on in the parking lot too.  Suddenly, the next thing you know, the Dj is roiling his equipment out!!! We shut the club down in Jesus name!!! (true story)

Where they do that at???? Wherever Ambassadors Of Jesus Christ Go…….ya heard me!!!


Be on the lookout for the rising Evangelist spreading the message of love in a town near you!

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FACEBOOK: Personal Page
One Accord Ministries FB Page

Photo credit 1 Vision Production @1visionproduction


Photo credit 1 Vision Production @1visionproduction

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(NEW HEAT) 2113 Pritt – “Dope Dealer” (VIDEO)

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

New Orleans MVP 2113 Pritt dipped through with this visuals to his most recent single, “Dope Dealer”. It’s the new anthem for modern day hustlers, something Pritt most definitely can speak on, as he has lived the life of a solid grinder. Pritt’s future is bright as he prepares for multiple releases later this year.

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