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Heat Exclusive:’Ya Heard Me’ Released On Tidal

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

New Orleans artists have now been given a golden opportunity to showcase their skills to the world. Music Exec Law has curated the NOLA Playlist known as “Ya Heard Me” which was released on January 15th  on TIDAL. Described as “The Newest of New Orleans Hip-Hop”, the playlist consolidates New Orleans hip hop at its finest. This along with many other opportunities created by NOLA influencers is a part of a new initiative to help bring attention to the flourishing hip-hop scene in New Orleans and its uniqueness. Ya Heard me features Dee-1, Mannie Fresh, Don Flamingo, Jay Jones, Paco Troxclair, Lady Dahlia, Alfred Banks, Pell, Devious, J Lyric, Bty Youngin, Austin Levy, Lil Soulja Slim, Young Greatness, Kevin Gates, Og Booby Black and more.

Check out Ya Heard Me here:


Instagram Flexin’: Kevin Gates Says We Live In A “Superficial Realm”

Saturday, May 30th, 2015

Chinx is laid to rest at his memorial service in Queens, New York, and Chris Brown explains his emotions.

Source: Instagram Flexin’: Kevin Gates Says We Live In A “Superficial Realm”

(NEW HEAT) Khaza – Kevin Gates (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015


Louisiana’s own Kevin Gates just released the visuals to “Khaza” – check it out & follow him on Instagram at @iamkevingates.

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HEAT EXCLUSIVE-Louisiana Hip Hop Undeniable in 2014

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

In a state where talent is plentiful, it is easy to miss out on some of the musical gems created in Louisiana. The Heat Magazine wanted to consolidate a few of the undeniable musical treats that we were blessed with in 2014. In no particular order, be sure to check out the body of work presented in this feature article.



Kevin Gates “By Any Means” took the nation by storm and served as a precursor to his global tour. #IDGT


Line Dance and Two-Step owes so much to Cupid. Cupid’s
“Wham Dance” rocks audiences with the assistance of Mystikal and WQUE’s mixologist DJ Ro.


When Hollywood Hatch aka Boosie Bad Azz touched down, he showed the world alongside his rhyme partner Webbie. This mixtape cements his return.


Devious links up with Kevin Gates over a BlaqnMild banger.  This “You Sleep Out Here” collaboration was unexpected, flooded radio,  and continues to resonate. Many feel the remix is even better. Devious also released “Life Is What You Make It” which is produced by Cise HD. Check ITunes for singles and remixes.


Lil Cali aka Cali Pachino returns with another banging mixtape featuring Young Dolph, Mouse, Kevin Gates, Wale, Juvenile, and more. The Travis James/UTP artist continues to flourish.


Juvenile shakes things up and reconnects with Cash Money/Rich Gang/YMCMB on a new deal and a new single thus far.


On a Niyo/S-80 Track, the seventh ward emcee, Young Greatness, makes noise and lands a deal with Atlantic. “Buku” was a 2014 collab banger that flooded radio.


In the midst of celebrating the release of Boosie, Webbie returns with a 12 cut banging mixtape. Trill Entertainment is on the move.


As the world impatiently waits for Carter V, Weezy and Flow drop an ambient banger. The world wants C5. The Heat will keep you posted as more news becomes available.  Flow also has a new hit, “I Do”, produced by Niyo of Flight School featuring Nino Wavey.

photo (3)

Super New Orleans producer BlaqnMild links up with the Colonel Master P, Ace B, Calliope Var, Popeye, Romeo, and more. No Limit Forever is forever it seems. Search Youtube for new hits like “Bout it, Bout it” and “Fast Money”. Under the new moniker, “Money Mafia”, this Nola squad is on deck for 2015.


Fiend is one of the hardest working artists in the game. With hits like On My Job, Lil Ghetto Boy, and more, Sleepy Jones stays on the grind dropping bangers and collabs. Visit for his latest releases.


Luca Brasi 2 picks up where Luca Brasi left off. Kevin Gates does it again. The world will eventually hear an Atlantic album but in the meantime the Heat Magazine suggests our readers enjoy his current body of work.

Although there are several artists in Louisiana, the Heat Magazine highlights a few of the artists who have taken it up a notch in 2014. Stay tuned for follow up coverage on the musical mecca known as the “Boot”. Atlanta artists are noteworthy as they have stayed consistent all year. From the looks of it, Louisiana is back on fire. 2015 will be an intriguing year in urban music.





Devious & Kevin Gates collaborate on ‘You Sleep Out Here’ single

Saturday, July 12th, 2014
"You Sleep Out Here" will be available on iTunes July 15th

“You Sleep Out Here” will be available on iTunes July 15th

Longevity and success are the goals of any acknowledged musician. Rapper, best-selling songwriter, creator, educator, and hip hop architect Devious has most certainly achieved those goals.

Devious helped to create New Orleans hip hop music through a series of steps, most notably the fact that he began his career when he was a mere pre-teen. After decades of a pilgrimage of sorts, it culminated in him being awarded ASCAP Songwriter of the Year, a proud honor that only a handful of artists can claim.

Devious’ work with youth to create positive outlets where they can express themselves and showcase their talent has only added to his resume. He created the New Orleans Union of Entertainment, a successful organization that helped shine a light on the city’s underground talent. He eventually added a youth chapter where teens and others can take part in brainstorming, networking, sharing entertainment ideas, and much more. In addition, his music has also taken a turn toward positivity and inspiring others, most importantly, our youth.

Devious’ recent collaboration with international superstar Kevin Gates is set to unleash a stream of consciousness and create a positive and thought provoking single,” You Sleep Out Here”. The single will be available on iTunes on July 15th. It is produced by award winning New Orleans based producer, BlaqNMild.

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates

We wanted to know more about this epic collaboration – we caught up with Devious to get his take on it. Here’s what he had to say, “Kevin is an intelligent guy and his work ethic speaks volumes. My cousin Eddreon who lives in Baton Rouge, made me aware of him two years ago and suggested that we collaborate. Based on my cousin’s referral, his team responded to me. After a few months of Gates being unavailable, his team reached out to me. Cise made a hot mixtape record for me and I felt Gates fit the track. BlaqNMild produced the iTunes version. Kevin is down to earth and his team is very accountable. Out of respect for his craft and success, we wanted to add to his movement versus just grabbing a feature to bandwagon his buzz. Cise and I have been creating instrumental songs and submitting them to major labels for placement. I think it bridges the gap between my audience and his. I wanted to do something special to reach the youth and show Louisiana that we really work together regardless of status or label affiliation. I reached out to BlaqNMild because I wanted people to hear his skill set on a hip hop composition. He’s extremely talented and diverse. It all worked out and the stars lined up for all of us on this record. It’s a gumbo mix for sure.”


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Make sure to support the movement and download “You Sleep Out Here”.  Follow the team on Twitter:








Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

When it comes to hip hop and r&b, great music producers stand out and can anchor a project in a positive way. The Heat Magazine was able to
catch up with burgeoning producer Heartbeatz. Here’s his story:

The Heat Magazine: How long have you been a professional producer?

Heartbeatz: I’ve been doing it since 2007.

The Heat Magazine: What musicians or producers inspire you?

Heartbeatz: Drumma Boy, Mannie Fresh, KLC, Just Blaze, and Justice League.

The Heat Magazine: Tell us about some of the acts you’ve worked with?

Heartbeatz: I’ve worked with the late, great Pimp C., Rocko, BG, Pastor Troy, Scooter, Kevin Gates, Young Buck, Trae the Truth, Drumma Boy, Boosie, and Plies. The list goes on.

The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give to producers in the 21st century?

Heartbeatz: Keep God first, stay humble, work hard, invest into your own talent, build your network and grind hard, take no days off, and copyright all work done by you.

The Heat Magazine: What makes you unique as a producer?

Heartbeatz: Being able to write, produce, make the the track, understand the sounds, hard work, and dedication.

The Heat Magazine: Being from the south, how does that impact you as an artist/producer?

Heartbeatz: Being from the south makes me have to grind twice as hard. It’s not as big as other markets to get the opportunities you deserve. Down here, only the strong make it. So it’s go hard or get a job lol.

The Heat Magazine: What can we expect from you in the near future?

Heartbeatz: Sky is the limit. I’m currently working on an ATL artist by the name of Jharden. He’s a very talented guy. I’m also working on my r&b artist Tysen Davis and a new beat CD hosted by a surprise Dj. I have hot new music dropping with Scooter, 550, Jody Breeze, Cris Kelly, XVII, Boosie, and unheard Pimp C material to name a few.

The Heat Magazine: What’s your opinion on today’s music industry as it relates to social media?

Heartbeatz: Social media and this industry go hand in hand. It gives you a way to communicate and networks with the who’s who in the game. Through social websites, talent is really being discovered. Beside the cats with the “fake it til you make it” swag because you can be whoever you want to be on social sites lmao, but it’s a must.

The Heat Magazine: How important is education to you?

Heartbeatz: Education is a must. It’s no good to earn money but cant maintain it. Young artists please focus on education because if things dont work out, you’ll have a solid grind to fall back on. I told my artist Tysen this and she took heed (she’s so humble). Education is key.

The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give to an artist in Louisiana about breaking a record?

Heartbeatz: Get with a good producer that has a quality sound, build a working relationship with djs throughout the south and other areas. Understand that if your quality sucks djs will not play it because it sounds horrible. Network and grind, have confidence and leave that cocky shit at home.

The Heat Magazine: Everybody loves the south for the most part, what’s your favorite southern dish?

Heartbeatz: Jambalaya and as you can see, I’m no stranger to eating lol.

The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give to artists and producers in committed relationships?

Heartbeatz: If you are in this music game and desire to be in a relationship, be careful who you make your lover. Because it takes a special kind of lady to stand and stay strong in this game. Trust, communication, and understanding will be needed! A man with dreams needs a woman with vision that keeps God first.

The Heat Magazine: Did you play in the band or study music?

Heartbeatz: As a kid I played in church. Then my cousin Jonathan Bender went pro and started a label. I was blessed to work close with KLC and Mannie Freah learning many valuable lessons that helped me and I still carry them to this day. It’s safe to say I was schooled by the best.

The Heat Magazine: What’s your greatest accomplishment?

Heartbeatz: God using me to save a life (hands down), the greatest!

The Heat Magazine: You live in Atlanta now, where are you originally from?

Heartbeatz: Picayune, Ms., a small town. Weems Street raised…my boy (homie).

The Heat Magazine: Did the move help your career?

Heartbeatz: Yes it did. I was actually outgrowing my city. My momma always said “son you want better, sometimes you have to change your people, places, and things. I did that and now the demand for a heartbeatz track is crazier than ever. Thanks to my management team Wayne Grind, L Kelly, and Charlie Seaberry. Thanks to you for this interview fam.

The Heat Magazine: Describe yourself when you’re not doing music?

Heartbeatz: I like to spend time with my daughter, give my girl her time then chill with the fellows. I’m really a simple kind of guy so when I’m not being a super producer, I’m being a super dad, super friend, super boyfriend so I guess you can say I’m a super guy.

The Heat Magazine: I understand you and a friend, Wayneard Magee saved an elderly lady’s life who was contemplating suicide?

Heartbeatz: Yes me and my road manager @WayneGrind were traveling from Louisiana back to Atlanta. Then we saw a car stopped near the edge of the bridge. I pulled over and Wayne asked did she need help and her response was, “I’m about to jump over.” Wayne was shocked and he looked at me then she tried to make a break. We grabbed her until the police came. We held the traffic up for more than 45 minutes. I’m just happy God used us and we didn’t pass her up like the other cars ahead. Thank God.

The Heat Magazine: Who is your role model?

Heartbeatz: My big homie 240, Weems Street boss.

The Heat Magazine: Any additional comments you would like to tell our readers?

Heartbeatz: To all rappers around the world if you don’t have a heartbeat, then you ain’t breathing, get at my management and let’s work.

For more information on Heartbeatz, follow him @heartbeatzent on Instagram and Twitter, check out his website, and follow @WayneGrind also. For tracks,hooks , or features contact @WayneGrind at 228-861-6668 or Charlie Seaberry 985-774-5460.

NOUE releases epic anniversary edition mixtape – ‘Heart of the City’

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

The New Orleans Union of Entertainment (NOUE) has done it again, this time with its release of the anniversary edition mixtape, “Heart of the City“.

Make sure to check out the free download from the South’s premiere force, the NOUE. Follow them on Twitter – @NOUE1 & @Deviousontwitt. For more information, email NOUE president, Dion Norman at

1. Intro
2. Our Father- Devious
3. Babu- Youngest 1′s
4. Crush ‘Um- UNLV
5. WHY YO?- Devious
6. Dolla Bills- NO4
7. Heal The World- Mannie Fresh
8. Love You- Kevin Gates
9. Lost Boys- Da U Boys
10. Bloodline- Ghetto Twiinz and 3D Natee
11. Dont FN Play With Me-Bigg Ramp
12. I’m Gone-Majesty Sozey
13. Drag Em Thru Tha River-UNLV
14. Here I Go- Mystikal
15. Picture Perfect- Juvenile feat Birdman and Lil Wayne
16. Money is The Motivation-Redd and Poizon Ivy
17. Take Me Higher- Partners N Crime
18. Uptown Downtown Status- Six War Pook and Calliope Var
19. Brand New Day ft. Delis- Jay Da Menace
20. King Leon Remixx-Jay Jones
21. Do What It Do- ViGi and Trinidad
22. Outerlude

(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) TIM THUGGA: Putting his city on (VIDEO)

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Work ethic: a belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character

Work ethic is a quality that a lot of young artists are lacking – it’s one that Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Tim Thugga is most definitely not lacking.

Tim Thugga is putting out quality music at a rapid pace and he’s not neglecting his grind. If anything, he is allowing his work to feed off of itself, putting out songs, mixtapes and videos in record time. He comes from a place where you don’t eat, if you don’t work.

While Baton Rouge, Louisiana is becoming known as one of several “murder capitals” of the South, it is also a place known for a unique style of southern rap. Lil Boosie, Webbie, Foxx, and Kevin Gates are all Baton Rouge natives and helped to pave the way for artists like Tim Thugga.

He’s striving to put his city on and to make its residents proud and so far, he’s doing a colossal job of it. The Heat admires his hustle and we had to hear more about what is going on with Tim Thugga’s career. Here’s what we learned:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about yourself.

TIM THUGGA: I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was born on September 28, 1988 and I started rapping at the age of 15. Before I was rapping, I was into basketball. I started playing ball at the age of 9 and I fell in love with it.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about an event that changed your life forever.

TIM THUGGA: About two year after falling in love with basketball, my sister woke me up out of my sleep and gave me some news that changed my life and my way of taking things. I had a 23 year old brother named Demond Johnson that was in the streets hard. He always used to be hard on us to make us adapt to the streets because he knew we had to learn one day, but he wanted to be the one to do that. My dad was hard on us too, but my brother would rather for it to be him at the time. He always used to give us money to help my mom out with us to get us food and clothes, but to make a long story short, I got the news that my brother was shot and killed at around 3 a.m. All I can remember is my mom, sister and my brothers crying to the point where I was scared.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How did your brother’s death affect you?

TIM THUGGA: When that happened, that changed the way I think as a person and I lost the love for basketball, so I started rapping. Rapping is a way that I can express myself in a way that everyone can understand where I’m coming from because I feel like I’m misunderstood by a lot of people. That’s why I use my music to express myself from my soul. As time flew by I was hit by reality at a very young age. I’m blessed to be in this position I’m in now. I’ve worked with Foxx A Mill from Trill Entertainment (Free Lil Boosie), Kendell (he’s a producer that worked with Waka Flocka), and many more. My mom and my family influence me to rap, but I always keep GOD first. I am more than just a rapper. First, I’m a man and then I’m a man with vision. I have a vision to give back to my community and make a difference. I know that’s what GOD would want me to do. Things happen for a reason in life and it’s up to you to figure out why.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What’s in the works for you?

TIM THUGGA: I have a mixtape out with my brother Beezy Bird named ”The Best In The Business”. I have another mixtape named ”Dark City”, hosted by DJ 5150 (Click HERE for link). I would like to have everyone’s support around the world. And GOD BLESS TO EVERYONE OUT THERE CHASING THEIR DREAMS! DON’T LET NO ONE TELL YOU THAT YOU CANT DO SOMETHING!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Be on the lookout for Tim Thugga – he has the hustle and talent to really put his city on the map! You can follow Tim Thugga on Twitter at