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NEW HEAT: Fiend Releases “Word 2 Kevin” Video

Monday, June 25th, 2018

The raspy rhyme-powered emcee, Fiend, who is also known as International Jones, dropped off a hot new video to the Heat Magazine. “Word 2 Kevin” is an intriguing visual that alludes to Fiend’s late brother Kevin Bailey.

Fiend first shared personal but heartfelt lyrics about Kevin on “Take My Pain” during his decorated career at No Limit Records.

Mr. “Heart Of A Ghetto Boy” has done it again with “Word 2 Kevin”.  Directed by Yuset Puzo, the visual is now available on YouTube for our readers and fans of Fiend to enjoy.

Check out the world premiere of “Word 2 Kevin”


Mr. Marcelo talks mixtape, Jetlife, and more.

Monday, December 9th, 2013


The Heat Magazine was able to have a “heart to heart” interview with Mr. Marcelo about his latest endeavors.

The former No Limit rap star is also the older brother of Curren$y.  Beyond coincidence, both brothers have been able to reach milestones of success in the music industry.  Mr. Marcelo’s latest release “Og Luv Dat Og” has proven to be a success and features Curren$y, Juvenile, Young Roddy, Ceto, 6 Shot, Wacko and more.  The tape is hosted by DJ Swu and is an official release from the Jetlife Never Die Corporation.

Download link:

The Heat Magazine wanted to keep all “Jet Lifers” and exclusive “Marcelo fans” aware of his latest efforts. From “Hey P-Poppers” to “Brick Livin” to “Return Of The Big Homie”  to “Say Dat” to “Scarface Remix”, Marcelo continues to grind it out with good music and real lyrics.

The Heat Magazine: You and Curren$y are brothers. Our readers want to know how did you both end up being heavy into hip hop?

Mr. Marcelo: We started out as “ygs” and being around music  so much, it came natural.

The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give to the new generation of artists in New Orleans and surrounding areas?

Mr. Marcelo: Social networks/websites make things a lot easier nowadays. So you have to take advantage of that.  Be yourself.  Fans want to hear about you and not what’s made up. Lies might go a long way but so does the truth.

The Heat Magazine: How important is education?

Mr. Marcelo: Education is super important. Knowledge is power, so you can’t keep yourself in a box. You have to expand your hustle. Education helps that.

The Heat Magazine: What’s your favorite New Orleans dish?

Mr. Marcelo: I like seafood.  Anything but oysters. Hahahaha.

The Heat Magazine: What’s your take on violence in New Orleans?

Mr. Marcelo: Honestly, violence never affected me in my lifetime because I saw it so much.  But it’s been eating me up lately because it’s innocent kids now. In my opinion, when you kill an innocent kid, you should turn yourself in. (Angrily) If I know you, the snitch law goes out the door. Period!

The Heat Magazine: You have a large fan base, are you in the process of touring?

Mr. Marcelo: I do several spot dates and I tour with Spitta (Curren$y) and the Jets also.

The Heat Magazine: Describe your style in a few words.

Mr. Marcelo:  I don’t have a style. I just talk “life experiences”. I spit game.  I don’t rap.

The Heat Magazine: What can we look forward to from you and the Jet Life Family?

M. Marcelo: Tours, merchandise, movies, documentaries and more.  It’s no limit to the cash money we are tying to get.

For more info, contact Mr. Marcelo at