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Happy Birthday to Jack Spratt from The Heat Magazine

Friday, December 21st, 2012

jsThe Heat Magazine wants to wish one of our favorite entertainers a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Everybody take a moment & wish Jack Spratt a great day! We love you Jack! Whether he’s in character in one of his many parodies or on stage rapping, Jack Spratt is sure to provide hours of endless entertainment to the masses.

Take a good look at him now folks, because he will be everywhere pretty soon!


(HEAT MIXTAPE OF THE WEEK) Jack Spratt’s ‘The Dummy Album’ (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

New Orleans, Louisiana rapper and comedian extraordinaire, Jack Spratt, is the genius behind this week’s “Heat Mixtape of the Week“.

The Heat has featured Jack Spratt several times in the past and we couldn’t be bigger fans of this multi-talented artist. Jack Spratt tells us though, music is his first love. That’s obvious in his latest effort, a mixtape entitled “The Dummy Album“.

Jack Spratt has a host of epic talent appearing with him on TDA, including Facebook favorite Magnolia Gumbo, as well as a lineup of crack producers.

Follow Jack Spratt on Twitter: @JackSprattNO
“Like” Jack Spratt’s Fanpage: Jack Spratt Fanpage

Read more on the uber talented Jack Spratt:

Download & support Jack Spratt’s “The Dummy Album” below:

Relationships: An interactive look on the highs and lows of Love

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

As man and woman travel the trek of life, culture embeds the need for relationships and love in order for man and woman to develop socially and find fulfillment. Celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, and Dr.Phil have offered their expertise in the form of visuals, movies, and publications. The Heat Magazine takes an interactive approach by interviewing select adults who are on the battlefield of life and love.

The Heat Magazine: Do you believe that women blur their vision in finding a mate because of lust?

Nyja Horton: Many women’s vision is blurred because of not being intimate with self, no knowledge of self, and no self awareness to even know what characteristics of a man that they are attracted to compliment them. They try and build relationships based on only one attraction when the other person possesses many characteristics. With that, lust is created through void. It is merely a feeling of need to make up for all other emotions that are absent.

The Heat Magazine: Do you think that texting has impacted relationships in a positive or negative way?

Geia Carter: I think texting has impacted relationships in a positive way due to the way we can use texts to communicate little love messages, thinking of you messages, etc. It helps to maintain being in touch on a busy work day when talking on the phone is not so convenient. Every now and then, it’s rather pleasing to get a random text from your sweetheart. On the other hand, the negativity comes in when a couple relies solely on text messages to communicate. Relationships take a lot of nurturing and face time in order to build. No amount of technology can replace human interaction on a personal level. It’s impossible. To make sure that texting is beneficial to a relationship, people must understand to use it IN ADDITION TO human interaction and not INSTEAD OF.

The Heat Magazine: Do you think that a broken heart permanently affects a person’s future in relationships?

Jack Spratt: I think that it definitely does in all relationships but the question is whether we let it affect our futures positively or negatively. A lot of times in relationships, we tend to cling solely to our hearts and emotions while neglecting our logic and wisdom which eventually results in miscommunications and broken hearts. A broken heart could positively cause one to consistently consult all of his/her faculties (mental, spiritual, and emotional) before making romantic decisions or on the negative side, it could cause one to permanently harbor bitterness and trust issues internally. So the key, in my opinion, is not the broken heart that one suffers, but the lesson that he/she takes from it and how they plan to apply that lesson or experience in future relationships.

The Heat Magazine: Do you believe that relationships are more like business arrangements instead of true love?

Brandon MajestySozey Henderson:
Most def!!! We live in a time where a mass amount of couples should not even be together. Bonds,values, and dedication have been replaced with hidden intent,greed,personal,physical,and financial gain.

The Heat Magazine: In your opinion, why does a partner lie but expect honesty from the other partner?

Kory Jessie:
Most people lie, expecting honesty because they themselves consider them-self a person that can handle honesty but think that everyone else that they are talking to can’t handle the truth. Hypocrites.

The Heat Magazine: Do you think that men and women make bad decisions concerning commitment because of selfishness?

Chandra Cooper:
Yes, I think so. I will be real and say women are probably more selfish than men.
To the question about broken hearts, I don’t think so because every female I know (besides myself) has had their heart broken many times by many different men and they fall for the okie-doke everytime a new man tells them the same thing the other man (who broke their heart) did.

The Heat Magazine would like to thank all participants in this article. For more information or if you would like to add your perspective to a follow-up article, contact Dion Norman at

(NEW HEAT) Brand new PPTV episode debuts starring Comedian Jack Spratt (VIDEO)

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Don’t miss this brand new episode of PPTV, starring comedian Jack Spratt as Petite Da Clown, Lil Reeva Da Queen Zebra & more!

(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) JACK SPRATT: Live & Direct (Part 4)

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Part 4 of The Heat’s exclusive with Jack Spratt picks up with our own Dion Norman asking Jack about artist parodies and Jack gives it to us straight.

Jack Spratt as 'The Mocodile Hunter'

DION/THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Do you think that it’s fair to have personal disgruntlement as an artist when parodies are created based on your likeness?

JACK SPRATT: Of course I don’t think it’s fair. I don’t know if that is the case in my situation, but I’ve always understood the principle of imitation being the greatest form of flattery so I really can’t comprehend having personal grudges of that sort. That’s just like somebody hitting the club and comedy scene in costume, mimicking and patterning themselves after me. Even if it’s in a spoof or parody form, I realize that I must be doing something effective and worthwhile for someone to take their time to study and imitate me. Also, I understand that an integral part of fame and being a celebrity is exposing my life to public praise, criticism, scrutiny, and even ridicule. It’s like everybody wants to shine, but nobody wants to go through a polishing process. You have to take the good factors of being a celebrity as well as the bad factors. Even though I don’t think it’s fair, I do understand that it’s life. Some people are gonna always like you no matter what you do, while some will never like you, no matter what you do. It is what it is….

ARLENE/THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What’s new for Jack Spratt and what can your fans expect to see?

JACK SPRATT: It’s actually a few things that I’m really focused on accomplishing in 2012. Of course, my main focus right now is PPTV because I know that it will ultimately open up the door for all of my other endeavors. On Monday nights, my company Empireal Entertainment promotes a night called Memory Lane Mondays where we play throwback music from the 70’s to 2000. Admission is free but we accept monetary and canned good donations and all of the donated money goes to a different youth group or organization in the city. I’m the host and my potna D.J. Ram is on the 1’s & 2’s. I’m also really determined to complete my next music project, “The Genius” which will showcase my true passion as a hip hop artist and chronicle all of the planning, strategy, and masterminding that my team and I put into the Jack Spratt brand. Next, I’ve begun compiling manuscripts for a question & answer book that I’m writing about family, relationships & dating, all inspired by one of my characters that my Facebook family has fallen in love with, Dr. Cornelius Jackson O.P.P. Thursday May 3rd, I’ll be at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest for the second consecutive year with the Original Pinettes Brass Band and I’ll be in Jamaica in July for the Reggae Sunfest filming a PPTV: Dollar$quad Goes To Jam-Rock Documentary. Besides that, I’ll be here in New Orleans consistently grinding my fingers to the bone with my team. I also wanna thank each and every Jack Spratt, PPTV, and Dollar$quad fan for your support. It means a lot and we appreciate all of you. God is truly good.

EDITOR’S SIDENOTE: We said it before and we’ll say it again – Jack Spratt is an emerging comedian/rapper/entertainer who brings life to his characters and laughs to his fans and followers. He is poised to take over the entertainment world as he stands on the brink of stardom. You can take that prediction to the bank! You can also keep up with all things Jack Spratt here:




(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) JACK SPRATT: Live & Direct (Part 3)

Friday, April 27th, 2012


Part 3 of The Heat’s exclusive with Jack Spratt picks up with him speaking on ruffling feathers in the entertainment world. #EPIC:

ARLENE/THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Word on the street is that you ruffled feathers with your Lil Reeva character. Anybody who knows you Jack, knows that you pay homage to successful people, all while putting a comical spin on it. What’s up with that?

JACK SPRATT: Anybody who knows Jack Spratt knows that I’m a cool and a fairly intelligent guy, but I’m an envelope pusher. My characters and brand of comedy are very edgy, in-your-face, controversial, and borderline offensive to some people. It’s never personal. I have just always been the type of person who does and says what everybody else is scared to do or say. That adds shock value to what I do and that’s why so many people gravitate towards my brand. Now Lil Reeva The Queen Zebra is a spoof of the bounce artist that I was referring to earlier. Clearly, he isn’t thrilled about my spoof of him, but who cares? This is comedy. Saturday Night Live, Dave Chappelle, and MAD TV do it all the time. Plus, I do it all the time. This isn’t a personal attack on him, just like it wasn’t a personal attack when I spoofed Tiger Woods, Ray Jay, and the entire Posse Waaaa 102.9 FM radio crew. And if he wasn’t relevant or successful on the entertainment scene, I wouldn’t be spoofing him at all. Some people say that I’m jealous, and some say that I’m hating and that’s ok. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Still, I have never made any personal attacks on the artist and I never will, because that’s petty and phony to me. I’m bigger than that. If I have something personal against somebody, I confront that person or I make a choice not to deal with them at all. And after depicting a Ku Klux Klansman on Halloween as “Jack Dukkke”, the nation’s most infamous terrorist “All about the Binjamins Laden,” and spoofing some of the most notorious killers in my city as “Cut Throat Courtney”, there is no character or depiction that I believe I can ever do that will be more dangerous or feather-ruffling than those three, in my opinion. The funny thing is that Lil Reeva has already become a fan favorite and the skit hasn’t even dropped yet. And no matter what happens, if the fans want Reeva, I’m gonna give em Reeva.  Such is Life….Na Who Upset?

Jack Spratt as 'Greasefire Greg'

Make sure to check out Part 4 of The Heat’s exclusive with Jack Spratt. It picks up with Dion Norman asking Jack about his artist parodies.

(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) JACK SPRATT: Live & Direct (Part 2)

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Part 1 of The Heat’s exclusive with Jack Spratt leaves off with us talking to Jack about his much anticipated PPTV debut. We pick back up with Jack talking about past endeavors and the controversy in which he is currently embroiled, over his Lil Reeva The Queen Zebra character:

One of the many, many faces of Jack Spratt - just in time for CINCO DE MAYO

ARLENE/THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Your involvement in Poppa’s Partyhouse was huge. What happened there?

JACK SPRATT: Well, I started hosting Poppa’s Partyhouse in June of last year until about February of this year and I enjoyed helping build it from the ground up. It quickly became the hottest night in the city and I proved to myself and everybody that I could successfully host a club night in New Orleans with my brand of energy and antics. It was a challenge for me at first because I’ve never hosted a steady club night anywhere, not to mention at the House of Blues. So, I’m extremely proud of what I accomplished and the grand manner in which I did it. Now the problem came when a bounce artist who the promoters often work with became offended by some Twitter comments that I made about his wardrobe during one of his TV performances. I kinda know the bounce artist from seeing him when I host, so I got his number from one of the promoters and called him to see what the problem was and I went on Q-93 FM to publicly clarify my comments about the matter. Keep in mind when I was doing the radio broadcast I was dressed like the artist was dressed for his performance because I do comedy – not hating, not mockery, but comedy. I was told by the promoters that the artist was even more offended after my radio appearance and I was asked not to show up as host for his birthday party at the House of Blues the following Sunday night. So I was pissed by that, at the time, because I felt that I deserved better than that from the promoters and the DJ who I sacrificed for and grinded with for about 8-9 months since Day 1. Then the next week I had a talk with the promoters and I was told that if I wanted to continue to work with their team, then I would have to refrain from doing any comedy about the artist. So I discontinued my hosting services immediately!!! Hosting is cool and it put a few extra dollars in my pocket, but PPTV is what separates Jack Spratt from any other entertainer, comedian, host, or artist out here. I will never let anyone dictate what I can do creatively, especially when they met me doing the exact same thing, spoofing current events. I refuse to water down my brand for anyone and I will never forsake my principles for fame, money, or spotlight because I know that God has the final say on everything. All I can say now is that my decision was a hard one, but I think it was the best for all parties involved. House of Blues is still popping on Sunday Nights and I’m sitting here doing an interview with you about my new PPTV Web-isode “A” dropping April 30th. The Future is bright….

Make sure to check out Parts 2, 3 and 4 of The Heat’s exclusive with Jack Spratt. It’s an interview you definitely don’t want to miss!

Jack Spratt as Relationship Guru, Dr. Cornelius Jackson, OPP

(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) JACK SPRATT: Live & Direct (Part 1)

Friday, April 27th, 2012

If you haven’t met entertainer extraordinaire, Jack Spratt, you are truly missing out. Everybody knows he is at the top of our list of favorite entertainers!

Ask anybody who follows Jack Spratt on social media and they will attest that he can take the worst of days and turn them around for his followers. One check of your timeline and you are guaranteed to see something that will instantly brighten up your day, if you are a Jack Spratt follower. If you aren’t, then what are you waiting on???

Jack Spratt is a rapper and comedian whose characters push the envelope of comedic genius and we just can’t say enough about him. You just have to see him in action to really appreciate his superb entertainment skills.

Jack Spratt’s PPTV is getting ready to debut at midnight on April 30th and we can’t wait. His Facebook page is filled to capacity with adoring fans who are anticipating the inauguration of what promises to be one of his most memorable characters to date, Lil Reeva The Queen Zebra. Word is, no one’s even seen the video and Lil Reeva is already creating waves of controversy in and around entertainment circles and you know what that means – guaranteed success!

Hand Jack Spratt a handful of haters and he’ll make a nice batch of Haterade!

We sat down with Jack Spratt to catch up with him on some of his recent experiences and as always, it was not only a pleasure, but a memorable interview that won’t soon leave our minds. Here’s what Jack had to say:

ARLENE/THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about the new PPTV episode.

JACK SPRATT: Well, first of all, let me say that I have never been as excited as I am right now about PPTV!!! I released two previous episodes, but this one will be a shorter 12-17 min WEB-isode that is designed strictly for the attention spans of internet viewers. My first two episodes were about 40-45 minutes long because they were designed to be released on DVD. After three years, it feels like I’ve finally found the right formula for PPTV and I can’t wait to test it out on all of my fans and supporters. People know that Jack Spratt can produce comedy skits, but PPTV isn’t just about Jack Spratt the entertainer. It’s about JACK SPRATT THE MOVEMENT. It’s about music, comedy, community, entrepreneurship, and inspiration. Also, on this episode I will be unveiling a few new characters. I’ve been promoting several pictures of my new characters and getting good responses and feedback, but there is nothing like seeing them in action. Be on the lookout for the debut of Jamal of Nazareth and Lil Reeva The Queen Zebra. Also, shoutout to all of my camera and video family who made this episode possible – Kevin Dixon, Darkskinn Jamaine, Kenneth “The Pictureman” Briggs, & Jambalaya TV. #DOLLAR$QUADLIFE

Make sure to check out Parts 2, 3 and 4 of The Heat’s exclusive with Jack Spratt. It’s an interview you definitely don’t want to miss!

(NEW HEAT) HEAT Mixtape of the Month – N.O.U.E.’s ‘Nola Kings’

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

NOUE All Stars return with their 9th dope mixtape featuring Partners N Crime, Black Menace, Juvenile, Fiend, Jack Spratt, Devious, Da U Boys, Curren$y, Jay Jones, and many more top artists from the Crescent City.

Follow us on Twitter – @NOUE1 or @Deviousontwitt.

1. Do It All For You feat. Kango-Jay Jones
2. Ready Or Not feat Wacko and Skip-Juvenile
3. Guess Who’s Back feat. Blaq N Mild-Black Menace
4. Lord Knows Freestyle-Devious
5. Turnt up to the Maximum-Chedda Man of Smash Bros.
6. Murderer-Mystikal
7. If I Told Yall Once-Jack Spratt
8. Heart of a Ghetto Boy-Fiend
9. Hold On feat. Young Roddy and Trademark da Skydiver-Curren$y
10. Sweet Love feat. Mannie Fresh-Juvenile
11. No Mercy feat. Young Guttah-Da U Boys
12. Searchin’ feat. Paul Revere-Partners N Crime
13. Be Right Back feat. Skip and Mista Meana-Eazy Money
14. Here’s Ur Ticket-Majesty Sozey
15. Hard Times Down in My City-Devious
16. Sick And Tired-Redd and Poison Ivy
17. Slingshot Murda!-Marcy
18. In These Streets feat Sipp-Phatcoast Records
19. Ain’t No Love(In My City)-L.A.W.
20. Ain’t Nobody FN With Majesty Sozey
21. NOUE Commercial Break



Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Jack Spratt - A Genuine New Orleans Original

Whether he’s sparring back in forth with fellow comedians or he’s dressed as one of his many characters, The Heat believes Jack Spratt a/k/a the Petite Playboy a/k/a Cut Throat Courtney a/k/a Hamp Da High Stepper a/k/a The Mocodile Hunter and so many other names ….. is one of the funniest humans on the planet.

He’s hilarious, without a doubt, and Jack brings joy to so many through his humor. When Dave Chapelle left television, he left a void that only Jack Spratt can ever come close to filling.

Make sure to check out Jack’s videos on You Tube and follow him on Twitter – @JackSprattNO. Jack Spratt’s also a talented music artist, so make sure to check him out.

The world will be a sad and dull place without humor. Thanks Jack Spratt for making it bearable! The Heat salutes you!

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