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Heat Exclusive: A Conversation with King Reality

Thursday, January 11th, 2018


The Heat Magazine takes a travel to the West Bank of New Orleans. Many may not fathom that this area near the East Bank of New Orleans includes surrounding cities known for music. These small cities are unique and offer eclectic music. If a visitor travels across the Greater New Orleans bridge, they’ll become familiar with Algiers, Harvey, Belle Chasse, Westwego, Kennedy Heights, and of course Marrero just to name a few.

Ice Mike, Bust Down, Tim Smooth, and Dj Too Cool, all who have earned their place as legends of New Orleans and Louisiana hip hop earned their national acclaim on this side of the Mississippi River. Mobo Records, Ruthless Juveniles, and other West Bank area artists manufactured hits in the 90s.

MC Thick was the most well known rap artist from Marrero in the 20th century after landing a deal with Atlantic Records largely due to his hit single “Marrero” which was produced by J Diamond Washington, an owner of Diamond Studios.

In the 21st century, the hip hop scene continues to flourish. Rappers such as Choppa Style and Baby Boy Da Prince both received national success. Nowadays, artists like B Assasson and Daniel Heartless are making their way through the ranks of the industry.

In 2006, a young man started his professional rap career leading him to a national collaboration on Baby Boy Da Prince’s album. Perfectly titled, “Across Da Water,” the album included a song “Marrero” and this is where his first creative energy was released. Currently, he has a full length album  “New Orleans Premonition” available on all digital outlets. The Heat Magazine wanted our readers to get an inside look on this burgeoning artist.

The Heat Magazine: Tell the world your stage name?

King Reality: My stage name is King Reality.

The Heat Magazine: How long have you been a professional rap artist?

King Reality: I have been rapping since I was 5 yrs old.

The Heat Magazine: Being from Marrero, you come up with Mc Thick, Choppa Style, Baby Boy, and B Assasson. How important is it for you to represent your hood in your music?

King Reality: It’s very important that I continue to carry the torch because those brothers paved for like myself to come through.

The Heat Magazine: What separates you as an artist from your peers?

King Reality: My experience separates me from my peers because of real life situations that I have been faced with and overcome.

The Heat Magazine: As it relates to production, who do you work with?

King Reality: I work with beats by Nell, Quarter Key, and Alroc Kapezee from Untouchable Records.

The Heat Magazine: What are your immediate plans for 2018?

King Reality: To let my talent be seen throughout the world and be a major takeover in the industry.

The Heat Magazine: Tell us about your latest release.

King Reality: My mixtape is called MARRERO JAMMBALAYA with features from Mr Marcello and Choppa Style as well as a few other artists.

The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give to an upcoming artist?

King Reality Stay consistent and trust God. Always believe in yourself.

The Heat Magazine: Who influences you musically?

King Reality: Tupac and Soulja Slim.

The Heat Magazine: Tell us some things about Marrero that our readers and fans may not know.

King Reality: It’s a small city with lots of love where people have been knowing each other their whole lives. It’s a place with a lot of unity. It’s a place where if you stayed for a while, you would probably not ever want to leave.

The Heat Magazine: Do you plan on working with anyone in the future that we should know about?

King Reality: Yes, I plan on working with Lil Wayne, Drake, Piles, and more.

The Heat Magazine: What do you think about Louisiana’s rap scene?

King Reality: I think we are building. We are coming behind Cash Money and No Limit who showed us how to take control of our destiny. No matter what, the world is ours! (Bahlee dat)


Check out the album here:

Devious “WHY YO” Remix Produced By BlaqNMilD

Friday, December 28th, 2012
















Happy Birthday Ice Mike from The Heat Magazine!

Monday, November 19th, 2012



NOUE releases epic anniversary edition mixtape – ‘Heart of the City’

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

The New Orleans Union of Entertainment (NOUE) has done it again, this time with its release of the anniversary edition mixtape, “Heart of the City“.

Make sure to check out the free download from the South’s premiere force, the NOUE. Follow them on Twitter – @NOUE1 & @Deviousontwitt. For more information, email NOUE president, Dion Norman at

1. Intro
2. Our Father- Devious
3. Babu- Youngest 1′s
4. Crush ‘Um- UNLV
5. WHY YO?- Devious
6. Dolla Bills- NO4
7. Heal The World- Mannie Fresh
8. Love You- Kevin Gates
9. Lost Boys- Da U Boys
10. Bloodline- Ghetto Twiinz and 3D Natee
11. Dont FN Play With Me-Bigg Ramp
12. I’m Gone-Majesty Sozey
13. Drag Em Thru Tha River-UNLV
14. Here I Go- Mystikal
15. Picture Perfect- Juvenile feat Birdman and Lil Wayne
16. Money is The Motivation-Redd and Poizon Ivy
17. Take Me Higher- Partners N Crime
18. Uptown Downtown Status- Six War Pook and Calliope Var
19. Brand New Day ft. Delis- Jay Da Menace
20. King Leon Remixx-Jay Jones
21. Do What It Do- ViGi and Trinidad
22. Outerlude

Fourth Quarter Buzz on New Orleans Music Scene-Special Review

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Music industry during the fourth quarter (October-Dec) can often create greatness unexpectedly.  In recent years, a resurgence among urban artists in New Orleans is evident.  Within the overload of information via internet and the need for instant gratification, some New Orleans/Louisiana artists have remained rooted in the essentials of classic rap music. As we put our ear to the streets  among the indies, The Heat Magazine wanted to share some of the latest  action within the Crescent City’s and Louisiana music community.

Rue Rois Artists Da U Boys recently dropped The Last Dynasty, a mix tape that speaks volumes related to the essence of realism and classic era rap emerging from the streets of New Orleans.  Be sure to add this one to your collection.

Shortly after, they win Hottest Album at the NOLA Underground Hip Hop Awards ceremony held in October at the Joy Theater in New Orleans.

In addition, Zero to Sixty Entertainment artists “Youngest 1’s” continue to create regional hits from “She Knows” to “Babu”.  The group continues to tour the region while working on their latest mixtape, “Cocked and Loaded.”  Youngest 1’s also gained “Hottest Group” award at the recent award ceremony in New Orleans. Make certain to include this group’s latest creations in your collection.

 Original Ice Mike 1200 recently created a monster track for my new single “Why Yo?” which is taking off among dj pools and radio stations across the region.  The legendary producer maintains his fire power in the production arena and continues to display a strong work ethic creating mixtapes while working on his latest collaboration, NOBS.  Stay on the look out and up to date with his latest installments in the industry.

Ghetto Twiinz and 3D Natee

Recent Nola Underground Hip Hop Awards Lifetime Achievement recipients, The Ghetto Twiinz, have created a strong  collaboration with hot lyricist 3D Natee “Bloodline.”  Be sure to check out and download the heater.  The ladies are holding their own and maintaining a raw sound.  3D Natee was awarded Best Lyricist among other honors at the award gathering.

Bigg Ramp

Bigg Ramp has been creating and dropping hot new music as of late.
Check him out on the upcoming mixtape, “Heart of The City” by the New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars which features new music from New Orleans artists including UNLV, Jay Jones, PNC, Da U Boys, Youngest 1’s, Majesty Sozey, Six Ward Pook, Calliope Var, Jay Da Menace, Redd, and more.

As 2012 nears conclusion, the city of New Orleans turns up the heat musically.

(HEAT VIDEO) Red Gator in ‘On Fiya’ (VIDEO)

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Dirty South Mixtape Spotlight feat. K. Michelle and More.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

The Heat Magazine wanted to update you on some of  the latest mixtapes by upcoming talent from the dirty south. Our spotlight landed in Houston, Louisiana, and Memphis.  Check out these unique artists.









Faded Music










Da Takeova Vol. 2










The Barry Sanders of Rap Hosted By Original Ice Mike 1200

Scooby Boothville








Da Booking Hosted By Original Ice Mike 1200…





K. Michelle







0 F**** Given Hosted By Dj Sense






NEW ORLEANS ON THE RISE: NOUE releases new mixtape (VIDEO)

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

8th installment in the successful NOUE mixtape series

New Orleans Union Of Entertainment (NOUE) returns with their 8th installment in their epic mixtape series.

The Union is on fire as they continue to drop the best of New Orleans mixtapes.  New Orleans On The Rise features the following artists:
  • Calliope Var
  • Soulja Slim
  • Youngest 1’s
  • Devious
  • Cise HD
  • Ghetto Twiinz
  • Mista Meana
  • Juvenile
  • Da U Boys/Hickk Louch
  • Strait Jigg
  • Kidd Kidd
  • Partners N Crime
  • Jay Jones
  • Choice Rhymez
  • & many more artists
For more information, contact @NOUE1 and @deviousontwitt.
New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars-New Orleans On The Rise

1. Streets Made Me-feat. Soulja Slim-Calliope Var
2.Ya Know-Youngest 1’s
3. Never Change-Partners-N-Crime
4. We Da Bizzness feat Ghetto Twiinz-Cise HD
5. Light You Up feat. Jay Da Menace-Jay Jones
6. Tha Truth-Da U Boys(Hickk Louch)
7. Black Shirt Mix-Devious
8. #AStepAhead ft. Kidd Kidd –Strait Jigg
9. Spend Dat Money feat. Marcialago & Juvenile-Mista Meana
10. She Knows-Youngest 1’s
11. Black Ass-Tweeday
12. Supernova-Choice Rhymez
13. Cologne feat. UTP Skip-Snare Bros.
14. I’m Back-G Quikk
15. Above The Water-L.A.W.
16. Bang Bang-Lo Kee
17. Closure-Dreezy
18. That Thang-Marcy
19. Pure Uncut feat. Veno-Shipe
20. This Way-Majesty Sozey
21. Feelin’ You-Redd & Poizon Ivy

Louisiana Industry Professionals Discuss Music Business

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

In an industry that changes more than the weather, The Heat Magazine wanted to enlighten artists and music business stakeholders with pertinent information.  A superficial glance  at the music industry can deceive an upcoming artist or company.  The Heat Magazine realizes the importance in educating artists.

One of the first issues addressed in this discussion concerns copyrighting and publishing. It is imperative that all music and lyrics are copyrighted through the Library of Congress.  Copyrights protect an artist from infringement by other artists, companies, and it also helps identify owners and songwriters of a particular tune.  Although a song is copyrighted once recorded, it has to be legally copyrighted using the correct forms.

A buzz word in the music industry is publishing.  Publishing deals with mechanical, performance, and sheet music royalties.  The songwriters can collect upfront monies as well as semester payments based on the magnitude of a song.  This can be managed by publishing companies ASCAP and BMI and a publisher.  An artist has to register as a songwriter,  and a company as a publisher.  This enables an artist and a company to collect owed royalties.  For example, if a motion picture uses an artist’s song in a film, royalties are owed by the film company to the artists and other co-owners of the publishing rights on that song.  If another artist uses a portion of your song or creates a cover, then royalties are due to the artist and publisher.  This is a streamlined example but the artist  can receive money anytime another entity uses or makes money with his/her song or portions of it.  Royalties can be collected from record sales, radio/video play, club performances, and sheet music.

The Heat Magazine hopes this summary helps upcoming artists and companies.  The next subjects were covered in the following interview:

The Heat Magazine: How important are email blasts?

LaJoan of Dream Management

LaJoan  of Dream Management: Eblasts are very important. It’s the driving force that spreads your music worldwide to different D.J.s and helps start fan bases in other cities and states. Eblasts are respected more by D.J.’s.  They rather get it sent to them that way instead of artists filling up their inbox.

The Heat Magazine: How important is artist management?

LaJoan  of Dream Management: Management is important because it takes the everyday stress of the music business off the artist. I think everyone needs good management to help develop plans, marketing & promotional strategies, make phone calls and take care of other needs the artist has. Having proper management can open many doors that you may not otherwise have access to.

For more information, contact

The Heat Magazine: How important is a publicist?

Arlene Culpepper: As music artists, you need the world to know your particular brand. In order to achieve that, you need press, particularly a social media buzz, including articles regarding your work. Publicists can help brand you and get your art out to the world.

Arlene Culpepper-Assistant Editor of The Heat Magazine/Publicist

The Heat Magazine: How important is the D.J.?

Original Ice Mike 1200: Well the DJ is certainly one of the most important people to an artist.  The DJ is the soundtrack to the good times in the life of party-goers. If an artist makes a record that is so hot it withstands the test of time, the DJ is the one that is stitching that song in the memory of the people in that time of their lives.

The Heat Magazine: How important is a producer?

Ice Mike 1200-Producer

Original Ice Mike 1200: The producer is probably the most important of all in the career moments and recordings of an artist.  It’s not just making the beat. That is the music writer but the producer is the one who will not only pick or make the music track,  but who delivers the final product. The way a song comes across from the left and right speaker.  Its dynamic ability and spectrum.  Sometimes a producer can be hired by an artist to give that artist the type of songs the artist may know from the producer’s success and the artist may begin to dive into telling the producer what to do in a production and yet fall upon the same average wave of success as they were already at. It’s a factor of not letting their producer do what he was hired for.

When choosing a producer, it must be someone you can have faith in with your job. Otherwise an artist may very well see others achieve more success from the same producer. Techniques in recording,  pulling out the best in an artist, or stopping an artist from overusing their talent are all the call of a producer. The object is to have an undeniable music work before any person outside of a studio hears it. If a DJ has to say it is not mixed right, or an A&R has to say it takes too long to get to the good part,or if a consumer has to say, Why isn’t loud like I heard it in concert, 9 times out of ten you just lost one for good, who would have played it, signed it, or bought it! Production is a craft not just a title.

For more information, contact

The Heat Magazine applauds the panelists for sharing valuable knowledge concerning the complex music business.  The entertainment industry is much more than singing, dancing, and rapping.

For more information, contact Dion Norman at

‘REAL RAP LIVES’: Free Mixtape Download From #NOUE

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

The New Orleans Union of Entertainment All-Stars (NOUE) has done it again. Capturing the industry’s attention & making them stand up & take notice, the NOUE has released yet another mixtape, this one entitled “Real Rap Lives“.

Real Rap Lives” is the seventh in the NOUE‘s mixtape series & the first of 2012. It features some of the industry’s finest artists, including Curren$y, Fiend, Da U Boys, Strait Jigg, Marcy, Jay Jones, Ms. Tee, Lokee, Majesty Sozay, Mystikal featuring Cise, TNC Boys, Redd featuring Poizon Ivy, Chedda Man, the world famous Ghetto Twinz, Big Ramp, Dee-1, Kunta Fly Snooka, & more.

Check out the tracklist from the all-star lineup and CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD!

01. Bars-Jay Jones
02. Beat A Hoe Down-Ms. Tee
03. Slutbucket-Marcy
04. Months-Lo Kee
05. Cuttas-Strait Jigg
06. Plot Music-Currensy
07. The Streets Aint Safe-Fiend
08. Nite Rider-Da U Boys
09. Where U Are-Majesty Sozey
10. Get Used Ta Me feat. Mystikal-CiseHD
11. Deuces (Freestyle)-TNC Boys
12. Real Wit Me feat. Poizon Ivy-Redd
13. Switch Sides-Big Ramp
14. Thousand-Chedda Man
15. Money Talk (Remix) – Ghetto Twiinz
16. I’m Gone-Majesty Sozey
17. Its My Turn-Dee-1
18. Uncle June feat. Magnolia Militia and Deezy-Kunta Fly Snooka

New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars-Real Rap Lives @NOUE1 @Deviousontwitt

Featuring: Fiend, Currensy, Ms. Tee, Da U Boys, Ghetto Twiinz, Jay Jones, Majesty Sozey, Marcy, Redd, Lokee, Chedda Man, and more