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(NEW HEAT) Big Frost 337 x Mr. Jones – “Like Me” (VIDEO)

Monday, April 30th, 2018

Louisiana rap sensation Big Frost 337 drops off his latest video, “Like Me”, featuring Mr. Jones. It’s a dope video depicting Frost, the life of the party!

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(NEW HEAT) Cupid featuring J. Dash in ‘Pop It Girl’

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Check out CUPID featuring J. Dash in “POP IT GIRL”.


ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Double Platinum Award Winning Producer Mr. Phat (INTERVIEW)

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Double Platinum award winning producer, Mr. Phat

Lafayette, Louisiana is a locale where quite a few different cultures have landed and have even blended.  It has some of the best food that can be found anywhere in the world and it has a unique musical sound that can be described as a culmination of many different genres.  Situated on I-10 between Houston and New Orleans, the city is poised for growth.  It is an energy town, with the oil and gas industry making up a good portion of its income.

Lafayette has also recently become a mecca for film and entertainment companies looking to relocate from larger cities out west.  That makes the perfect atmosphere for a young veteran such as Producer/DJ Mr. Phat to thrive.

While he is relatively young in age, Mr. Phat has quite an impressive resume. He is the Gold/ Double Platinum award winning producer of the hit song ‘Cupid Shuffle’ and he has worked closely with some legendary artists.

Mr. Phat or “Phat” as he is known to friends and colleagues alike, grew up in a culture where music is an important aspect of everyday life.

The Heat Magazine had an opportunity to speak with Phat about his accomplishments, future plans and his latest project, ‘Phat Tuesday 3’.  It is apparent that Phat has some serious plans for growing his company and his brand of music.

Check out our interview with Phat:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What artists or genre(s) of music influenced you the most?

MR. PHAT: My main musical influences were mainly 90’s Southern Hip Hop and Soul music – artists like Michael Jackson, Roger Troutman, and Hip Hop artists from 8Ball & MJG to Outkast.  My father was a well known Gospel singer and was also in a band in his younger days, so I grew up listening to soul/funk music the most.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Being from Louisiana, you have a unique opportunity to influence Southern Rap.  What are some of your plans for the future?

MR. PHAT: I want to start a brand of music that would define my area.  Most people think of Louisiana and automatically it’s New Orleans, Baton Rouge or Shreveport, but Lafayette has such a mix of rich cultured people it is almost unreal!  I want to build a label that is known for its creativity, from music production to TV and film.  A lot of my friends are talented musicians, poets, actors, and comedians.  I want to use music to bridge us to the rest of the industry.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: If you could say anything to your fans, what would it be?

MR. PHAT: Well, I don’t consider people as fans.  I use the term “Friends” because any one who takes the time out to show their appreciation for my craft is “A1” in my book – but I’d tell them to keep supporting the movement I’m trying to build because it’s something we all would be proud of accomplishing.  I would never make “Us” look bad – I want to bring about more good music and new opportunities – and just a simple “ Thank You for Believing”.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath had an obvious impact on your region.  Tell us how that influenced your music.

MR. PHAT: Well, its aftermath had a big effect on my music because at that time our city was one of the cities many folks came to after evacuating New Orleans – and from meeting folks who literally lost “everything” impacted my music a lot in terms of subject matter.  I became more realistic, more motivational and I just relayed the message that you can really make something out of nothing.  I met a few people who complained about their loss and whom basically felt helpless, and there were some who made it to find strength to rebuild and remain faithful in God’s way – and that big example of strong will – and so my music is always positive in some form.


Mr. Phat is a Lafayette, Louisiana native.  He started in the music business at age 15.  He is co-owner of the Hub City Record Label.  You can check out and download his latest project, “Phat Tuesday 3“, on iTunes and Amazon.

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Double Platinum award winning producer, Mr. Phat (Photograph Courtesy of Hub City Records)