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Friday, July 13th, 2018

Newark Rapper, Nate The Great releases his debut single “Killa Shyt” from his forthcoming album


When life’s adversities strike, you must prevail. Up-and-coming rapper,  Nate The Great hails from Newark, New Jersey and has a story to tell. Amongst his peers, he is also known as“Nate One Sixteen” and started making music as an outlet to cope with his mother’s death. At the age of twelve, he related to the emptiness of an instrumental, how it could be formed the way the artist wants it to be embodying creativity and difference.
While feeling a sense of emptiness, Nate chose the wrong way of life, and he needed an outlet to release the inner aggression. He has lived through many tense times in his life, so he turned to a USB microphone and a netbook in his bedroom. That is where the magic began, Nate The Great raps primarily about his own life experiences, and is not afraid to reveal himself on a track.
Recently, NTG found a group of like-minded individuals that accepted him and his talent. One word to describe Nate is “Claimant.” Even though he continues to chase his dreams, he refuses to let anything stand in his path of greatness.  Working with artists like Fat L’zz, helps keeps his musician endeavors fresh. Nate The Great is a genius when it comes to writing his thoughts out and getting the studio producers to do wonders.

 “I feel that the ability to hear various sounds through music can move people emotions positively.”

On the forthcoming EP, ‘The Big Nate,” “Killer Shyt” is the first single of many other songs, just in time for the summer. NTG began searching the worldwide for a beat and found a ‘Lil Pump’ type instrumental by the beat producer, Nevermore. The project is inspired by music that makes you feel something, whether its hate, love or even sadness.
By mastering the creation of his songs, Nate The Great is confident that the milestone that he has to walk; making his future even brighter. His lyrics and voice are sensations many people can relate to.
Although NTG is an unsigned artist, you can expect to see more of this artist shortly.
Nate The Great

Connect with Nate

Twitter @Nate_DieS


Friday, June 22nd, 2018

BSE Recording Artist, T Barz makes a comeback with debut single, “Two Way”



Born and raised in Mobile Alabama, Felecia Nichole Tunstall musically known as T Barz realized her gift of writing in 2009 when she started writing poems which turned into a spoken word that she performed at local functions. Within the past five years, Barz has gotten more in tune with turning her spoken words into musical pieces. She is overall multi-talented with paid skills in acting and dancing with styles in Hip Hop and Lyrical.

T Barz is a triple threat with a strong work ethic. Her lyrics speak on her life experiences in music, hip-hop, love, personal struggles, and victories. Her message is both powerful and confident. This past fall, T Barz released her debut single, “Flexin” to great success topping the Rap/Hip-hop charts at #1 for (3) consecutive weeks.

The moment I heard the track, I fell in love with the beat and immediately, I knew that I wanted to tell a story….a story that’s easy to follow
“TWO WAY” from chart-topping female hip-hop recording artist, T BARZ.  “Two Way” was written and produced by T BarzLou Humphrey, and Jasmon Joyner and will be available via all download and streaming outlets via the BSE Recordings imprint.  T BARZ’ debut EP, “Genesis” will be released later this summer.
 “I was on Facebook one day and saw a post of a guy that mentioned, “women always crying when a guy does them wrong or cheat on them, just do it back!” & I was like hmmm, ok that’s my storyline….a woman playing the game right back instead of curling into a ball and crying,” “It’s a boss move that women rarely make or have the strength to do, so I made it happen in a song.
This past fall, T BARZ generated national buzz as her single, “Flexin'” became the #1 Hip-hop/Rap single on and Apple Music for (3) consecutive weeks.  On Sunday, July 1st, T Barz will take New York City by storm as she rips the SOB’s stage as the opening act for The Money In The Bank North American Tour featuring Smoke DZA and Bodega Bamz.
T Barz
Chart-topping Female Hip-hop Recording Artist
#1 Hip-hop/Rap Single for (3) Consecutive Weeks on Apple Music and Amazon Music – “Flexin”
#1 Hip-hop/Rap Single for (2) Weeks on Amazon Music and Apple Music – “Dunno Why”
Kicked-off’s new Freestyle Series #DXBarExam to rave reviews
Debut EP, “GENESIS” Releasing Summer 2018
Connect on Social Media:
T barz


Thursday, March 7th, 2013

HipHop Supreme SXSW Edition2013

The Heat Magazine always supports anything Supreme Street has a part in – HipHop Supreme 2013 Edition is certainly no different.

Supreme Street is invading this year’s SXSW, along with sponsors Red Bull & Sooligan. On March 15, 2013 & March 16, 2013 at Valhalla, New Orleans’ most sought after event host, Shiny Green, & Shezi Rosewood are set to host the event.

For the fourth year, Supreme Street brings the hottest hiphop, indie rock and DJs to Austin’s extraordinary festival, SXSW. The event features national recording artists alongside the hottest independent artists from across the globe. Don’t miss this amazing lineup and whatever you do, don’t miss out on downloading the Sooligan iPhone application so you can “Rant” or “Rave” about all of the incredible performances! Powered by the VirDIKo Soundstage, you won’t find any better entertainment than what HipHop Supreme – SXSW 2013 Edition can deliver!

Follow Supreme Street on Twitter – @SupremeStreet

Check out these websites:



Powered by the Virdiko Sound Stage
WHEN:  MARCH 15th & 16th – 2013
WHERE: VALHALLA – 710 Red River St., Austin, Tx

Rapper LiL Flip Busted With AR 15 Assault Rifle And Drugs

Thursday, December 27th, 2012


A Houston rapper stopped this morning for speeding on Interstate 49 in DeSoto Parish is still sitting in a jail cell after deputies allegedly found drugs and a firearm in his possession.

Deputies working with the Directed Patrol Unit stopped Wesley Eric Weston, 31, known by his hiphop stage name of Lil’ Flip, for traveling 86 in a 75 mph zone. Weston was the driver of a 2010 Dodge Challenger also occupied by Olanza Sanders, of Shreveport.

During a search of the vehicle, deputies found marijuana and a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle, Sgt. Chato Atkins said.

Weston and Sanders were booked into the DeSoto Detention Center; Weston on charges of third-offense possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance and speeding, and Sanders on a charge of illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Weston was still in jail this afternoon on bonds totaling $35,300. Sanders is free on a $25,000 bond.

Both men have prior narcotics arrests on their rap sheets, Atkins said. Sanders has been arrested several times in DeSoto Parish.


Friday, November 9th, 2012

She’s humble and understands that the way to be successful is through hard work & dedication.

Sedne ‘Leilani Marnai’ Lacy, a rising sweet sixteen star in the making with her unique style and sound of R&B, pop, soul, and hiphop.  Her talents as recording artist, dancer, model, actor, and vocalist all make up a perfect package for producers, Yung Chill, Problem Solvers of Houston, Texas.

She studied jazz, tap, and ballet as a young toddler to little princess and seeing it all pay off when she auditioned at her school – Katy Creative Arts/West Houston Charter School – and landed the title role of ‘Dorothy’ in the school’s production of “Wizard of Oz” (2001).  She was the youngest performer to ever appear on a Carnival Cruise Line ship, (2003).  In 2005 she was cast as ‘The Sugar Plum Fairy‘ in KCS’s annual holiday production and this little sweetie has been listed in “Kids of America” (2001-2004).  Lacy danced as a member of “Belief“, an all-girls singing/dancing group, (2006).  She sang the National Anthem for the Katy Ruff Riders professional indoor football team (2007). In June 2012 Sedne was scouted to audition for “XFactor” performing in the presence of judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and L.A. Reid, and then in July 2012 she performed at the Red Cat Jazz Cafe.  Her talent and beauty comes second only to her beautiful nature.  As Sedne embarks on what is surely to be a successful career as an entertainer, she is ever mindful that it all starts as a simple dream.


THE HEAT:  Welcome to The Heat, Ms. Sedne Lacy! How you doing?

LACY:  I’m pretty good… Just got in from school.

THE HEAT:  That’s right, you are still in school…what grade are you and what school do you attend?

LACY:  I’m in the eleventh grade, a junior, at Cypress Woods in Houston, Tx.

THE HEAT:  It’s always amazing to me when I sit down and find, surfing the world, amazing young talent as you. When did you first fall in love with music?

LACY:  My mom introduced music to me from her womb. And every since I’ve been on this earth, I’ve known nothing but music.  I was a huge Destiny Child fan.  Even today I model myself behind Beyonce` and Kelly.

THE HEAT:  You’re doing a great job at it lady.  You have two videos on, tell us about those.

LACY:  I have a lot of covers on youtube as well.  The two songs that are getting great reviews right now are LIKE A MODEL and CRUSH.  I really like LIKE A MODEL because I can relate to it being geared towards girls my age.

THE HEAT:  Where do you get your inspiration to do your music?

LACY:  The love for music really inspires me.  Music has been that one constant thing in my life that has never changed.  When I have those days when I say, “OMG!, this is hard”, music has always been there for me to help make it okay.  The passion and the drive I’ve had for it has never changed.

THE HEAT:  When did you make the decision to do music as a career?

LACY:  It wasn’t until recently, like last year when I decided I wanted to be a singer and entertainer.  I really love doing this.

THE HEAT:  What’s coming up next with you?

LACY:  I’m performing in November at the House of Derèon.

THE HEAT:  Are there any other people who have influenced you in the music industry other than Destiny’s Child?

LACY:  Alicia Keys definitely…I think she’s like a wonder woman, Aaliyah, I look up to her and of course Michael Jackson, I’m pretty sure every artist has looked up to him in some way and Mariah Carey, I like the way she does her own thing.

THE HEAT:  Well with as strong a camp as you have right now with Yung Chill/Problem Solvers, I’d say doing your own thing is working great for you.  We want to thank you for giving us these few minutes with the fabulous Sedne Lacy and we wish you nothing but great success!

LACY:  I want to thank you and give a shout out to ALL of Houston, they got my back!  I want to thank you Nik-O-Licious for having me become a member of THE HEAT fam.  Thanks to my family, friends, and especially my fans and those that follow me, and thanks to ALL of you that support me.

Well, there you have it, words from yet another young rising star, Ms. Sedne Lacy of Houston, TX.  Become a fan and/or follow Sedne at:!/PrettySedne



(HEAT RECOMMENDED EVENT) NOLA Hip Hop Awards to be held Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012
The NOLA HipHop Awards will be held at The Joy Theater on Saturday, October 20, 2012, with the Red Carpet being held from 5-6 p.m. & the show starting at 7 p.m.
Two of the most sought after personalities, Shiny Green & Lanino Brown, will be hosting this don’t miss event. Music is by Big Cheeez.