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Cise HD Making Moves: Big Boy Records, Young Gabe, Big Boy Studios, and new Devious Mixtape

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013





Cise HD is in super grind mode on the music scene.  Collaborating with his business partner, Chucc, Big Boy Records is quickly becoming an anchor in the resurgence of “real rap” in New Orleans and surrounding markets.  Cise HD and Big Boy recently released Young Gabe’s new single and video, “Daddy Money,” which is taking off and becoming a favorite in multiple markets.


But it doesn’t stop there, Cise HD and Big Boy Records recently opened a studio. Cise HD and Chucc recently started a concert series at the Howlin’ Wolf.  The opening show featured a Big Boy Records Reunion featuring Mystikal, Ghetto Twiinz, Black Menace, Partners N Crime, Insane, and G Quikk.  Since then, Young Gabe has performed and recorded with national recording artist Freeway, one of Philadelphia’s finest emcees.

Follow Every Dream Cover Design Web Version

The grind doesn’t stop as Cise HD recently produced an entire mixtape, “Follow Every Dream” by Devious which will soon be released.  The first single, “Crabs in the Bucket” got off to a great start leading up to Devious’ new single, “Welcome To The Birthplace”, an ode to New Orleans. The Heat Magazine wanted to keep you informed on Cise HD and the return of Big Boy Records.  These brothers are showing up everywhere. Young Gabe, Cise HD, and Devious recently performed in front of hundreds of DJ’s in Dallas at a Virdiko Distribution mixer.  Cise HD and Big Boy Records are also directing and filming music videos.   Contact @CiseHD on Twitter for more information.

Big Boy Records’ Boot Camp Clicc Reunite May 12th at Howlin Wolf in New Orleans

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

May 12th promises to rekindle the spirit of New Orleans hip hop.  Big Boy Records will put on an unplugged concert at The Howlin’ Wolf in New Orleans.  For more information, contact Robert Shaw at 504-915-4095.  Pre-sale tickets are $20.  Mystikal, Black Menace, Ghetto Twiinz, Partners N Crime, Insane, Cise HD, and more are expected to perform at the reunion event.

(NEW HEAT) DJ Cise – #DatBeat (New Orleans Bounce Music)

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Make sure to check out, download & support the brand new mixtape, #DatBeat by DJ Cise (a/k/a Precise a/k/a Cise HD), legendary New Orleans producer & DJ.

Producer L. Precise Edwards has masterminded countless hits, but he is probably best known for his work with Juvenile, Mystikal, Ghetto Twiinz, Partners N Crime, Black Menace, Scarface, and DJ Jimi.

Here’s the track listing for #DatBeat:

1. Take A Bow – Bounce Mix

2. 4 am – Bounce Mix

3. CliMax – Bounce Mix

4. Girl On Fire – Bounce Mix

5. Rain – Bounce Mix

6. Whats Her Face – Bounce Mix

7. Officially – Bounce Mix

8. Refill – Bounce Mix

9. Still Down – Bounce Mix

10. Dive In – Bounce Mix



Here’s the link for the FREE DOWNLOAD:

NOUE releases epic anniversary edition mixtape – ‘Heart of the City’

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

The New Orleans Union of Entertainment (NOUE) has done it again, this time with its release of the anniversary edition mixtape, “Heart of the City“.

Make sure to check out the free download from the South’s premiere force, the NOUE. Follow them on Twitter – @NOUE1 & @Deviousontwitt. For more information, email NOUE president, Dion Norman at

1. Intro
2. Our Father- Devious
3. Babu- Youngest 1′s
4. Crush ‘Um- UNLV
5. WHY YO?- Devious
6. Dolla Bills- NO4
7. Heal The World- Mannie Fresh
8. Love You- Kevin Gates
9. Lost Boys- Da U Boys
10. Bloodline- Ghetto Twiinz and 3D Natee
11. Dont FN Play With Me-Bigg Ramp
12. I’m Gone-Majesty Sozey
13. Drag Em Thru Tha River-UNLV
14. Here I Go- Mystikal
15. Picture Perfect- Juvenile feat Birdman and Lil Wayne
16. Money is The Motivation-Redd and Poizon Ivy
17. Take Me Higher- Partners N Crime
18. Uptown Downtown Status- Six War Pook and Calliope Var
19. Brand New Day ft. Delis- Jay Da Menace
20. King Leon Remixx-Jay Jones
21. Do What It Do- ViGi and Trinidad
22. Outerlude

Fourth Quarter Buzz on New Orleans Music Scene-Special Review

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Music industry during the fourth quarter (October-Dec) can often create greatness unexpectedly.  In recent years, a resurgence among urban artists in New Orleans is evident.  Within the overload of information via internet and the need for instant gratification, some New Orleans/Louisiana artists have remained rooted in the essentials of classic rap music. As we put our ear to the streets  among the indies, The Heat Magazine wanted to share some of the latest  action within the Crescent City’s and Louisiana music community.

Rue Rois Artists Da U Boys recently dropped The Last Dynasty, a mix tape that speaks volumes related to the essence of realism and classic era rap emerging from the streets of New Orleans.  Be sure to add this one to your collection.

Shortly after, they win Hottest Album at the NOLA Underground Hip Hop Awards ceremony held in October at the Joy Theater in New Orleans.

In addition, Zero to Sixty Entertainment artists “Youngest 1’s” continue to create regional hits from “She Knows” to “Babu”.  The group continues to tour the region while working on their latest mixtape, “Cocked and Loaded.”  Youngest 1’s also gained “Hottest Group” award at the recent award ceremony in New Orleans. Make certain to include this group’s latest creations in your collection.

 Original Ice Mike 1200 recently created a monster track for my new single “Why Yo?” which is taking off among dj pools and radio stations across the region.  The legendary producer maintains his fire power in the production arena and continues to display a strong work ethic creating mixtapes while working on his latest collaboration, NOBS.  Stay on the look out and up to date with his latest installments in the industry.

Ghetto Twiinz and 3D Natee

Recent Nola Underground Hip Hop Awards Lifetime Achievement recipients, The Ghetto Twiinz, have created a strong  collaboration with hot lyricist 3D Natee “Bloodline.”  Be sure to check out and download the heater.  The ladies are holding their own and maintaining a raw sound.  3D Natee was awarded Best Lyricist among other honors at the award gathering.

Bigg Ramp

Bigg Ramp has been creating and dropping hot new music as of late.
Check him out on the upcoming mixtape, “Heart of The City” by the New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars which features new music from New Orleans artists including UNLV, Jay Jones, PNC, Da U Boys, Youngest 1’s, Majesty Sozey, Six Ward Pook, Calliope Var, Jay Da Menace, Redd, and more.

As 2012 nears conclusion, the city of New Orleans turns up the heat musically.

New Internet Radio Show:THE HOT BOY RADIO SHOW by DJ Cise HD

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Tune in and check out raw music and latest hits.   Renowned producer/deejay Cise launches a new show in conjunction with KCRR radio owned by Charlie Martin.  Online radio show such as this is a big victory for New Orleans artist and rap industry within the Crescent City.

Happy Birthday to The Ghetto Twiinz from The Heat Magazine

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Long before there was a Nicki Minaj or Lil Kim, there were The Ghetto Twiinz, one of the most famous duos ever to make an appearance in rap music. These are some special ladies whose style and beauty have never been duplicated. The Heat Magazine wants to wish these two ladies “Happy Birthday!” and we hope they have a wonderful weekend.

The Ghetto Twiinz helped to lay the foundation not only for Southern Hip Hop, but the whole entire genre.


NEW ORLEANS ON THE RISE: NOUE releases new mixtape (VIDEO)

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

8th installment in the successful NOUE mixtape series

New Orleans Union Of Entertainment (NOUE) returns with their 8th installment in their epic mixtape series.

The Union is on fire as they continue to drop the best of New Orleans mixtapes.  New Orleans On The Rise features the following artists:
  • Calliope Var
  • Soulja Slim
  • Youngest 1’s
  • Devious
  • Cise HD
  • Ghetto Twiinz
  • Mista Meana
  • Juvenile
  • Da U Boys/Hickk Louch
  • Strait Jigg
  • Kidd Kidd
  • Partners N Crime
  • Jay Jones
  • Choice Rhymez
  • & many more artists
For more information, contact @NOUE1 and @deviousontwitt.
New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars-New Orleans On The Rise

1. Streets Made Me-feat. Soulja Slim-Calliope Var
2.Ya Know-Youngest 1’s
3. Never Change-Partners-N-Crime
4. We Da Bizzness feat Ghetto Twiinz-Cise HD
5. Light You Up feat. Jay Da Menace-Jay Jones
6. Tha Truth-Da U Boys(Hickk Louch)
7. Black Shirt Mix-Devious
8. #AStepAhead ft. Kidd Kidd –Strait Jigg
9. Spend Dat Money feat. Marcialago & Juvenile-Mista Meana
10. She Knows-Youngest 1’s
11. Black Ass-Tweeday
12. Supernova-Choice Rhymez
13. Cologne feat. UTP Skip-Snare Bros.
14. I’m Back-G Quikk
15. Above The Water-L.A.W.
16. Bang Bang-Lo Kee
17. Closure-Dreezy
18. That Thang-Marcy
19. Pure Uncut feat. Veno-Shipe
20. This Way-Majesty Sozey
21. Feelin’ You-Redd & Poizon Ivy

Conversation with a Legend: Cise Edwards staying afloat in music industry

Sunday, January 1st, 2012
The more things change, the more they remain the same is a cliche’ often stated in the midst of adversity. In the music industry some may beg to differ. Adjustment and adaptation may be better terms to describe today’s technology based music industry.
New Orleans legendary producer Cise Edwards professionally known as Cise involves himself in mixing, mastering, video production, and editing. Cise is known for forming Big Boy Records with Robert Shaw and Charles Temple. He also produced all of the albums released on the Big Boy label throughout the 90s. Some of those artists include Mystikal, Black Menace, Ghetto Twinz, G Slimm, Partners n Crime, Fiend, G Quikk, and more. Cise is also credited with working on Juvenile’s album Cocky & Confident. The Heat Magazine had an opportunity to discuss and discover what’s happening within Cise HD.

The Heat Magazine: What are your latest projects or endeavors?
Cise: I will be working with a lot of people who you all think I should be working with, and I will be working with a lot of people who you all think I shouldn’t be working with. It’s going to be a hot summer. That’s the bubble right there.

The Heat Magazine: What separates you from other producers?
Cise: Nothing separates me from other producers. Everybody is individually dope within their own right. I don’t do what Mannie does, Mannie does not do what I do, and KL does not do what Mannie does. That’s the era we come from.
The Heat Magazine: What are some of your accomplishments?
Cise: My resume is decent. It could be better. In a bundle, starting my own label Big Boy Records with Charles and Rob, finding Mystikal, putting that project together and sending that out to do what it did. That is the one I am going to go with.
The Heat Magazine: How do you feel about the state and condition of the music industry?
Cise: The music industry is being rebirthed in a way. There are ways you have to do things. You still have to do the meat and potatoes of the game: promote, have quality product, have a good image, and the “it” factor never dies. The business of music has changed. The state of music is in rebirth and you either have to get with it or get gone. It really doesn’t affect most people like it affects some people. Some of us come from where we had to create what we had. We had to create our own opportunities. For us, a rebirth is more of an advantage.
The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give to upcoming artists and producers?
Cise: The main piece of advice to the upcoming artists in the music industry is to make sure you have your publishing rights. Make sure you get a fair shake on your publishing. Make sure you get an advance on your publishing and not sell your publishing. Make sure your songs are registered. You can’t expect someone to have their paperwork together and your paperwork is jacked up. Get your publishing.
The Heat Magazine: How is tour life and how does it affect relationships?
Cise: The road, the tours, the concerts,  the promotional tours. Some artists can’t get past that phase. It’s an everyday job. It’s more than being at home. When you’re at home, you have time off the clock. When you’re on the road, you’re on call 24-7, you have to get it while it’s hot. A lot of people won’t make it because of the situations they are in. Some of the situations happen to be relationships they are in. I’m glad I never had that problem. You may have to go from a promotional event earlier that day to a promotional performance to an appearance at an after party to somebody’s studio recording until it’s time to get on the bus and leave. It’s no different from being a doctor or lawyer, that’s the business. It’s the life, it’s a job.
The Heat Magazine: Who inspires you?
Cise: When I get up everyday, I’m basically self-motivated. I get up and go get it. The times have changed. It’s more I can do now in a day than I could have done ten years ago. This digital game is the bubble.
The Heat Magazine: What are your goals as a producer for 2012?
Cise: As a producer, I am going to try to work with as many people as I can work with. This is something I haven’t done in a while. I am going to spread it thin this year. If you’re hot, I am with you. If you’re trying to do the right thing, I am with you. It’s not a problem for 2012. We’re going to go get it!
The Heat Magazine: What defines a complete artist?
Cise: An artist like Juvenile puts it in all day. He spends money on things he needs. You have to be more than a microphone fiend. It’s a lot you have to do before you get on the microphone, and it’s a lot you have to do after you get off the microphone. Being a businessman makes you a complete artist. Most successful artists are businessmen like Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne.
The Heat Magazine: You have produced for many artists, how does it feel to be considered a legend in New Orleans?
Cise: As long as I am being considered for the job, I am cool with it.
The Heat Magazine: Being from New Orleans, what is it that you think is unique about New Orleans rap?
Cise: The unique thing about New Orleans music is that it’s culture music. It’s all about what goes on at that time during that generation. It depicts the culture at the time: secondline, jazz, and rhythm and blues. It’s culture music. That is what I love about it, it’s real.
The Heat Magazine: How important is education to you?
Cise: Education is a must. I talked to a group of kids at Xavier University a couple years ago. It’s easier with your whole struggle for you to achieve what you achieve with an education. I can’t stress it enough.
The Heat Magazine: What is your favorite dish?
Cise: My favorite dish is from Acme Oysters house. It is grilled oysters on a half shell. What!!!
The Heat Magazine: Whats the biggest lesson you have learned in your career or life?
Cise: The biggest lesson is to have everlasting patience. I’m talking about patience to continue your grind until you get what you want. Don’t worry about what you don’t have, work with what you do have and beat the competition at something else.
Cise Discography

5654 Mystikal Mystikal (CD, Album) 1995 01241-42330-1 Mystikal Y’All Ain’t Ready Yet (12″) 1995 BB0002CD Black Menace Really Doe (CD, Album) 1993 BB0010C G-Slimm Fours Deuces & Trays (Cass, Album) 1994 BB0011C Partners N Crime* P-N-C-3 (Cass, Album) 1995 BB0015C Sporty-T It’s All Good (Cass) 1995 BB0016C Black Menace(Cass, Single) 1995 BB0019 Partners-N-Crime Pump Tha Party (Puttin’ In Work) (Cass, Album) 1995 BBR0012 MystikalMystikal (Cass, Album) 1995 BBR-0017 Black Menace Drama Time (CD, Album) BBR-0017 Black Menace Drama Time (Cass, Album) 1995 BBR-0017LP Black Menace Drama Time / Hit ‘Em Get ‘Em (12″) 1995 BBR-0018 Fiend (2) Won’t Be Denied (Cass, Album) 1995 BBR-0018LP Fiend (2) Won’t Be Denied / Baddest M.F. Alive (12″) 1995 BBR-0020 Ghetto Twinz* Surrounded By Criminals (CD, Album) 1995 BBR-0021 Insane (10) Camp 4 Life (CD, Album) 1995 BBR-0021 Insane (10) Camp 4 Life (Cass, Album) 1995 BBR 0023 Elaté Elaté (CD, Album) 1996 BBR 0023 ElatéElaté (Cass, Album) 1996 BBR-0024 Various The Compilation Album – We G’s (CD) 1997 BBR-0024 Various The Compilation Album – We G’s (Cass, Comp) 1997 BBR-0025 J-Dawg Smokin’ & Rollin’ (CD, Album) 1997 BBR-0026 J-Dawg The Dawg House (CD, Album) 1997 SCMG-0013 Mystikal Mystikal (CD, Album) 1995 SCMG-0014 Partners N Crime* P•N•C•3 (CD, Album) SCMG-0015 Fiend (2) Won’t Be Denied (CD, Album) 1995

Contact Dion Norman at for more information on Cise Edwards or Cise HD.


Friday, November 25th, 2011

New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars return with their sixth and final mixtape installment for 2011 – and it promises to be a memorable one.

Remember Louisiana” is destined to be another NOUE All Stars classic, and ironically enough, it is being released just in time for the infamous Bayou Classic.

Remember Louisiana” features Curren$y, Juvenile, Rick Ross, Fiend, Street Wiz, Level, Mystikal, Mouse, Boosie, Webbie, Lil Cali, Trey Songz, Smoke DZA, Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy, Sir Michael Rocks, Devious, Ice Mike, Da U Boys, Strait Jigg, Redd, Poizon Ivy, 89 Boyz, Majesty Sozey, Ghetto Twiinz, Twelly, Marcy, Big Ramp, The Flamez, Phil Mac, and Bonka.

Remember Louisiana” is a true representation of the 504, 225 and 985, area codes in Louisiana that have produced some of the most prolific, legendary and talented urban artists anywhere in the country.

Released on Friday, November 25, 2011, “Remember Louisiana” is already demonstrating its prowess, based on the number of downloads and listens it has already had. “Remember Louisiana” is another highly awaited mixtape being released following the amazingly successful album, Tha Shutdown by Da U Boys and ahead of Strait Jigg’s ‘Ova Ya Dome’ December mixtape release and Devious’ upcoming 2012 album.

Follow the New Orleans Union For Entertainment on Twitter @NOUE1 or on its website at



1.         Corvette Doors – Curren$y

2.         Power – Juvenile featuring Rick Ross

3.         Street Lights – Fiend featuring Street Wiz

4.         Dumb D – Level featuring Mystikal & Mouse

5.         Tear It Down – Boosie & Webbie

6.         Let Me Die – Lil Cali featuring Trey Songz & Smoke DZA

7.         1st Place – Curren$y featuring Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy & Sir Michael Rocks

8.         Black Shirt, Black Shoes, Black Jeans – Devious

9.         Pick It Back Up – Da U Boys

10.       Money is Da Motivation – Redd & Poizon Ivy

11.       Dream Girl – 89 Boyz

12.       Go HAM – Strait Jigg featuring 17th Snoop of Da U Boys

13.       Matter of Time – Majesty Sozey

14.       Bring It Over Here – Devious featuring Da U Boys

15.       Beat A B*tch Down – Ghetto Twiinz featuring Trelly

16.       Little Red Cup – Marcy

17.       Headflat – Big Ramp

18.       After Party – The Flamez featuring Phil Mic & Bonka

19.       Giving You G – Ice Mike