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Democrats To Boycott Effort To Remove Barack Obama From Georgia Ballot

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Democrats, including the attorney representing President Barack Obama, have made a last-minute decision to boycott the Thursday hearing to consider a “birther” effort to remove Obama from the March 6 presidential primary ballot.

“They can tilt at windmills on their own,” said state Democratic spokesman Eric Gray on Wednesday night.

Last week, in a surprise ruling, a Georgia state administrative judge declined to quash a subpoena directing Obama to attend a hearing Thursday at the Fulton County courthouse on a challenge to strike him from the Georgia ballot this fall on claims he is not a natural born U.S. citizen.


Aimee Michael Sentenced to 36 Years in Prison For Easter Sunday Wreck

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

ATLANTA — Aimee Michael, who was convicted in connection with the
deadly 2009 Easter Sunday wreck in south Fulton County was sentenced to
36 years in prison.

Her sentence includes 14 years probation. Prosecutors wanted her to
serve 50 years in prison, while the defense requested that she serve a
sentence of 10 years.

Michael was convicted Monday of vehicular homicide, hit-and-run and
tampering with evidence by hiring a mechanic to fix her BMW after she
triggered the chain-reaction wreck that killed five people. The jury
also found Michael guilty of causing a serious injury by vehicle and
misdemeanor traffic violations.

Michael apologized to the families involved before her sentencing.

Her mother, 52-year-old former school teacher Sheila Michael, was
sentenced to eight years in prison for her role in the cover-up.