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Cop Stops Black Man For Walking With His Hands In His Pockets (Video)

Thursday, December 4th, 2014


“I felt like I was singled out everybody was riding past the situation seeing thought I was doing something wrong,” Mckean told FOX 2’s Randy Wimbley.

Mckean said he was leaving a friend’s house and passed a nearby business on Martin Luther King Blvd twice on Thanksgiving Day. That was his explanation for the reported ‘pacing’ call.

The caller told 911 that he and his employees believed they were going to be robbed, so a deputy responded. The caller said he had walked by the business five or six times and had looked inside with his hands in his pockets.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said that business has been robbed twice while employees have been robbed five times. He said the responding deputy did everything by the book and showed great restraint. That’s something Mckean agreed with.

“I feel like the officer was being really respectable he didn’t try to invade any of my rights…I commend him for that

Rapper Meek Mill To Be Released From Prison

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014


Rapper Meek Mill will be released from prison early today.

Mill whose real name is Robert Williams was sentenced to three to six months in prison for probation violation in July. That same month, a judge denied his request for early parole.

The incarceration has also delayed his sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money.

FOX 29’s Dave Schratwieser reports the rapper must do community service and treatment. He will also not be allowed to travel outside of Philadelphia.

Ferguson officer Darren Wilson in talks to resign

Friday, November 21st, 2014


(KTVI)- Sources close to Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson said that he is considering resigning from the police department, according to a CNN report.

This comes as the grand jury is set to meet Friday and we get closer to finding out if Officer Wilson will be charged for shooting Michael Brown to death back in August.

FOX 2′s Anthony Kiekow spoke with business manager for the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association, Jeff Roorda on Friday about Officer Wilson’s future.

Roorda said he has met with Officer Wilson and “doesn’t know anything” about him resigning. He added that he “doesn’t think” Officer Wilson will be indicted.

Ferguson officials also commented about the possibility of Officer Wilson resigning.

“If that’s going on, I am not a party to it,” said Chief Tom Jackson.

According to Mayor James Knowles, “Nothing has been decided.”

Both men talked about Officer Wilson’s future during television interviews on Thursday. However, on Wednesday, the city of Ferguson sent the media an email stating that the police chief and mayor would not do anymore interviews until after the grand jury decision is announced.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officers are preparing for the possibility of protests after the decision. They will be given 48 hours notice before the public announcement.

The grand jury could begin deliberating as soon as Friday, and the announcement could come soon.

Woman Survives Horrifying Crash Under 18-Wheeler

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014


A woman tells FOX 5 it’s a miracle she’s alive after surviving a serious crash last Wednesday.

Claire Winder, 22, was driving north on Interstate 85 near Hamilton Mill Road when a piece of tire came at her.

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Video Of Naked Prairie View Co-Ed Goes Viral, Students React

Thursday, October 17th, 2013


(*Warning* Must Be 18yrs Or Older To View)

The video lasts about 2 minutes and was reportedly shot last Sunday on the campus of Prairie View A&M.

The 19-year-old freshman who we are not naming strips naked and frolics in a fountain while a sea of cell phone cameras capture her every move.

At one point she gets out of the water and into the arms of a young bystander.

Soon she’s back in the water proudly displaying her naked body.

While some may call this nothing more than pre-homecoming antics, now the girl and other students are under investigation by the campus’ office of student conduct.

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New iPad owners complain that the new generation model heats up more quickly than old ones

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

If you’re one of the millions who picked up a new third-generation iPad this past weekend, you’re no doubt aware that the new tablet is one of the hottest gadgets out there. And we mean that quite literally — the new iPad runs several degrees hotter than the iPad 2.

In an experiment, ran benchmarking software to stress the processors on both an iPad 2 and a new 4G iPad while both were under a thermal imaging camera. Results were pretty clear: The old iPad 2 ran at an average temperature of 28.3°C (82.9°F), while the new iPad ran at a significantly hotter 33.6°C (92.5°F).

The higher operating temperature is likely due to the supercharged new graphics processor present in the new iPad: More power means more heat. That heat is unlikely to negatively impact your device’s performance, though if your new iPad does become too hot to safely operate, it does contain an internal safety switch that will power the unit down.


This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

Police Tie Up 62yr Old Man Then Pepper Spray Him To Death

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

No doubt you’ve heard the adage: a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture of 62-year-old Nick Christie could be worth thousands of dollars when a jury sees it.

The photo shows the Ohio man restrained inside the Lee County Jail with his body covered in pepper spray.

“This photo is a picture of a man who is strapped to a chair naked inside a jail for hours with a hood over his face. That evokes thoughts of being tortured,” says Cleveland-based lawyer Nick DiCello who represents the Christie family.

The photo, which was obtained by FOX 13’s investigative unit, was taken in the final hours of Christie’s life.

The District 21 Medical Examiner ruled his death was a homicide because he had been restrained and sprayed with pepper sprayed by law enforcement officers. But to this day, nobody has ever been charged with a crime, and the Lee County State Attorney cleared the sheriff’s office of any wrong doing.

It’s been more than two and a half years and his wife still can’t accept what happened.

“I was shocked. This was something out of a horror movie,” says Joyce Christie. She said her husband was depressed and was showing signs of erratic behavior a few days before leaving for Florida.

She called authorities and pleaded with them to take her husband to a hospital and be given his medications. Instead, he was taken to jail for disorderly intoxication.

Her lawsuit alleges he was pepper sprayed 10 times over a 48-hour period, at times while in a restraint chair.

Tom DePolis spent more than 30 years in law enforcement at the Tampa Police Department and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. He’s seen first-hand the effects of pepper spray and knows its limitations. He can see no reason for deputies to repeatedly pepper spray Nick Christie since he was already in custody.

“The purpose is to temporarily incapacitate someone — temporarily, that’s the key word, so you can restrain them,” says DePolis.

Monshay Gibbs was a deputy trainee at the jail at the time. In a video deposition, she testified that she thought the way Nick Christie was treated was excessive.

“He had a spit mask on and was naked,” she said on the video while under oath. Gibbs testified that Christie pleaded with guards to take off the spit mask because he couldn’t breathe.

He later died at the hospital. His heart failed from the shock of the pepper spray. The Lee County Sheriffs Office declined to comment on our story because of Joyce Christie’s wrongful death lawsuit, which is scheduled for trial the middle of next year.

Video: Employees Caught Drinking, Smoking During Lunch Break.. Again

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

If this story sounds familiar to you, it’s because something very similar happened just ten months ago. Chrysler employees at the Jefferson North Plant in Detroit were busted for drinking beer during their lunch breaks, and the automaker subsequently fired 13 of the workers involved.

Now, the same behavior has been observed at Chrysler’s Trenton Engine Plant. The news crew at FOX 2 Detroit investigated many tips sent in from workers at the Trenton plant, citing that employees were spending their lunch breaks drinking and smoking (and we aren’t talking about cigarettes) at a nearby park.

When FOX 2 showed the investigation to Chrysler, Scott Garberding, the automaker’s Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, said that he was “both hurt and angered” over what the cameras captured, adding:

Chrysler Auto Workers in Trenton Caught Smoking and Drinking During Lunch Breaks:

6-Year-Old Accused Of Bringing Gun To School And 3 Kids Injured in Accidental Shooting

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Police and medical responders were called to an elementary school in northeast Houston after a gun accidentally discharged, injuring three students. A six-year-old is accused of bringing the gun on campus.

The incident occurred at Betsy Ross Elementary on Bay Street just after 10:20 a.m. Tuesday.

A spokesman for the Houston Independent School District tells FOX 26 News a kindergarten student bought the loaded pistol to school. It fell out of his backpack during the lunch period and discharged, injuring him and two of his classmates.

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Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul & Nicole Scherzinger Compete To Be ‘X-Factor’ Judges

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Simon Cowell has finally confirmed some celebrity names that are in the running for spots on “The X Factor” judges panel, when the show launches on FOX this fall.

“Have you talked to her?” Laura asked, referring to the very pregnant Mariah Carey.

“Yeah, I’ve spoken to her. I mean literally, we’ve spoken to lots of people. I’ve spoken to Paula… ” Simon told Laura.

“Are they calling you or are you calling them?” Laura asked.

“Both. And then new people come along… [Two days ago], we met somebody who I’ve never met before in my life, who I just loved. And that’s why it’s good to kind of delay the process. It’s not about necessarily the TV show per se, it’s people. You genuinely gotta trust that they’re gonna be able to do the job you’re paying them to do. And like I said, a hit-maker who worked in America and has had experience, I think is crucial to this panel as well.”

Simon admitted that Paula is actually on a narrowed down list of stars, and he is seriously considering reuniting with his former “American Idol” judge table buddy.

“We’ve taken it down to a smaller group of people and she’s in that panel,” Simon said. “But, you know, it’s more than me who makes the decision.”

At least two names that were bandied about months ago are definitely not on the short list, including Katy Perry and upcoming royal wedding attendee, Elton John. Simon told Laura he “never” spoke to Elton about joining “The X Factor” panel, and he doesn’t think the “Tiny Dancer” would work as a judge.

“Well, he’s so grumpy nowadays, I mean, it would be like, he’d just be moaning the whole time,” Simon said of his fellow, opinionated Brit.

“If we’ve got somebody with kids, he’s more than welcome to come along and run the nursery,” Simon added, referring to Elton’s new status as a dad. “So if you’re watching, Elton, there’s another job. I’m serious. He can do it.