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Heat Exclusive: International Jones Laces The World With “Player Chit” Mixtape

Monday, March 12th, 2018

It’s not too often aficionados of hip hop become consistently engaged with extremely versatile artists. To be an aesthetic and remain intriguing has become sort of a lost art but International Jones also known as Fiend has delivered an archetypical example for the masses to enjoy.

His latest installment “Player Chit” correlates with his alter ego “International Jones” while it provides fans smooth grooves, compelling lyrics, and an unmatched raspy voice.

The Heat Magazine wanted to share this soulful and succinct project with our readers. The talented rapper and dynamic songwriter transcends on this project.

Be sure to follow International Jones on Instagram @504Fiend.

Enjoy the full unique body of work here:

The Heat Magazine will keep our readers informed on tour dates and International Jones’ latest developments

HEAT EXCLUSIVE-Louisiana Hip Hop Undeniable in 2014

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

In a state where talent is plentiful, it is easy to miss out on some of the musical gems created in Louisiana. The Heat Magazine wanted to consolidate a few of the undeniable musical treats that we were blessed with in 2014. In no particular order, be sure to check out the body of work presented in this feature article.



Kevin Gates “By Any Means” took the nation by storm and served as a precursor to his global tour. #IDGT


Line Dance and Two-Step owes so much to Cupid. Cupid’s
“Wham Dance” rocks audiences with the assistance of Mystikal and WQUE’s mixologist DJ Ro.


When Hollywood Hatch aka Boosie Bad Azz touched down, he showed the world alongside his rhyme partner Webbie. This mixtape cements his return.


Devious links up with Kevin Gates over a BlaqnMild banger.  This “You Sleep Out Here” collaboration was unexpected, flooded radio,  and continues to resonate. Many feel the remix is even better. Devious also released “Life Is What You Make It” which is produced by Cise HD. Check ITunes for singles and remixes.


Lil Cali aka Cali Pachino returns with another banging mixtape featuring Young Dolph, Mouse, Kevin Gates, Wale, Juvenile, and more. The Travis James/UTP artist continues to flourish.


Juvenile shakes things up and reconnects with Cash Money/Rich Gang/YMCMB on a new deal and a new single thus far.


On a Niyo/S-80 Track, the seventh ward emcee, Young Greatness, makes noise and lands a deal with Atlantic. “Buku” was a 2014 collab banger that flooded radio.


In the midst of celebrating the release of Boosie, Webbie returns with a 12 cut banging mixtape. Trill Entertainment is on the move.


As the world impatiently waits for Carter V, Weezy and Flow drop an ambient banger. The world wants C5. The Heat will keep you posted as more news becomes available.  Flow also has a new hit, “I Do”, produced by Niyo of Flight School featuring Nino Wavey.

photo (3)

Super New Orleans producer BlaqnMild links up with the Colonel Master P, Ace B, Calliope Var, Popeye, Romeo, and more. No Limit Forever is forever it seems. Search Youtube for new hits like “Bout it, Bout it” and “Fast Money”. Under the new moniker, “Money Mafia”, this Nola squad is on deck for 2015.


Fiend is one of the hardest working artists in the game. With hits like On My Job, Lil Ghetto Boy, and more, Sleepy Jones stays on the grind dropping bangers and collabs. Visit for his latest releases.


Luca Brasi 2 picks up where Luca Brasi left off. Kevin Gates does it again. The world will eventually hear an Atlantic album but in the meantime the Heat Magazine suggests our readers enjoy his current body of work.

Although there are several artists in Louisiana, the Heat Magazine highlights a few of the artists who have taken it up a notch in 2014. Stay tuned for follow up coverage on the musical mecca known as the “Boot”. Atlanta artists are noteworthy as they have stayed consistent all year. From the looks of it, Louisiana is back on fire. 2015 will be an intriguing year in urban music.





Fiend Performing Live In Birmingham On 4th Of July

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

An all-black party will take place on the fourth of July featuring Fiend aka International Jones. Skreg, Sunny Blakk and View Mobb will also perform. Doors open at 8 p.m. The venue is located at 2726 Pearson Avenue. For more information follow Fiend on twitter at or call Reggi at 205-240-1374. The Heat Magazine wanted our Alabama readers and surrounding areas to be aware of this event. Capital F.I. says, “I’m performing all my hits.” Feel free to leave a comment if you catch the power-packed performance by the world-renowned rap star from New Orleans.

HEAT MIXTAPE ALERT: ‘Follow Every Dream’ by Devious

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Legendary New Orleans rapper (the “freestyle king” himself) Devious just released “Follow Every Dream”, a mixtape that speaks on just that – following your dreams.

It’s an enlightening project to say the least. Produced by Cise HD (production genius “Precise”), “Follow Every Dream is poised to set download records. With features from the Who’s Who of New Orleans’ indie artists, it is a “don’t miss” for your collection. It is also an eclectic/soulful mixtape that is sure to catch a variety of listeners’ attention. It features Jet Life rapper Fiend, UTP recording artist Lil Cali, Cise HD, Rock from Da U Boys, TNC Torcha, Madgesty Sozey, and many more prolific artists from New Orleans.

Devious is a 2013 Ascap Songwriter Award winner and well known for not only his lyrical ability, but his unbelievable moves in the industry. Cise HD is widely known for his production of “Here I Go” by Mystikal and all of the other classic artists on Big Boy Records.

Follow Devious on Twitter: Deviousontwitt
Follow Cise on Twitter: @CISEHD

FREE DOWNLOAD | Sponsored tape, so no login is necessary!

New Heat: Devious Ft. Fiend-Healin’ Music

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Follow Every Dream Cover Design Web Version

Hit the link below:

Devious Ft. Fiend-Healin Music

New Orleans rapper Devious teams up with Jet Life Rapper Fiend on new leak, “Healin’ Music” from Devious’ upcoming mixtape, Follow Every Dream.  The mixtape is produced by Cise HD.  Follow Devious @deviousontwitt, Follow Fiend @FIEND4DaMoney, and Follow Cise @CiseHD.

New Orleans rapper Devious teams up with Jet Life rapper Fiend on new single, “Healin’ Music” from his upcoming mixtape, Follow Every Dream. Follow Devious @deviousontwitt  Follow Fiend @Fiend4DaMoney.

Additional links:


Saturday, May 11th, 2013

The Heat Magazine wanted to update all stakeholders in the music industry concerning a few hot online venues that can assist the advancement of hip hop.

First Up is Bounce Out Radio, overseen by the Legendary Dj Erv.  Bounce Out Radio came into fruition as a result of Dj Erv’s vision and involvement with his homebase station, Robgradio.  Erv has dedicated himself to playing down south rap and bounce music.  This allows displaced Hurricane Katrina survivors an opportunity to stay connected to their music of choice.





Next up is Kenner City Records Radio, founded by Charlie Martin of Martin Media. KCRR offers a platform to showcase independent artists and their talents. Broadcasting Every Saturday and Wednesday Night from 10pm till 11:30pm.

























Next up is D.J. E.F. Cuttin’, a mainstay deejay/producer in New Orleans.  Cuttin can be found on the tables at Industry Influence hosted by Wild Wayne and Sess 4 5 the first Monday in every month at the Howlin’ Wolf.  He’s also a dj and team member of Jet Life feat. Curren$y, Fiend, Corner Boy P, and more dope artists. In the midst of a busy schedule, the GO DJ finds time to promote hip hop at WTUL (91.5) on Tuesday Nights and holds it down via Jet Lounge Series.




Fiend’s Lil Ghetto Boy Raps up First Quarter

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013


Change is inevitable, however, some qualities remain consistent. The well-known Fiend aka Sleepy Jones recently released, “Lil Ghetto Boy”, a mixtape that fuses both the gritty and smooth personas of Capital F.I.

Jet Life/Iron Gang rhyme spitter is back on his grind with a body of work that features Devin the Dude, Currensy, Smoke DZA, Young Dolph, Styles P, Killa Kyleon and more.

Download link:















A Closer Look at the Hottest Movement in New Orleans: New Orleans Union For Entertainment(1 Yr. and Counting)

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Sample Artwork designed by Brandon Brumfield


Systematically, it is normal for top music industry stakeholders in particular markets to consolidate current music releases and forward it to the masses within that market.  Bloggers, deejay pools, well-known  producers and deejays, journalists, and radio personalities are responsible for delivering new music to the audience.  Although this is an effective model, some areas often have a slower movement related to the advancement of music as a whole within their area.






A year ago, New Orleans stakeholders addressed that concern by developing a music union, New Orleans Union For Entertainment.  Within one year, ten releases via mix tapes have been presented locally and nationally online.



Arlene Culpepper, Asst. Editor Of The Heat Magazine, and official member of NOUE

 Several articles have been written by Arlene Culpepper of The Heat Magazine, and music has been added to rotation on by Legendary Dj Erv.  Original Ice Mike 1200 has mixed  several independent artists’ mix tapes, and also released his individual mixtape series, High Definition, via Coast 2 Coast mixtapes.  Bigg Ramp has spread the word regionally with his executive Christopher Roberts of  Phat Phat N All That.  Socialite and community activist Kali Red has promoted NOUE within the southeast region also.  The movement is equipped with a multitude of services including LaJoan Williams of Dream Management who offers email marketing, management services, etc.


Original Ice Mike 1200 mixtape series High Definition






Kali Red, socialite, community activist, and official member of NOUE













DJ ERV of, an official member of NOUE










Now with a NOUE solidified movement, KCRR, owned by Charlie Martin, a NOUE member, just added a new radio show featuring Cise HD. Cise HD,  a well known producer from New Orleans responsible for production on Mystikal, Ghetto Twiinz, and other classic New Orleans releases, adds another dimension, “The Hot Boy Radio Show” to NOUE.

Cise HD, producer, dj, artist, and official member of NOUE














Redd, an artist, dj, and official member of NOUE












As it relates to artist development, a cast of hot growing artists have branded or added to their name and sound.  Majesty Sozey, Redd, Marcy, Da U Boys, Youngest 1s, Jack Spratt, Jay Jones, TNC Boys, L.A.W., Choice Rhymez, Phat Coast Records, ViGi and Trinidad, Young Torrento, Hoghead Productions, Ape Squad Divaz, Bruce Lee Roy, and others have etched their insignia on the New Orleans scene and the mixtape circuit internationally via NOUE.  Accompanied by veteran artists such as Partners N Crime, UNLV, Ms. Tee, Bigg Ramp, Mr. Serv On, Juvenile,UTP  Skip, Lil Cali,  Fiend, Kunta Fly Snooka, Currensy, Ice Mike, Sess 4 5, Ghetto Twiinz, Devious, and more, the NOUE All Stars have become a mainstay within the industry.




Majesty Sozey, an artist and official member of NOUE













“Heart of The City” , NOUE’s  anniversary edition mix tape,  represents the deeper meaning of the union which is to “collectively advance.”  As the release date nears, NOUE continues to realize the vision that true New Orleans artists share which is to preserve and promote the heart of New Orleans urban  talent locally and abroad. New Orleans Union For Entertainment has been in operation since June of 2011 and has quickly developed over a short period of time in hope of a more productive music scene in New Orleans.

Follow the union @NOUE1.  For more information, contact Dion Norman at









Real Rap Lives, a NOUE mix tape release

NOUE mixtape Da Independents


Saturday, February 4th, 2012

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle

There are thousands of writers, cinematographers, producers, and directors trying to break into the film industry in a big way. Though many are talented, few actually make it – Craig Carter is one who can definitely say he has made it.

Meet Mr. Carter. Born and raised in New Orleans, he is the epitome of creativity, hard work and determination and how far all of those can take one’s career. He has the education under his belt and he is now in the midst of gaining countless hours of experience in the entertainment industry.

We heard about him through one of our correspondents and we had to know more. Here’s what Craig had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about yourself.

CRAIG CARTER: I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and grew up in a household of educators, so education was always important in my house. Although I was a bit of a clown in school, the lessons my parents instilled in me prepared me to do what I’m doing today.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What peaked your interest in the visual arts?

Craig Carter & Bokeem Woodbine

CRAIG CARTER: I have always enjoyed movies and writing little stories. Because I was a little mischievous as a child, I was punished a lot, so I would read comics and sometimes draw and come up with little stories for my characters. Then I had a vivid imagination. Sometimes in conversation (as a child), I would tell believable stories about places I had never been, but people would believe me. I was enrolled at Southern University and I was I initially planning to major in psychology, but a friend suggested that I look into Mass Communication, as it, according to her, fit my personality. I enrolled in Mass Communications and she was right. Throughout my undergraduate career, I was a personal barber for some of the No Limit cats. At that same time I was interested in film. Master P had just finished “Bout It Bout It” and was working on other movies. Through my relationship with No Limit, I allowed an inside look into film and the possibility of me pursuing this as a career. After I graduated, I maintained contact with Kane and Abel throughout the years, and Abel (Dan Garcia) had an interest as well and we began collaborating on some projects.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about some of your projects you’ve worked on.

CRAIG CARTER: The first of them was “The Block Party” in 2003, where I served as more of a consultant and shadowed the Director, Amir Valina, as I have never directed before, but just knew what was right and wrong. I also served as the editor of the film. The next project I wrote, directed and produced was titled “Black Saturday”. We put a few more projects out, and then I moved to Atlanta trying to make a name for myself. I worked on an EPK for David Banner, Young Bloodz, Look Around, a show that aired on MTV Jams, and a few other production jobs. I moved from there to Houston where my family was and I wanted to be closer to my ailing father and my daughter. There I worked on the Judge Alex Show, worked as a barber, and worked on a couple of music videos. I also worked on the “Mike Jones American Dream” movie as an editor. After my Pops passed and work became slow, I moved back to Baton Rouge and continued to work on sets as a grip, electrician and camera operator. In 2009, I was accepted into the Masters Program at the University of New Orleans in Film Production. Before getting into school, I had worked on “Meet the Spartans”, “Open Road”, “Mama I Want To Sing”, “Jumper”, and “Miracle at St. Anna”, and a list of others. On this particular movie, I had the chance to speak with Spike Lee and we got into a convo about  Spizikes, Nike brand, Do the Right Thing, and Mo Better Blues. He then asked what job was I facilitating and how long I had been doing it. I told him I was aspiring to be a director. “A working Director”, he replied and he asked what I was doing towards that goal. I told him about my career thus far including the movies I directed and also that I was accepted into graduate film school. He said, “Go to school – it can’t do anything but help.” So I enrolled at the University of New Orleans film program and never looked back.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What’s coming up for you? Anything new?

CRAIG CARTER: I am currently working on my thesis project which is a short film titled, “Red Bean Monday”. That’s all I have going right now, because I have so many areas of focus. With directing, writing, and producing the film, I can’t put any thought into anything else – one step at a time.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where will we see you in 5 to 10 years?

CRAIG CARTER: I see me directing totally. I plan to do a couple features when I graduate – literally soon as I graduate in December. I have some things lined up and we will see.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: We hear that you have found a unique way to fund an education related project. Tell us about that and how our readers can help out.

CRAIG CARTER: I took an AFI (American Film Institute) producing workshop at school and I was introduced to crowd sourcing. Crowd sourcing is a way to get your project noticed by masses and to solicit donations to help fund your project. There are crowd sourcing websites that aid the artist in receiving those funds. Indie Go Go and Kick Starter are two crowd sourcing websites that I know of that are established for this particular cause. As I mentioned before, I am currently producing a short film titled “Red Bean Monday”, which I wrote and will be directing for my thesis project. I am also soliciting donations through Kick Starter to help fund my film. You can help me by donating at least $10.00 by going to The funds generated will allow me to pay for things like cast, crew members, wardrobe, food, and other items necessary for production. If you can donate more, feel free as I have different rewards setup for different levels of donations. I figure $10 dollars x 1500 people equals goal accomplished. Please help me see my dream come true.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Heat Magazine certainly supports Mr. Carter’s efforts and we’ve made our donation. Please consider helping him out, as his supports his community in a positive manner. We look forward to seeing much more of him in the near future. Make sure to check out some of his work below.

Walking thru New Orleans from craig carter on Vimeo.

Mystikal from craig carter on Vimeo.

Big Cheif from craig carter on Vimeo.

STINGY SESS 4-5 FEATURING MS TEE from craig carter on Vimeo.

ONE NIGHT from craig carter on Vimeo.

James Bond Benz from craig carter on Vimeo.

‘REAL RAP LIVES’: Free Mixtape Download From #NOUE

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

The New Orleans Union of Entertainment All-Stars (NOUE) has done it again. Capturing the industry’s attention & making them stand up & take notice, the NOUE has released yet another mixtape, this one entitled “Real Rap Lives“.

Real Rap Lives” is the seventh in the NOUE‘s mixtape series & the first of 2012. It features some of the industry’s finest artists, including Curren$y, Fiend, Da U Boys, Strait Jigg, Marcy, Jay Jones, Ms. Tee, Lokee, Majesty Sozay, Mystikal featuring Cise, TNC Boys, Redd featuring Poizon Ivy, Chedda Man, the world famous Ghetto Twinz, Big Ramp, Dee-1, Kunta Fly Snooka, & more.

Check out the tracklist from the all-star lineup and CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD!

01. Bars-Jay Jones
02. Beat A Hoe Down-Ms. Tee
03. Slutbucket-Marcy
04. Months-Lo Kee
05. Cuttas-Strait Jigg
06. Plot Music-Currensy
07. The Streets Aint Safe-Fiend
08. Nite Rider-Da U Boys
09. Where U Are-Majesty Sozey
10. Get Used Ta Me feat. Mystikal-CiseHD
11. Deuces (Freestyle)-TNC Boys
12. Real Wit Me feat. Poizon Ivy-Redd
13. Switch Sides-Big Ramp
14. Thousand-Chedda Man
15. Money Talk (Remix) – Ghetto Twiinz
16. I’m Gone-Majesty Sozey
17. Its My Turn-Dee-1
18. Uncle June feat. Magnolia Militia and Deezy-Kunta Fly Snooka

New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars-Real Rap Lives @NOUE1 @Deviousontwitt

Featuring: Fiend, Currensy, Ms. Tee, Da U Boys, Ghetto Twiinz, Jay Jones, Majesty Sozey, Marcy, Redd, Lokee, Chedda Man, and more