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(NEW HEAT) Faith – “Clairvoyance”

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018
R&B Songstress Faith just released Clairvoyance, her new SP

They say everything is bigger in Texas and that includes an affinity for talent. Meet Faith, a beautiful young songstress hailing from Texas’ Golden Triangle – the same area that birthed a myriad of talent, including UGK (Pimp C and Bun B) and Janis Joplin. Faith is the latest to showcase her flairfor musical genius.

Faith recently released her freshman EP entitled “Clairvoyance”.It’s available on all major digital platforms, including Apple Music, iTunes,Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, and more.


Apple Music:

Follow Faith on Instagram: @joneemuzic

Singer Ambré Perkins garners over 500K hits in less than a week

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015


New Orleans singer Ambré Perkins is something special – and now the world is coming to find out just how amazing her talent is – and her popularity is growing immensely.


With the release last month of her EP “Wanderlust”, Perkins showed there is something new and fresh in R&B music. With crossover appeal, amazing songwriting skills and a voice like none other, she is becoming extremely popular among listeners of every genre. This past Thursday, she released “Preach” along with Atlantic Records signee Kehlani, and the internet exploded with excitement.  She was recently interviewed by RevoltTV (  Hundreds of other media outlets have reviewed her recent work, to much fanfare.

Check Ambré Perkins out & definitely, don’t sleep on her!


Instagram: @ambreperkins

Twitter: @ambreperkins

Snapchat: indiaperkins





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[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

(UP & COMERS SPOTLIGHT) New Orleans artist Doon is living the life

Friday, July 11th, 2014

IMG_2888There is a name ringing right now in underground music and that name is “Doon”.

We first saw Doon performing live back in November of 2013, when he was a featured performer at the Go DJs LA Bayou Urban Music Conference (B.U.M.C.). He caught our attention immediately after he took the stage. Let’s just say Doon is most definitely a force to be reckoned with – he is one of those lyricists who catches the crowd’s attention from the first verse.

We recently caught up with Doon and here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE:   Tell our readers a little about yourself & take us through a day in the life of the artist Doon.

DOON:  I grew up in downtown New Orleans – the 7th Ward. Grew up in a house full of women – I was raised by my mom and grandma. I’ve been rappin since I was about 13. My mom hated that shit. Me and Frank Ocean used to make songs on that acid pro shit (Laughs). My mom deleted them cuz it made her computer slow. Look how that turned out. A day in my life is always different. I’m a bit of a loner – rolling stone. I go where the wind blow. Studio. Smoke out. Partying. Performing. Traveling. Always writing. When I feel like it – kickin it with the homies.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What got you interested in music?

DOON:  I had to be in elementary and my sisters had this hand me down clarinet, so when I wanted to join the band, that’s the only instrument I had to choose from (Laughs).  I was taught by Paul Baptiste of the Baptiste Brothers.  Then my big cousins were Fullpack Productions & BG.  They had me believe this hip hop shit was real.


THE HEAT MAGAZINE:  Are you looking to get into any other aspects of entertainment, besides music?

DOON:  I took acting classes at Spelman College and displayed my “talents” in small doses in front of the camera. All of my music up until recently was engineered by myself and I’ve done a little mixing for others.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE:  Growing up, who influenced you musically?

DOON: The greats – Biggie, PAC, Mac, The Hot Boys, Jay-Z, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Freeway, Mase, Scarface, and UGK. My sisters are 9 and 15 years older than me, so whatever I discovered on my own and what they were listening to.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE:   Do you think the City of New Orleans & its culture influenced your interest in music?

DOON:  It had to because I was introduced to music traditionally with jazz and brass band music, before I found myself in love with hip hop. It’s crazy because now I found a way to merge the two. I perform with this band The Big Easy Brawlers a lot on Frenchmen and I just got off the road performing with the Stooges Band.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE:  What other shows have you done recently?

DOON:  I recently started off on a tour when I performed at Frenchmen Fresh with DJ Jay Skillz. My 30- 35min set was sponsored by Cigar Factory of New Orleans. I toured wtih The Stooges Brass Band as a special guest performer. We toured West, North, East, and South.  I left for the Tulsa International Music Festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I did the Victoria’s Day Celebration in the Square in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I did show in Charlotte, North Carolina, a club gig down in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Jacksonville Jazz Festival in Jacksonville, Florida (Delfayo Marsalis opened for us then we opened for Al Jarreau in front of 60,000-75,000 people – the largest crowd I have experienced in my career. I also did Unplugged in the Park (Atlanta Jazz Fest), Park Tavern in Atlanta, Georgia. During the tour, I decided to launch my own Forever Doon merch line. I was signing autographs and takings pics with kids and the handicapped. I was on the jumbotron for maybe 3 of the stops. In Canada I premiered this new song I have called “Free Fall”, available on all music outlets soon. My 2 music videos “I Got This Joint” & “Haunting Melody” are being played on TV in Houston for a show called “Patties Radio on TV”, and I have 2 commercials airing. I have done countless other shows, including at the Blue Nile. I have been blessed to be able to eat off this music. I have between a mixtape, an EP, and a LP and all are being worked on. I have travelled throughout the Appalachain Mountains , Detroit, Indianapolis, Toledo, Cinncinnati, Bowling Green (shoutout Corey B), St Louis. Dallas, Orlando, Tallahassee, West Virginia, Richmond, and North and South Carolina. The album is being produced by veteran producers Big Fess & Don Juan of Fullpack Productions, along with hitmaker M-16, underground Prospek, up and comers TwoFold Jr, Ruxben of Pavlov, & Josh Guidry. More notably, I performed on Sheba Turk’s The 504 Show accompanied by The Stooges. Off Beat Magazine also recently did a feature on me and Mighty Muzik did a video interview. The recent tour was my second time touring with The Stooges. The first time, we performed at The Cutting Room in Wilmington, Delaware (the Doors performed there),Manhattan and The Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NYC. I’m breaking through slowly but surely, making that transition from college radio/internet & AM radio mainstream (FM)/satellite format radio.

00 Forever Doon CoverArt

THE HEAT MAGAZINE:  What new projects can we expect to see from you?

DOON:  I released Forever Doon which featured G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd on my new website last year and I have a new mixtape coming out, Under The Sun. I’ve started working on an album. I’m taking my time with that, but it’s coming together nicely. You might see a little EP with EF Cuttin. Collabs. I’m putting my own band together. Who knows? I just stay busy.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE:  Where will we see Doon in 2, 5 or even 10 years?

DOON:  Hopefully with The Lord’s will, you can see me traveling the world performing in front of huge crowds making a living off what I love. If I end up on TV, that’s cool but not a priority. Definitely not on reality TV! I think we’ll see more people appreciating my music worldwide.


EDITOR’S NOTE:  You can follow Doon on the net & social media

Twitter – @moonmandoon

Instagram – @d_oon

To book Doon, email For beat submissions,


Dubb Beats does it again – ‘Adjustment Bureau’ (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Thursday, April 4th, 2013
It’s not a secret that Dubb Beats is one of our favorite producers/entertainment personalities. Not only is the man himself a prolific producer, but he had a hand in the extremely popular, “Sh*t New Orleans Girls Say” videos. If you haven’t seen those, you don’t know what you’re missing.
Now he’s somehow met with the one of kind emcee, MikeFlo, and they’ve forged a duo that won’t soon be forgotten.
Here’s the verbiage from the official press release – interesting read, but may we suggest you go ahead on and start the downloads below, as you peruse the release. You won’t be disappointed:
Circa 2010, in New Orleans after a dead prez show, mikeflo (solo emcee & Official Tour DJ) finds himself simmering in what flo regards as “a good ol bangin gumbo of a beat battle”. Amongst the many talents in the room, mikeflo connects with producer/engineer Steve “504Dubb” Wade. The two eventually share files and and build landscapes. “Adjustment Bureau”, the EP was born. After touring and working on other projects over the years, the duo finally decided to share their fruits (or beignets in N.O.L.A) with the world in the form of a five song EP. The project is an obvious take on the 2011 movie namesake. In the film, the “Bureau” has the power to “Adjust” certain agendas and outcomes. With balance in Hip Hop taking on top priority of the duo’s list of needed “adjustments”, the two look to provide a powerful example of self determination personified within a rich, yet stripped down, soul-sonic rue. As flo would say, “Somebody gotta do it…” In short, they did it. The first single, “365” wove an intricate tale of the gladiator and champion in us all, and the follow up, “Pop Off” (also included in release) forewarns the weak of the explosive package the duo possesses. “Adjustment Bureau” the EP, features mikeflo pushing the pen and 504Dubb behind the boards. Simply put, #BANG. Again, in this release you are receiving cover art, two singles from “Adjustment Bureau” the EP (365 & Pop Off) and the entire EP download link. “Adjustment Bureau” the EP, will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD at, and is encouraged to be shared via other music streams, social media outlets, blogs, and any place quality Hip Hop lives.

Adjustment Bureau (mikeflo + 504Dubb) – 365 feat. Born On The Horn & Theresa Tha Songbird 

Adjustment Bureau (mikeflo + 504Dubb) – Pop Off

Adjustment Bureau, the EP (mikeflo + 504Dubb)
Adjustment Bureau, the EP (mikeflo + 504Dubb)


manager – Caro Marshall
(ph) +44 7970 57 00 94 / +1 404.396.5265
(tw) @CaroMarshall_ / @mikefloRBG


Studio Bookings – Inner Recess (504) 298.8864 / (504) 210.7720
Studio & Beat Inquiries –
(tw) @504Dubb


Monday, February 6th, 2012

NIK: So what’s happening?
KNIGHT: I’m good. I’m glad is Friday…raining, but it’s all good.
NIK: We noticed you’re a Native from Richmond VA, what do you miss most?
KNIGHT: I’ve been in Atlanta for five years now. I miss my family! It’s like I’m eight hours away so I can’t see them every day or as much as I’d like to.

NIK: So when did you first fall in love with music?
KNIGHT: I remember listening to music around the house growing up and I just loved it. My grandmother used to have all her songs on cassette tapes and she would play a song and tell me to come and sing to her. My sister used to be like, “awww nooo, grandmaaa”…(he giggles)
NIK: What’s your best performance to date you feel you’ve had?
KNIGHT: Centennial Park, in Atlanta, GA. Just looking out in the audience and seeing people laughing, singing, clapping, having a good time that was awesome. It was an hour show for their Wednesday afternoon concerts. It was a great show. It started out a little rocky. Just as I was about to get started the mic went out. It took about fifteen minutes for that to get fixed. Then they were like—just keep going, way after my hour was up. I even had a friend that works downtown Atlanta tell me he heard the show. That was all like a great rush.

NIK: So what’s it like being an independent artist here on the Atlanta scene.
KNIGHT: Moving here is the reason I came, to do music. There are a lot of people trying to capitalize on people telling you they can do what they really can’t do. I don’t think it’s all intentional, it’s just that there’s so many people trying to do their thang here. I’ve wasted money and time trying to find quality people I want to work with. The most I learned is to be self managing. Until you get to a point where you can’t handle it alone, you should manage yourself. Have people you can consult with but handle your own business. It’s worked out so far and I manage okay.
NIK: You were up for two 2011 ATL HOTTEST Entertainment Awards, Hottest Male Vocalist and Hottest Future Superstar, what was that like?
KNIGHT: This was my second year being nominated. I was nominated in 2010 for Hottest Future Superstar. I think because the first time I was like wow! It was the first time I had ever been nominated for something so big doing music. It felt good to have people looking at you. I remember in 2010, I almost didn’t go but I’m glad I did. It was awesome, the red carpet, the photographers, the reporters, it was all so awesome. This year was even better. This year I got the opportunity to perform. I didn’t win, but it was great I was nominated. This tells me somebody is paying attention to me. That’s awesome!

NIK: Your debut album is entitled, “A Day In The Knight”. When can we expect to see it on the shelf?
KNIGHT: This year. What I’m doing, being an independent artist, is putting out singles. I put out “Forever” last October, “Addicted To Love” is on its way out and in a couple of months I’ll release, “Let You Go”. I’m putting out singles to create that buzz. Like Nicki Minaj and Drake. They put out singles for a whole year before they do an album. I have people asking me all the way from Austria, “When you gonna put a, album out”, but I’m taking my time. It will be this year.
NIK: I like “Forever”, “On Hold”, “Knight Life”, “Trying”… did you write and produce all your songs?
KNIGHT: “The Knight Life Project”… my first attempt to do an album back in 2008 I met a very talented guy, Terrell King, and we did an EP, “Knight Life Project and On Hold”. What he wanted to do was gear up his writing credits. He said let me get you some hits and that’s exactly what happened. 2009 “Knight Life Project” took off. That’s what opened a lot of doors for me. When I met my current producer, Phoenix Electric, we decided that we would both do the writing. He creates the tracks and we write it together. We’ve bonded so great. He’s brought the best out of me to move forward.

NIK: We should be looking for a wedding song coming from you, can we?
KNIGHT: Of course. “Addicted To Love” is going to get me ready for that since it’s about those feelings you get when you first meet someone and fall in love.
NIK: So, should we be looking for any features coming up on your singles you’re about to drop?
KNIGHT: Absolutely, my second single on the album, “Let You Go”, my home boy, “Fatso Skinny”, who has a large fan base, doing stuff overseas and everywhere. This should be released around early spring, that’s the brake up song…(he giggles)

NIK: We are so thankful for this moment with you. We’re proud of your success and what you’re bringing to the industry and we look forward to talking to you again, so keep in touch.
KNIGHT: I want to thank you Nik for giving me the opportunity to share myself with your and my fans. I appreciate you for the opportunity to be a part of what you guys at “THE HEAT” are doing as well.
NIK: You also have a internet radio show, where can we find you?
KNIGHT: We had Rodney Perry on their a few weeks ago. We about to do a show on commitment…your readers don’t want to miss that. We also play major and independent music on our show so spread the word. Our one year anniversary is coming up as well.

Well Stephen Knight, let me just say, you are “HOT”! Your music is refreshing in a world of mostly hip hop and rap music.
For those of you who want to become a fan of Stephen Knight follow him at:
Stephenknight – facebook, twitter, myspace, reverbnation
Keep up the great job Stephen Knight! And I will be looking for that “wedding anthem” soon! LOL
Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The HEAT
“Like battered fish hitting the grease –Sizzling HOT” LOLOLOLOLOLOL

R&B Sensation: Ms. Kendra Williams is a “Portrait of a Woman”

Saturday, December 17th, 2011
Between her visit to New York and Connecticut, The Heat Magazine was able to gather a closer look inside the heart and mind of New Orleans own Kendra Williams. In an industry that can be described as male-dominated, Williams assertively sings her way through on a path towards success. A songbird with a heartfelt story in the midst of commonness in music, Williams is as unique and powerful as it gets in the genre of rhythm and blues. Although joy and pain are recurrent themes in music, Ms. Kendra Williams expresses herself through song in a unique and captivating fashion. Donned with the “total package,” Williams continues to progress in her endeavors as a soulful female artist. Her body of work truly equates to the “Portrait Of A Woman.”
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What separates you from other acts?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: My voice is timeless. I have a more classic RNB sound. I sing from my soul pouring every piece of me into the microphone. When I record and perform, the riffs and runs that you hear flowing from my mouth are simular to singers we’ve listened to in the late 80’s and 90’s. The clarity of my voice is crisp and soothing to the soul where no auto tune is needed. My voice is an instrument.
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What advice would you give to upcoming artists?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: Keep it business and professional. Give it all you got, stay motivated, and focused. Believe and you will achieve. Keep God first in all you do. He will give you the strength you need to overcome anything. They will have ten doors close in your face but there will be one big door that will open that will change your life.
Move quite and live loud.
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Who would you like to work with in the near future?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: I would love to write for Mary J., Monica, and Jennifer Hudson. I would love to work with Brian Micheal Cox, Timbaland and Missy for production/writing, and I would love to collab with Tyrese, Usher, Jamie Fox, Drake, Kanye, Common, and Eminem. It’s so many to name but they are the first ones to come to mind.
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What are your latest recordings and accomplishments?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: Portrait Of A Woman is my first EP that dropped 1/11/11. It is a total of eight songs. This EP is a declaration of me. It is a testimony of my past. It speaks of the pain I went through in a previous relationship and the strength God gave me to pour into this EP. Recording my EP was a release and a healing process. Expressing my life, my pain, and the love I had for this man with my fans. It shares how I healed, how I recovered, how I learned how to love myself, and how I am willing to love again without holding on to the past.
(Accomplishments) My Ep sold more than I expected with the small budget I had. I am also becoming one of the voices that rappers/singers want to feature on their upcoming projects within the United States and across seas. My most exciting feature was with a rapper in France. It was amazing. The Nola Hip Hop awards, I was nominated in 2010 and 2011 for best collaboration and best female vocalist. That was a blessing for the city to recognize my gift and talents.
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What do you feel about the state and condition of the music industry for an upcoming artist?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: It’s very hard. Even more so in your own home town. So many doors are closed, not giving you a chance. It’s actually gotten a little better but you really have to prove yourself for them to listen to a snippet of your music. So many dj’s and fans in other cities hear my voice and music and they are amazed that I’m not getting the recognition that’s received in their city in my own city. But that’s a lot of people’s story in the industry. It actually grounded me, making me a better artist while appreciating the support of the fans that I do have in my city. Knowing that no matter how great you sound or how beautiful you are, you can have the entire package, you still have to work very hard. This is not an overnight process. It takes years, patience, a great team, and again just believe in your product. Stick to your plan.
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us how you feel about the New Orleans Saints?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: All I Can Say is Superbowl Baby! WHODAT!!!! We are Dat! Beeleedat!
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Is it difficult for a lady in the industry and what about relationships as a career oriented artist?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: It’s very hard in the industry for a lady and I quote, “a lady” to be respected in this industry. When I decided to take this to a professional level, no one took me serious AT ALL. No one believed in me. But when the strength came from my voice, they where shocked and amazed. They couldn’t believe it. I had people say, “you gave me chills, goose bumps”. They love my story. So it took time and patience, but I won them over. ( laughing out loud) Being in this industry and in a relationship is one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced. The time it takes and the sacrifices you have to make. You can be in a studio session recording all day. Photo shoots last forever. Writing and preparing for an album takes a lot of energy and time. When your on the road promoting your album and performing, can they handle a few lonely nights? You have to be with someone that understands what it takes and how long it takes. Someone that is willing to sacrifice as well for it to work.
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Who inspires you?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: My kids. They are my fans, my cheerleaders, my motivators. They’re the ones that make me push harder and harder. Being a single mom, entertainer, and businesswoman is a lot of work. They want this as bad as I do. They are the sunshine on a rainy day. They are the reason I do what I do, sing how I sing, and love how I love. All of this is for them.
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What are some of your hobbies?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: Well, I am a baller. I grew up with all boys. I am the only girl, so I’m a tom boy. I can throw a football a block long and hit 3’s like Shaq. (laughing out loud) I love sports but I’m known for my cooking. I bake from scratch and can make a mean pot of gumbo. Cooking and singing in the kitchen was a everyday thing in my household growing up.
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Who is your favorite rapper or singer?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: My favorite female rapper is Na’Tee. My favorite male rapper is Common. My favorite male singers are Luther Vandross, Tyrese, Tank, Brian Mcknight, and Teddy Pendergrass. I have so many favorite female singers: Gladys Knight, Whitney Houston, Billy Holiday, Anita Baker, Lena Horn, Yolanda Adams, and Tamela Mann.
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What’s your favorite television program or classic movie?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: The Game is my favorite series and my classic movie is Pretty Woman
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How do you feel about education?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: Education is the most important tool you need in your life. There are no excuses. That’s the only way you will achieve anything is through education. As a mother, I press the issue of education and how important it is. My kids don’t have a choice when it comes to education. Education is the key to success.
THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in music or life?
KENDRA WILLIAMS: The biggest lesson in the music industry is patience. The biggest lesson I have learned in life is to serve the lord and not myself. (For More information contact Ms. Kendra Williams at or