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#0017th teams up with Fetty Wap

Monday, May 18th, 2015


New Orleans’ own #0017th teamed up with mega-superstar Fetty Wap this past weekend, to film the visuals to the ingenius “Welcome to Hollygrove“.


Hollygrove rappers Jay Jones and Hollygrove Keem recently joined Fetty WAP on the Southern leg of his U.S. tour. After teaming up in the studio, the three young artists created some memorable future hits.

Stay tuned for much more to come. Follow them on Instagram at:


(NEW VIDEO) “O.G. Status/Full Effect” UBoy Rock x B’Eric da Kidd x Keem

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Check out this hot new double video from Hollygrove spittas UBoy Rock, B’Eric da Kidd & Keem.

The Eastside Hollygrove hittas provide a taste of what ground zero for New Orleans talent has to offer the music world. Filmed & edited by 11th Ward Nick, this one is sure to shine a light on the city as the entertainment mecca of hardcore rap!

Jay Z Named in $600 Million Brooklyn Nets Trademark Lawsuit

Friday, January 24th, 2014


According to RadarOnline, Jay Z has been named as a defendant in a $600 million lawsuit by a disgruntled entrepreneur who claims that he trademarked the name “Brooklyn Nets” long before the NBA team ever moved out of New Jersey.

The Plaintiff, Dr. Francois de Cassagnol, filed a pro se complaint with the Eastern District of the State of New York on December 9, 2013, asking for a juried trial over the matter — and $600 million in damages, at least.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, de Cassagnol claims that the NBA, Jay Z, and developer Bruce Ratner “fraudulently conspired” to use “loopholes” in the U.S. Patent Office so that they could use a term he says he registered more than ten years ago.

Documents submitted as evidence show that de Cassagnol filed applications in 2012 for “The Brooklyn Nets Entertainment Logo,” which was first used in the State of Louisiana back in 2003. He even claims that before the team moved to Brooklyn, he spoke with officials at the New Jersey Nets organization and the NBA who assured him that the team would not use the term “Brooklyn Nets,” but would most likely opt for “New York Nets.”

But unfortunately, he claims, “It was pure mismanagement of the facts.” In 2012, the team announced they would go by the name “Brooklyn Nets,” and ever since, de Cassagnol has been enmeshed in a legal struggle trying to get what he says is his due.

Jay Z sold his shares of the team to Jason Kidd late last year after opening his own sports agency firm. He still owns a percentage of the Nets’ home, Barclays Center.

(NEW MUSIC) Jim Jones – ‘Awareness’

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013


Rapper and star of his own successful VH-1 reality show, Jim Jones drops a new hit featuring Trav. Join the Vampire Life Movement and download his song “Awareness” today. Link is below.


DOWNLOAD “AWARENESS”: Download Clean & Dirty



Saturday, May 4th, 2013

The Heat Magazine continues its Draft Pick Series.  This installment includes more talented New Orleans artists on the hip hop scene.

First up is Majesty Sozey, a New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Star.  Sozey has made appearances on several NOUE mixtapes.

In addition, he continues his grind and follow up to his mixtape, “Out Of Exhile.”  Sozey is an eclectic artist/lyrical visionary with a catchy voice.

His volume of work includes “something for everybody”. Check him out on upcoming projects via New Orleans Union of Entertainment.

Majesty Sozey is known for his compelling performances throughout the city of New Orleans.


Majesty Sozey

Majesty Sozey














Hollygrove Mikey

Hollygrove Mikey









Next up is Hollygrove Mikey.  One half of TNC Boys, Hollygrove Mikey is a lyrical visionary.  Lately he has been working on 0017th mixtapes with Nesby Phips and Reem.  In the midst of doing cyphers with hometown buddies, Hollygrove Mikey continues to install meaningful subject matter.  Be on the look out for 0017th mixtapes and download previous releases.

Next up is Hasheem Amin.  Amin is a hip hop maverick.  A lyrical visionary who has featured Sean C., Sadat X, UTP Skip, and many more prolific emcees on his albums and mixtapes, Hasheem Amin recently recorded a hot collaboration with Devious that is soon to be released.  Amin is also an author who recently released a memoir, Dear God May The Children Listen.  This is definitely a literary piece worth reading.  Here’s the link for the memoir.

Download his latest mixtapes and catch his videos on Youtube.

Hasheem Amin

Hasheem Amin


Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Many book readers are quite familiar with the Atlanta bestselling author, Franklin White from his works such as: Fed Up With The Fanny, Cup of Love, (my favorite) Potentially YoursTil Death Do Us Part, Money For Good, and His new release, Joy & Pain. What one may not be familiar with is White’s ongoing battle with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., Alcon Entertainment, LLC and Ice Cube’s film company, Cube Vision. It seems that Cube’s comedy movie, Lottery Ticket, may have actually been taken from White’s 2005 “First Round Lottery Pick“.

White talked to Nik Dace and “The Heat” offering this…

HEAT: What do you say to people who might say your allegation is a hoax to sue these companies? You ‘are’ going up against some pretty heavy hitters.

White: Anytime anyone especially writers, take a huge amount of their time, secluded to create a story with characters and have those characters living not only with them for a period of time until they are finished with their journey, know their characters and storyline inside out. All the facts of our allegations are with their attorneys and they are as clear as day.

HEAT: This has been going on for awhile now. What keeps you motivated to stay the course?

White: Just knowing that what we have presented and all ready proven is true. But what has been kind of mind blowing, is the sense of entitlement of those who feel they can infringe on material that has been out for years without permission- on the premise they have made movies or TV sitcoms before and don’t have to be accountable to anyone (particularly writers) for their own benefit- that’s not how the process works.

HEAT: Wow, we understand there are over 40 alleged infringements through the storyline, characters and even dialog in the movie that you can direct exactly to the pages in your novel.

White: “That’s right-for example, from the start where all three main characters, two males and one female who are the best of friends, stroll through the projects, in the morning and run into someone ruthless they wanted to avoid, all the way through to the part of the movie, where a park is dedicated to the community on the basketball court near the end and I haven’t even mentioned the similarities of both main and secondary characters. What’s the probability of that-I can see a few similarities of projects but over forty of them? I wrote a book about serious issues in the community, shared it with a producer and it was adapted into a comedy.”

THE HEAT has obtained the official Press Release

Press Release

Franklin White, a nationally recognized bestselling author with twelve novels whose publishers include Simon & Schuster, Kensington Publishing Corporation and Blue Black Press has sent a demand letter and placed on notice Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., Alcon Entertainment, LLC, Cube Vision, Inc. and screenwriter Abdul Williams concerning the infringing use of significant portions of his novel First Round Lottery Pick in the motion picture “Lottery Ticket” (the “Film,” U.S. Copyright registration March 16, 2011, PA0001723451). Mr. White wrote First Round Lottery Pick (the “Book,” U.S. Copyright registration TX000715659, in 2005 published by Blue Black Press. White sent a copy of his novel First Round Lottery Pick to Matt Alvarez, President of Cube Vision, Inc and a producer of the film. (years before, Dave Hebenstreit of Cube Vision had requested a copy of a screenplay Mr. White had written; a hip-hop musical in which Cube Vision passed). White is in possession of the cover letter, as well as the USPS Express Mail label reflecting confirmed delivery of the book First Round Lottery Pick to Cube Vision in 2009. It’s important to note, the writer of Lottery Ticket, Abdul Williams prior work history includes adaptation of novels to screen before being assigned the script for Lottery Ticket.
In 2011, Atlanta attorney Rob Hassett sent a demand letter to Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., Alcon Entertainment, LLC and Cube Vision, Inc. concerning the infringing use of significant portions of White’s Book in the motion picture “Lottery Ticket”. He received no response to the letter, and entertainment attorney Alan Clarke of Alan S. Clarke & Associates will pursue Mr. White’s claim in federal court.

Although Mr. White’s novel concerns an Urban Drama; concerning a young man along with his male and female friends living in the projects, who is selected as a first round basketball lottery pick, who is forced to deal with his new fame and fortune among those still striving to survive. The Film concerns a comedy in which a young man along with his friends whose life-changing experience comes from lottery winnings forced to deal with his new fortune among those still confined to the projects. It is clear upon a cursory review that characters, plot, dialogue, actions and scenes of the screenplay were derived from the Book. The word “lottery” does not have the same meaning in the two works and is not a key element of White’s claim; the specific plot details, dialogue, setting and characters are the foundation for the infringement claim. Forty-two (42) scenes, passages along with dialog, including ideas were taken from the Book and used in the screenplay and Film which White will be seeking damages.


Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

If music artists – rap artists in particular – supported each other even 50 percent of the time, in the same manner in which indie rapper Majesty Sozey supports and promotes his fellow artists, rap music would be an even more popular genre.

Because of his loyalty, support, creativity, consistent hard work, and “Think Outside of the Box” attitude, The Heat selects Majesty Sozey as our Artist of the Month.

Majesty Sozey has been making music for some years. Following Katrina, he penned lyrics that would make someone who wasn’t even from New Orleans, homesick for the city. I know the first time I heard him speak of viewing You Tube just to see Canal Street, I could feel the hurt he was feeling. Music can be a powerful instrument, no pun intended. Add to that equation an artist who brings that point home by infusing the human element, and that’s a #WINNING combination.

Majesty Sozey has put out several projects of his own and he continues to work on yet another. He’s also made appearances on every one of the NOUE’s mixtapes.

EDITOR’S SIDENOTE:  You can check Majesty Sozey out on the following sites:

wait awhile by majestysozey


Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Jack Spratt - A Genuine New Orleans Original

Whether he’s sparring back in forth with fellow comedians or he’s dressed as one of his many characters, The Heat believes Jack Spratt a/k/a the Petite Playboy a/k/a Cut Throat Courtney a/k/a Hamp Da High Stepper a/k/a The Mocodile Hunter and so many other names ….. is one of the funniest humans on the planet.

He’s hilarious, without a doubt, and Jack brings joy to so many through his humor. When Dave Chapelle left television, he left a void that only Jack Spratt can ever come close to filling.

Make sure to check out Jack’s videos on You Tube and follow him on Twitter – @JackSprattNO. Jack Spratt’s also a talented music artist, so make sure to check him out.

The world will be a sad and dull place without humor. Thanks Jack Spratt for making it bearable! The Heat salutes you!

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(EXCLUSIVE) N.O.U.E. Releases Special Edition 2011 Essence Festival Mixtape

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Get your copy of the N.O.U.E. Mixtape

New Orleans probably has the largest concentration of musical talent, as any place on earth. The newly formed New Orleans Union for Entertainment (N.O.U.E.) will be releasing a Special Edition Essence Festival Mixtape later this week, just in time for the 2011 Essence Music Festival.

The mixtape will feature New Orleans area rap artists, including cuts from Partners-N-Crime, Devious, Big Ramp, Da U Boys, Jack Spratt, The Legendary DJ Erv, Mr. Magic, Sess 4-5, Magnolia Chop, and a host of other artists.

The mixtape is being featured on over fifty websites and will be available locally through N.O.U.E. members and at venues near the Essence Festival.

Though the N.O.U.E. has only been in force for a short while, it has already served to bring together artists, comedians, members of the media, DJs, models, promoters, and other individuals in the entertainment world, in an effort to elevate the New Orleans entertainment industry to a new high.

The N.O.U.E. movement is growing daily and with the release of the mixtape, the coalition hopes to aggressively promote its mission at the upcoming Essence Festival. Guided by veteran members including Mr. Meana and Kango Slim of Partners-N-Crime and Devious, the N.O.U.E. is poised to take New Orleans entertainment to a much higher level, locally, regionally and nationally.

Check out the slideshow below for a taste of what’s to come and make sure to get your copy of the mixtape as soon as it becomes available.

Tyler Perry Inks New Deal With Lionsgate

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Opening April 22nd

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that genius Tyler Perry has inked a deal with Lionsgate films that will extend a multi-year deal to include additional movies and home entertainment venues.

Many of Perry’s successful films have been released by Lionsgate, including his popular Madea movies. Lionsgate has distributed ten of Perry’s films in the past six years.

Entertainment Weekly cites a statement quoting Perry as saying, “Together, Lionsgate and I have built the ideal filmmaker/studio relationship, and I’m thrilled that it will be continuing. We share an entrepreneurial spirit and have a great business rapport. But more importantly, Lionsgate has been incredibly affirming of my relationship with my audience — I’ve always had the artistic freedom to speak what I want, how I want, and when I want through my films.”

According to Lionsgate, the deal will include two more Madea films, which star Tyler Perry himself as the popular character.

Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family debuts April 22, 2011.