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Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept: Is This the Vehicular Future

Thursday, March 26th, 2015


We have often complained about the lack of truly far-reaching concept cars on today’s show circuit. Instead of creating visions of a distant future, too often automakers show concepts that closely resemble upcoming production cars; the idea is to condition the public. We may have to shelve that lament for a little while because, with the Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion concept unveiled at CES, Daimler has just shown a dream car in the fully original sense.

Powered by two rear-mounted electric motors with a total peak output of 272 horsepower (and a sustained output of 163 hp), the rear-wheel-drive F 015 is said to sprint to 62 mph in 6.7 seconds, while top speed is limited to 125 mph. The electricity is generated by means of a hydrogen fuel cell; a high-voltage battery can provide short bursts of additional power.

The F 015’s body and structure use aluminum, high-strength steel, and composite materials—including carbon fiber. Its “monolithic” shape features a blurred division between the body and the windows, possibly inspired by Bertone’s classic Lancia Sibilo concept.

2 Teens Found Living Among Filth, Cockroaches, Cats

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Two Gwinnett County parents were arrested Friday after their two teenage boys were found living in deplorable conditions that included feces and cockroaches, according to Snellville police.

Investigators were called to the Pharrs Road home on a report regarding more than a dozen cats, Detective Orlando Concepcion told Channel 2 Action News. Inside the home, officers were shocked at the family’s living conditions, Concepcion said.

“You could see just roaches and flies just all over the place,” Concepcion said. “When you’re walking through the house it just hits you in the face.”

The home, which has been condemned, has running water and electricity, but no working toilets, according to police. Two boys who lived in the home, ages 15 and 17, appeared healthy and were attending school, police said. Both teens were removed from the home and are now with relatives, Concepcion said.

The parents, Gregory and Jacqueline Tate, were both arrested and charged with cruelty to children. They were being held Tuesday afternoon on $5,700 bond each at the Gwinnett County jail.

Kat Stacks Getting Deported

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Johnyelsi Cardenas, mother of Andrea Herrera a.k.a. “Kat Stacks,” the infamous hip-hop model, sent out a heart wrenching letter surrounding the details of her daughter getting deported after being in a Louisiana jail for two years now.

Cardenas says that “Andrea is a victim of underage sex Trafficking & Domestic Violence,” and detailed her life story of being solicited by a pimp at the young age of 14 and then falling into a hard life of drugs and abuse for several years. Throughout the letter, Cardenas expressed her concern for Kat’s well-being if she gets deported back to Venezuela, saying that the conditions are so bad that she wouldn’t imagine letting her daughter live there.

“Venezuela killing 20 to 30 people a day, kidnap 100 to 200 people a day, products such as pricipales milk, chicken, sugar. toilet paper, diapers etc. supermarkets spend 1 or 2 weeks without them. The electricity is removed by 4 or 8 hours daily.”

Cardenas said that the judge waited until July 2nd to reach a decision in Kat’s case, where he admitted that “Andrea is a Victim of Underage Sex Trafficking & Domestic Violence. He agreed with what the social worker Melinda Flynn explained . But *Kat Stacks* that was not good for American society.”


Children found living in old school bus in Texas

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

SPLENDORA, Texas (AP) — The abandoned school bus had no engine and no front wheels. But there were crude curtains in the windows, an air conditioner and even bunk beds.

So when a postal worker peered inside, it became clear that two children had been living for more than two months in the dilapidated vehicle at the end of a muddy, one-lane road. Now child welfare agents are trying to unravel the story of the siblings, ages 5 and 11, who apparently began staying in the bus with an aunt after their parents went to prison.

The postal carrier discovered the children Wednesday near Houston, and the two were swiftly placed in foster care while authorities investigate. Their parents were convicted of embezzling money from Hurricane Ike victims in 2008, and the kids are not enrolled in school.

Randal McCann, a Louisiana attorney who represented the children’s mother prior to her sentencing, said the aunt had been taking care of the kids since the case against the parents was launched more than a year ago.

“It was believed by everybody involved in this case that (the aunt) was properly tending to those children. What I saw in the newspaper this morning was shocking,” McCann said, referring to a report in the Houston Chronicle.

McCann said the aunt would often contact him but only to discuss the criminal case and not the well-being of the children.

“But there was no indication that the living conditions were as bad as those photographs,” McCann said.

The children’s mother, Sherrie Shorten, is scheduled to be freed in April after serving time for her role in the scam involving federal loans offered to hurricane victims.

An Associated Press reporter visited the site Thursday. The bus appeared to have electricity, and outside there was a small propane tank and homemade grill.

A woman who was in the bus declined to identify herself and told the reporter to leave.

Neighbors told the Chronicle that the children typically looked unkempt and could often be spotted running around at night.

“They always had dirty clothes on (and) no shoes, even in the winter,” said Gayla Payne.

Investigators told Houston television station KTRK that the children have been living in the bus since the beginning of the year.

Lindy Sanitz, who also lives nearby, said the bus had been on the lot for a long time, but she didn’t suspect anything was seriously wrong.

“I’ve seen the one woman there off and on,” Sanitz said, adding that she occasionally saw one of the kids riding a bike. “They stayed pretty much over there.”

The children told welfare workers that they were home-schooled. A woman on the property told the agency she worked 12-hour shifts Monday through Friday but that she stayed with the children at night.

“The aunt said that she does provide meals for them during the day,” Montgomery County Constable Rowdy Hayden told the TV station.

Looking around the bus, “we didn’t see a lot of food readily available,” Hayden said. “One of the neighbors had told us earlier that from time to time she will bring food over for the children.”

Splendora is 35 miles northeast of Houston.