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Savage Announces Intent to Seek School Board Seat

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014


LaTasha Renee Savage

PINE BLUFF, AR (July 30, 2014) – Local business owner, LaTasha Renee Savage announced her intentions to seek the position of Pine Bluff School District Board of Directors for Zone 4.

“As a Pine Bluff School District, Southeast Arkansas College and UAPB educated business woman, I have long been a supporter of our educational system. I support engaging curricula and making fiscally and academically responsible decisions for our district. As the Director of Operations and co-owner of “It’s Mom Me Child Care and Early Development Learning Center,” I understand the value of education and a board that governs with responsible oversight,” said Savage.

In addition to her position as Director of Operations at “It’s Mom Me;” Savage has also been the owner and operator of Rolls Royce Beauty Salon for more than 20 years.

“Education is more than reading, writing and arithmetic. It is one of the most important investments a city can make in its students and its future. Education can boost economic growth by creating greater opportunities that reduces poverty, saves children’s lives and fosters peace,” said Savage. “With improved education, so many other areas are positively affected. Education has the power to make Pine Bluff a better place.”

Savage has worked in the community and schools through her annual Prom Dress Drive, where she collects dresses, shoes and accessories and provides them free of charge to students who may not be able to afford the luxury of attending prom. In addition, she provides one young lady with a full makeover. Savage also coordinates and plays host to the Thirty-Fourth Avenue Elementary School’s annual fashion show, which consist of three shows. During the school’s annual “Father & Daughter” banquet she has served as the keynote speaker.

Savage is a 1989 graduate of Pine Bluff High School and a 1990 graduate from Cosmopolitan School of Cosmetology in Pine Bluff where she earned her cosmetology license. She attended Southeast Arkansas College (SEARK) before transferring to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) where she will graduate in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

While at SEARK, Savage was inducted into Pi Theta Kappa, the highest national academic honor society established at a 2-year institution and she also served as president of the chapter. At UAPB she was a Sigma Tau Delta English Honors inductee.

Savage is the mother of two children; Brea Holloway and Jordan Racy and is engaged to Lafayette Woods, Jr.

Heat Exclusive: New Orleans Gives Birth To Female Rap Artist G Baby

Saturday, January 18th, 2014




In life, we are often blessed with one great talent per family. Other times, the lineage reproduces itself. In New Orleans, a city rich in musical and cultural history, it gives birth to several creatives. Particularly, The Heat Magazine is honored to share the story of “G Baby” with our readers. She represents and continues a musical legacy started by her father, Warren Mayes. Mayes, a New Orleans rap pioneer and club promoter, was instrumental in the development of the hip hop and bounce scene in New Orleans. Years later, the world is blessed to hear from “daddy’s little girl.”


The Heat Magazine: How long have you been rapping?

G Baby: I started at the age of 13.

The Heat Magazine: What type of artists inspire you?

G Baby: My inspiration comes from my father Warren Mayes who was known as a legend of bounce music. His number 1 hit record, “Get It Girl” in the early 90’s paved the way for me. After being around the industry, I decided that’s what I wanted to do.

The Heat Magazine: What’s your vision as an artist?

G Baby: As an artist I would like my fans to look at me as a young professional who worked hard to get where I am today. I want people to know my work all over the United States.

The Heat Magazine: What’s the title of your hottest single?

G Baby: The title of my hottest single is ”Get it Girl”. It’s a new version. It’s taking off on radio. My inspiration behind the remix is to let the ladies on their grind know to get it by any means.

The Heat Magazine: What separates you from other female artists?

G Baby: I’m not trying to be like any other artist. My flow is natural and laid back. I keep it 100.

The Heat Magazine: What are some of your hobbies?

G Baby: Some of my hobbies are playing basketball, performing, shopping, rapping, and being a wonderful mother to my 2 year old son Cash.

The Heat Magazine: Describe your style.

G Baby: My style is my own. I am myself. I’m original. I thank all older females that paved the way. I have performed at most of the clubs in New Orleans and surrounding areas.

The Heat Magazine: Tell us about some experiences between you and your father.

G Baby: My father was a hardworker and whatever he did, he gave his all. Watching him made his daughter want to grind even harder and respect the hustle.

The Heat Magazine: How has living in New Orleans impacted your life and music?

G Baby: Living here in New Orleans makes you want to strive hard, work hard to make it in life. We are at the bottom of the map and some people feel that way about New Orleans people.

The Heat Magazine: Do you feel any pressure to walk in your father’s shoes as an artist?

G Baby: No, but I am thankful my father opened up doors for me.

The Heat Magazine: Education: How important is it? Did it affect your music career?

G Baby: Education is number one. Without knowledge, you have nothing. My music didn’t affect my schooling because I knew school had to come first.

The Heat Magazine: Community: How do you feel about it? How will you help?

G Baby: My community is still continuing to rebuild from Hurricane Katrina. I would like to be able to give back to the people who need it.

The Heat Magazine: Share something with your fans that only you could.

G Baby: Something I want my fans to know is to be true to yourself and keep God first. Prayers go up and blessings come down. Believe that.

For more information, contact Dion Norman at Contact G Baby on Twitter @

For booking contact 225-933-6716. Additional information contact @dreammgmt on Twitter.


Mr. Marcelo talks mixtape, Jetlife, and more.

Monday, December 9th, 2013


The Heat Magazine was able to have a “heart to heart” interview with Mr. Marcelo about his latest endeavors.

The former No Limit rap star is also the older brother of Curren$y.  Beyond coincidence, both brothers have been able to reach milestones of success in the music industry.  Mr. Marcelo’s latest release “Og Luv Dat Og” has proven to be a success and features Curren$y, Juvenile, Young Roddy, Ceto, 6 Shot, Wacko and more.  The tape is hosted by DJ Swu and is an official release from the Jetlife Never Die Corporation.

Download link:

The Heat Magazine wanted to keep all “Jet Lifers” and exclusive “Marcelo fans” aware of his latest efforts. From “Hey P-Poppers” to “Brick Livin” to “Return Of The Big Homie”  to “Say Dat” to “Scarface Remix”, Marcelo continues to grind it out with good music and real lyrics.

The Heat Magazine: You and Curren$y are brothers. Our readers want to know how did you both end up being heavy into hip hop?

Mr. Marcelo: We started out as “ygs” and being around music  so much, it came natural.

The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give to the new generation of artists in New Orleans and surrounding areas?

Mr. Marcelo: Social networks/websites make things a lot easier nowadays. So you have to take advantage of that.  Be yourself.  Fans want to hear about you and not what’s made up. Lies might go a long way but so does the truth.

The Heat Magazine: How important is education?

Mr. Marcelo: Education is super important. Knowledge is power, so you can’t keep yourself in a box. You have to expand your hustle. Education helps that.

The Heat Magazine: What’s your favorite New Orleans dish?

Mr. Marcelo: I like seafood.  Anything but oysters. Hahahaha.

The Heat Magazine: What’s your take on violence in New Orleans?

Mr. Marcelo: Honestly, violence never affected me in my lifetime because I saw it so much.  But it’s been eating me up lately because it’s innocent kids now. In my opinion, when you kill an innocent kid, you should turn yourself in. (Angrily) If I know you, the snitch law goes out the door. Period!

The Heat Magazine: You have a large fan base, are you in the process of touring?

Mr. Marcelo: I do several spot dates and I tour with Spitta (Curren$y) and the Jets also.

The Heat Magazine: Describe your style in a few words.

Mr. Marcelo:  I don’t have a style. I just talk “life experiences”. I spit game.  I don’t rap.

The Heat Magazine: What can we look forward to from you and the Jet Life Family?

M. Marcelo: Tours, merchandise, movies, documentaries and more.  It’s no limit to the cash money we are tying to get.

For more info, contact Mr. Marcelo at


Kid passes out marijuana brownies at school, 10 suspended

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A batch of marijuana-laced brownies led to the suspensions of nearly a dozen JCPS students. The incident happened on Wednesday at Eastern High School.

“It started from a child making some brownies, doing whatever he felt like doing to them and bringing them to school,” said Crystal Fuller, a parent whose child is one of the suspended students.

Fuller claimed her son ate part of a brownie but did not know it was laced with pot. “He looked like he was stoned,” said Fuller.

Shelly Stephens said her daughter also ate a portion of one of the brownies. “She wasn’t aware of the fact that there was marijuana in the brownie,” said Stephens.

The principal of Eastern High School told WAVE 3 that parents were immediately notified. Stephens took her daughter to a hospital. Fuller also sought medical help for her son.

The district confirmed that 10 or 11 students were suspended for eating the pot brownies.

“I am furious,” Fuller said, emphatically. “I feel like, how do you penalize a victim? Why weren’t the police called? Why wasn’t an ambulance called? Why wasn’t anything done except for, ‘we’re going to suspend your kid?'”

The principal told WAVE 3 that an on-site retired nurse helped students. The principal said an ambulance wasn’t called because it wasn’t considered an emergency situation.

“They need to get them back in school,” said Stephens. “That’s their education. These ten kids, as far as I’m aware of, they’re good kids.”

JCPS said the two parents and their suspended children are appealing the punishment.

The student who made the brownies was also suspended and could face criminal drug charges as a juvenile.

Getting to Know Mista Meana of Partners N Crime

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Life has a way of causing humans to perceive each other in ways that are sometimes a bit off centered.  In the entertainment field, it is quite a challenge to distinguish the true character of a star.  Due to the mysterious element that constantly grows as an artist reaches higher heights, some media companies and lay citizens often create their own definition of who an artist really is.  Detrimental or not, the buzz keeps spreading.  Generalizations and stereotypes continue and some questions remain unanswered.  The Heat Magazine places great enthusiasm on delivering in-depth interviews which accentuate the “realism” in the stars that share their business endeavors with us.  We had an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with Mr. Meana and get a closer look at his life, journey, and upcoming music.  With enormous success as one half of the acclaimed rap group, Partners -N- Crime, The Heat wanted to see what was on Meana’s mind and agenda.

The Heat Magazine: What’s your latest work that we can look forward to?

Mista Meana: Well my latest work is titled “WHO SAY I CANT RAP”.  It consists of 24 songs.   It is giving my audience a clear side of who I am as MISTA MEANA and no PNC haven’t broke up. (laughing out loud)

The Heat Magazine: What can we expect from, ‘Who Say I Cant Rap’?

Mista Meana: On this project you can expect my views on life as I see it from all levels: street, spiritual, clever, and witty side. I have a song with my 10 year old daughter AMARI on a song called “ROCK WIT US”. I also got my HITZ INTERNATIONAL fam on board. Outside of that I have JUVENILE on my single track with this up and coming star WHIT BANKS. It’s a well rounded mixtape but people that have heard it say that  it should be an album.

The Heat Magazine: As a member of Partners N Crime, how have you guys been able to remain successful and grow musically?

Mista Meana: Well me  and Kango are like brothers and we always put God first in all our endeavors. We respect each others boundaries and we allow each other their own space to create.

The Heat Magazine: Who inspires you as an artist?
Mista Meana: Any artist that’s CREATIVE and DIFFERENT. I love creativity straight up!!!!!!!

The Heat Magazine:
Since we’re on creativity, What’s your favorite dish?
Mista Meana: Red beans and rice with baked chicken (you know I gotta throw the chicken in it lol) and some fresh veggies.  BAM!
The Heat Magazine: How do you feel about education?
Mista Meana: Education is big because knowing is half the battle. The more you LEARN the more you GROW, education ain’t something just for our kids. It’s something we all should continue to seek. REMEMBER knowledge is power people.
The Heat Magazine: What’s your take on relationships and the music business?
Mista Meana: Well this MUSIC BUSINESS is built off RELATIONSHIPS. In this business today: who you know that they know so we can get this done. “BUSINESS” in a nutshell and RELATIONSHIPS make that happen.  BAM (laughing out loud)
The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give upcoming artists?
Mista Meana: Grind and stay FOCUSED on the prize and remember to put God first before moving. Try to continue to move forward even through all rejects, but remain POSITIVE throughout your STRUGGLES and you can make this a career.
The Heat Magazine: How do you feel about the current state of the music industry?
Mista Meana: I love where the music business is right now.  I didn’t a year ago, because I didn’t fully understand the change the business took when they left analog and went digital. But now that I overstand the nature of the business,  I can move much better now and so can any artist that is dedicated to making this out of a career.
The Heat Magazine: What makes Mista Meana so unique?

Mista Meana: I’mma  realist, I stand on what I believe to be real or what you would call reality.  I seek the truth and stand behind it and let that be my armor and God be my shield.

The Heat Magazine: Where are you from?

Mista Meana: I’m from my mothers womb (laughing out loud), but I claim HOLLYGROVE home of the best RAPPERS and you read it right RAPPERS with a “S”. (laughing out loud)
The Heat Magazine: What’s the biggest lesson you have learned in life or in music?

Mista Meana: That everything you see ain’t always what it is. Remember LIFE is the teacher we are just STUDENTS  in the class. And MUSIC is my LIFE.  It lets my voice LIVE FOREVER.

The Heat Magazine: I understand that you spend a lot of time in the studio and handling business affairs with HITZ International, what’s in the future for you as an executive?

Mista Meana: To make every ARTIST I work with MILLIONAIRES and more. More meaning becoming the best people they can BE.
The Heat Magazine: How do you feel about the New Orleans Saints?
The Heat Magazine:
How important is having balance in life?
Mista Meana:
Balance is harmony when dealing with LIFE because everything in your life needs attention or it dies.  The more you put on your plate, the more you gotta digest.  Then you wonder why you have heartburn. (Laughing out loud)
The Heat Magazine:
With the latest surge of violence in New Orleans, tell us how you feel about it.
Mista Meana:
MURDER IS BAD FOR BUSINESS. It’s BAD for our NEIGHBORHOODS, It’s BAD for our FAMILIES, It’s BAD for our PEOPLE as a WHOLE. If we learn to HATE the right things like I HATE MURDER, then and only then will this MURDER SPIRIT STOP. We must COMMAND it to not ASK it to.
The Heat Magazine:
What’s your definition of a group and loyalty?
Mista Meana:
A group is FAMILY. It’s two or more people sharing the EXACT same vision. It’s like they see themselves as one. Loyalty is a given if you plan to be a GROUP.
The Heat Magazine:
As a family man, tell us about some of your proud moments.
Mista Meana:

Meeting my beautiful wife and the births of all my wonderful daughters.  GOD is GOOD ALL  OF THE TIME.
Mista Meana’s mixtape is scheduled to be released March 21st.  The Heat Magazine will provide more information in the near future.
For more information concerning this article, contact Dion Norman at
For more information on Mista Meana, contact him @MRMEANA on Twitter or MRMEANA504@GMAIL.COM.

New York Worst Middle School Known As The School From Hell Teachers Are Attacked, Mugged, And Spat At

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Mouse droppings coat the surfaces, desks and computers. Trash cans lie overturned in classrooms. The floors are littered with thousands of spat out sunflower-seed shells.

MS 344, the Academy of Collaborative Education in Harlem, is New York’s worst-performing middle school. It is also known as the school from hell.

And the pupils are the worst part. They assault teachers, destroy the facilities and steal from each other in the halls. They are out of control.

Since last year the Department of Education has twice tried, and failed, to shut the school down.

One teacher found a used condom in her purse.

She told the New York Post: ‘It was literally war. I was pushed, shoved, scratched, thrown against the wall, spit on and pick-pocketed. I just wanted peace.’

MS 344 has been branded by the state a ‘persistently dangerous’ schools.

Last year just two of 88 eighth-graders passed the state’s exams for maths or reading.

The United Federation of Teachers and the NAACP both went to a Manhattan court to block the closure last week, arguing the Department of Education did nothing to fix the failing school. A judge is expected to make a decision soon.

Letters from staff to ex-Chancellor Joel Klein begged for Principal Rashaunda Shaw’s removal. Staff members complained Ms Shaw does not impose discipline or respect.

Staff say the principal is always late, never leaves her office and hired a sister-in-law and her boyfriend’s ex-wife.

Ms Shaw, 35, also hired former Staten Island Assistant Principal Odufuyi Jackson, a friend who was arrested in 2009 on felony charges that he conspired to steal more than $100,000 in Social Security. Last year he pleaded guilty to attempted fabrication of business records. He was demoted to teacher, but staff claim the principal also has him doubling as a dean.

A Department of Education spokeswoman said: ‘A number of allegations are being investigated.

One teacher told the Post: ‘It needs to be closed, closed, closed, because it’s an unsafe place for children. It’s heartbreaking that the small percentage who want to learn don’t get the education they deserve.’

It was also reported that one teacher was transferred after a student threatened to rape his wife.

Another teacher tried to stop a student from hitting him was accused of using ‘corporal punishment.’

A UFT spokesman said the union has met with MS 344 staff in the past year over safety and health fears, as well as alleged harassment from Ms Shaw. The union could cite no results from its effort.

Thais Mills: Creative, Talented & Special

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

The amazing & talented, Thais Mills

“Painting is how I relax from writing; I’ll never see it as work.” – Thais’ Mills

Creativity and talent go hand in hand – two attributes that not everyone can claim. Enter Thais’ Mills. Thais’ is an artist, New Orleans native, Hurricane Katrina survivor, friend, volunteer, sister, poet, literary advocate, and writer, who makes the world a better and certainly, more colorful and interesting place. She is most definitely creative and talented, among many other positives.

Her bookmarks, unique art and creativity have made Thais’ famous. Her strength and intelligence has given rise to her resilience, perseverance, sharp wit, and caring heart. If you have never had one of her bookmarks, you should request one. She distributes them freely and asks nothing in return, except that you help spread the important message that literacy is key and a must in our communities. Thais’ strives to do whatever it takes to get the word out about the importance of reading. After all, she got her start in the literary world while enjoying reading as a child. Thais’ understands the importance of education and artistic expression, as steps to empowerment.  She uses her connections to make this known.

Thais’ websites, and, are two very unique and interesting, interactive sites. Through her sites, she demonstrates her art and more importantly, her message. is a display of writing, interviews, and much more from the mind of Thais’ Mills. displays her beautiful, one of a kind handmade creations for the world to see. The home and office décor items available for purchase from Enticing Objects range from canvas creations, hand decorated jars and unique clips, to her worldwide known couture magnets.

“I’m so very happy to rub elbows with the ones who really make stuff happen – THE KIDS!”

Thais’ first demonstrated her artistic side in her pre-teen years. Those special talents have evolved into something almost indescribable. Today, Thais’ is a motivating mover and shaker in New Orleans, Houston and beyond. She volunteers a large portion of her time to give others a hand up in this world, including time spent at Volunteers of America. Thais’ created “Bookmark Bootcamp”, a fun outreach that serves kids ages 5-18 years old. “Bookmark Bootcamp” makes reading exciting and easier to approach and allows kids to experience the benefits of exploring the literary world. She will be taking her “I Love Literacy” clinic to a community center summer camp and a girl’s home in New Orleans, beginning on June 14, 2011.

Positive, motivating and special – that is Thais’ Mills.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I recently became the owner of a specially created couture magnet and I can attest that it is not only beautiful, but Thais’ creativity and thoughtfulness shows through in it – I asked her to create something she thought I would like and she did just that. When I received the package and pulled the magnet from the gorgeous gift wrap, I knew she had my personality pegged. It was perfect in every way! Make sure to visit to check out the one of a kind creations that are perfect for the home, office or gift giving.