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(NEW HEAT) JAYARSON & Skip drop the visuals to “Third Brick” (VIDEO)

Monday, October 22nd, 2018
New Orleans legend Skip & JAYARSON collaborate on “Third Brick” (produced by KMorGOLD)

If ever there was a super dope collaboration, Third Brick is it!

Hailing from Hollygrove, the legendary Skip of UTP and GhettoSlave fame joins New Orleans MVP JAYARSON on the visuals (and audio) of “Third Brick“, one of the cuts off JAYARSON’s “Foe Bricks” EP, available everywhere music is sold or streamed!

Watch/Comment/Share “Third Brick” and support two of New Orleans’ finest, not to mention Producer KMorGOLD!

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New Orleans based Division 1 members set to release solo mixtapes

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015


New Orleans, Louisiana based rap group Division 1 members, 1st Degree and J-Raw, are each set to release a solo mixtape in the next several months. Coming off the heels of the successful mixtape project “From the East to the 9”, Division 1 is looking forward to the future and what it holds. Set to begin merchandising apparel and other items in the next year, 1st Degree and J-Raw are climbing the ladder of success.

While you await their solo mixtapes, take a listen at their last project. You can stream it or download below.

Follow Division 1 on social media:

Instagram – @1st_Degree504 & @TheRealJRaw

Twitter – @1stDegreeMuzik & @EASTSIDE_RAW

You Tube –

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(NEW HEAT) Don Flamingo in ‘Slanguage’ (VIDEO)

Monday, April 21st, 2014


“From that Uptown to Downtown, to the Eastside to the West…..”

Epic New Orleans talent Don Flamingo (also known as EGMG‘s artist, “The Show) just released the visuals to “Slanguage”. In his usual fashion, he murders the track. This is one artist shooting to stardom so don’t say we never warned you! At the end of the day, he WILL be one of the greatest to ever spit a rhyme. Backed by super producer Mannie Fresh as well as a team of strong promoters and supporters, he is destined to go down in history.


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SMASH BRO CHEDDA: Get ready to meet him at the bank

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

“Everything I received in life came from hard work. Nothing is given these days. Creating a song is only one piece of the pie. Artists need to learn the recipe for the pie before they can eat.” – Chedda Mane a/k/a Smash Bro Chedda

Some rap artists live and breathe music. It’s in their blood and everything they do. Meet Chedda Mane of The Smash Brothers, hailing from New Orleans’ infamous 9th Ward. He also goes by the name, Smash Bro Chedda.

Chedda just dropped his first solo mixtape, “Meet Me At Da Bank” on February 21st and we hear it’s already garnering quite a few downloads – nothing less can be expected from an artist with a flow like Chedda. He lets loose a lyrical assault without missing a beat.

Working with legendary New Orleans based groups such as Partners N Crime and Black Menace, his talents are accentuated and brought to the forefront. Currently an artist off the HITZ International label, Chedda looks forward to his future in the music industry.

We recently caught up with Chedda and learned a lot more about him and what makes him tick:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about yourself.

CHEDDA MANE: My name is Anthony Satcher Jr. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and grew up in the Press Park area. As a member of Smash Brothers, I work overtime in the streets recording, performing, promoting, shooting videos, making appearances, and hustling. I grew up listening to the music of the legendary rapper Fila Phil which is where he based his ground work. Growing up in the mean streets of New Orleans, me and my brothers overcame the struggles of hustling in the streets, going to jail, and losing close friends to the violence that comes with living the lifestyle we live. I always had the hidden talent to rap, but never had the ambition to move forward and push my music. After reaching the goal of seeing large amounts of cash, having all designer clothes and shoes, jewelry, and the best cars, I was tired of losing close friends to the streets and the police always on the lookout for the lifestyle I was chasing to acquire all the finer things in life. Although I continued his hustle throughout the years, it wasn’t until 2009-2010 that I realized that making music was what I wanted to do.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You work with some true legends – Black Menace, Mr. Meana and Kango Slimm – how is being mentored by such true professionals and real lovers of their craft, worked to further your career?

CHEDDA MANE: Working with HITZ International has shown me the success you can create by dedication, hard work and most of all, teamwork. I have been exposed to many different aspects of the music industry. I am working with true legends. It’s an honor to have these opportunities. Beyond working with legends in the studio, we’re family. Meana is my big bro and J-Dawg – he’s like pops or the uncle who keep ya on ya shit. Kangol is just a human beatbox, hahahahha. I feel like I play for the Miami Heat.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What projects are you currently working on?

CHEDDA MANE: “Meet Me At Da Bank” is my first solo mixtape. The single from the project is titled, “Joe Gambino”. That project is being released in the first quarter of the year. I have some surprise remixes that are being released soon for the fans. I’m also working with Stackaman aka T-Stacks on a follow up from C.O.D. and I’m working on a deal for Smash Bros condoms and a high end clothing line.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: It’s obvious that you’re a hard worker. How do you believe hard work and grind can benefit artists?

CHEDDA MANE: That’s with anything you do in life. Everything I received in life came from hard work. Nothing is given these days. Creating a song is only one piece of the pie. Artists need to learn the recipe for the pie before they can eat.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Do you think the New Orleans music scene is hard to come up in and if so, what do you do to overcome the obstacles and hardships?

CHEDDA MANE: The New Orleans scene can be a tough crowd, but good, quality music can overcome everything. I have a good team behind me and a lot counting on me, so I stay focused on my music. I attend functions all over the U.S. and apply different knowledge I acquire through my music career.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where can we expect to see you in years to come?

CHEDDA MANE: Whatever God has planned for me, I am definitely prepared.  You can expect Smash Bros and HITZ International to be a household name, above all.


Monday, October 17th, 2011

From the Dec to Gwinnett, Downtown to the Mountain, Bankhead to Buckhead, East Point to the club joint, and even Alpharetta to making the Chedda, Cha`Lie Yung is doing the damn thing. The new mixtape single “Got Juice” with Cha`Lie Yung, Slim Dunkin, & Da Kid ft. Saint Orleans – IS GOING DOWN! The video is turning heads, from the east coast to west coast, from the north, and without a doubt, the south, rocking on youtube. With it’s hilarious opening and head bumping hook, “I got that jucie, juice…I got that juice, juice”, you too will be hooked. Another thing Cha`Lie Yung has on his side is the looks. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, there are a lot of nice looking brothers out here doing the rap thing, but Cha’Lie turns heads when he walks in a room. He has the wagga and the dagga.

Born and bred in the streets of St. Louis, Charles Fields, better known as Cha’Lie Yung, has been deeply involved in music. He was raised by his grandmothers who instilled in him the desire and ability to work hard. Having Chuck Berry as a Great Uncle set the stage for him to create great music. Cha’Lie Yung moved to Atlanta at the age of 11 and began writing music. The Atlanta music scene has set the mode for Cha’Lie to become a successful performer. Blending the southern sounds of ATL with the Midwest swag of St. Louis, enabled Cha’Lie to attract a wide audience. His music style can be compared to that of T.I., Ludacris, and Nelly.

Not surprisingly at all, our stalker girl, Nik-O-Licious, was able to catch up with this, very familiar to the game, ATL sensation. Here’s what they shared over a couple of Heineken’s and a few shots of Patron. And Nik-O-Licious is NOT a drinker…This should be real, real, good! LOL

***********************”I got that nuu nuu for you po poos, I’m a nuisance got a lose screw*********************

The HEAT: We know you moved down here to the ATL from St. Louis, what you miss from St. Louis?
YUNG: I just left St Louis doing a show up there for “”…What I miss, I miss that Chinaman and White Castle…(we laugh hard)
The HEAT: Yeah, it’s no Whitecastle down here.
YUNG: Naw, it’s Krystal’s…aint’ the same…too much mustard.

The HEAT: What’s it like being the legendary Chuck Berry’s great nephew?
YUNG: Oh man, he’s a wonderful young man. I’m blessed to be related to that guy. It’s cool. I met him when I was much younger on his Ranch in Missouri. Just rapping with him I found that we had a lot in common because we were both very musically inclined. I’ve been doing music all my life. From being in the band in school, marching band too. I started doing shows with stage bands of all sorts and concerts. Music has always been in my life.
The HEAT: So tell us, when did you first fall in love with rap music?
YUNG: I’ve always been a fan of the Easy E, Bone Thugs and Harmony and people of that musical generation. I started doing music professionally only a few years ago. But I would have to say that I just have always been in love with music rap, R&B, Jazz, all music.
The HEAT: We hear some Ludacris and Nelly in your music, that northern kind of thing. Did these guys influence you to take your music genesis to another level?
YUNG: I would yes. Not only them but also I’m a big fan of T.I., Lil Wayne, Jay-z, Busta Rhymes, these type guys in the industry.
The HEAT: So are we gonna hear some Busta kind of stuff coming from you?
YUNG: I can get down, now…(he smiles and licks his lips) I got some heat on my mixtape that’s dropping?
The HEAT: Do you think that rap music plays a significant role in the way BLACK America is portrayed?
YUNG: Depends on how you think about it. I guess my generation, we understand today’s music more than the generations before me when Hip Hop/Rap music first began; of course with an exception of you…(we laugh hard)
The HEAT: Do you feel that Hip Hop and Rap are two different genres of music?
YUNG: In a way. There’s Gangsta Rap then there’s Hip Hop. I’m a mixture of all of it.
The HEAT: So tell us how Cha`Lie Yung, Da Kid, Slim Dunkin, and SaintO all got together.
YUNG: I met Kid about a year and a half ago at an open mic. He had this record called “Fallacio” at the time. My DJ, DJ Kamilllion introduced me to him. I heard “Fallacio” and I was a fan instantly! I met up with Kid at the studio and Slim Dunkin was there. We did some stuff together and from then on we said we were going to work together. A few months later Slim came to DJ Kamillion’s record store and said we gone go to work. And the rest is history. We ended up with the record. He came, Kid knocked it out. Slim Dunkin, SaintO, and myself, we knocked it out and everything else is history.
The HEAT: I have to ask you, who is that beautiful woman that keeps interrupting the video shoot? (We laugh very hard. You gotta see the making of the video to understand.)
YUNG: (hysterically laughing) Man let me tell you. I guess she was a very big fan of “Got Juice” and she was determined to be in the video. So what the hell, we put her in the video…but your readers have to see the making of the video to get the full effect of her. She was cool though…we gave her some juice, but she was on some other kind of juice..that real juice…(we laugh)
The HEAT: What’s coming next for Cha`Lie Yung?
YUNG: Well I’m working on my mixtape right now that will be dropping mid February. I pushed it back because I want people to learn about Cha`Lie Yung. I been hitting these streets making sure people understand what Cha`Lie Yung gone offer so when the mixtape does drop, people gone know me. I can drop a mixtape tomorrow but if I haven’t done my leg work, it’s jut gonna be another mixtape out there. I want people to really know Cha`Lie Yung, so they will anticipate and appreciate my music when it drops.
The HEAT: Sounds like a man on a mission to me. So you got any shout outs?
YUNG: Yeah, I want to first thank God for my talent. What a blessing. I always thank my grandma Ruby Belcher and my dad, Darrell Wiley, who has always stood behind me. I wanna shout out to my dj, DJ Kamillion, my producer Wiz da Kid, my bois, DJ Scream, DJ Swoop Izzo, Money Rain, Hood Rich, Champ, “”, Joe, and everybody on the Cha`Lie Yung campaign. I want to shout out to my fans that’s been showing me love every since I dove off into this music thing. Without the fans, there would be no reason to do what I do. And I saved the best for last, I want to shout out to Nik-O-Licius and The Heat Magazine for giving me this opportunity to check them off my list…lol I couldn’t wait to get with you guys. You guys are opening up a significant zone for underground artist to be heard. Thank you Nik, it’s been a pleasure.
The HEAT: Wow! Thank you for recognizing the movement… and the pleasure has been all mine. We wish you the best of success and we don’t have a doubt you are opening all the doors to receive just that.

Fans can follow Cha`Lie Yung at: Facebook: Chalie Yung Twitter: @chalieyung Myspace: charlieboiatl Reverbnation: Chalieyung Youtube: Chalie Yung

In case you didn’t get the memo let me resend it out to you now:


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Tornado Hits Springfield, Massachusetts

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

A tornado struck the downtown area of one of Massachusetts’ largest cities Wednesday afternoon. No injuries were immediately reported.

Television news footage showed buildings Main Street with their top floors pulverized or sheared off. Video aired by WWLP-TV showed a debris-filled funnel roaring into downtown from the west, crossing the Connecticut River and tossing water and debris.

Thomas Walsh, a spokesman for Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno, told The Associated Press he was looking out his City Hall window around 4:30 p.m. when he saw the funnel.

The storm hit as workers were beginning to leave for the evening commute home. A tractor-trailer overturned during the storm on the Memorial Bridge leading to West Springfield.

Walsh said city officials rushed to the basement when the danger became apparent. He said he didn’t know of any injuries.

Damage at the city’s Cathedral High School included some blown-out windows, said Mark Dupont, a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Springfield. All the students are safe, he said.

The storm hit Springfield after a tornado watch was issued for much of the East Coast, including Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

Massachusetts state police got numerous reports of tornado sightings Wednesday, including in Springfield, Monson and Wilbraham.