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Heat Exclusive: Assata Renay Shares Love and Wisdom in “Handbook”

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

In life, there comes a time when the young mind shares wisdom with the old. Love is an enigma and the world continues to find the answer. Who knows the recipe for love? In the meantime, we continue to explore ways to express it. Music serves as a representative for those who experience it but still there’s no “Handbook” for it.

This resonating message comes from a promising songstress professionally known as Assata Renay. Her new composition “Handbook” is now available on all digital outlets.

When The Heat Magazine first heard this song, we found it necessary to give our readers an inside look on Assata.

Assata is a native of New Orleans. Music danced through her roots starting with her late grandfather who was a blues guitarist. The musical lineage continued with her mother and father both landing careers in the music industry.

Assata’s sound can be described as alternative Rhythm and Blues fusing together both harmonies and emotions to create the unique sound that she takes pride in calling her own.

“Whether it’s experiencing a live show or listening to a record, you will be taken on a journey of everyday life situations through the eyes of a Nola girl,” said Assata.

The Heat Magazine proudly presents this exceptional artist’s music to our readers. Be sure to add this great song to your Valentines Day playlist.

Find out more about Assata Renay by following her @assatarenay on Instagram.

Check out her heartfelt composition “Handbook” here:



Heat Exclusive Feature Series: ‘Behind The 1s and 2s’ with DJ Ro

Thursday, January 18th, 2018


Just like the elements earth, wind, and fire, it’s so easy to allow important cogs to be placed in the rear of our thoughts. Hip hop has evolved in a complex way but certain pieces stand the test of time such as deejaying, rhyming, entertaining, mixing, mastering, promoting, dancing, fashion, and producing.

The smooth blends accompanied by cutting and scratching intrigued hip hop aficionados and influenced fans to embrace a new culture. New Orleans gravitated to hip hop from the inception. As a result, the Big Easy cemented its place in hip hop history books as a hotbed filled with creatives. But where would hip hop be without the deejay or the rapper?

The Heat Magazine decided to feature a series “Behind the 1s and 2s” which takes our readers inside the lives of talented individuals who helped shape this thing we love known as hip hop.


We had the pleasure of sitting down with DJ Ro, WQUE mixologist, who serves as one of the pioneering mix show disc jockeys in New Orleans on urban radio. His contribution to New Orleans hip hop is esteemed and plays an integral role in the advancement of independent artists in the Big Easy and surrounding areas.

The Heat Magazine: Tell us about your first time spinning on a local station and what station it was.

Dj Ro: My first live radio audition spinning records was in September 1990 on WQUE FM 93 ( Q93). It was an awesome experience having hundreds of thousands of listeners hear your mixing music ability coming from the hood to the masses of your city and surrounding areas.

The Heat Magazine: When it comes to mixing, how important was that in your style?

Dj Ro: If you’re not mixing music, you’re doing an injustice to the art of DJing! Mixing, Blending, and Scratching are all important parts of being a seasoned DJ.

The Heat Magazine: What do you look for in a record?

Dj Ro: I look for a song beat as well as the quality to immediately catch my attention in the 1st four seconds. Then it’s the lyrical content, especially the hook and chorus, to be entertaining along with the style (swag) of the artist.

The Heat Magazine: How hard is it for a great deejay to break a record?

Dj Ro: That’s what makes a great DJ, A risk taker! The DJ’s job is to be a music messenger. If you don’t change the message, the game will stay the same without growth and be at a repetitious stand still. The people trust a great DJ’s judgment based on his/her experience. That’s what makes it easy to break records; even the not so good ones (laughing).

The Heat Magazine: What do you remember most about New Orleans that you wish was still going on?

DJ Ro: I remember the industry being fun and less hate to make it amongst Djs as well as artist! The crab mentality was always a factor but not to the level it is now; street level and even more so corporate level. I miss the Dj groups (RDS EXPRESS and HIGH FIDELITY) that I was once in. We had a true brotherhood.

The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give to upcoming deejays?

DJ Ro: My advice to upcoming DJs is to get with a pioneer DJ and get some knowledge on the art and history of deejaying, mastering your craft, humbleness, learning to spare your liver and relationship with all the temptation of the game, and most importantly put God first in all you do and know that what’s for you is for you.

The Heat Magazine: Deep! How important is it for a deejay to do parties, weddings, and clubs?

DJ Ro: It’s important to find a lane to go after: parties, weddings, clubs, mixtapes, radio DJ, etc; you have to have income coming in unless it’s just a hobby.

The Heat Magazine: What do you dislike about being a deejay?

DJ Ro: I dislike that the DJ is undervalued now, looked at as a non-priority add-on instead of the life of the party and the energy of an event.

The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give upcoming artists about making a song that deejays gravitate to?

DJ Ro: Make music all people can relate to or the demographic your trying to capture. Come out the gate with a high quality bangin’ beat. Put your heart and all into your music!

The Heat Magazine: What can we expect from you in 2018?

DJ Ro: New purposeful platforms that I can showcase my talent and be amongst like minded artist and entrepreneurs.

Follow DJ Ro @djro504 on Instagram.

Check out DJ Ro’s compilation of Nola hip hop here:

HEAT EXCLUSIVE-Louisiana Hip Hop Undeniable in 2014

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

In a state where talent is plentiful, it is easy to miss out on some of the musical gems created in Louisiana. The Heat Magazine wanted to consolidate a few of the undeniable musical treats that we were blessed with in 2014. In no particular order, be sure to check out the body of work presented in this feature article.



Kevin Gates “By Any Means” took the nation by storm and served as a precursor to his global tour. #IDGT


Line Dance and Two-Step owes so much to Cupid. Cupid’s
“Wham Dance” rocks audiences with the assistance of Mystikal and WQUE’s mixologist DJ Ro.


When Hollywood Hatch aka Boosie Bad Azz touched down, he showed the world alongside his rhyme partner Webbie. This mixtape cements his return.


Devious links up with Kevin Gates over a BlaqnMild banger.  This “You Sleep Out Here” collaboration was unexpected, flooded radio,  and continues to resonate. Many feel the remix is even better. Devious also released “Life Is What You Make It” which is produced by Cise HD. Check ITunes for singles and remixes.


Lil Cali aka Cali Pachino returns with another banging mixtape featuring Young Dolph, Mouse, Kevin Gates, Wale, Juvenile, and more. The Travis James/UTP artist continues to flourish.


Juvenile shakes things up and reconnects with Cash Money/Rich Gang/YMCMB on a new deal and a new single thus far.


On a Niyo/S-80 Track, the seventh ward emcee, Young Greatness, makes noise and lands a deal with Atlantic. “Buku” was a 2014 collab banger that flooded radio.


In the midst of celebrating the release of Boosie, Webbie returns with a 12 cut banging mixtape. Trill Entertainment is on the move.


As the world impatiently waits for Carter V, Weezy and Flow drop an ambient banger. The world wants C5. The Heat will keep you posted as more news becomes available.  Flow also has a new hit, “I Do”, produced by Niyo of Flight School featuring Nino Wavey.

photo (3)

Super New Orleans producer BlaqnMild links up with the Colonel Master P, Ace B, Calliope Var, Popeye, Romeo, and more. No Limit Forever is forever it seems. Search Youtube for new hits like “Bout it, Bout it” and “Fast Money”. Under the new moniker, “Money Mafia”, this Nola squad is on deck for 2015.


Fiend is one of the hardest working artists in the game. With hits like On My Job, Lil Ghetto Boy, and more, Sleepy Jones stays on the grind dropping bangers and collabs. Visit for his latest releases.


Luca Brasi 2 picks up where Luca Brasi left off. Kevin Gates does it again. The world will eventually hear an Atlantic album but in the meantime the Heat Magazine suggests our readers enjoy his current body of work.

Although there are several artists in Louisiana, the Heat Magazine highlights a few of the artists who have taken it up a notch in 2014. Stay tuned for follow up coverage on the musical mecca known as the “Boot”. Atlanta artists are noteworthy as they have stayed consistent all year. From the looks of it, Louisiana is back on fire. 2015 will be an intriguing year in urban music.






Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


Friday September 20th in New Orleans at The Howlin’ Wolf, WQUE’s (Q93FM) legendary DJ Ro will kick off his birthday. Ro “DJ Ro” Watts links up with host DJ Slab One while Dj Hektik will accompany him on the wheels of steel.

One might assume a great party is satisfactory but the iconic mixologist has a plethora of great New Orleans hip hop artists scheduled to rock the stage.  Juvenile, Dee-1, Skip, Young Gabe, Crix Green, Shorty, Dank, Merk, Audyo Dope, Demplz, Nino Purp, and more will bless the microphone at this memorable event.

DJ Ro is one of the most influential mixologist in New Orleans. He broke down barriers as he became the first African American deejay to mix urban music on WQUE.  Since then, he has dedicated more than twenty years of service to mix show radio and specialty 5 o’clock mixes.  Being a stakeholder and philanthropist, DJ Ro organizes back to school events and supports needy families and children during the holiday season.

The Heat Magazine is excited about the event and wanted our readers to be aware.  DJ Hektik and DJ Slab One are also well known deejays at WQUE that support the essence of local hip hop in the Crescent City.  Call 504-617-3902 to purchase your tickets.  Be sure to attend and witness a party and concert that will invigorate the hip hop community.  For more information contact Dion Norman or Dream Management at:

Commercial Link:

Check out DJ Hektik G’z & Souljas Virgo Mix





Saturday, January 21st, 2012

The Heat has featured the legendary DJ Ro several times and given the fact that he’s been helping put the world’s best music on the map for over 21 years, we selected him as HEAT DJ OF THE MONTH.

Ro is a superstar in his own right, but you wouldn’t know it to meet him. He’s about as humble as they come. Yet when he’s not broadcasting music to the masses, he’s working on something to make the world around him a better place.

Whether it’s working with his foundation giving back to the community in big ways, or working with one of his business ventures, Ro is making a difference. From the Stop the Violence Campaign, to the Easter, Back to School, Thanksgiving, and Christmas giveaways, he is most definitely setting an example for all of the entertainment industry to follow.

Music is his life and he serves it up on a daily basis. The Heat Magazine salutes you, DJ Ro! Keep up the great work!

You can check DJ Ro out on the world famous Q93 or on his website at

DJ KUTT MASTER SLIMM: Energizing the Music World

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

“Get yo music game up on dis ting ting.” – Definition DJ Kutt Master Slimm

Meet DJ Kutt Master Slimm – born and raised in New Orleans’ 9th Ward, he is a prime example of the talent derived from that section of New Orleans.

Kutt Master Slimm began his career at the tender age of 14, starting out with a group of DJs called “The WolfPack” – a group that included infamous DJs Wild Wayne and DJ Slab 1, both of New Orleans’ most popular urban station, Q93.

When Kutt Master Slimm turned 18, he joined the group “High Fidelity” with his mentor and best friend, World Famous DJ Ro. That pivotal point in Kutt Master Slimm’s career sealed his fate as a rising star in the hip hop world.

Kutt Master Slimm is a true mixologist who is affiliated with the Definition DJs, but he is also a businessman in his own right.

CEO of Kruga House, Inc., Kutt Master Slimm is also a producer and composer who recently dropped a highly anticipated mixtape that made its debut Bayou Classic weekend. One of the singles on Kutt Master Slimm’s mixtape is “Good Game”, a hot song by New Orleans’ own Big Ramp featuring Willie. Kutt Master Slimm produced “Good Game” and it is currently getting spins on Q93.

Kutt Master Slimm also serves as producer for a plethora of other artists out of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, California, and even Moscow, Russia. He is a true example of what DJs and producers do to take music worldwide – literally.

You can check Kutt Master Slimm out weekly during his internet radio show on His show is called “Da Broila Room” and it airs Mondays at 8 p.m. CST.

The Heat recently caught up with DJ Kutt Master Slimm and we are proud to be able to let our readers hear from him:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What sets your music apart from others?

DJ KUTT MASTER SLIMM: My attribute in music is to relax the soul with my sounds and styles and to give people a unique flavor.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: If you weren’t into music, what would you be doing?

DJ KUTT MASTER SLIMM: If I was not into music, I’d be lost (LAUGHS). No, I would probably be a chef.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where do you see hip hop headed in the next 10 years?

DJ KUTT MASTER SLIMM: I see hip hop headed into a new atmosphere, but I wish it would go back to songs with meanings.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What projects do you currently have in the works?

DJ KUTT MASTER SLIMM: Right now, I’m working on my mixtape, “Spinn City”, plus projects for Big Ramp,Macniffy,Tim Thugga,Big Nounk, & Lil Pocasset, just to name a few – five albums and seven mixtapes.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What advice do you have for younger DJs just starting out?

DJ KUTT MASTER SLIMM: To keep reaching for your goals and don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t make it happen. Always put God in everything you do and your blessings will come forward.

EDITOR’S NOTE: DJ Kutt Master Slimm is yet another example of the endless talent coming out of the New Orleans, Louisiana area. Make sure to check out and support his music on Reverb Nation at or get at him on Twitter – @kuttmasterslimm.

Last Day to Submit Essays for Laptop Giveaway

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Today is the deadline for kids grades 5-12 to submit their essays for the 2011 Laptop Give-A-Way from the Don’t Even Trip DREAM Foundation. Click below for more information:

The Heat Magazine is a proud supporter of all that this foundation does for the community. If you are interested in volunteering your resources, please make sure to let them know!

DJ Ro & LBJ: ‘News With A Twist’

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

It’s no secret that we here at The Heat are huge fans of New Orleans’ own, DJ Ro. It’s even less of a secret that we love to feature artists and business people who may not always receive the credit they so rightly deserve – just take a look at any of the features done by Nik-O-Licious, Shai Rell and myself, and you’ll know we are proud of the trailblazers who well represent their various walks of life. It seems that other media outlets are finally taking notice and showcasing those who deserve it – and we couldn’t be happier for those who are finally getting their due time in the spotlight.

DJ Ro is credited with helping put New Orleans’ unique style of rap music on the map. He was spinning records that no one else would, when the music first hit the scene. He helped introduce the positive side of New Orleans to the world of urban music.

In addition to the music, Ro is a well known philanthropist, always helping with one cause or another throughout the New Orleans area. He is special indeed and he continues to make innovative moves with the gifts with which he has been blessed.

It is because of the groundbreakers such as Ro that urban music has moved into the mainstream. Just a short while ago, it was unheard of for a newscast to integrate urban music and art into its format, but that is just what is being done by New Orleans’ ABC affiliate WGNO Channel 26.

WGNO recently launched an interactive news program called News With A Twist and none other than DJ Ro was selected to do their opening. WGNO gets it – they have realized that inclusion of the urban audience is not only profitable for its bottom line, but it’s the right thing to do. The rest of the world might want to take notice, because this is a good thing WGNO has done – and it will surely be rewarded for this bold move.

News With A Twist is anchored by veterans Susan Roesgen and LeBron “LBJ” Joseph. The move to use a well known DJ such as Ro was so prolific that we needed to know more. The Heat recently had an opportunity to talk to both Ro and LBJ about their roles in the movement. Check it out:

Interview with DJ Ro

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Mainstream media is finally taking notice of the influence that music, particularly the Hip Hop genre, has on the world. How does it feel to know that you’re a huge contributor to the notice that’s being taken?

DJ RO: I feel like it’s an accomplishment for Team Hip Hop. It was a time when they said Hip Hop wouldn’t last and now we’re – meaning DJs, Musicians, and others – branding major products and companies. I feel accomplished to display the love for my craft and be a part of the growth of more than two decades of the Hip Hop culture.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: It looks like the commercial for “News With A Twist” was a lot of fun to make. Tell us about that.

DJ RO: It was quite an experience. I’ve been in radio for 21 years now and have been in many studios. The set for WGNO’s News With A Twist is very unique in representing New Orleans culture. I was privileged to be on the same set as one of my mentors, LBJ. It’s ironic. I actually watch News With A Twist. The staff of WGNO was creative and cool to work with while filming the segment. We were equally excited to implement a DJ Scratch segment amongst some of our fellow musicians, shout out to Trombone Shorty.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us how you put your mixologist skills to work for the commercial.

DJ RO: My vision was to incorporate the News With A Twist theme song as well as LBJ’s voice-over and the original scratch sound effect. I incorporated the three elements to one sound. I connected LBJ’s voice-over to the original scratch effect and cut, scratched, transformed, and twisted the bit over the instrumental simultaneously. The bartenders mix drinks, the DJs mix music – oh boy!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What’s up next for DJ Ro and DREAM  Management?

DJ RO: As for DJ Ro, I will continue to push the envelope and find ways to stay fresh and exciting in this music business. I would like to be a positive example for upcoming DJs and entertainers to shoot for the stars. Most importantly, use the power of influence for positive causes as well as entertainment. Collaborating with Dream Management, Ms. LaJoan Williams is one of my proudest collaborations. I always express to artists how important it is to have representation and infrastructure for your company. We are only scratching the surface with the cutting edge promotions – a lot more to come!!!

Interview with LBJ

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: We asked Ro how it feels to be a part of a movement wherein mainstream media finally recognizes the influence Hip Hop has on the world. You’ve made a huge contribution yourself – how does it feel to see decades of work come to fruition?

LBJ: It feels great to know that this generation’s music and artisans are getting recognized.  This music has influenced America, very much so like Motown did in the 60’s, and possibly more.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Do you feel that DJ Ro has had an impactful role in the New Orleans Hip Hop Scene? If so, how?

LBJ: Ro is a giant in the New Orleans Hip Hop Scene.  Ro is the longest-reigning mix jock in the history of New Orleans radio and he’s still going strong. His influence over the sound of both the national titled he’s played over the years, combined with the exposure he’s given countless artists over the years is unmatched.  And, of course, that boy can play!  He shows that everyday on Q-93.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Being that you played a major role in launching DJ Ro’s radio career, where would you like to see him in the next 5 years?

LBJ: I would love to see Ro continue his role in shaping the music scene in New Orleans, as well as his continued development in helping the youth of New Orleans realize their dreams.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How does it make you feel to know DJ Ro speaks greatly of you?

LBJ: I’m humbled and honored, but I really only helped him to start the journey. The fact that he’s continued to persevere, grow and develop is a testament to him, not me. I’m definitely happy that he’s continued to recognize the blessing and that he helps it flourish.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about “News With A Twist”.

LBJ: News With a Twist is another blessing in my journey, in that over the years we’ve been able to communicate the day’s events through radio. NWT is a vehicle that does the same thing in another venue. Hopefully, NWT also helps to open the doors for others in the radio arena to branch out and do the same. New Orleans radio is a talented bunch, but we could all flourish in other environments, if given the opportunity.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: The commercial with DJ Ro is a great representation of the city’s Hip Hop culture. How will “News With A Twist” represent different aspects of the city?

LBJ: We do our best to represent the many rich cultural elements of the New Orleans gumbo. From music, to art, to politics, to education, to neighborhoods, we do our best to be that visual magazine daily.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Heat salutes both LBJ and DJ Ro for all that they have done, and continue to do on a constant basis. They have not only helped put New Orleans and Louisiana on the map in a positive way, but they continue to be role models to everyone. News With A Twist airs weekdays at 6 p.m. CST on WGNO Channel 26 in New Orleans. LBJ is live on the radio Monday thru Saturday from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on 106.7 FM or online at You can keep up with DJ RO on Facebook: and on Twitter – @djrowatts504.

Behind the Scenes with DJ RO on the News with a Twist set. from TTNO Creative Services on Vimeo.

DJ RO’s NWT Appearance w/LBJ & Susan reactions from TTNO Creative Services on Vimeo.

DJ RO id and bumper from TTNO Creative Services on Vimeo.

DJ Ro: ‘The Real Swag of New Orleans’

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

The 2011 Essence Festival begins July 1st and runs through July 3rd. During that time, thousands of vendors will hit the City of New Orleans in order to push their wares. Among those will be Verizon Wireless, one of the largest communications companies in the world. New Orleans’ own, DJ Ro Watts will be front and center for that event.

Ask anybody who’s anybody in the entertainment industry, and they can attest that DJ Ro is a legend from way back in the day. He is well known due to his lengthy career at New Orleans’ premier hip hop station, the world famous Q93, and he has had quite a career in his own right. He is also loved and respected for his charitable efforts in and around the City of New Orleans.

Entreprenuer, philanthropist, music lover, and world class DJ, DJ Ro has done it all. He has also helped to push New Orleans and Louisiana music to the forefront of the industry and is one of the hard working men in the business. Because of that, DJ Ro has earned the respect of artists and others in the industry, both young and old.

The Heat Magazine caught up with DJ Ro recently and here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You are one of the most well known, legendary DJs in the business. Tell us what drives you in that career?

DJ RO: I always had a passion for music. Growing up, music was a big part of my household. My father was a musician and my older siblings religiously played music everyday, getting ready for school and work. Following my family tree, we had a long list of musicians and music lovers. My passion for Djing started in the 9th ward at the local skating rink, “Skateland”, on Soul Night Wednesday featuring: Slick Leo, Slick Mike, LBJ, and MC Action Jackson. Slick Leo was on the turntables mixing Teena Marie – “Square Biz”. He scratched and mixed the record from the beginning over and over. It was the most amazing sound I ever heard; from that moment, I knew I wanted to be a Disc Jockey. What drives me to continue to pursue the music business is entertaining people and watching them let their hair down and live life. I like being a part of people partying and being happy. I now realize that being a legendary DJ, I can use my influence in a positive way. It very rewarding!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You support New Orleans music to the fullest and you have single handedly had a tremendous impact on the advancement of it – what are your plans for the future to keep the N.O. brand out there?

DJ RO: My contributions to the New Orleans music scene is the role I played in the accomplishments of our Local turned National Artists. Shouts out to No Limit Records, TRU Records and Cash Money Records. My radio show entitled “Club 93”on WQUE FM, New Orleans’ Q93, gave me the freedom to premiere records from the aforementioned labels when no one else would listen. I have released music compilations entitled, “The Greatest Rap Hits From Down South” Vol. 1 & 2, “DJ Ro Presents The Dirty South Boyz” and also “The Swag Of  New Orleans” CD-DVD, celebrating my 20th Year Anniversary. These projects display our seasoned talent as well as new talent and assist our artists in getting worldwide notoriety. I am currently working on adding volumes to “The Dirty South Boyz” and dropping “N.O. Street Heat” volumes. I also committed a page on to feature artists on the “HARDHITTERS” page. To summit music of all genres, MP3 to

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about your Don’t Even Trip Entertainment and the DET DREAM Foundation?

DJ RO: Don’t Even Trip Entertainment is my mobile DJ company. I provide a DJ service for all occasions. For inquiries, contact

The foundation manifested from my personal growth and realization to do my part and assist the efforts in making a difference. Our mission statement is to use our power of influence through entertainment to make a positive impact in communities. Our vision is to encourage others to stand for a cause. Annually, we give Back to School Events, Thanksgiving Turkey Give-away, Adopt Families for Christmas, and Easter Egg Hunt, as well as Breast Cancer Awareness, Feed the Homeless campaigns, Teacher Appreciation functions, and our efforts in Increasing the Peace. We actively host and partner with other foundations to embrace positive change and stay active in causes. For photos and more info, please visit

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about your role in the upcoming Essence Festival.

DJ RO: This year for the 2011 Essence Music Festival, I am privileged to team up with Verizon Wireless in the Convention Center for their “A- List Experience”, where a new product will be launched. I’ll be in the Convention Center all three days enjoying the A-List Experience with appearances by Miguel, Boyz To Men, Charlie Wilson, and Pooch Hall from the TV show “The Game”, just to name a few. Come holla at cha boy, DJ Ro A.K.A Ro Watts, Q 93 Boyzz.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What can we expect from DJ Ro in the future?

DJ RO: I pride and challenge myself in growth. With God’s grace, I plan to continue my entrepreneur endeavors and expand my companies to greater heights and display to the world positive balance between man, music and our divine purpose to live a fulfilled life.


Check out the legendary DJ Ro at the links below and make sure if you attend the 2011 Essence Festival in New Orleans July 1st thru 3rd, stop by the Verizon Wireless to support his endeavors.

(EXCLUSIVE) Interview with The Flossaholic Himself, Big Ramp (VIDEO)

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Kenneth "Big Ramp" Wade

“Big Ramp is an innovative lyricist. I have been a fan, as well as a supporter, ever since he was on Soul Train back in the ‘G’. His hit single, “Respect My Mind,” shows his compassion for success. The “Good Game” single is a good feel song, just in time for Summer!” – The Legendary DJ Ro

He’s host of the hit show ‘Phat Phat n’ All That, one of the most popular and longest running hip hop television shows in the country. He’s a songwriter, actor, radio personality, and social media star – and his lengthy resumè even includes pro wrestler. He’s probably been photographed on more red carpets, with more celebrities than just about any other celebrity in this country. Who does this describe? If you know anything about the Down South music game, You Tube or New Orleans’ own Q93, you know this is Big Ramp.

FLOSSAHOLIC: One who is addicted to reppin’ his ice (i.e. chains, rings, bracelets, stunna shades, etc.) (

The self-described flossaholic is most definitely a force to be reckoned with – he’s had the lyrical game tied down for a hot minute – and he’s taken the role of TV host to a whole other level.

The Heat Magazine was fortunate enough, in conjunction with Ms. LaJoan Williams of DREAM MANAGEMENT, to catch up with Big Ramp long enough to cop an interview. Suave and debonair, Big Ramp killed the interview in his usual style:


You can follow Big Ramp & Phat Phat n’ All That at:!/BIGRAMP504!/bigramp