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Rock films ‘Family First’ video in Hollygrove

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014


This past weekend, Eastside Hollygrove’s own Rock filmed the visuals to his new single, “Family First”. True to the title, family & close friends made cameos in the video. The video was filmed by 11th Ward Nick (Of UnkFilms).

Rock is a member of Rue Rois Music group Da U Boys, as well as being a solo artist & #0017th member.

Stay tuned for the video, set to debut in the coming weeks. Follow @uboyrock17 on Instagram.

HEAT MIXTAPE ALERT: ‘Follow Every Dream’ by Devious

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Legendary New Orleans rapper (the “freestyle king” himself) Devious just released “Follow Every Dream”, a mixtape that speaks on just that – following your dreams.

It’s an enlightening project to say the least. Produced by Cise HD (production genius “Precise”), “Follow Every Dream is poised to set download records. With features from the Who’s Who of New Orleans’ indie artists, it is a “don’t miss” for your collection. It is also an eclectic/soulful mixtape that is sure to catch a variety of listeners’ attention. It features Jet Life rapper Fiend, UTP recording artist Lil Cali, Cise HD, Rock from Da U Boys, TNC Torcha, Madgesty Sozey, and many more prolific artists from New Orleans.

Devious is a 2013 Ascap Songwriter Award winner and well known for not only his lyrical ability, but his unbelievable moves in the industry. Cise HD is widely known for his production of “Here I Go” by Mystikal and all of the other classic artists on Big Boy Records.

Follow Devious on Twitter: Deviousontwitt
Follow Cise on Twitter: @CISEHD

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(NEW MUSIC) Devious featuring Rock in ‘Crabs in the Bucket’

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013


New Orleans rapper Devious leaks first single from his upcoming mixtape, Follow Every Dream.” Devious links up with Rockshot of Da U Boys on this fire track produced by Cise HD.





“Crabs in The Bucket”

 Download Here

Devious Leaks First Single “Crabs In The Bucket” from upcoming mixtape, “Follow Every Dream”

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Check out new single by Devious feat Rockshot of Da U Boys. “Crabs in The Bucket” was produced by Cise HD.

Follow Every Dream Cover Design Web Version










Download link below:


Thursday, April 18th, 2013

The Heat Magazine takes a closer look at some of the  “draft pick” artists from New Orleans.  Periodically, we will showcase the latest endeavors of these talented emcees as they create bodies of work for our readers and their fanbase.  Although several artists are bubbling on the music scene in the Crescent, The Heat Magazine breaks it down for our readers and allow you the opportunity to gain more information on New Orleans’ plethora of talent. We are certain you will recognize the uniqueness and gifts in New Orleans’ 21st century artists as we bring them to your attention through our anayltical features.

First up is Rock (Rockshot), one-third of the well-known, award winning group Da U Boys.  Rock is a versatile/lyrical visionary with range to appear on eclectic music but often finds his niche in reality based street music.  Lately, he has been doing several features, working on solo mixtape, and continuing the successful grind with 17th Snoop, Hick Louch, and Strait Jigg.  He has also worked on 0017th project with Nesby Phips and Reem.

Rockshot of Da U Boys

Rockshot of Da U Boys














Next up is TNC Torcha of the TNC Boys.  Torcha has been releasing epic short-film solo videos, doing features, and continuing his successful grind with Hollygrove Mikey, his rhyme partner.  Torcha is a lyrical visionary who often provides social commentary on real life issues.  Be on the look out for his feature work as well as a continuation of video releases.

TNC Torcha

TNC Torcha














Next up is Jimi Clever.  Jimi is a lyrical visionary as well and he offers a talented and unique skill set.  The subject matter is not the same “old” warmed over soup.  He is comfortable in presenting his Audio Journals mixtape series while accentuating social commentary and real life issues.  His latest Audio Journals 5 mixtape was recently released.  Be sure to get your copy.  Clever is far from a let down.

Jimi Clever

Jimi Clever












For More Information contact Dion Norman at or @deviousontwitt.









































Currensy, Da U Boys, Nesby Phips, and 3D Na’Tee nominated for Best of The Beat Awards-Special Review

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

We, the members of the press, often overlook raw talent and tend to acknowledge artists that have already arrived.  Maybe it is due to “timeliness” and “relevance” from a publisher’s perspective.  Maybe it is due to being out of touch with what is really going on in our urban communities.  When this happens, we the media, can send a subjective message to the audience and slightly force “public opinion”.  As a music journalist, it is imperative to keep an “ear” to the streets.  The Heat Magazine works hard in delivering the story that goes into the depths of the urban community rather than rely on the superficial.

On January 18, 2013, Offbeat Magazine will be hosting and announcing its Best of The Beat Awards at the Generations Hall in New Orleans.

As it relates to hip hop, Dee-1 is nominated for Best Artist.  In addition, Da U Boys, are nominated for Best Rap/Hip Hop Artist along with Currensy, 3D Na’Tee, Dee-1, and Nesby Phips.  One may question how does Dee-1 get nominated for Best Artist among names like Trombone Shorty and The Soul Rebels and then receives a nomination for best Rap/Hip Hop Artist.  Currensy has been nominated for best rap album or mixtape along with Nesby Phips and Reem, 3D Na’Tee, Dee-1, and LG.


Currensy is the only artist who released a national release out of this group.  One might argue why is he not nominated for Best Artist considering he reached #2 on BillBoard for rap albums the week “Stoned Immaculate” was released.







As a music enthusiast, I am elated about all of the nominees.  However, the truest victory concerning nominees is Da U Boys, a rap trio coming out of Hollygrove area of New Orleans. Why? This is their first Offbeat nomination and it comes behind winning “Best Rap Album” at the NOLA Hip Hop Awards held in October at the Joy Theater in New Orleans.  After more than a half-dozen mixtapes and a debut album “Tha Shutdown”, this group has persevered through the politics of the music industry.  Da U Boys were recently cosigned by Waka Flocka on Twitter after releasing their compilation mixtape, “The Rise of The Last Dynasty”.432152_10151069069574720_185852041_n










As mentioned earlier, a journalist has to go beyond the superficial list and dig deep into the streets to discover the rawest talent an urban community has to offer.


Hollygrove-Aint-Enough-e1345055936869Nesby Phips and Reem are another hip hop group fortunate enough to make the short list for Best Rap Album or Mixtape.  Lately, the brand “OO17th” has been appearing online in a series of freestyle videos cosigned by Currensy and Mack Maine.







3D’Natee is also on the list for Best Rap Album or Mixtape.  She recently raked in many awards at the NOLA Hip Hop Awards for “The Coronation” Her latest collaboration is with the Ghetto Twiinz “Bloodline”.








Ultimately, the fans and supporters will decide the award recipients.  Although we are excited for all nominees, it is truly time to put in more research within our hip hop community instead of consolidating most hip hop artists in two or three categories based on “not really knowing” what’s going on in the “hood”.  It’s so easy to contact music industry stakeholders but instead some press members rely on their superficial understanding of hip hop.  This only distorts the culture and creates animosity within the industry.  Make sure to cast your vote for the artist of your choice in the midst of it all.

Da U Boys on Deck for 12-12-12 with new release, “Rise Of The Last Dynasty”

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

After a successful showing on their August release, “The Last Dynasty”, Rue Rois Music and Da U Boys continue the grind with upcoming compilation installment, “Rise of The Last Dynasty”.
The Heat Magazine will keep you posted on the Rue Rois movement. 2012 has proven to be a busy year for Da U Boys. The trio has claimed Nola Underground Hip Hop accolades two years in a row in the midst of releasing their debut album, “Tha Shut Down”. After two singles, “Pick It Back Up” and a collaboration with Devious, “Bring it Over Here,” gained favorable airplay on WQUE, Da U Boys took it to the streets and have not come up for air it seems.  Now, they release a consolidation containing all of their artists.





For leaks and updates, see  Da U Boys at or

Contact Dion Norman at


NOUE releases epic anniversary edition mixtape – ‘Heart of the City’

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

The New Orleans Union of Entertainment (NOUE) has done it again, this time with its release of the anniversary edition mixtape, “Heart of the City“.

Make sure to check out the free download from the South’s premiere force, the NOUE. Follow them on Twitter – @NOUE1 & @Deviousontwitt. For more information, email NOUE president, Dion Norman at

1. Intro
2. Our Father- Devious
3. Babu- Youngest 1′s
4. Crush ‘Um- UNLV
5. WHY YO?- Devious
6. Dolla Bills- NO4
7. Heal The World- Mannie Fresh
8. Love You- Kevin Gates
9. Lost Boys- Da U Boys
10. Bloodline- Ghetto Twiinz and 3D Natee
11. Dont FN Play With Me-Bigg Ramp
12. I’m Gone-Majesty Sozey
13. Drag Em Thru Tha River-UNLV
14. Here I Go- Mystikal
15. Picture Perfect- Juvenile feat Birdman and Lil Wayne
16. Money is The Motivation-Redd and Poizon Ivy
17. Take Me Higher- Partners N Crime
18. Uptown Downtown Status- Six War Pook and Calliope Var
19. Brand New Day ft. Delis- Jay Da Menace
20. King Leon Remixx-Jay Jones
21. Do What It Do- ViGi and Trinidad
22. Outerlude

A Closer Look at the Hottest Movement in New Orleans: New Orleans Union For Entertainment(1 Yr. and Counting)

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Sample Artwork designed by Brandon Brumfield


Systematically, it is normal for top music industry stakeholders in particular markets to consolidate current music releases and forward it to the masses within that market.  Bloggers, deejay pools, well-known  producers and deejays, journalists, and radio personalities are responsible for delivering new music to the audience.  Although this is an effective model, some areas often have a slower movement related to the advancement of music as a whole within their area.






A year ago, New Orleans stakeholders addressed that concern by developing a music union, New Orleans Union For Entertainment.  Within one year, ten releases via mix tapes have been presented locally and nationally online.



Arlene Culpepper, Asst. Editor Of The Heat Magazine, and official member of NOUE

 Several articles have been written by Arlene Culpepper of The Heat Magazine, and music has been added to rotation on by Legendary Dj Erv.  Original Ice Mike 1200 has mixed  several independent artists’ mix tapes, and also released his individual mixtape series, High Definition, via Coast 2 Coast mixtapes.  Bigg Ramp has spread the word regionally with his executive Christopher Roberts of  Phat Phat N All That.  Socialite and community activist Kali Red has promoted NOUE within the southeast region also.  The movement is equipped with a multitude of services including LaJoan Williams of Dream Management who offers email marketing, management services, etc.


Original Ice Mike 1200 mixtape series High Definition






Kali Red, socialite, community activist, and official member of NOUE













DJ ERV of, an official member of NOUE










Now with a NOUE solidified movement, KCRR, owned by Charlie Martin, a NOUE member, just added a new radio show featuring Cise HD. Cise HD,  a well known producer from New Orleans responsible for production on Mystikal, Ghetto Twiinz, and other classic New Orleans releases, adds another dimension, “The Hot Boy Radio Show” to NOUE.

Cise HD, producer, dj, artist, and official member of NOUE














Redd, an artist, dj, and official member of NOUE












As it relates to artist development, a cast of hot growing artists have branded or added to their name and sound.  Majesty Sozey, Redd, Marcy, Da U Boys, Youngest 1s, Jack Spratt, Jay Jones, TNC Boys, L.A.W., Choice Rhymez, Phat Coast Records, ViGi and Trinidad, Young Torrento, Hoghead Productions, Ape Squad Divaz, Bruce Lee Roy, and others have etched their insignia on the New Orleans scene and the mixtape circuit internationally via NOUE.  Accompanied by veteran artists such as Partners N Crime, UNLV, Ms. Tee, Bigg Ramp, Mr. Serv On, Juvenile,UTP  Skip, Lil Cali,  Fiend, Kunta Fly Snooka, Currensy, Ice Mike, Sess 4 5, Ghetto Twiinz, Devious, and more, the NOUE All Stars have become a mainstay within the industry.




Majesty Sozey, an artist and official member of NOUE













“Heart of The City” , NOUE’s  anniversary edition mix tape,  represents the deeper meaning of the union which is to “collectively advance.”  As the release date nears, NOUE continues to realize the vision that true New Orleans artists share which is to preserve and promote the heart of New Orleans urban  talent locally and abroad. New Orleans Union For Entertainment has been in operation since June of 2011 and has quickly developed over a short period of time in hope of a more productive music scene in New Orleans.

Follow the union @NOUE1.  For more information, contact Dion Norman at









Real Rap Lives, a NOUE mix tape release

NOUE mixtape Da Independents

Fourth Quarter Buzz on New Orleans Music Scene-Special Review

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Music industry during the fourth quarter (October-Dec) can often create greatness unexpectedly.  In recent years, a resurgence among urban artists in New Orleans is evident.  Within the overload of information via internet and the need for instant gratification, some New Orleans/Louisiana artists have remained rooted in the essentials of classic rap music. As we put our ear to the streets  among the indies, The Heat Magazine wanted to share some of the latest  action within the Crescent City’s and Louisiana music community.

Rue Rois Artists Da U Boys recently dropped The Last Dynasty, a mix tape that speaks volumes related to the essence of realism and classic era rap emerging from the streets of New Orleans.  Be sure to add this one to your collection.

Shortly after, they win Hottest Album at the NOLA Underground Hip Hop Awards ceremony held in October at the Joy Theater in New Orleans.

In addition, Zero to Sixty Entertainment artists “Youngest 1’s” continue to create regional hits from “She Knows” to “Babu”.  The group continues to tour the region while working on their latest mixtape, “Cocked and Loaded.”  Youngest 1’s also gained “Hottest Group” award at the recent award ceremony in New Orleans. Make certain to include this group’s latest creations in your collection.

 Original Ice Mike 1200 recently created a monster track for my new single “Why Yo?” which is taking off among dj pools and radio stations across the region.  The legendary producer maintains his fire power in the production arena and continues to display a strong work ethic creating mixtapes while working on his latest collaboration, NOBS.  Stay on the look out and up to date with his latest installments in the industry.

Ghetto Twiinz and 3D Natee

Recent Nola Underground Hip Hop Awards Lifetime Achievement recipients, The Ghetto Twiinz, have created a strong  collaboration with hot lyricist 3D Natee “Bloodline.”  Be sure to check out and download the heater.  The ladies are holding their own and maintaining a raw sound.  3D Natee was awarded Best Lyricist among other honors at the award gathering.

Bigg Ramp

Bigg Ramp has been creating and dropping hot new music as of late.
Check him out on the upcoming mixtape, “Heart of The City” by the New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars which features new music from New Orleans artists including UNLV, Jay Jones, PNC, Da U Boys, Youngest 1’s, Majesty Sozey, Six Ward Pook, Calliope Var, Jay Da Menace, Redd, and more.

As 2012 nears conclusion, the city of New Orleans turns up the heat musically.