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Tuesday, January 6th, 2015


A Tampa man is under arrest after police say he and an accomplice crashed a stolen SUV through the front of a convenience store, and stole the ATM inside.

It happened December 4 at the Shubh Mini Market at 3209 Orient Road in Tampa.

Surveillance video shows a Jeep Cherokee in reverse crashing through the glass front of the store.

Next, detectives say 37-year-old Dwayne Chambers and another man came into the store.

For several minutes you see Chambers trying to drag the ATM through the debris. He tries to get it into the the back of the SUV — but can’t open it because of the damage to the door from the crash.

Chambers and the accomplice eventually get the ATM into the back seat, and drive off.

The other person has not been found. Detectives say he is a white male between 22 and 29 years old.

Detectives tracked the SUV back to Chambers’ address in Tampa. They say the ATM was still inside, and the vehicle had been stolen December 1.

Chambers is charged with burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief.

Anyone with any information reference the suspect is asked to call the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office at 247-8200 or anyone with any information regarding the identity and whereabouts of this suspect and who wants to be eligible for a cash reward is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873-TIPS (8477), report anonymously online at or text “CSTB plus your tip” to C-R-I-M-E-S (274637).

6 Years Old Girl Dies After Shooting At Convenience Store

Friday, October 17th, 2014


(KCTV) -A young girl is dead after she was shot at a convenience store in south Kansas City, police chief Darryl Forte said Friday night.

Forte personally asked those responsible to turn themselves in.

The shooting was reported about 7:15 p.m. Friday at the 7-Eleven store at 107th Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard.

Police did not immediately provide details about how the shooting occurred.

The girl was rushed to the hospital where she died from her injuries.

Authorities initially said the child was 9 years old, but say a family member is advising that the child was 6 years old.

“Tragic at any age,” Forte said.
There have been numerous reports of crime over the years at this store and this corner including robberies and fatal shootings.

Forte went to the scene Friday night. He also issued a personal message to those responsible via his Twitter account.

“Please turn yourself in. I know you have a conscience. I don’t believe the 6-year-old was the intended victim,” he wrote.

Body parts found in auctioned Florida storage unit

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

(CNN) — For $900, the winning bid at a Pensacola storage auction got the contents of Unit B12 — and a police investigation.

Police say body parts belonging to more than 100 people were found stored in formaldehyde inside the unit, in plastic containers, specimen cups, trash bags and even a 32-ounce Styrofoam cup from a convenience store. Some of the containers had cracked and leaked, police said.

The discovery was reported to police Friday after the purchaser of the unit began going through the items, said George Klages, manager of Uncle Bob’s Storage.

Investigators know the unit was rented by Michael Berkland, a former associate medical examiner, but they’re now trying to figure out if a crime was committed, said Capt. David Alexander of the Pensacola Police Department.

He said authorities have made some attempts to reach Berkland, who worked for the Medical Examiner’s Office between 1997 and May 2003, when he was fired for failing to complete autopsy reports in a timely manner.

Berkland, who is no longer licensed in Florida, was also at one point a private pathologist, Alexander said. Families would sometimes contact him for second opinions about autopsy decisions that had been rendered, he said.

Police said Klages told them Berkland rented the unit from April 8, 2009, until it was auctioned August 22. He said Berkland was late on rental payments several times during the lease but usually paid right before the unit contents were to be auctioned.

The storage unit also contained office furniture and other property.

Police say the remains are believed to be from autopsies Berkland did between 1997 and 2007 at funeral homes in Pensacola, Tallahassee, Fort Walton Beach and Panama City. Some of the containers had labels with names and autopsy dates but others did not.

Dwayne Wade’s nephew shot in Chicago on one of its bloodiest days

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

A nephew of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade was shot and wounded in Chicago during a violent stretch in which 13 men were shot, two fatally, in America’s 3rd-largest city.

Wade, a native of Chicago, confirmed his nephew was one of six men shot at a convenience store on the city’s South Side Thursday night by hooded men who fled in an SUV. One man died at the scene; four were in critical condition. There were three other shooting incidents Thursday in Chicago where gun violence has been on the rise.

Wade’s nephew, whose name was not disclosed, was hospitalized as of Friday. Playing with his wounded relative in mind, Wade scored 30 points in the Heat’s 113-101 win over the Toronto Raptors Friday night. After the game, Wade said:

You never expect to a get a call like that…Something I always focus on with my foundation when I go back to Chicago is to do what I can to stop the violence. To have one of your own family members be involved in it, it hurts. I just thank God that he’s healthy. … Thank God he’s going to get another chance.

The shooting comes a week after Wade, LeBron James and Heat teammates wore hoodies to show their support forTrayvon Martin, the 17-year old shot to death by Neighborhood Watch supervisor George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla.

Geraldo’s son says he’s ashamed of dad’s hoodie remarks

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Even Geraldo Rivera‘s son is disappointed in his father’s controversial remarks about Trayvon Martin.

“My own son just wrote to say he’s ashamed of my position.” – as tweeted by Geraldo on Friday

Rivera created a firestorm earlier this week when he argued the hoodie the unarmed teen chose to wear when he was killed in Florida was as much to blame for his death as the man that shot him.

Despite his own family’s harsh criticism, Rivera refused to budge on his position.

“Still I feel parents must do whatever they can to keep their kids safe.” – another tweet by Geraldo

Rivera elaborated on his 32-year-old son’s shame to Politico.

“Gabriel broke my heart…He just told me for the first time in his life he’s ashamed ….. gone viral for all the wrong reasons.” – Geraldo to Politico

“….. every hoodie should come with a warning like cigarettes, ‘caution wearing this could get you killed.” – Geraldo to his son, Gabriel

Martin, 17, was shot and killed Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla. He was returning home from a trip to a convenience store when neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman started following the teen, telling police dispatchers that he looked suspicious.



Zimmerman claimed he fired in self-defense after Martin jumped him. He has not been charged and has kept out of the public eye since the incident.

“If didn’t have that hoodie on, that nutty neighborhood watch guy wouldn’t have responded in that violent and aggressive way.” – Geraldo on Fox & Friends

He added he has previously warned his own children against wandering around the streets wearing hoodies, “particularly a dark-skinned kid like my son Cruz.”

“If you dress like a hoodlum eventually some schmuck is going to take you at your word.” – Geraldo on a Fox News Latino post

The television personality even took a shot a President Obamawho said Friday the nation needs to do some “soul searching” over the tragic shooting, which has sparked nationwide furor over race and justice. The commander-in-chief said “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Rivera tweeted that Obama should also add that he “would never let his son walk around DC in a hoodie.”

2 officials step aside in Florida teen killing

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — The police chief and prosecutor who have been bitterly criticized for not arresting a neighborhood watch volunteer in the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager both left the case Thursday, with the chief saying that he is temporarily leaving his job to let passions cool.

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee’s decision came less than a day after city commissioners gave him a “no confidence” vote, and after a couple of weeks of protests and uproar on social media websites. Lee has said evidence in the case supported George Zimmerman’s claim that the Feb. 26 shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was self-defense.

“I do this in the hopes of restoring some semblance of calm to a city which has been in turmoil for several weeks,” Lee said.

About three hours later, Gov. Rick Scott announced that the local state attorney, Norman Wolfinger, had recused himself from the case. In a letter to Scott, Wolfinger said that while he thought he could fairly oversee any prosecution that develops in the case, his recusal was aimed at “toning down the rhetoric and preserving the integrity of the investigation.” Scott appointed Angela B. Corey, the state attorney for the Jacksonville area, to take over the case.

Scott also appointed a task force led by Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll to conduct hearings on the case and to make recommendations for any changes to state law or procedures. Carroll is African-American.

Martin was returning from a trip to a convenience store when Zimmerman started following him, telling police dispatchers he looked suspicious. At some point, the two got into a fight and Zimmerman pulled out his gun.

Zimmerman told police Martin attacked him after he had given up on chasing the teenager and was returning to his sport utility vehicle.

The shooting ignited resentment toward the police department in this Orlando suburb for not making an arrest. Civil rights groups have held rallies in Florida and New York, saying the shooting was unjustified.

The police chief continued Thursday to stand behind his agency’s investigation.

“As a former homicide investigator, a career law enforcement officer and a father, I am keenly aware of the emotions associated with this tragic death of a child. I’m also aware that my role as a leader of this agency has become a distraction from the investigation,” Lee said.

It wasn’t immediately how long the police chief would step aside. Martin’s parents said that wasn’t enough, and that Zimmerman should be taken into custody.

“We want an arrest, we want a conviction and we want him sentenced for the murder of my son,” Martin’s father, Tracy, said to fiery crowd of about 1,000 supporters in downtown Sanford.

Some people believed the police chief should step down for good.

“If they wanted to defuse a potential powder keg, he needed to resign,” said pastor Eugene Walton, 58, who was born and raised in Sanford. “His inaction speaks loudly to the black community.”

News of the police chief’s decision to step aside spread quickly among the protesters, many of whom showed up more than two hours before the start of the rally. They chanted “The chief is gone. Zimmerman is next.”

Some carried signs that said: “100 years of lynching, justifiable homicide. Same thing.” Others sold T-shirts that read: “Arrest Zimmerman.”

“It’s the norm around here, where anything involving black culture, they want to wipe their hands of it,” said Shella Moore, who is black and grew up in Sanford.

The Justice Department and FBI have opened a civil rights investigation, and the local prosecutor has convened a grand jury April 10 to determine whether to charge Zimmerman.

Before the rally, Martin’s parents met with the local U.S. attorney, the deputy assistant attorney general for civil rights in Washington and the head of the FBI’s Tampa office to discuss the investigation.

“We listened carefully to the concerns of the family and their representatives,” Special Agent Dave Couvertier, an FBI spokesman, said in a statement. “We continue to extend our deepest condolences to Trayvon’s family for their loss.”

Convenience store employee fired for being robbed

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

A Massachusetts convenience store worker survived the harrowing experience of being robbed at gunpoint, only to then be fired by his employer.

Douglas Moore was working the cash register at Cumberland Farms in Massachusetts when he was robbed at gunpoint by a thief who made off with $100-$150. The next day, he was fired because company policy only allows workers to keep up to $75 in their cash drawer. For safety reasons, company policy dictates that all additional money over the $75 limit be put in the safe.

“It was actually very busy,” Moore told local affiliate WGGB, addressing why he didn’t put the additional money in the safe. “People were buying lottery, gift cards, so it was hard to keep track of the drawer and do all my other responsibilities.”

“Due to a desire to maintain employee privacy, the facts surrounding his termination must remain private; however, the policy that limits the amount of money that can be held in the register is ONLY there to provide a safer environment, as well as to act as a deterrent to crime,” Cumberland Farms spokeswoman Carin Warner responded with a statement.

Detroit man killed over convenience store dispute over condom

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

A Detroit man “affectionately known by friends and family” as Fat Mike was killed inside a gas station after having a dispute with the cashier over the price of a condom.

The victim reportedly wanted to pay a dollar for the condom, but the cashier refused and Fat Mike demanded his money back. This sent Fat Mike into a tantrum and he proceeded to knock items off shelves on his way out. Then in a severe overreaction, the cashier shot him in the shoulder. Fat Mike died due to blood loss.