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(HEAT ALBUMS) Quest the 7th – “Algiers Chronicles”

Friday, February 9th, 2018

We hear true music fans complaining almost constantly about the lack of quality music. It’s obvious they haven’t yet heard “Algiers Chronicles”, the album from dope artist/producer/arranger/songwriter/entreprenuer Quest the 7th.

Hailing from New Orleans’ “Westbank” (Algiers to be exact), Quest breathes new life into what some consider a dull and drone decade of music/entertainment. And when we say “breathes new life into”, what we really mean is “jump starts” and “successfully performs CPR” on it!

Quest the 7th is a super talented entertainer, on an upper echelon type plateau. Few musicians rival his talent and calculated movements.

Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Quest the 7th. You’ll learn a lot more about the man behind the myth, and you’ll gain some insight as to what’s coming down the pike for Quest and his career.

Here’s the link (and it’s a MUST to check out):

Source: This Is 50

DJ KUTT MASTER SLIMM: Energizing the Music World

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

“Get yo music game up on dis ting ting.” – Definition DJ Kutt Master Slimm

Meet DJ Kutt Master Slimm – born and raised in New Orleans’ 9th Ward, he is a prime example of the talent derived from that section of New Orleans.

Kutt Master Slimm began his career at the tender age of 14, starting out with a group of DJs called “The WolfPack” – a group that included infamous DJs Wild Wayne and DJ Slab 1, both of New Orleans’ most popular urban station, Q93.

When Kutt Master Slimm turned 18, he joined the group “High Fidelity” with his mentor and best friend, World Famous DJ Ro. That pivotal point in Kutt Master Slimm’s career sealed his fate as a rising star in the hip hop world.

Kutt Master Slimm is a true mixologist who is affiliated with the Definition DJs, but he is also a businessman in his own right.

CEO of Kruga House, Inc., Kutt Master Slimm is also a producer and composer who recently dropped a highly anticipated mixtape that made its debut Bayou Classic weekend. One of the singles on Kutt Master Slimm’s mixtape is “Good Game”, a hot song by New Orleans’ own Big Ramp featuring Willie. Kutt Master Slimm produced “Good Game” and it is currently getting spins on Q93.

Kutt Master Slimm also serves as producer for a plethora of other artists out of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, California, and even Moscow, Russia. He is a true example of what DJs and producers do to take music worldwide – literally.

You can check Kutt Master Slimm out weekly during his internet radio show on His show is called “Da Broila Room” and it airs Mondays at 8 p.m. CST.

The Heat recently caught up with DJ Kutt Master Slimm and we are proud to be able to let our readers hear from him:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What sets your music apart from others?

DJ KUTT MASTER SLIMM: My attribute in music is to relax the soul with my sounds and styles and to give people a unique flavor.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: If you weren’t into music, what would you be doing?

DJ KUTT MASTER SLIMM: If I was not into music, I’d be lost (LAUGHS). No, I would probably be a chef.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where do you see hip hop headed in the next 10 years?

DJ KUTT MASTER SLIMM: I see hip hop headed into a new atmosphere, but I wish it would go back to songs with meanings.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What projects do you currently have in the works?

DJ KUTT MASTER SLIMM: Right now, I’m working on my mixtape, “Spinn City”, plus projects for Big Ramp,Macniffy,Tim Thugga,Big Nounk, & Lil Pocasset, just to name a few – five albums and seven mixtapes.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What advice do you have for younger DJs just starting out?

DJ KUTT MASTER SLIMM: To keep reaching for your goals and don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t make it happen. Always put God in everything you do and your blessings will come forward.

EDITOR’S NOTE: DJ Kutt Master Slimm is yet another example of the endless talent coming out of the New Orleans, Louisiana area. Make sure to check out and support his music on Reverb Nation at or get at him on Twitter – @kuttmasterslimm.