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(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) BLACK BOY: Heart & mind of a true hustler

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

The heart and mind of a successful businessman and true music artist pump the same thing – HUSTLE.

HUSTLE is a trait that Black Boy carries with him in everything he does. Whether it is with KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO., a company he co-owns, or whether it is in his music, Black Boy hustles and grinds all day and night long.

He’s a natural born hustler, knowing how to work his magic to get things done and he’s not afraid to promote his art, as well as that of those in his circle.

Making his way all over the South, Black Boy is proving that promotion and networking are the real keys to success.

The Heat is intrigued and we had to find out what makes this artist turned businessman tick. Here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about yourself.

BLACK BOY: I was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana. I was raised by my mother. My stepdad was on drugs really bad. I used to see him shoot up. I didn’t have much of a childhood, but it prepared me for the streets. I don’t fear nothing but God.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: We hear that you’ve traveled all over. Tell us about that.

BLACK BOY: I’ve lived in Lafayette, Louisiana, Orange, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana, Shreveport, Louisiana, Houston, Texas, Mobile, Alabama, and now, Atlanta, Georgia.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What are your musical influences?

BLACK BOY: I have a southern style of Hip Hop/Rap. I grew up listening to the Geto Boys, Too Short, Big Daddy Kane, NWA, Master P, 2Pac, Wu Tang, Juvenile, Luke & the 2 Live Crew, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and Soulja Slim. I learned the streets from my big brother and cousins, but I always knew I’d be someone important.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What performances do you have under your belt?

BLACK BOY: I’ve performed with Jojo Da Platinum Piece, Billy Book, Gemini, My Big Fam Click, Choppa Style, Fifth Ward Webbie, Cupid, Lil Boosie, Hurricane Chris, Mouse On Da Track, V.I., Juvenile, Big Boom & 2 Throwed, Talib Kweli, Baby Boy, Bunny B, Young, Tat Tomas, Red Boy, Z-Ro, Paul Wall, Bun B, and others. I’ve been rapping forever, but 1996 was my first time going into a studio. I started investing in concerts and promoting them. I’ve performed to make money, but for me, it’s not the money – it’s the love and passion of the music. I love it. I was supposed to Soulja Slim before he passed on. We will miss him.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What projects are currently in the works for you?

BLACK BOY: I’m just grinding – working on my new mixtape and doing a lot of singles. I have a hot single in the streets right now entitled, “Big Boy Sh*t” featuring 2 Throwed. I also have a hot line of shades coming out with my business partner, Brandon Johnson, through our company, KUNTRII KINGZ. I’m trying to work with everybody who wants to work. You can find my music on Rhapsody, iTunes, You Tube, and in several years, on top of the Billboard Charts – me or my artists I put out.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Make sure to check out Black Boy & to keep a close watch on him. He’s making epic moves with his music & with KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. Follow him on Twitter – @ttblackb.

(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO.: Providing exemplary service while branding its clientele

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. – remember that name because KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. is the go-to company for branding YOUR company, or even yourself!

What started out as a small venture between friends has turned out to be a full service company that offers its clientele multiple services.

KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. specializes in promotional products, as well as branding your company or product. They do consulting, logo designs and so much more.

KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. started small as most companies do, but because of their excellent work and superior customer service, it has grown by leaps and bounds. It continues to grow exponentially because it has something a lot of companies do not – personal service tailored to the clients’ individual needs.

KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. is based out of Lafayette, Louisiana, but services clients from all over the continental United States. They are promotional geniuses and it seems they never stop.

From Twitter and Facebook promotion, to their hefty street team, KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. is just about everywhere Down South, and they are most certainly making a name for themselves in the areas of services offered, exceptional customer service and pricing.

We caught up with the CEOs of KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. recently and after dealing with them ourselves, we had to make sure the world knows that excellent customer service still exists. Here’s what they had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. and what all you do.

KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO.: KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. started as a company that did t-shirts, whether it was screenprinting, heat press or embroidery. We specialized in doing shirts for social clubs, bike clubs, family reuinions, and local musicians.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What other kinds of services does KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. offer?

KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO.: We also offer promotions for various artists and street teams, as well as banners, flyers, postcards, car magnets, yard signs, water bottles, and just about any other promotional item. We also offer graphic design.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where can we expect to see KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. five years from now?

KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO.: In five years, we would like to see our company be the number one provider for all your advertising, printing and promotional needs!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How can potential clients reach you?

KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO.: The website is under construction as we speak, but our future clients can contact us by phone at 337.371.9897 or by email at We are also on Twitter at @kuntriikingz and on Facebook at Thank you dearly to all our clients that made KUNTRII KINGZ CLOTHING CO. a success! Also look out for our t-shirt line coming soon and we didn’t forget the ladies! KUNTRII QUEENZ on deck.

EDITOR’S NOTE: These are some hardworking, networking businessmen. Make sure to check them out & let them know if you need help branding your business!