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Check Out Just Brittany Heat Artist Of The Week

Sunday, October 5th, 2014


Music video by Just Brittany performing Slow Bangin

Brittany Bullock, better known as “Just Brittany,” was born in Houston, Texas on June 11,1989. She grew up in the 5th ward area and attended Nat Q. Henderson Elementary. In school, Brittany always maintained a straight ‘A’ student and stayed on the Dean’s List for great conduct and outstanding grades. Brittany even graduated at the age of 16 and was also valedictorian of her class. Her strong determination to succeed in life pushed her to pursue her passion for her music.

Brittany’s hard work and sacrifices were paying off when her younger sister graduating from high school, also being valedictorian of her class. During this time, she met a young man named Christopher “C-Moe” Moore, a singer, songwriter,and producer. Brittany collaborated with
C-Moe on many different records, with “Call Me 4 Dat Good” being her first single. No stranger to success, her notoriety from her first single landed her a deal with highly acclaimed record label Cash Money Records and a place on the Billboard Charts. Since then, she shown her audience her dynamic with a style that exudes class and sex appeal, with music that initiates emotion.

Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Birdman Create a ‘Picture Perfect’ Collaboration

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Juvenile teams up with his original label mate, Lil Wayne and executive Birdman, to create “Picture Perfect”.

Supporters are wondering if a “Hot Boys” reunion is under construction. The Heat Magazine will keep you posted.  On the other hand, this collaboration produced by Mike Will, delights loyal Juvenile fans.  Check out the video clip and download link below.  Enjoy the Heat!!!













For more information, contact Dion Norman at

Birdman Purchases $14.5 Million Mansion In Miami

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Cash Money Records boss Birdman recently flexed his thick cash flow and bought a 19,000-square-foot mansion in Miami for nearly $15 million. The crib consists of nine bedrooms, a pool, a gym, a movie theater, and a variety of other luxuries. It is reportedly the size of an entire Four Seasons, has 25-foot ceilings, and 17 baths.

The mansion itself is on the ultra exclusive Palm Island, providing the home with 100 feet of waterfront and even a private dock.

The home was previously owned by troubled producer Scott Storch until it was foreclosed on two years ago. The owner of Rockstar energy drinks grabbed the property, then sold it to Baby for a nice chunk of cash.

Cash Money Content releases latest novel from K’wan

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

“Animal is a masterpiece.” – Ronald “Slim” Williams, Co-CEO Cash Money Records/Cash Money Content

On October 2, 2012 Cash Money Content, the book publishing arm of the iconic record label Cash Money Records, home to multi-platinum artists Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake, will release the street novel, ANIMAL from the 2008 Black Press “Author of the Year” K’wan Foye. A complex and bloody tale from one of this generation’s most talented and gritty writers, the story follows Animal, the infamous fugitive from K’wan’s well-known Hood Rat Series, on a tragic trail of revenge. The novel takes the reader through the rugged streets of Puerto Rico to the scene of the original crime, Harlem, NY, following the footsteps of a ruthless murderer.

Animal survived both unfathomable abuse from his family and the unforgiving streets, but stilled learned to love. Infamous for turning at any moment into a cold-blooded killer, Animal is the product of the world we all live in. There but for the grace of God go . . . any of us.

The book poses the question, when pushed to the limit, is there an ANIMAL is all of us? Is there something that could push you to the breaking point of murder? Are you absolutely sure there isn’t?

K’wan of Cash Money Content

ANIMAL, the first novel from K’wan to follow, Animal, his fan’s favorite character, is in stores October 2nd, and is a highly anticipated release. ANIMAL marks K’wan’s first release with Cash Money Content. K’wan’s previous novels include the bestsellers Welfare Wifeys, Section 8, Gutter, Still Hood, Hood Rat, Eve, Hoodlum and Street Dreams, all released by St. Martin’s Press.

K’wan has sold a cumulative 500,000 copies since penning his first novel.

Mystikal headed back to serve 3 months

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Say it isn’t so! Mystikal hit the scene upon his release and even signed with Cash Money Records, only to have Judge Tony Marabella add extra time to his sentence on Monday.

Mystikal was released in 2010 after serving six years for sexual battery and extortion. He will report back to jail on May 14th to serve three additional months.

The extra time was added as a condition of Mystikal’s five year probation because he was arrested on February 22nd on a charge of domestic abuse battery. He was detained for 9 days at that time.

Check out our interview with Mystikal back in September of last year:

Ca$h Money Records sued again for unpaid royalties

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Cash Money Records made headlines over the weekend, but not for the best of reasons. Music Giant EMI has filed a lawsuit against Cash Money, claiming the label has failed to pay royalties, which total around $500,000.

Back in 2009 Cash Money agreed to pay a 1.25 multiplier penalty to EMI for sampling their songs on Cash Money records. However, EMI has had to sue the label again after they stopped paying its quarterly royalty payments.

EMI’s complaint against Cash Money states: “The sales of Defendant’s products have far exceeded the payments that EMI has received. Once EMI realized that Defendant owed more money under the Second Payment it notified Defendant and explained that due to the increased sales, EMI was entitled to additional compensation. It is clear from Defendant’s conduct that it has no intention of honoring the Agreement.”


Mystikal Officially Signs With Cash Money Records. New Single Featuring Birdman & Lil Wayne To Premier On Funkmaster Flex Tonight *UPDATED WITH AUDIO*

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Mystikal is now officially a member of Cash Money Records after inking a deal with Birdman and Slim.

The New Orleans rapper joins a crowded list of artists at YMCMB that includes Busta Rhymes, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Cory Gunz, Lil Twist, Lil Wayne, Shanell, Bow Wow, Kevin Rudolf and Jay Sean.

Mystikal ft Lil Wayne & Birdman – Original by ChasinMoPaper


Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

This Hollygrove neighborhood homie of New Orleans, Louisiana was born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. on today, September 27, 1982. Today Dwayne, is b.k.a., super star rapper “Lil Wayne”. At the age of eight he wrote his first song! The summer of 1991 would be the mark of a major life change for Dwayne because at the age of nine, not quite ripe yet, Lil Wayne signed with Cash Money Records as the youngest rapper of the label, and half of the duo, The B.G.’z, with B.G.. In 1997, Lil Wayne joined Juvenile, B.G., and Young Turk and they became known as the Hot Boys. Hot Boys took the world by storm with their first release, “Get It How U Live”. However, Lil Wayne momentum of success came with the group’s hot selling album “Guerrilla Warfare”, in 1999. He would follow that album in the same year with his Platinum release album “Tha Block Is Hot”, with over one million copies sold in the U.S.

Then almost a decade later he would have a major come back with his album, “Tha Carter III” released in 2008. This album, in its first week, sold over 1 million copies in the U.S. with it’s number-one single, my favorite to date, “Lollipop”. This single also got Lil Wayne the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

Lil Wayne released another gold album, “Rebirth” his debut rock album, in 2010. This rapper is certainly on top of his game, even jail couldn’t hold him down. The fans gave Wayne all the love he needed while being locked down when he released another album entitled “I Am Not a Human”, featuring Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Twist. The “Carter IV” released in August 2011, was his ninth album and first after telling the prison bars,”Audios”! “Carter IV” sold 964,000 copies its first week in the U.S. He has been listed in the 2012 Guinness Book Of World Records acknowledges Wayne for the record of Most US Hot 100 Hits By A Rap Artist with 64 hits between 1999 and 2010. Yall keep in mind, the man started at the age of only 9! This means that Wayne was making hits and wasn’t even old enough to drive a car! Now that’s some real true go get’em mentality! I guess in a way you can say he’s the Michael Jackson of Hip Hop. That’s what I like to call him.

And if being one of today’s super rappers wasn’t enough, Lil Wayne has also emerged on the big screen in the movies: 2000, “Baller Blocking”, 2007 “Who’s Your Caddy?”, and in 2009 “The Carter”, which was a documentary on the life of Lil Wayne.

So just in case you haven’t been able to keep up with Lil Wayne whose music always seems to take the music industry over like a whirl wind, let me run it down to you.

As a Solo Artist:
1999: Tha Block Is Hot, 2000: Lights Out, 2002: 500 Degreez, 2004: Tha Carter, 2005: Tha Carter II, 2008: Tha Carter III
2010: Rebirth, 2010: I Am Not a Human Being, 2011: Tha Carter IV

With Hot Boys
1997: Get It How U Live!, 1999: Guerrilla Warfare, 2003: Let ‘Em Burn

With Birdman
2006: Like Father, Like Son

With Young Money Entertainment
2009: We Are Young Money

2002: Da Drought, 2004: Da Drought 2, 2004: The Prefix, 2005: The Suffix, 2006: Dedication, 2006: Dedication 2,
2007: Da Drought 3, 2008: Dedication 3, 2009: No Ceilings, 2011: Sorry 4 The Wait

I could waste your time and mine talking about all the negative publicity that seemed to be following this young rising star all of his life, but why? With all the fame and success that Lil Wayne has been blessed with, the haters had to show up and show out! I’m just saying…

Today, the day Lil Wayne was brought into this world, we at The Heat Magazine just wanna party with the man! Happy Birthday Lil Wayne and keep doing what you do best…blowing the charts up!

Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The Heat”


Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Alwasyz Thoro chose to define this very talented, unique, and heart-warming goddess, “triple threat”, as she calls herself, “Cash Money’s latest R&Booty artist”. This all came with the release of her single, “Clean Up Woman”. For real, I didn’t know booties could sing! Although I have heard they can clap…but seriously! No disrespect meant at Alwasyz Thoro, but he missed the mark on this one. And if that wasn’t enough, Karlie Redd is being compared bootilicious with her label sister, Nicki Minaj. Not saying that’s a bad thing, Nikki Minaj is surely one to be compared to, but after getting the opportunity to have a chit chat with Redd, I would compare her to the likes of Queen Latifah and Beyounce`, because of her charisma and entrepreneurship success.

Although Karlie Redd spent most of her childhood in Trinidad, she was born in New York where she cultivated her style and vision at the Harlem School of Arts and Alvin Ailey Dance Company. Thinking ahead, she realized at some point in her music career there would be the decision of who would shoot her videos, so to lock that aspect of her career down as well, she earned her degree in film directing and producing. I say she cuts herself short when she describes herself as a triple threat. Maybe that was just for Alwasyz Thoro, physically describing her looks, her tits, and her booty, but in my book she could easily weigh in as a Heavyweight, scaling her career as a beautiful entertainer, singer, dancer, model, actress, writer, producer and director. Karlie Redd is aiming high and has put together a professional profile with artist as, Tyrese Gibson, Jamie Foxx, Sean Kingston, Claudette Ortiz, and Will.I.Am, to say the least. Signing Karlie Redd was a smart move by Cash Money because the list is LONG of people who wish they had discovered the gem first. The competition to rise to the top at Cash Money is slim to none since Redd is only the third hottest female to grace the over populated male roster of; Lil Wayne, Cory Cruz, Drake, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Lil Chuckie, Lil Twist, Mack Maine, Short Dawg, T-Streets, and Tyga. Redd will be joining the short list of females which is made up of Nicki Minag, Shanell, and now Karlie Redd. So Alwasyz Thoro, there’s the triple threat indeed!

Redd only had a few moments to spend with Nik-O-Licious and here’s what she wanted her fans to know.

The Heat:You have a limelight of career hats you wear, tell us about them?
Redd: Well everybody this is Karlie Redd, over here with The Heat Magazine excited to be apart of you guys! First thing is my singing. I’m an R&B artist signed with Cash Money. I’m an actress as well. I’ve been on a promotional for the T.V. show I was on called “Scream Queens” on VH1. I graduated with a degree in film directing. I’ve directed films, wrote scripts and treatments. I produce film as well. I’m a dancer and I have a Promotions company in LA. I also do Urban modeling and Fashion modeling. I’ve been in magazines like Essence and most of the Urban magazines. Oh my God, it’s crazy. I’ve been really busy. (she giggles shyly)
The Heat: You doing the thang lady. Of all those hats, which is the most passionate for Karlie Redd?
Redd: I can’t pen point one thing that I’m most passionate about because everything I put my hands on, it’s my passion. It’s just delegating the right team to make it work. I’m most passionate about everything because if you’re not, you’re not gonna want to do it, you know.
The Heat: What is it like being the Eye Candy of the industry right now representing Cash Money?
Redd: It’s great! It’s a new thing for me. Right now they’re developing me as an artist. It’s great!
The Heat: We know you can’t talk about the movie project in depth you’re currently working on, but can you share with us some of the other actresses or actors you’re currently working with?
Redd: You’re right, I can’t talk about it but there’s one coming out that I can talk about. It’s called “We Are Family”. Omarosa, Christian Keys, Chyna Layne, D Woods, and Frenchie Davis are all in “We Are Family” to be released before the end of the year. The Project I’m currently on, no I can’t talk about it but I can tell you it has a lot of Reality Show stars, basically all of them…all of us, you know I was on the Reality Show Scream Queens. That should be coming out next year.
The Heat: When you look at your life today, versus what it was when you first made the leap into doing Karlie Redd, is there anything you feel you would have done differently?
Redd: (she sighs and gently giggles) Ummm, that’s such an emotional question for me. It takes me to an emotional place. It’s so many things I would have done differently. But one of the most things I realize now that I should have realized then is called, “time”. Can’t get back time. You just can not get back time. When you’re doing this entertainment industry period, you can fall into a trap where you can play a lot. You get involved in the parting and the this and the that and you waste a lot of time doing frivolous things. Now I know better.
The Heat: What ‘s in the future for Karlie Redd that her fans should be on the lookout for?

Redd:My new single, “Louie Prada Gucci..LPG”..I have a lot of features on this CD and we’re just gonna drop all of them and take it to the streets, you know..create a buzz and make it happen. It’s going to be really hot! Also I’m going to be doing somethings on the producing side. I can’t say if it’s film or music, but when I do it, I’ll come back and talk to The Heat Magazine about them. I’m going to be producing and creating some projects that are going to be re-di-cu-lous! Also I’m writing a book that’s soon to be published. It’s a sex book. It’s not a tell all, it’s a fictional sex book in exactly the way Zane puts it down..(she laughs hard)
The Heat: Any last minute thoughts or shout outs before we wrap up?
Redd: Definitely, I would like for everyone when my single drops to buy, copy, share, download, however you can get your hands on it. It’s some great names on it, it’s gonna be “hot”, “Louie Prada Gucci”..”L.P.G”. I definitely want to thank my team, for all their hard work, I love you. My family, my fans; we all know without “fans”, we are nothing. My label, my manager, and EVERYONE that has a hand in developing Karlie Redd and her success. I have to thank you Nik and The Heat Magazine for reaching out to me to be apart of The Heat Family. Thanks Everyone!

We Love you Karlie Redd! Can’t wait for that “SEX” book to be released, gotta get a copy! Make your mark lady! We got your back at The Heat Magazine.
Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The Heat”

You can follow Karlie Redd on twitter: @karlieredd, or facebook: Karlie Redd, or check her out at,

Rapper BG Indicted on Federal Charges

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

“ATF be showing they ass around my block, feds get all the respect because they’ll close up the shop.” – BG’s lyrics from The Hot Boys’ song, ‘Tuesday & Thursday’ 

Rapper “BG” a/k/a “B Gizzle” a/k/a Louisiana native Christopher Dorsey is well known for “keeping it real” and “street”. Today, the “Baby Gangsta” was indicted by a federal grand jury on firearms and obstruction charges.

The 30-year old St. Rose, Louisiana resident has been charged in a 3-count indictment for felon in possession of  a firearm, conspiracy to obstruct justice and

BG faces up to 10 years in prison, if convicted.  BG was arrested with two other men in November 2009 in New Orleans East for allegedly possessing 3 weapons, loaded magazines and two extended clips, while driving in eastern New Orleans. New Orleans police said two of the three guns had been reported stolen and the car itself had been stolen from an Alamo rental car parking lot.

The case was later moved from Louisiana state court to federal court, resulting in federal indictments last year of Dorsey’s associates: Demounde Pollard, 19, and Jerod Fedison, 29. Both recently pleaded guilty, paving the way for the charges against BG.

Federal prosecutors allege that BG conspired to get Pollard, who was inside the vehicle at the time of the arrest, to claim ownership of the guns.

ATF agents monitored Fedison’s phone calls from theOrleans Parish Prison. At one point, Fedison called his girlfriend and told her Pollard, who had no criminal record, would need to admit to having the guns, according to court documents filed with the earlier plea deals. Fedison also expressed surprise that the police found the guns in the vehicle’s “stash spot.”

In another jailhouse phone call, Fedison and BG discussed the importance of having Pollard claim ownership of the guns. Fedison told BG to put up money for Pollard’s bond and then make him sell drugs to pay it off, according to court filings.

Pollard eventually signed an affidavit that he, rathern BG, had the guns. As part of his plea agreement, Pollard confessed that statement was false. He is scheduled to be sentenced in August.

Several years ago, BG granted an interview to the Times-Picayune, in which he was quoted as saying, “The streets need me. If it wasn’t for the streets, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Every state and every city all over the United States, they got people that can relate to the stories, and the things I’ve seen and the things that I’ve been through,” he said.