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HEAT MUSIC ANALYSIS FEATURE: Mystikal Pays Homage To The Godfather of Soul with single, Hit Me

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Mystikal Pays Homage To The Godfather of Soul with single, Hit Me

Elements of hip hop represent a synthesis at its best. The way of life we love to bask in is a scaffold starting with archetypical musicians that were born in the 19th and 20th century. Although naysayers sometimes attempt to shun the foundational fathers of African American urban music, it’s merely an impossibility to separate the model embedded within us from the earliest soul and funk records.
James Brown, an American icon and trendsetter truly earned his moniker, “The Godfather Of Soul”.
Years later below the Mason-Dixon Line, New Orleans gave birth to “The Black Prince Of The South”.
So what’s the point?
The energy level first seen in our legendary superstar Brown manifested within “the man right chea”: Mystikal. His unique voice accompanied by New Orleans heavyweight producers Cise (Precise) and KLC fused smoothly with his repetitive ability to leave listeners and audiences in awe with catchy, comical tongue-twisting lyrics.
After years of success starting with Big Boy Records and No Limit Records, Mystikal is back on the scene.
So what’s this article about?
Mystikal’s ability to not only indirectly emulate the “Godfather of Soul” while still maintaining his uniqueness and originality, but his accountability as a creative. If one is really a hip hop connoisseur, then he will always pay homage to the roots of his craft.
Mystikal does a great job in representing and honoring the late James Brown with a KLC produced single, “Hit Me,” earning him a spot on the Rolling Stone Top 100 songs list of 2013.
The Heat Magazine wanted to point out this foreshadowing single as the world gets a closer look at the life of James Brown in the newly released blockbuster film, Get On Up. Be sure to check out the film and educate yourself on Brown who was a gem in American Music.
Check out Mystikal on Hit Me with the link below:
Mystikal-Hit Me

Is this James Brown reincarnated? Well James Brown did say he can “Dig Rappin'”

HEAT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Big Boy Records 247 on brink of releasing Young Gabe’s album

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

The law of attraction suggests that positive energy begets positive energy.  According to record mogul Charles Temple (Chucc) of Big Boy Records, the foundation for most of New Orleans premier hip hop artists such as Mystikal, Black Menace, Sporty T., Fiend, Partners N Crime, Ghetto Twiinz, G Slimm, Insane, and more, it’s wise to let music speak for itself. “When it’s hot, they came looking for us and we still believe in that concept.”  As the release of Young Gabe’s album nears, The Heat Magazine had the opportunity to interview the newest face at Big Boy Records.

Any music writer can regurgitate the greatness that exists within the biography and discography of Big Boy Records, but The Heat Magazine wants our readers to stay in the know with the latest developments.  Big Boy Records 247 represents a new twist on the reputable brand while Chucc, Cise HD (Precise), and Young Gabe continue to shake up the music industry daily with cerebral ideas that ultimately cater to their listeners. In short, Big Boy Records is back and they are working earnestly “247”.  Peep out the in-depth heart-to-heart interview.

The Heat Magazine: How long have you been professionally rapping?

Young Gabe

Young Gabe

Young Gabe: Since High School.

The Heat Magazine: What type of artists inspire you?

Young Gabe: Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie, etcetera.

The Heat Magazine: What’s your vision as an artist?

Young Gabe: To be the best rapper that ever done it and I want my music to reach the world.

The Heat Magazine: Who are the producers  you are working with?

Young Gabe: The best producers to ever do it: Niyo Da Vinci (Flight School), Beat Doctor, Cali Aseeduse and last but not least the best to ever do it  with record sales.  (Grossing 20,000,000) D.J. Leroy “Precise” Edwards.

The Heat Magazine: Tell us about your hobbies.

Young Gabe: White Water Rafting, skydiving, and skiing.

The Heat Magazine: What is the title of your hottest single?

Young Gabe: “Daddy Money”.YOUNGGABECOVERART3

The Heat Magazine: Describe your style.

Young Gabe: I am unpredictable. I can do anything. I can sing, rap, and dance.

The Heat Magazine: What separates you from others?

Young Gabe: My team.  I’m in my own lane. I surround myself with the best to ever do this.

The Heat Magazine: Tell us the name of any of your other releases?

Young Gabe: Young Gabe Feat. Jay Dawg – Money.

The Heat Magazine: Share some of  your current performances or features.

Young Gabe: I have performed with artists such as Cam’Ron, Freeway, Kevin Gates, Ghetto Twiinz, Ludacris, Young Joc, T-Pain, Baby Boy, Curren$y, Juvenile, Mystikal, Cali Aseeduse, Gimini and Fiend. Some of the featured artists are Juvenile, K Gates, Philadelphia Freeway, Greedi, Mystikal, Skip, CiseHD, Cali Aseeduse, and Franchise Tief.

The Heat Magazine: Do you have any other plans as an artist?

Young Gabe: Yeah,  acting and finding hot talent.

The Heat Magazine: Big Boy Records was very instrumental in the development of the New Orleans hip hop movement.  Tell us about your relationship with Charles “Chucc” Temple.

Young Gabe: I met him at the Avondale Shipyard scaffolding on ships.  He taught me how to weld and scaffold on ships for the Navy and from that point on we have been like brothers.  We opened up a  clothing store “247 Fashions and Street Dreams Apparel” after Hurricane Katrina back in 05. We also hooked back up with Cise and opened up Big Boy Records 247.


The Heat Magazine:  Chucc, could you share your vision with our readers?

Chucc: Basically, I have been sitting back for over 20 years watching the music game. Nobody has really took it to the next level as a record company in New Orleans since Cash Money and No Limit. A lot of cats have records but many don’t have record companies. Big Boy didn’t have anyone to learn from when we first started.  We were our own worst enemy. The game owes me and Cise and we’re not going to stop.

The Heat Magazine: I understand that it’s more to Chucc and Cise than being CEO’s.  Tell us about it if you don’t mind.

Chucc: Cise and I participate in the creative process with our artists. We work day and night to help make our artists hot and pull the best out of them. We’ve always been apart of the creative process even though we didn’t always get or take credit for it.

The Heat Magazine: Could you tell us about working with Young Gabe.

Chucc: Gabe is the easiest and most open minded artist I’ve worked with.  Not to take away from any of the other artists I’ve worked with.  I can’t put it into words but Gabe is giving it to you from the first song to the end.  He’s very talented and you can’t fake talent. Either you have it or you don’t.  That’s the business.

The Heat Magazine: Young Gabe how has living in New Orleans impacted your music?

Young Gabe: New Orleans has granted me the opportunity to become the artist I am today. With that being said, its grants me the opportunity to inspire other artists right here in their own backyard. The impact New Orleans have on me is expressed through my music.

The Heat Magazine: How important is education to you?

Young Gabe: Education is very important I must say. I graduated from high school with honors and also completed two years of college. Actually my music career has affected my education.

The Heat Magazine: How do you feel about the community?

Young Gabe: My community, the black community,  I just dislike the fact we were taught how to hate and never learned how to love. Welcome to New Orleans. I will do whatever it takes to help better our kids in the New Orleans school district as my music becomes accepted by the world.  I would start with helping to better education for our school system by providing better books and computers. My goals are to start a Daddy Money Foundation to help single parents and under privileged children.  I had a dream of destiny and right now I live that dream today.

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Visit their website

Release Party Date: February 11th at  The House of Blues in New Orleans featuring Young Gabe, Mystikal, Fiend, Juvenile, Greedi,  and more.


For more information, contact Dion Norman at

HEAT MIXTAPE ALERT: ‘Follow Every Dream’ by Devious

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Legendary New Orleans rapper (the “freestyle king” himself) Devious just released “Follow Every Dream”, a mixtape that speaks on just that – following your dreams.

It’s an enlightening project to say the least. Produced by Cise HD (production genius “Precise”), “Follow Every Dream is poised to set download records. With features from the Who’s Who of New Orleans’ indie artists, it is a “don’t miss” for your collection. It is also an eclectic/soulful mixtape that is sure to catch a variety of listeners’ attention. It features Jet Life rapper Fiend, UTP recording artist Lil Cali, Cise HD, Rock from Da U Boys, TNC Torcha, Madgesty Sozey, and many more prolific artists from New Orleans.

Devious is a 2013 Ascap Songwriter Award winner and well known for not only his lyrical ability, but his unbelievable moves in the industry. Cise HD is widely known for his production of “Here I Go” by Mystikal and all of the other classic artists on Big Boy Records.

Follow Devious on Twitter: Deviousontwitt
Follow Cise on Twitter: @CISEHD

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Cise HD Making Moves: Big Boy Records, Young Gabe, Big Boy Studios, and new Devious Mixtape

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013





Cise HD is in super grind mode on the music scene.  Collaborating with his business partner, Chucc, Big Boy Records is quickly becoming an anchor in the resurgence of “real rap” in New Orleans and surrounding markets.  Cise HD and Big Boy recently released Young Gabe’s new single and video, “Daddy Money,” which is taking off and becoming a favorite in multiple markets.


But it doesn’t stop there, Cise HD and Big Boy Records recently opened a studio. Cise HD and Chucc recently started a concert series at the Howlin’ Wolf.  The opening show featured a Big Boy Records Reunion featuring Mystikal, Ghetto Twiinz, Black Menace, Partners N Crime, Insane, and G Quikk.  Since then, Young Gabe has performed and recorded with national recording artist Freeway, one of Philadelphia’s finest emcees.

Follow Every Dream Cover Design Web Version

The grind doesn’t stop as Cise HD recently produced an entire mixtape, “Follow Every Dream” by Devious which will soon be released.  The first single, “Crabs in the Bucket” got off to a great start leading up to Devious’ new single, “Welcome To The Birthplace”, an ode to New Orleans. The Heat Magazine wanted to keep you informed on Cise HD and the return of Big Boy Records.  These brothers are showing up everywhere. Young Gabe, Cise HD, and Devious recently performed in front of hundreds of DJ’s in Dallas at a Virdiko Distribution mixer.  Cise HD and Big Boy Records are also directing and filming music videos.   Contact @CiseHD on Twitter for more information.

(VIDEO) Young Gabe in ‘That’s Daddy Money’

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Single Daddy Money
(c)(p) 2013 Big Boy Records 24-7, All Rights Reserved.

Executive Produced by: Charles “Big Boy” Temple
Written by Gabe Washington, Charles Temple
Music by: Niyo
Master Mixed by: CiseHD

Big Boy Records presents: Young Gabe with the Hit Single “That’s Daddy Money” Available on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon Download Your Copy Today… WSHH, @BigBoyRecords247 on Instagram, twitter, YouTube, @BigBoyRecords TwoFourSeven on Facebook.

Contact Info: 504 – 408 – 6811

(HEAT RECOMMENDED EVENT) Big Boy Records Boot Camp Clicc Reunion

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

Many thought the era of seeing epic artists like Black Menace, P-N-C, Mystikal, The Ghetto Twinz, Insane, and many more was over.

Big Boy Records was the first million dollar label in New Orleans and it was started at a time when the city was just finding its voice in the rap game. The label helped to solidify New Orleans artists as not only major stakeholders, but (and this is just our opinion) to establish New Orleans as ground zero for raw talent.

The artists will be on stage at New Orleans’ own Howlin Wolf on Mother’s Day, May 12th. They’ll be performing before a live band – tickets are on sale now. Get yours!

Big Boy Records ‘Boot Camp Clicc’ Reunion Unplugged

Partners N Crime
Ghetto Twinz
Black Menace
LiL Lipps
And More

Big Boy Records’ Boot Camp Clicc Reunite May 12th at Howlin Wolf in New Orleans

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

May 12th promises to rekindle the spirit of New Orleans hip hop.  Big Boy Records will put on an unplugged concert at The Howlin’ Wolf in New Orleans.  For more information, contact Robert Shaw at 504-915-4095.  Pre-sale tickets are $20.  Mystikal, Black Menace, Ghetto Twiinz, Partners N Crime, Insane, Cise HD, and more are expected to perform at the reunion event.


Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Super producer, epic networker, friend to independents artists, groundbreaker, and pioneer – these are just a few of the phrases describing The Heat’s producer of the month, Cise Edwards.

Cise’s resume is a long one. He has worked with the greats in the industry and because of his efforts, Southern Rap and music as a whole, has been perfected.

Also known as Cise HD, one of his most well known efforts was forming Big Boy Records along with Robert Shaw and Charles Temple. Cise produced all of the albums released on the Big Boy label in the 1990’s. He’s also credited with helping to put the music of Mystikal, Ghetto Twinz, Black Menace, PNC, Fiend, and many more on the rap radar. He’s also currently working with up and coming artists, including Da U Boys and Strait Jigg.

Ask anybody who is familiar with Cise and you won’t hear anything but words of respect and admiration. The Heat Magazine salutes Cise and we wish him many more decades of putting our artists out there in a good kind of way!

For more information on Cise, check out the feature interview done by our own, Dion Norman:

Conversation with a Legend: Cise Edwards staying afloat in music industry

Sunday, January 1st, 2012
The more things change, the more they remain the same is a cliche’ often stated in the midst of adversity. In the music industry some may beg to differ. Adjustment and adaptation may be better terms to describe today’s technology based music industry.
New Orleans legendary producer Cise Edwards professionally known as Cise involves himself in mixing, mastering, video production, and editing. Cise is known for forming Big Boy Records with Robert Shaw and Charles Temple. He also produced all of the albums released on the Big Boy label throughout the 90s. Some of those artists include Mystikal, Black Menace, Ghetto Twinz, G Slimm, Partners n Crime, Fiend, G Quikk, and more. Cise is also credited with working on Juvenile’s album Cocky & Confident. The Heat Magazine had an opportunity to discuss and discover what’s happening within Cise HD.

The Heat Magazine: What are your latest projects or endeavors?
Cise: I will be working with a lot of people who you all think I should be working with, and I will be working with a lot of people who you all think I shouldn’t be working with. It’s going to be a hot summer. That’s the bubble right there.

The Heat Magazine: What separates you from other producers?
Cise: Nothing separates me from other producers. Everybody is individually dope within their own right. I don’t do what Mannie does, Mannie does not do what I do, and KL does not do what Mannie does. That’s the era we come from.
The Heat Magazine: What are some of your accomplishments?
Cise: My resume is decent. It could be better. In a bundle, starting my own label Big Boy Records with Charles and Rob, finding Mystikal, putting that project together and sending that out to do what it did. That is the one I am going to go with.
The Heat Magazine: How do you feel about the state and condition of the music industry?
Cise: The music industry is being rebirthed in a way. There are ways you have to do things. You still have to do the meat and potatoes of the game: promote, have quality product, have a good image, and the “it” factor never dies. The business of music has changed. The state of music is in rebirth and you either have to get with it or get gone. It really doesn’t affect most people like it affects some people. Some of us come from where we had to create what we had. We had to create our own opportunities. For us, a rebirth is more of an advantage.
The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give to upcoming artists and producers?
Cise: The main piece of advice to the upcoming artists in the music industry is to make sure you have your publishing rights. Make sure you get a fair shake on your publishing. Make sure you get an advance on your publishing and not sell your publishing. Make sure your songs are registered. You can’t expect someone to have their paperwork together and your paperwork is jacked up. Get your publishing.
The Heat Magazine: How is tour life and how does it affect relationships?
Cise: The road, the tours, the concerts,  the promotional tours. Some artists can’t get past that phase. It’s an everyday job. It’s more than being at home. When you’re at home, you have time off the clock. When you’re on the road, you’re on call 24-7, you have to get it while it’s hot. A lot of people won’t make it because of the situations they are in. Some of the situations happen to be relationships they are in. I’m glad I never had that problem. You may have to go from a promotional event earlier that day to a promotional performance to an appearance at an after party to somebody’s studio recording until it’s time to get on the bus and leave. It’s no different from being a doctor or lawyer, that’s the business. It’s the life, it’s a job.
The Heat Magazine: Who inspires you?
Cise: When I get up everyday, I’m basically self-motivated. I get up and go get it. The times have changed. It’s more I can do now in a day than I could have done ten years ago. This digital game is the bubble.
The Heat Magazine: What are your goals as a producer for 2012?
Cise: As a producer, I am going to try to work with as many people as I can work with. This is something I haven’t done in a while. I am going to spread it thin this year. If you’re hot, I am with you. If you’re trying to do the right thing, I am with you. It’s not a problem for 2012. We’re going to go get it!
The Heat Magazine: What defines a complete artist?
Cise: An artist like Juvenile puts it in all day. He spends money on things he needs. You have to be more than a microphone fiend. It’s a lot you have to do before you get on the microphone, and it’s a lot you have to do after you get off the microphone. Being a businessman makes you a complete artist. Most successful artists are businessmen like Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne.
The Heat Magazine: You have produced for many artists, how does it feel to be considered a legend in New Orleans?
Cise: As long as I am being considered for the job, I am cool with it.
The Heat Magazine: Being from New Orleans, what is it that you think is unique about New Orleans rap?
Cise: The unique thing about New Orleans music is that it’s culture music. It’s all about what goes on at that time during that generation. It depicts the culture at the time: secondline, jazz, and rhythm and blues. It’s culture music. That is what I love about it, it’s real.
The Heat Magazine: How important is education to you?
Cise: Education is a must. I talked to a group of kids at Xavier University a couple years ago. It’s easier with your whole struggle for you to achieve what you achieve with an education. I can’t stress it enough.
The Heat Magazine: What is your favorite dish?
Cise: My favorite dish is from Acme Oysters house. It is grilled oysters on a half shell. What!!!
The Heat Magazine: Whats the biggest lesson you have learned in your career or life?
Cise: The biggest lesson is to have everlasting patience. I’m talking about patience to continue your grind until you get what you want. Don’t worry about what you don’t have, work with what you do have and beat the competition at something else.
Cise Discography

5654 Mystikal Mystikal (CD, Album) 1995 01241-42330-1 Mystikal Y’All Ain’t Ready Yet (12″) 1995 BB0002CD Black Menace Really Doe (CD, Album) 1993 BB0010C G-Slimm Fours Deuces & Trays (Cass, Album) 1994 BB0011C Partners N Crime* P-N-C-3 (Cass, Album) 1995 BB0015C Sporty-T It’s All Good (Cass) 1995 BB0016C Black Menace(Cass, Single) 1995 BB0019 Partners-N-Crime Pump Tha Party (Puttin’ In Work) (Cass, Album) 1995 BBR0012 MystikalMystikal (Cass, Album) 1995 BBR-0017 Black Menace Drama Time (CD, Album) BBR-0017 Black Menace Drama Time (Cass, Album) 1995 BBR-0017LP Black Menace Drama Time / Hit ‘Em Get ‘Em (12″) 1995 BBR-0018 Fiend (2) Won’t Be Denied (Cass, Album) 1995 BBR-0018LP Fiend (2) Won’t Be Denied / Baddest M.F. Alive (12″) 1995 BBR-0020 Ghetto Twinz* Surrounded By Criminals (CD, Album) 1995 BBR-0021 Insane (10) Camp 4 Life (CD, Album) 1995 BBR-0021 Insane (10) Camp 4 Life (Cass, Album) 1995 BBR 0023 Elaté Elaté (CD, Album) 1996 BBR 0023 ElatéElaté (Cass, Album) 1996 BBR-0024 Various The Compilation Album – We G’s (CD) 1997 BBR-0024 Various The Compilation Album – We G’s (Cass, Comp) 1997 BBR-0025 J-Dawg Smokin’ & Rollin’ (CD, Album) 1997 BBR-0026 J-Dawg The Dawg House (CD, Album) 1997 SCMG-0013 Mystikal Mystikal (CD, Album) 1995 SCMG-0014 Partners N Crime* P•N•C•3 (CD, Album) SCMG-0015 Fiend (2) Won’t Be Denied (CD, Album) 1995

Contact Dion Norman at for more information on Cise Edwards or Cise HD.


Saturday, April 16th, 2011


































Music brings so much to our lives – especially the unique sounds of New Orleans rap – now is your turn to return the favor to the legendary Tim Smooth.

Please check out The Heat radio’s broadcast from Saturday night (click on The Heat on the player) to hear how you can help New Orleans‘ own while he battles cancer.

A benefit concert party is being held April 30, 2011 at The Chalkline, 6524 Lapalco Boulevard, Marrero, Louisiana 70072 from 9 p.m. until.  The benefit is being given by Tim’s nephew, Kenneth Hall,Jr. and is sponsored by Big Boy Records.

There will also be a Tim Smooth Benefit Car Wash on April 23, 2011 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at The Black & Gold Cafe, 2932 Highway 90 in Avondale, Louisiana 70094, given by Shawn Torrence and Juan Walker and sponsored by Secur Muziq ENT.

We will continue to post updates on how you can help Tim and his family during this time.  They would appreciate any support you show.

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