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985 Lyricist “Drama” aka Dreezy Drops Hot New Video “Us”

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Drama also known as Dreezy






He started his career as a teen dropping music with neighborhood friends and artists from New Orleans. In the early 2000’s, his career took off after signing with Eltoria Hogan’s YzGyz Entertainment. After recording a hit single, “That’s How We Play It” featuring Lil Flip, the label and Taurus “Drama” Williams went on a regional tour promoting his first solo project, “Product of My Environment.”

The hardworking emcee is not only an artist but a family man and master barber. These attributes have impacted his life in a positive way and permeate his musical style and delivery. After a short hiatus and a few years of recording various projects under the moniker, “Dreezy”, he released several mixtapes including the “Sixth Man”. Drama has collaborated with Maxminelli, C Loc, X Files, Devious, Lil Flip, Brandon Watson, and many more Louisiana and dirty south artists.

Family Portrait of Drama with his daughters













Drama and YzGyz return with his new video “Us” featuring Tabitha Accardo. The video was directed by Kut Creator.  The Heat Magazine will keep you posted on his upcoming projects. Check out the video and lyrical content.  The single has also been featured on New Orleans Union For Entertainment All Stars mix tape series.   For more information, contact Drama at or Dion Norman at

(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) The Heat Kicks It Wit Kawanna (Part 3)

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Here’s Part 3 of The Heat’s Exclusive with Kawanna Prout:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Do you think being raised by a single mother made you the woman you are today? If so, why?

KAWANNA: My mother was single and I was raised in a house with a bunch of aunts and my grandmother. It definitely made me the woman I am today, which is good and bad. Let me get to the bad first. Women ran everything and there were not any men around, so I developed the sense that men were not needed. By not seeing men around, when I started dating, I didn’t know to treat a man or even respect a man because the fact that men never came around, made me believe they were not an important factor. I became a teenage mother at the age of 17. My son’s father was killed in a car accident when I was 18, leaving me to raise my son alone. That made me very bitter towards the idea of a “family” because there I was again, alone, no men around – not even his father. Moving forward, during dating, I didn’t really respect men and it triggered over into my marriage, so the thing about being raised by a single mother is she taught me to be strong, to be independent and that you don’t need a man. The good thing is I am a strong, independent woman that loves my kids unconditionally just like my mother loved us, so that is the good part and it made me the strong woman I am today. Out of all of my jobs, attributes, etc., being a mother is the most rewarding job I have. I love my 2 kids with everything in me. They bring me the most joy!

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You have your hand in so many projects. Tell our readers about the show and what all you do. Take us through a day in the life of Kawanna.

KAWANNA: Kickinitwith Kawanna is a hip, but classy, informative late night talk show with diverse guests which include local musicians and business owners, as well as regular people with real life stories to share. The show is a reflection of my huge personality. I have always been witty and brutally honest with a “tell it like it is” attitude. I’ve also known I was born to be a star. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from landing on television. My phone never stops ringing. I take care of everything from booking shows, promoting, coming up with concepts for my talk show, dealing with my staff, and dealing with my job and kids. My day is always, always hectic. But I am the kind of person that if I don’t have a million things going on at one time, I can’t function. I’m weird like that.

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