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(NEW HEAT) J Lyric – “Lunette” (VIDEO)

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

“Lunette” is the first video off Upper Echelon Music artist J Lyric’s brand new “Loyalty Over Love” album. Watch/Comment/Share!

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Source: ThisIs50

Tyler Perry plans to sell his Atlanta area home and will build on 1,000+ acres

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Entertainment mogul Tyler Perry plans to sell his eight-bedroom, 14-bath, approximately 35,000 square foot home in metro Atlanta and will build on a 1,000+ acre tract he owns OTP, the AJC has learned. The listing price is not yet known.

Source: Tyler Perry plans to sell his Atlanta area home and will build on 1,000+ acres OTP | Atlanta Buzz with Jennifer Brett

“1 LIFE”

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

1 life

Today I met 3 amazing young men(Jamal Williams, Terrence Shivers, & Quinten Williams), that’s out here trying to better themselves, not be in the street or behind bars. They drove from Atlanta just to met me and when i say i felt so honored and blessed just to be in their presence, I know more than they were to be in mines. One of the young men just gave his life to christ sunday and when he told me, chills just went all through me because you don’t often here of 20 and 21 yr old young men doing that these days. What really stood out to me the most was they quit their jobs and move from Cleveland, Ohio to Atlanta, Ga on HOPE, A DREAM & FAITH!! I was so in shocked but it touched my heart to see them be so excited and in tune with who they were and what they want. I can’t express enough of how they love music and most of their own. When you REALLY love what you do, you will sacrifice, do without, and move in a way that no one would ever understand but it’s really not meant to be understood by everyone. These young men out here putting in work, getting scammed by people, etc but they refuse to give up. I asked “Why go so hard for this music that you putting out?” They told me “Well if you don’t believe in yourself or what you do, who will!” I couldn’t have said it better myself. “1 life” has so many meanings that I could go on and on about, but the name actually speaks volumes for itself. You only get “1” so you better make the best of the one you have, cuz when this one is over you can’t get a repeat!! Check out these young men song, watch they videos on YouTube and give them some love, I promise you won’t regret it.  My Thoughts Of The Day

Getting To Know Mushiya Tshikuka From “Cutting It in The ATL”

Sunday, June 7th, 2015



On Wednesday June 3rd 2015, I was sitting talking to a really good friend of mines and in our conversation I told her that I would love to meet “MRS. MUSHIYA” from the show “Cutting It In The ATL.” She told me to go on Instagram and send her a message, I said why not It’s worth a try. Within the hour after I sent the message, I got a call saying that I could go with “The Heat Magazine” and do a write-up on Mrs. Mushiya the very next day. Oh you see how fast GOD works, that’s what i told my friend.  So I spoke it into the universe and it came to pass. I met Mrs. Mushiya that Thursday night and when i tell you that she is a FORCE TO BE RECKON WITH, honey that’s and understatement!! She’s so humbled and beautiful all in the same breath tho. When she found out about my battle with cancer, she was so amazed. She told me that I was beautiful, gave me a HUGE hug and kissed me on my cheek. I was so humbled, grateful and most of all shocked because she showed me that much love and didn’t know me from a can of paint. She told one of her colleagues about me, which her dad does nothing but research on cancer and took my info so that she could give to her dad for him to call me. I was so amazed myself, but I had to reflect back to why I was really there. That’s where GOD needed me to be at that very moment to do and get what he needed me too. When I say that I had a blast with Mrs. Mushiya and her crew from “THE DAMN SALON”  6780 Roswell Rd Ne. Atlanta, Ga, please believe me, I even won me a great gift! The Damn Salon specializes in ALL natural hair. She said “Who the hell says that natural hair has to be boring!!?” She believes that “BEAUTY” comes in many colors and shades no matter if they have kinky or straight hair. She also loves herself and want to teach more people to do the same. “Who cares what people think of you?” is what she always says. Can you imagine her face when she says that!? Yeah, I know right lol. You can find THE DAMN SALON in a more than just a few places like Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC, Charlotte, NC, New York, Houston, TX, and Montreal. You can also order the hair extensions from her brand called RUNWAY CURLS on her website and any other info that you may want to know about this Phenomenal Woman. I’m so glad and honored that I had the pleasure meeting her!! My thoughts of the day! 




Monday, June 1st, 2015
Nominated 3 yrs in a row for the STEVE HARVEY HOODIE AWARDS as the best barbershop

Nominated 3 yrs in a row for the STEVE HARVEY HOODIE AWARDS as the best barbershop

I walked into a barbershop today that I’ve heard so much about around town, on the radio and had the pleasure of meeting them at the “Barbers United” all white event on Saturday May 30, 2015. When i walked in, I felt the fresh clean air as I inhaled to relax my nerves for this moment. I was greeted with a “Hello, how are you doing today how may we help you ma’am?” That alone made me feel at eased and welcomed, but most importantly I loved how the word “WE” was used. A lot of business forget that there’s no “I” in team and if it was not for the “TEAM” the business wouldn’t be what is. I had a chance to talk to the every barber as just that a “TEAM”, Brandon which is the owner, Blake, Salaam, Alex, Marcus, & Christopher. This barbershop has been nominated not one but three times for the STEVE HARVEY NEIGHBORHOOD HOODIE AWARDS. So I had to come be the nosey person that I am and see what was really going on!! I had a great time and conversations. I had to ask the questions about their mission and visions because people don’t get to where they are as a business without having the two. The answer was “Being a positive role model to the youth of young men, giving them something to look up too and know that can do it too instead of being out in the streets getting in trouble. Also no one is in competition with anyone in the city, we all can make things happen for the city of Columbus, Ga!” What stick to my mind the most is after sharing a little about my story with battling Stage 3a Breast cancer, Blake’s son asked me “Do it hurt?” I replied “Yes it does, i have good  and bad days” and he asked “Are you having a good day today?”  I smiled and said “Yes, especially since I’ve talked to you!” Remember we never know when we are entertaining an angel!! The atmosphere there was so clean, calm and relaxing but I could feel the spirit of the Lord all up in there. That’s the key to success, having GOD first in all you do! They also give back to the community by helping out with back to school clothes, shoes, supplies, free haircuts, and helping throughout the year as well, I call that “PAYING IT FORWARD!!” So now I see what all the uproar is about when it comes to the “NAPPY ROOT BARBERSHOP” 4231 Macon Rd Columbus Ga 31907 where you come nappy, leave happy!! So PLEASE vote for them on June 9th, 2015 at from 6 am til 6 pm for the BEST BARBER SHOP category. I’m putting my stamp on this so y’all know they are good people and if they win we as a TEAM & as a Community wins also!!! My thoughts of the day! 




Man kills two at liquor store, shots his parents and is killed by cops

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Sunday’s shootings started after Jeffrey Scott Pitts, 36, had a run-in over an unpaid bill with a clerk at the Magnet Package store in Conyers, near Atlanta.

A Georgia man shot and killed two people inside a liquor store and then shot his parents before he was killed in a shootout with a deputy.

The dispute began on Sunday afternoon when Jeffrey Scott Pitts, 36, had a run-in over an unpaid bill with a clerk at the Magnet Package store in Conyers, about 25 miles southeast of Atlanta.

The clerk kept Pitts’ ID and a few hours later, Pitts returned with an assault rifle, shooting and killing the clerk and a customer.

Video from inside the store, released by police late on Sunday, shows Pitts calmly walk into the store and immediately start shooting at both people behind the counter and customers.

A customer who was reportedly standing next to another customer who was shot, told a group of bystanders, ‘He didn’t even say anything.’

The two men, whose names have not yet been released, both died from their injuries, police said.

From the store, Pitts drove about five miles to his home on Ebenezer Road, where he shot both of his parents, according to police.

Source: Man kills two at liquor store, shots his parents and is killed by cops

Hello World

Monday, June 1st, 2015


As I sat for hours trying to think about my very FIRST post with THE HEAT MAGAZINE, I found it to come really easy because this is something that i do every day and I just DO IT! So here I am and first I have to give Honor, Thanks, and Praise to the ALMIGHTY GOD for it is only he that I am writing now. Ok Now that I’m free to the world let’s have some fun and talk about things that you know you think about but don’t say. Well I’m that person to say it for you. Have you ever wondered why some people are always negative? I can tell you why, It’s because they dislike themselves and don’t want to see no one else be happy with themselves especially some women. I see a lot of women out in the middle of the day with pajamas, bonnets, and house shoes on but want a man to look at them or wonder why the man at home is not looking or looking at someone else. Then they tend to get mad but in all reality, they can only be mad at themselves. They have gotten at ease with their everyday same old routine and let themselves go. They need to remember at the end of the day they are still WOMEN and if they don’t think they are the bomb and respect themselves, how can they demand it. We as Women should always stay and be on point. I know some of you are saying, well it’s not enough time in the day. I have kids, I have to work, I have to cook, clean, etc. Yeah I know because I am a woman too, but you have to remind yourself of YOUR PURPOSE and why you are here. Please lets not take it back to the stone age days, you have to make time for yourself. It’s ok and there’s no law that says you can’t do it. Get your hair done, dress up, get a mani and pedi. Yes i know that cost money but if you take $20 out of your check every payday it adds up and add it as a bill every month. It will make you feel so good because there’s nothing like being comfortable in the skin you’re in. Now women, don’t get mad at those that do take that time for themselves and you don’t. It’s not their fault, honey it’s yours. Some may take this to heart but I’m only trying to help. This is MY THOUGHTS of the day!!

Tamela Mann Will Be Performing At Cobb Energy Center May 29, 2015

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015


NAACP Image Award-Winning, GRAMMY®-Award Nominated Vocalist TAMELA MANN, who is taking the music industry by storm with her record-breaking successes on the Billboard charts and at radio, is set to appear at the Cobb Energy Center in Atlanta, Ga. on May 29. Mann’s inspirational and uplifting show will feature performances of all her hits, including the No. 1 consecutive radio singles from her Billboard chart-topping album, ‘Best Days’ – “Take Me To The King” and “I Can Only Imagine.”

Mann is available for phone interviews and interviews at the venue.

Who: Tamela Mann, 2014 NAACP Image Award-winning singer, GRAMMY® Award nominee, 7-time Stellar Gospel Music Award and two-time GMA Dove Award winner What: Tamela Mann & Marvin Sapp in Concert Show Date: May 29, 2015 Where: Cobb Energy Center, 2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30339

ABOUT TAMELA MANN Tamela Mann is an accomplished GRAMMY® Award nominee, 2014 NAACP Image Award-winning singer, 7-time Stellar Gospel Music Award and two-time GMA Dove Award-winning vocalist, actress, songwriter, producer, and businesswoman.

Starring as “Cora Simmons” on the hit TBS comedy Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns, and “Toni Mann”, the newly married school teacher living in Atlanta with her husband (actor, David Mann) and their blended family on the top-rated new series on Bounce, Mann & Wife, Tamela makes millions laugh every week while she enjoys a unique personal double blessing. The sassy, high spirited multi-talented singer and actress is able to work every day with David Mann, her husband, who plays “Daniel Mann” on Mann & Wife and the rest of her kids, featured on their family reality show on BET, It’s A Mann’s World.

Tamela’s highly successful, Dove Award-winning CD “The Master Plan” remained at the top of the Gospel sales chart for almost a year, and in 2010, Tamela released “The Master Plan Deluxe Edition” which contained not only all the songs from the best-seller, but David’s CD, “Mr. Brown’s Good Ol’ Time Church,” and a full bonus DVD of behind the scenes footage and music videos. Tamela’s two-time GMA Dove Award and seven-time Stellar Gospel Music Award-winning CD “Best Days” debuted in 2012 at No. 1 on across multiple music sales charts and includes the No. 1 singles “Take Me To The King,” which earned Tamela her first GRAMMY ® Award nomination for Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance and the concert favorite, “I Can Only Imagine.”

Both the CD and singles remained at No. 1 for a record number of weeks; the CD charted at the top for 15 weeks and the singles for nearly 40 weeks combined. The CD was recently RIAA Certified GOLD (500,000 copies sold) and the single, “Take Me To The King,” is RIAA cer

Check Out Fat Matt’s Rib Shack In Atlanta This Memorial Day

Monday, May 25th, 2015


On Piedmont Road, there’s a barbecue joint that’s an Atlanta institution. Fat Matt’s Rib Shack is one of those must-visit places in the city, like The Coke Museum or the Varsity. In his visit to Atlanta in The Layover, Anthony Bourdain started his trip here, and acknowledged that to “food nerds and BBQ snobs” what Fat Matt’s serves isn’t what they’d call real BBQ. The chef, now working on ABC’s The Taste, said of Fat Matt’s, it’s like being “married to a Harvard graduate supermodel, but every once in a while you just want a really nasty girl in cheap heels with a trashy Queens accent who chews gum — I’m saying you want that, not me.”

Fat Matt’s serves up all the things you want in great Q without the embellishments and gimmicks that other places use to draw customers. No, Fat Matt’s does it by serving damn good food.

Police: Shots fired at Lil Wayne’s tour bus

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Rapper Lil Wayne’s bus was leaving a performance in Atlanta when shots were fired.

Atlanta police were called to the 3300 block of Peachtree Road around 3:25 a.m. where they found two tour buses that had been shot multiple times.

County County police say there were 12 people riding the two buses, and none of them were hurt.

Witnesses say the shots came from two white vehicles, possibly a Corvette-style vehicle and an SUV.

Lil Wayne performed at the Compound nightclub on Brady Avenue Saturday night.

Police have no suspects in this shooting.

Source: Police: Shots fired at Lil Wayne’s tour bus