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Nikki B: Model, Entreprenuer & Much More

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Photo Credit: Tori Tredwell

If you’re familiar with the world of exotic, gorgeous and talented models, then you are more than likely familiar with Nikki B. But did you know that she is so much more than just a beautiful face?

African American/Puerto Rican and a Bronx native, Nikki B is currently most well known as an urban print model. She has graced covers of the top urban magazines, done centerfold spreads, become an internet sensation in the past several years, and she is consistently among the top 10 best in her line of business. Nikki B has even worked with top music artists, such as Ludacris, Drake and Kanye West.

What you may not know about Nikki B is that she is also an actress, entrepreneur and beautiful spirit who is an educated, family oriented person.

Nikki B is moving her career along at a rapid pace, branching far out into the entertainment world, including spokes modeling and becoming a brand ambassador for clothing and cosmetics companies. In fact, she has most recently been the face of Ashley Stewart’s Premier Denim Collection, as well as a spokesperson for the Thurgood Marshal College Fund.

In addition, Nikki B is just starting out with her own apparel line, which she plans to grow into a viable, highly recognized brand of clothing. We recently had an opportunity to catch up with Nikki B and here’s what she had to say:


THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What projects are you currently working on, besides the modeling?

NIKKI B: I’m starting my own t-shirt line. It just kicked off and we’re going to have about 6 different pieces to start with – it really goes with a lifestyle for anyone. There’s no trend to them – anyone can wear our shirts.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us more about these t-shirts.

NIKKI B: They’re very sexy. They have a very vintage-like feel to them as far as the images go. They’re modern t-shirts.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: We hear you have another very interesting project in the works as well. Tell us about that.

NIKKI B: I do – I have the “Dear Nikki” letters. On my website, I get a lot of fan mail. I don’t just get postings on how I look or comments on my images. I hear from women and men and they’re asking me questions and advice on relationships, on exercising, on eating well, and personal questions on issues that they’re going through. One lady wrote me that she is thinking of divorcing her husband. The reality is that divorce has become like a high school breakup. I tried to explain to her that I’ve never been married, so take my advice lightly, but I come from a family where everyone has been married for over 20 years, with the exception of my parents who never got married. I know that marriage is a foundation and you have to work on it. I’ve realized over the past couple of years through having the website, that my fans are not just asking about my personal life, but almost like if I were them, what would I do in their situation. I’m also sharing my beauty secrets and things like that.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Very interesting. Tell us where we will see Nikki B in the near future.

NIKKI B: I will be working on my t-shirt line, but will also become the face of beauty products.


The Heat Magazine salutes this stunning, positive and inspiring businesswoman and we send our best wishes in all of her endeavors. We know we will be seeing much more of her in the months and years to come!

Photo Credit: Tori Tredwell