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Friday, June 22nd, 2018

BSE Recording Artist, T Barz makes a comeback with debut single, “Two Way”



Born and raised in Mobile Alabama, Felecia Nichole Tunstall musically known as T Barz realized her gift of writing in 2009 when she started writing poems which turned into a spoken word that she performed at local functions. Within the past five years, Barz has gotten more in tune with turning her spoken words into musical pieces. She is overall multi-talented with paid skills in acting and dancing with styles in Hip Hop and Lyrical.

T Barz is a triple threat with a strong work ethic. Her lyrics speak on her life experiences in music, hip-hop, love, personal struggles, and victories. Her message is both powerful and confident. This past fall, T Barz released her debut single, “Flexin” to great success topping the Rap/Hip-hop charts at #1 for (3) consecutive weeks.

The moment I heard the track, I fell in love with the beat and immediately, I knew that I wanted to tell a story….a story that’s easy to follow
“TWO WAY” from chart-topping female hip-hop recording artist, T BARZ.  “Two Way” was written and produced by T BarzLou Humphrey, and Jasmon Joyner and will be available via all download and streaming outlets via the BSE Recordings imprint.  T BARZ’ debut EP, “Genesis” will be released later this summer.
 “I was on Facebook one day and saw a post of a guy that mentioned, “women always crying when a guy does them wrong or cheat on them, just do it back!” & I was like hmmm, ok that’s my storyline….a woman playing the game right back instead of curling into a ball and crying,” “It’s a boss move that women rarely make or have the strength to do, so I made it happen in a song.
This past fall, T BARZ generated national buzz as her single, “Flexin'” became the #1 Hip-hop/Rap single on and Apple Music for (3) consecutive weeks.  On Sunday, July 1st, T Barz will take New York City by storm as she rips the SOB’s stage as the opening act for The Money In The Bank North American Tour featuring Smoke DZA and Bodega Bamz.
T Barz
Chart-topping Female Hip-hop Recording Artist
#1 Hip-hop/Rap Single for (3) Consecutive Weeks on Apple Music and Amazon Music – “Flexin”
#1 Hip-hop/Rap Single for (2) Weeks on Amazon Music and Apple Music – “Dunno Why”
Kicked-off’s new Freestyle Series #DXBarExam to rave reviews
Debut EP, “GENESIS” Releasing Summer 2018
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T barz

7 Shot at Florida Spring Break Party: Police

Saturday, March 28th, 2015


PANAMA CITY BEACH – UPDATE 11:50 AM, March 28, 2015

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office responded to multiple 911 calls at 12:55 a.m. Saturday morning in reference to a shooting on Thomas Drive, in Panama City Beach.

Deputies and investigators with the BCSO Criminal Investigations Division responded to the chaotic scene to find seven shooting victims. Three victims were found in the home, one in front of the house, one in the median of Thomas Drive, and two across the street from the home.

EMS responded to quickly treat and transport victims.

Several of the victims are students at Alabama A&M University visiting Panama City Beach for Spring Break.

The victims were identified as: Kearria Freed, age 20, of Mobile, Alabama, was shot in the head and remains in critical condition; Anesia Powell, age 20, was shot in the left arm, chest, and knee; Devanta Moore, age 21, was shot in the chest; Jacole Young, age 22, was shot in the back three times; Kelli Curry, age 21, was shot in the leg; Tykeria Ethridge, age 22, of Mobile, Alabama, was shot in the neck and shoulder; Henton Franklin age 22, of Mobile, Alabama, was shot in the side.

Man Buys Playstation 4, But That’s Not What Was In The Box

Friday, December 26th, 2014


Man Buys Playstation 4, But That’s Not What Was In The Box
It wasn’t quite getting coal for Christmas, but it was pretty close.

Can you imagine purchasing an expensive item only to find out it was a box of rocks?

That was the case in Colorado. A Stapleton man thought he was buying a PlayStation four, but he got this instead two bags of rocks.

Igor Baksht bought a PlayStation 4 bundle at the Walmart in Stapleton last Friday. He said an employee who got it out of the locked cabinet told him the PlayStation was previously returned. He opened the box before wrapping the gift for his 13-year-old niece.

“Just to make sure everything was inside, that all the contents were inside, all the games were inside,” said Baksht. “When I opened it, I said, ‘Oh my God.’

He found two bags of rocks wrapped up like the cop drama version of rectangular kilos of drugs.

“I couldn’t go back because they already were closed,” said Baksht.

He said he went to a 24-hour Walmart and was told he would have to go back to the store where he made the purchase.

On Saturday, he said he went back first thing in the morning.

“He said they cannot do anything about it because they don’t have proof, how it came in, nothing,” said Baksht.

7NEWS reports they were skeptical of his story, but in previous years other customers have been duped by the same scam. In 2012, an Alabama boy opened his Nintendo 3DS and found a box of rocks. In the last couple of years, multiple people found notebooks inside their newly opened iPad boxes.

He said he called the store multiple times and even called the corporate office.

“I never stole anything in my life. The most criminal thing that I’ve did, I got a driving ticket,” said Baksht.

On Christmas Eve afternoon, the store manager called Baksht and told him to bring the box back to the store.

“If they give me a PlayStation, I’ll take a PlayStation if they give me the same bundle that I paid for. If they give me another console plus two games, I’ll take that, but if they don’t have it, I’ll take the money back and buy it from somebody else,” said Baksht.

He said when he bought the PlayStation last week, the employee who took it out for him also said the box was a bit heavy.

“I’ve never bought one before, so I don’t know how much it has to weigh,” said Baksht.

On Christmas Eve night, the store manager returned the game console and gave him his money back.

Judge Says 1944 Execution Of 14-Year-Old Boy Was Wrong

Thursday, December 18th, 2014


More than 70 years after South Carolina sent a 14-year-old black boy to the electric chair in the killings of two white girls in a segregated mill town, a judge threw out the conviction, saying the state committed a great injustice.

George Stinney was arrested, convicted of murder in a one-day trial and executed in 1944 – all in the span of about three months and without an appeal. The speed in which the state meted out justice against the youngest person executed in the United States in the 20th century was shocking and extremely unfair, Circuit Judge Carmen Mullen wrote in her ruling Wednesday.

“I can think of no greater injustice,” Mullen wrote.

The girls, ages 7 and 11, were beaten badly in the head with an iron railroad spike in the town of Alcolu in Clarendon County, about 45 miles southeast of Columbia, authorities said. A search by dozens of people found their bodies several hours later.

Investigators arrested Stinney, saying witnesses saw him with the girls as they picked flowers. He was kept away from his parents, and authorities later said he confessed.

His supporters said he was a small, frail boy so scared that he said whatever he thought would make the authorities happy. They said there was no physical evidence linking him to the deaths. His executioners noted the electric chair straps didn’t fit him, and an electrode was too big for his leg.

During a two-day hearing in January, Mullen heard from Stinney’s surviving brother and sisters, someone involved in the search and experts who questioned the autopsy findings and Stinney’s confession. Most of the evidence from the original trial was gone and almost all the witnesses were dead.

It took Mullen nearly four times as long to issue her ruling as it took in 1944 to go from arrest to execution.

Stinney’s case has long been whispered in civil rights circles in South Carolina as an example of how a black person could be railroaded by a justice system during the Jim Crow era where the investigators, prosecutors and juries were all white.

The case received renewed attention because of a crusade by textile inspector and school board member George Frierson. Armed with a binder full of newspaper articles and other evidence, he and a law firm believed the teen represented everything that was wrong with South Carolina during the era of segregation.

Frierson said he heard about the judge’s decision from a co-worker. He had to attend a school board meeting later in the day, so the news hadn’t sunk in yet.

“When I get home, I’m going to get on my knees and thank the Lord Almighty for being so good and making sure justice prevailed,” Frierson said.

Attorneys argued that Stinney should get a new trial, but Mullen went a step further by vacating Stinney’s conviction. Her 29-page order included references to the 1931 Scottsboro Boys case in Alabama, where nine black teens were convicted of raping two white women. Eight of them were sentenced to death.

The convictions were eventually overturned before the teens went to the death chamber and the charges were dropped. Mullen noted Stinney did not even get the consideration of an appeal.

The judge was careful to say her ruling doesn’t apply to other families who felt their relatives were discriminated against.

“The extraordinary circumstances discussed herein simply do not apply in most cases,” Mullen wrote.

Man Robs Subway Because Jared Diet Didn’t Work For Him

Monday, November 3rd, 2014


A man accused of robbing four Subway restaurants in Alabama told police “Jared’s diet” didn’t work for him and he was attempting to get his money back, according to multiple media reports.

Zachary Rapheal Torrence, 18, of Fairfield was arrested at the Hueytown Walmart hours after police say he robbed a Subway restaurant in Adamsville.

Torrence is also suspected of robbing Subway restaurants in Hueytown, Midfield and Birmingham.

Hueytown Police Chief Chuck Hagler said the suspect told detectives he had spent a lot of money on the Subway diet, also known as “Jared’s diet,” and he hadn’t lost any weight — so he wanted his money back.

A citizen recognized bright orange shoes the suspect wore in each of the robberies.

He faces one count of first degree burglary and is being held on a $250,000 bond.

Fiend Performing Live In Birmingham On 4th Of July

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

An all-black party will take place on the fourth of July featuring Fiend aka International Jones. Skreg, Sunny Blakk and View Mobb will also perform. Doors open at 8 p.m. The venue is located at 2726 Pearson Avenue. For more information follow Fiend on twitter at or call Reggi at 205-240-1374. The Heat Magazine wanted our Alabama readers and surrounding areas to be aware of this event. Capital F.I. says, “I’m performing all my hits.” Feel free to leave a comment if you catch the power-packed performance by the world-renowned rap star from New Orleans.

Tennessee City Creates Ordinance That Makes Wearing Saggy Pants Illegal

Monday, May 19th, 2014


Standards – and pants – have been slipping in the Tennessee city of Pikeville, where the mayor has decided things have gotten as low as they can go.
Mayor Phil Cagle is the author of an ordinance that will soon see anyone wearing their pants ‘more than three inches below the top of the hips’ fined for public indecency.

Pikeville is just the latest place in the U.S. to take issue with where young men position their trousers.

Two in Louisiana, Jefferson Davis and Terrebonne Parish have passed ordinances in recent months banning the public wearing of saggy pants with hefty fines for those who choose not to belt up, and others have followed suit in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi.

T.I. Mourns the Life and Death of Doe B at Funeral Service

Sunday, January 5th, 2014


It’s been a week after the untimely death of Alabama rapper Doe B and his funeral service was held yesterday (Jan. 4th) in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama. According to news by the Montgomery Advertiser, separate services were held in the same venue for both Doe B and another victim of the shooting, Kimberle Johnson. In addition to Doe B’s mother speaking at the funeral service, his manager, DJ Frank White, and T.I. both eulogized the 22-year-old emcee at the service.

“I knew how much love the city and state had for him,” his manager DJ Frank White reportedly said. “They saw the bright future he had.”

Speaking to a packed crowd, T.I., who signed Doe B to Grand Hustle, eulogized the rapper. “I’m up here to celebrate the life of a young man whose path I crossed a little over a year ago,” he said. “I admired Doe because, as a young man at the age that he was, he always presented himself to be more mature. It’s very rare that you could find somebody at the age of 20 or 21 and sit them down in front of somebody they aspire to be like and they are as composed and poised and postured and looking eye to eye with this person. It’s very rare that you find somebody at the age of 20 or 21 and you could walk them into the room with a Nelly, or you could walk them into a room with a Timbaland or Jay Z, and they not lose their cool, they’re composed, postured, with the morals, standards, and the principles that were instilled in him from his family, his mom, his dad, grandmama, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles.”

Meet Dedrick Sims, Founder Of Sims Fayola International Academy

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013


Dedrick has been serving urban students since 1999 both as a teacher and a school leader. Dedrick’s career in urban education began in a high school classroom as a substitute and has since served in roles as a High School Biology and Chemistry Teacher, Secondary Curriculum Administrator, Master Lead Teacher, Technology Coordinator, Alternative School teacher, Dean of Students/Assistant Principal and Principal (Co-Ed and Single Gender). Dedrick has also served urban students in non-classroom/school based roles as an author of one book and several professional articles addressing urban education. Through completing several nationally respected school leadership programs like the KIPP Principal Leadership Program at New York University, New Leaders for New School, Harvard’s Project Zero Classroom, Gulf Coast Business Council Masters Program, SUPES Superintendent Academy, Get Smart Schools School Leadership Fellowship, and TeachNOLA’s Master Teacher Corps Selector Cohort, Mr. Sims is currently and has received extensive training in instructional leadership, operations, finance, and governance, along with significant exposure to the nation’s highest performing urban charter schools. Mr. Sims holds teaching licenses in the states of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi as well as a K-12 Administrator license in Mississippi and Louisiana.

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Alabama All Male Cheerleading Team

Thursday, September 26th, 2013



If you don’t already know about the Prancing Elites, Alabama’s all-male and absolutely fierce cheerleading squad, then your day is about to get a whole lot better. These boys are awesome. Like, if you want to spend exactly one minute smiling beyond belief, they will do that for you. Hailing from Mobile, Ala., the Prancing Elites are winning the Internet and stealing hearts left and right with their passion for dance and matching outfits. It’s really only a matter of time before Beyoncé recruits them for her next video. Dance on, boys.