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Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke Head to Court Over Marvin Gaye Copyright-Infringement You Be The Judge

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015


Robin Thicke took the stand Wednesday to face the family of Marvin Gaye, which has claimed his hit “Blurred Lines” ripped off Gaye’s song, “Got to Give It Up.”

Thicke admitted that “Got to Give It Up” is one of his favorite songs, and that it’s a classic.

He’d previously said as much in a TV interview, but then claimed that he gave that quote while under the influence of alcohol and Vicodin.

In a lawsuit they filed in 2013, Thicke, Pharrell Williams and Clifford Harris Jr. (aka, T.I.) defended themselves against reported accusations by Gaye’s loved ones that the singers stole parts of “Got to Give It Up,” for “Blurred Lines.” However, in October, a judge sided with the Gaye family, ruling that their musicological experts had given enough evidence to allow the case to go to trial.


Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014


(KTRK) — Mathew Knowles says anytime his daughter Beyonce is involved, people tend to blow things out of proportion.

“It is absolutely crazy and ridiculous,” said Mathew Knowles, CEO of Music World Entertainment.

Over the weekend, his staff put on a House of Dereon garage sale with about a third of the items related to Beyonce. Since then, Knowles says he’s been bombarded with media accusations that he’s trying to have a “Beyonce sale” because he is trying to make ends meet.

“I get to the office and my assistant of 15 years tells me that this mass hysteria, which I call Jedi-mind trick, is happening,” said Knowles. Referring to the garage sale, Knowles said, “I came up Sunday to help them out. I was nice enough to take photos with people… I see that backfired on me. I see a simple act of kindness ends up being, ‘I’m going out of business, it ends up being I’m broke.'”

Knowles didn’t address his financial situation, but says the reason behind the garage sale is that he’s cleaning house so he can renovate his property, specifically, the Rice Mansion. ABC13 did see contractors and plumbers taking a look around while we were there.

This garage sale had piles of $5 Beyonc shirts, posters and CDs – with even lower-priced Solange memorabilia –but there was also a smattering of old furniture, candles, old country CDs and even a broken Christmas tree.

Michael Brown Fight Not Over’ Activists Rallying In 100+ Cities

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014


Activists are set to rally Tuesday in more than 115 cities in the United States, speaking out in support of Brown’s family and accusations about police violence and racial injustice — rooted in the fact that Brown was black and Wilson is white. And their calls will likely be loudest in and around Ferguson, a city unknown to many worldwide more than three months ago, but which is now ground zero in this debate.

“We are on the side of Michael Brown to fight for what is right,” the Rev. Al Sharpton said Tuesday in front of Brown’s family. “…. “We may have lost round one, but the fight is not over.”

HIV Church Scandal Update: Atlanta Minister Accused of Spreading HIV Faces Judges in 2 Counties [VIDEO]

Friday, January 17th, 2014


Craig Lamar Davis, the defendant in question, was a married minister at Bishop Paul Morton’s Clayton county church when he had affairs with members of his congregation. He now faces two felony charges of ‘Reckless HIV,’ that could land him 20 years in prison after being accused of knowingly exposing at least 2 women to HIV.

Davis was once tested for HIV and came up positive, however his defense to the criminal accusations is almost laughable. His defense challenges the validity of HIV tests and says prosecutors will not be able to prove he is HIV positive or that he even had sex with those women.

Webbie arrested in Baton Rouge & charged with robbery & battery

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

According to the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, Webster Gradney Jr., also known as the rapper “Webbie”, has been charged with simple battery and simple robbery.

Webbie was arrested on September 12, 2012 around 2:30 a.m. He is accused of attacking a woman at the Chase Suites Hotel on Corporate Boulevard in Baton Rouge, kicking the woman down two flights of stairs and stealing $340 from her.

According to TMZ, a representative for Webbie says the rapper met the woman behind the accusations at a party Tuesday night, but also tells TMZ that he never attacked her, or stole her money.

The representative admits to TMZ that Webbie took money from the woman’s purse, but insists the money was his and the woman in question had stolen it from him.

The representative also told TMZ that Webbie plans on fighting the accusations. He was released on a $9,000 bond.

Football Star Exonerated on Rape Charges Wants State to Pay Up

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Brian Banks, a former Long Beach Poly High School football star, had his rape conviction thrown out this week after the alleged victim admitted to lying about the incident. Banks spent five years in prison after pleading no contest to forcible rape and is now seeking money from California.

“We do not plan on taking any legal action against Gibson,” said Banks’ attorney, Justin Brooks of the California Innocence Project, referring to Banks’ accuser, Wanetta Gibson. “We do plan on filing a state claim for the $100 a day Brian is entitled to under State Law 4900 for every day he was wrongfully incarcerated.”

Wanetta Gibson accused Banks of raping her at Long Beach Poly High School back in 2001 when she was just 15. Her mother sued the Long Beach school system, which led to a $750,000 payment from a civil suit.

In a strange turn of events Gibson friended Banks on Facebook, and offered to help him clear his record after admitting that she lied about her claims. However, she refused to re-tell her story to prosecutors in fear of losing the money she received in the lawsuit.

L.A. prosecutors are not planning on suing Gibson for making false accusations, saying it would be a tough case to prove.

During the time of his arrest Banks had garnered attention from such college powerhouses as University of Southern California, University of Michigan and University of Ohio, but had given a verbal agreement to play for USC on scholarship.

During an interview with the Today show on Thursday Banks revealed that he still had hopes to play in the NFL.

Curren$y suing Damon Dash

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Rapper Curren$y is suing music producer Damon Dash, claiming he is hocking several Curren$y albums without permission, according to

Curren$y filed the lawsuit against Jay-Z‘s old business partner and former co-owner of Roc-A-Fella Records, claiming Dash and he tried to negotiate an agreement to release music together in 2010, but the deal never materialized.

Curren$y claims Dash released two of his albums in 2010, but the two still couldn’t reach an agreement, so Curren$y signed with Warner Bros. in January 2011.

According to the lawsuit, Dash was unmoved and continued to release Curren$y’s music despite the new WB contract, which gave WB exclusive rights to Curren$y’s music. Curren$y now is demanding that Dash quit profiting off him in any way. Curren$y also wants $1.5 million in damages.

Dash fired fired back at the accusations claiming, he has the right to release the albums in question because he was given permission. He also claim Curren$y reneged on his agreement with Damon and signing with WB instead.

A judge has yet to rule on the case.