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(NEW HEAT) JAYARSON & Skip drop the visuals to “Third Brick” (VIDEO)

Monday, October 22nd, 2018
New Orleans legend Skip & JAYARSON collaborate on “Third Brick” (produced by KMorGOLD)

If ever there was a super dope collaboration, Third Brick is it!

Hailing from Hollygrove, the legendary Skip of UTP and GhettoSlave fame joins New Orleans MVP JAYARSON on the visuals (and audio) of “Third Brick“, one of the cuts off JAYARSON’s “Foe Bricks” EP, available everywhere music is sold or streamed!

Watch/Comment/Share “Third Brick” and support two of New Orleans’ finest, not to mention Producer KMorGOLD!

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(#TuesdayThrowback) P-N-C featuring Fifth Ward Weebie in ‘So Attracted’

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

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(NEW MUSIC) Devious featuring Rock in ‘Crabs in the Bucket’

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013


New Orleans rapper Devious leaks first single from his upcoming mixtape, Follow Every Dream.” Devious links up with Rockshot of Da U Boys on this fire track produced by Cise HD.





“Crabs in The Bucket”

 Download Here

(HOT #HEAT PICKS) #0017TH – The Movement

Monday, January 7th, 2013


If the question is, “What’s the hottest movement out right now?”, the answer would be, “Without a doubt, the #0017TH movement.” What’s that you say? Well, the #0017TH movement is the hottest thing going right now and The Heat wants to make sure you know all about it.

The multi-talented Nesby Phips

The multi-talented Nesby Phips

Straight out of New Orleans’ 17TH Ward neighborhood Hollygrove, Ground Zero for epic talent, comes the #0017TH movement. It started with the Nesby Phips/Reem collaborative mixtape, “#0017TH Hollygrove Ain’t Enough”.

Agent Reem of the #017TH

Agent Reem of the #017TH

The mixtape is all original in content and contains the hottest acts in the business right now – the multi-talented Nesby Phips and his partner in crime of sorts, Reem, of course, along with guests such as the legendary veteran J-Dawg from Black Menace and his son, the up and coming lyricist Jay Jones, Hollygrove Mikey, Curren$y, Mack Maine, Kango Slimm from Partners N Crime, Juvenile, the female spitter The Gurl Elle, Rock from Da U Boys, and Hound.

As if the mixtape and recently released videos were not hot enough, the #0017TH movement has been co-signed by Mack Maine, YMCMB’s self-professed “Obama”. You know when Mack Maine co-signs something, it is white hot. To add to the mixtape buzz, has been a series of cypher videos featuring Nesby Phips, Reem, Hollygrove Mikey, Jay Jones, Curren$y, and Mack Maine. They are a definite must-see/must-hear for any true raphead.

#SALUTE to the #0017TH movement. Nesby & Reem are two of the hottest spitters already – couple that with the talent with which they are collaborating, and The Heat predicts that New Orleans is about to again be put on the proverbial map – the world’s not ready for the coming musical revolution!

If you hear anybody say they have not heard anything unique, innovative or new lately in music or that they are bored with everything that is currently out, you can rest assured that they have not yet downloaded “#0017TH Hollygrove Ain’t Enough”. We will not give all the secrets away because, of course, we expect you to also download the tape, but we have to mention this – this is the first tape that combines a James Bond like presence with some of the best hip hop you will ever hear.

Visit the #0017TH website for the free download & to check out the movement: Follow Nesby & Reem on Twitter:

@Nesby Phips


Check out #0017TH videos below.

(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) Veteran rapper Devious is back with a new hit (Part 1)

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

“We got Devious in the house tonight …” – Lyrics from the infamous ‘Where They At?’

New Orleans has birthed countless music legends, many of whom hail from the 17th Ward neighborhood of Hollygrove.

Situated in the Uptown section of New Orleans, Hollygrove has long been known as the epicenter of epic lyricists. Long before Lil Wayne, Nesby Phips and Reem, Jay Jones, and many others hit the scene, legends were born – legends who served as architects of the music we hear today. One of the main rappers who came out of Hollygrove is the freestyle genius known simply as “Devious”.

Devious began making music when he was in middle school and his career took off from there. A rapper in his own right, having had many hits, Devious also helped produce many well known hits, including DJ Jimi’s “Where They At?”, the anthem that helped kick off the bounce revolution New Orleans is so well known for – and he went on to pen many more hits.

Over two decades later, veteran rapper Devious continues to drop hits. In addition to his own music career, Devious also makes it his business to assist the careers of many younger artists out of the city. Founder and President of the New Orleans Union of Entertainment, Devious has become the “go-to” person in the city for advice and guidance. He heads up Free World Entertainment, his own company that he built from the ground up.

Devious recently dropped what is quickly becoming one of the hottest club songs in the nation, “Why Yo?” Produced by the legendary Ice Mike, “Why Yo?” is burning up the charts.

We sat down with Devious to learn about his new project and what we can look forward to in the future. Here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You’re a legend in the game, so you need no introduction, but tell our readers what you believe is the key to your longevity in the industry.

DEVIOUS: Thanks. Preparation, skill, passion, perseverance, a willingness to become a student in the industry, and grace and mercy.


(HEAT MIXTAPE OF THE WEEK) Mista Meana’s ‘Who Say I Can’t Rap’ *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

This week’s “HEAT MIXTAPE OF THE WEEK” is “Who Say I Can’t Rap” by Mista Meana, 1/2 of the legendary Partners-N-Crime.

Check it out, support Mista Meana’s new project and make sure to download it – it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Here’s the link:

(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) JAY JONES: Read This Only if You Kool Enough (Part 2)

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

When we left off in Part 1 of our exclusive interview with Jay Jones, he was talking about his successful mixtape release party back in December. He had lots more to say and here is the rest of The Heat‘s interview with him:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How has working with such legends as Mista Meana and Kango Slimm been?

JAY JONES: I’m really honored because if you look at all of their track records, it’s major. They have done so much in and out of New Orleans. I’m lucky to even be in the presence of such great artists like them. That’s what motivates me to make good music because that’s all I’m surrounded by. Even though music is our job, working wit them is always a fun time because that’s something we all love to do and I love the fact that if something don’t sound right and you should change it, they would tell you and not just let you put music out any kind of way. I never trip when they criticize my music because I know they only want the best for me and I like to know what everybody think about my music. Working with them is really a honor.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Where do you see New Orleans rap heading in the next few years?

JAY JONES: If everybody can get on the right page and stop being out for self, New Orleans rap can make some moves. Cause if you think about it, not one local rapper down here is getting money with their music – not even myself – but a lot of that is about to change. The year 2012 is my year with the music. I’m a real artist that’s not just boxed in one category. I can touch on all types of subjects and different types of music. They have a couple good artists down here such as myself, SmashBrothers, The Rap Pack, Dangafield, and a couple more people, but in all honesty, in the next few years, I see New Orleans Rap shooting to the top!

The legendary J-Dawg, father of Jay Jones

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: I have two singles I’m releasing – one featuring Kango Slimm called “One Hundred” and another one for New Orleans featuring S-80 called “Got It Goin On”. The video for “One Hundred” just dropped and will be placed on Worldstar and a lot of other sites. But just be on the lookout for me everywhere. I’m featured on a lot of people upcoming projects and I’m constantly working and releasing songs on Twitter. You can follow me @JayJ0nes on twitter (the “O” is an Zero) but like I said, 2012 is my year so you can expect to see and hear me everywhere.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What other local artists do you look forward to working with?

JAY JONES: The only local artist I really wanna work wit right now is Na’tee. I dnt even know if I can still consider her as a local artist (Laughs), but she the coldest female I ever heard spit, so hopefully we can link up on my next project and knock something out. That would be a nice collab for me. But at da same time, I’m willing to work with anybody that creates quality music and want to collab, so if you wanna work, jus holla and we can make it happen.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: If you could work with any artists from anywhere else in the country, who would that be?

JAY JONES: First it would be Rick Ross and the whole MMG crew. To me, nobody eating like those dudes right now. Everybody dropping projects, doing shows and getting money, so that’s always good. Then the other artist would be Drake. To say dude only been in the game for about three years, he doing things sum artists that been in the game probably would neva accomplish!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Be on the lookout for features on more of the HITZ International artists and make sure to check out Jay Jones’ mixtape. Here’s a post The Heat previously put up following the release of “Only If You Kool Enough”: Also, make sure to check out Part 1 of this interview. Jay Jones is headed for the limelight, so be on the lookout! Click here for Part 1 of Jay Jones’ interview:


1. Jay Jones – Intro

2. Jay Jones – SayMyName

3. Jay Jones – HomeTown

4. Jay Jones – Bars

5. Jay Jones – LightYouUp FT. JayDaMenace

6. Jay Jones – Turbulence FT. Mr Meana

7. Jay Jones – GotItGoinOn FT. S-80

8. Jay jones – On One JayJones

9. Jay Jones – Paper FT. EGMG Show, Chedda,Dangafield

10. Jay Jones – Helllo

11. Jay Jones – DoDaMost

12. Jay Jones – Grateful FT. Sty

13. Jay Jones – ItAintOver FT. BlackMenace

14. Jay Jones – BlackMan FT. Mr Meana

15. Jay Jones – BetterOnMyOwn FT. Sty

16. Jay Jones – ShowMe

17. Jay Jones – KoolEnough

18. Jay Jones – BonusTrack: OneHundred FT. Kango

(HEAT EXCLUSIVE) JAY JONES: Read This Only if You Kool Enough (Part 1)

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

New Orleans, Louisiana is a city known for its unique music and culture. There’s just no place like it on the face of this earth.

Now I might be a little biased, but I feel I can state, without a doubt, that our music Down South is simply the best – and that is attributable to the grind and drive possessed by those in our entertainment industry. To add to that, we have such a unique and deeply rooted culture, that it reflects through our music, as well as everything we say and do.

Historically, Down South – and in particular, New Orleans artists, producers and entertainers – have had to work much harder for less recognition. Since they are natural hustlers at heart, that’s changing, thanks to blood, sweat and tears shed by some of New Orleans’ finest legends.

Meet Jay Jones, son of Black Menace’s J-Dawg. Black Menace and Partners N Crime are two of the most important entities that have contributed to New Orleans’ unique sound over the past decades – along with many others who have worked with the groups throughout the years. Despite his legacy, Jay Jones is a unique artist in his own right and though he has some big shoes to fill, The Heat believes he will handle that task with ease.

Jay Jones recently released his first mixtape and it is garnering a large number of downloads. Make sure to check out his project, “Only If You Kool Enough”. The title says it all.

We had to know more, so The Heat tracked Jay Jones down for this interview – and we were even fortunate enough to be able to speak with Mista Meana, one half of the legendary Partners N Crime, to get his take on the artist Jay Jones.

Mista Meana and his partners run HITZ International, a multi-faceted entertainment conglomerate designed to give its artists exposure on multiple levels. Here’s what Mista Meana had to say about Jay Jones, the talented young artist who comes from an entertainment dynasty, as well as HITZ International:

“I think Jay Jones is the future of what Hip Hop will be. Jay Jones raps a lifestyle. He has his own movement called Chill Society. That alone lets you know he spits his lifestyle. He’s hungry. Jay’s the son of a legend and I think he’s naturally a gifted kid.

HITZ International is not a rap label – it’s a network. We have an online store for music that can be found at and we have an online radio station, The artists we choose to work with personally, are artists who have something that stand out and deserves attention and every artist has their own company. So look out for these artists – Jay Jones, Smash Brothers, T Money, Partners N Crime, Block Burnaz, and Black Menace – and coming soon, a new artist by the name of Mally Diamond.”

Getting back to the feature at hand, we asked Jay Jones a plethora of questions and here’s his interview:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Who is Jay Jones?

JAY JONES: I’m prolly da koolest, most laid back rap dude you can meet. That’s why the name of my debut mixtape is “Only If You Kool Enough”. It’s also the motto of my movement “Chill Society”. I’m not really one of those over confident dudes wit the music, but I see myself as one of da best new artists coming out of New Orleans, hands down! Don’t get me wrong – sum artists are nice, but not too many seeing me. It’s just facts. Mr.Meana said I’m “Da Future of New Orleans Music” and my music can back up everything that we say, so if anybody beg to differ, just holla at me.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Your father is a legend in Down South rap music. How does it feel to know that you came from such a prolific legend?

JAY JONES: I mean it’s a great feeling knowing that my pops has done so much wit music and has so much respect wit music also. And now that the spotlight is kinda shining on me, I have no choice but to make good music. But the only thing I don’t want to do is get compared to my pops with the music. I just wanna make my own name for myself, not just because I’m the son of J-Dawg from the legendary group Black Menace. But other than that, I love the fact that my pops a legend. He makes sure that I’m on track, never losing sight of my main goal, and keep everything moving, but y’all just stayed tuned to my music and I’ll carry the torch from here.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about your mixtape project, which we hear has been quite successful.

JAY JONES: Aww man, the mixtape is called “Only If You Kool Enough”. It was released on November 1, 2011. By that being my first mixtape, I wasn’t expecting all the luv and success I got from it. I’ve been getting good feedback from people in my hometown of New Orleans, of course, but also Atlanta, Florida, and Texas. Shoutout to all the GoDjs out there and to especially Dj Dip. They really fuck*n wit me out there heavy. I have a couple features on the mixtape from a lot of local artists that’s doing major things such as EGMG Show, Dangafield, Smashbros, S80, Sty, Partners N Crime, & also Black Menace. Everything that’s happening from this mixtape is like a dream come true and also a blessing. I’m just thankful for everything.You can download the mixtape on Just type “Only If You Kool Enough” in the search box. It’s a sponsored mixtape, so no account is needed. Also me and the Smashbrothers had a successful Mixtape Release Party At Club Voila on December 10th, 2011! Everybody came out and rocked with us.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Check out Part 2 of The Heat’s exclusive interview with Jay Jones as he debuts his new video featuring Kango Slimm of Partners N Crime & he continues to discuss his music career! Click here for Part 2:

STRAIT JIGG: ‘Ova Ya Dome’ Mixtape Debuts

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Check out “Ova Ya Dome” by Rue Rois Music‘s artist and President, Strait Jigg.

This is sure to be one of the mixtapes of the year – check it out for yourself! It features Da U Boys, Young Gutta, G-Unit recording artist Kidd Kidd, and more.

Meet Hick Louch of Da U Boys

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Hick Louch

“I’m thinking Palm Trees, but all I see are Magnolia Trees” – Hick Louch in “California Dreaming” from the U Boy Official mixtape

Personality, attitude, charisma, and intelligence will take a music artist far – that’s why the future is so bright for yet another member of Da U Boys. Meet Hick Louch – one-third of Da U. When they made Louch, the mold was broken. He’s a one of a kind for certain.

Louch brings something special to Da U Boys. His flow is incomparable and he always delivers that 1-2 punch at just the right time. His lyrical skills and impeccable delivery are showcased well throughout “Tha Shutdown” and all of Da U Boys’ mixtape efforts. Louch’s timing is always on point – they don’t call him “Hick Louch The Truth” for nothing. The Heat is a fan of all of Louch’s material, but we have to say, “California Dreaming”, “Money Right” and “Nite Rider” probably showcase his skills the best.


Check Louch out on Da U Boys’ first album, “Tha Shutdown’, set for release this Tuesday, September 20, 2011. Da U Boys are as real as it gets and will bring that breath of fresh air that rap’s been missing for a very long time. “Tha Shutdown” will be available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon and other internet outlets. It’s destined to be a hit you must add to your collection.