The 2012, Male Pageant will go down in history marking the baddest show to be held for male models and dancers. If you have a social club, a member of a social club, or thinking about starting a social club, the time is now to get in to win! If you think you have the best of the best in male exotic dancing on your team, you won’t want to miss out on winning $100,000.00 dollars voting him into the finalist in this Gala event.

Keep your eyes on The Heat and keep your dollars ready! This is sure to be the start of something awesome!
To give you a taste of what you’re going to be entertained with, The Heat will feature different Male models up to the start of the Pageant’s final show. And if you want to catch some of those models in action today, they are turning crowds out right now during the Zulu Feast!
For more details on how your Social Club can get in on the winnings and on locations, dates, and times for the Zulu Feast, Go to:,,, , , ,

Trust me ladies when I say, nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream! You better wake up on this one!
From your girl, Nik-O-licious, trust me when I say, these guys are ALL DELICIOUS!

RUNDU FANTASY EXPRESS “Mr. America Pagent” Tour
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Rundu Fantasy Express
Rundu Fantasy Express Mr. America PaGent

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