Fiend, Corner Boy P, BlaqNMild, 0017th, and Calliope Bub Release New Projects

When two Jet Life emcees collaborate, another form of energy is created. The big homie Fiend links up with Corner Boy P on “Summer League” [more…].

Mississippi Shooting Leaves Eight Dead Including Sheriff’s Deputy, Suspect Confesses 

A Mississippi man confessed to going on a killing spree that left 8 dead, including a sheriff’s deputy. Source: Mississippi Shooting Leaves Eight Dead [more…]

Bring on Cavaliers-Warriors, a long-awaited NBA Finals trilogy

With LeBron James and Stephen Curry elevating the star power, the third Finals between Cleveland and Golden State might make a myth of NBA [more…]

52 Alleged Drug Traffickers Caught in LR Drug Ring Bust; 9 More Sought

25 people were arrested Wednesday — joining the 27 people indicted who were already in custody — while nine individuals remain at large. 50 [more…]

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