Meet Bedly Alcide of Street Media Hype

bedly1All too often in the media, independent music artists are shown little to no love – and sometimes even when a light is shone on them, the promotion they get is just not enough. Meet Bedly Alcide, publisher of Street Media Hype.


Bedly has taken Street Media Hype from a vision in startup mode to a whole brand. Residing in Miami, Florida, Bedly sees the beauty in many things, as well as in our independent artists. He strives to put the focus on them and them alone, never taking enough credit for himself. He is living the true American dream and once you read his interview, you’ll know why.


The Heat had a chance to catch up with Bedly to find out why he does what he does – and here’s what we found:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about yourself.

BEDLY ALCIDE: I was born in Haiti. I came to the United States when I was thirteen years old. I’m single with no kids and I have love music, mostly by independent artists. I travel, love photography and movies. My mother left me in Haiti when I was only three months old. I met her when she came back to pick me up to come to the United States. I never met my father. My mom passed away last year. She was a good woman and I loved her. She worked her butt off to put food on the table. She didn’t sleep with no man to get it either. She was a true bosslady.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Let our readers know about Street Media Hype – its mission and what all it does to help promote independent artists.

BEDLY ALCIDE: First, let me tell you what the name means. “Street” means independent, indie, upcoming entertainers such as models, rappers, singers, etc. “Media” is the site. “Hype” is how we help promote these entertainers to noticed or get exposure.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Your website is one of the premiere ones in South Florida and beyond. Where do you see Street Media Hype in 5 years?

BEDLY ALCIDE: In five years, Street Media Hype will be the site where you can find the best unknown talents in the world – models, producers, indie artists, rappers, singers, comedians, etc.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Any new projects coming up?

BEDLY ALCIDE: We are working on the Street Media Hype Clothing Line and photography and also have a new Street Media Hype film coming soon.


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