Heat Exclusive: Jay Jones Reveals 2000 Hollygrove

In the city of New Orleans, there exists an area with national prominence. Hollygrove, a section of the birthplace near Carrollton Avenue has been inundated with lyrical creatives and entrepreneurs for more than 30 years. Located in the 17th Ward, names like Allen Toussaint and Mahalia Jackson come to mind.

Moving forward to the 20th and 21st century, this neighborhood continues to flourish with gifted rhyme-sayers such as Black Menace, Devious, Partners N Crime, UTP Skip, Lil Slim, Reem, Hasheem-Amin, Hollygrove Keem, Eazy Money, Maximus Supreme, 223, Skrilla, Da U Boys, B’Eric, Ghetto Slaves, 0017th, and of course Lil Wayne and Fiend who scored success on Cash Money Records and No Limit Records. Right on the heels of Hollygrove, BTY Youngin made a name for himself nearby in the 17th Ward before his untimely death.

Across the avenue in Gert-Town, EXD, Hounds from Gert Town, Steve Bernard, and Full Blooded scored national prominence as well as their cousin Soulja Slim. It all began with a group “The Ninja Crew” featuring Hollygrove’s own Dj Baby T, Sporty T, and Gregory D. New Orleans went on to succeed and develop a valuable and well sought after catalogue of urban music for more than two decades.

Now on the brink of 2018, the son of J Dawg, who is a highly decorated emcee from Black Menace and the well-known Big Boy Records, Jay Jones releases “2000 Hollygrove”.  After making a name for himself on the mixtape circuit, he joined forces with none other than Lil Wayne.

From touring and releasing mixtapes, EPs and singles, Jay Jones continues to brand himself as well as the 0017th imprint.

His new project serves as a manifestation of self-will and determination. Jones told reporters he loves to come home to New Orleans and record because of “the feeling”. It is that feeling that listeners can relate to when listening to his latest installment. The son of Hollygrove has delivered what his neighborhood would call “a product of the 17th”. Jay Jones will continue to embed his world renowned “neck of the woods” and build additional momentum as a prolific emcee and artist globally.

Check out the vibe here:

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Dion Norman is a professional music artist/journalist from Louisiana. Norman is an urban music enthusiast and has been writing since the mid 90s. He is also a stakeholder in the newly found New Orleans Union For Entertainment which is a new resource provider for New Orleans artists and businesses as well as a collective. For more information, feel free to email him at itsdevious@yahoo.com