FedEx Coming To Little Rock, Bringing Hundreds Of Jobs


(Katv) It will be the largest distribution center in the state and it’s coming to southwest Little Rock. FedEx is expected to employ more than 200 people according to the Little Rock regional Chamber of Commerce.

They’ve already broken ground on this more than $50 million capital investment. This FedEx Distribution Center will sit on 44 acres and will be located south of the I-30 and I-430 intersection.

“Fantastic announcement, obviously anytime you have new projects coming to your area something as this large with over 50 million in new capital investment, new activity, new truck drivers,” said Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Jay Chesshir.

While FedEx is expected to employ more than 200, construction is already putting people to work.

“Significant construction jobs, significant truck driving jobs, significant ancillary jobs when you look at the industry needed to supply a major distribution facility like this, it’s not just that 50 plus million dollar investment in the project that is so great, it’s everything including that,” added Chesshir.

The distribution center will be located south of the I-30 and I-430 intersection off of South Loop and Alexander Road.

“Obviously wonderfully located form the stand point of I-40 and I-30 and I-430, from a logistics prospective and being to service a large part of the region, great location,” said Chesshir.

The Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce expects the project to be complete and operating by mid to late 2016.

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