Customer Sues McDonald’s For $30,000 After ‘She Falls Off Toilet’

A woman has alleged she was far from ‘lovin it’ when visiting a McDonald’s bathroom.

Cherry Hardie was sitting on a McDonald’s restaurant toilet in Illinois when it broke and she fell off – leaving her permanently disabled, according to a $30,000 lawsuit.

She allegedly suffered a severe injury to her left arm and shoulder as she tried to catch herself by reaching for the wall while falling to the floor of the Cook franchise.

Hardie not only injured her shoulder and arm, but also suffered a severe shock to her nervous system and became permanently disabled, the lawsuit says.

She is accusing restaurant owner Phideb Management Services of carelessly and negligently failing to manage and inspect the restrooms to spot dangerous conditions.

Hardie claims Phideb should have placed railings or barricades around the bathroom stall with the broken toilet seat because they should have known it would cause injury.

She is suing Phideb for $30,000 for one count of negligence in the lawsuit.

The safety and security of our customers is a priority,’ he told WGN-TV. ‘Beyond that, it would be inappropriate to further comment or speculate on a pending legal matter.’

This is second unusual lawsuit to be filed against a McDonalds in Illinois this year.

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