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Dappa Releases New Single “Can’t Let Geaux”

Friday, May 4th, 2018

It’s second quarter in the music industry and spring time seems to be the season for fresh new releases. The city of New Orleans continues to heat up and does not appear to be cooling down anytime soon.

The Heat Magazine wanted our readers to be the first to know about Dappa’s new release “Can’t Let Geaux”. Groovy and nostalgic music accompanied by wordplay and catchy vocals defines Dappa’s latest installment. The songwriter has been busy working on his new album and he promises to do his part this summer as an artist and representative from the Big Easy. “I don’t know why other artists do it but I am trying to create 25 jobs by next summer,” said Dappa.

Hear the new single here:

Find out more at and follow Dappa on Instagram @yaboydappa


Heat Exclusive:Paco Troxclair-Why He Has New Orleans Goin’ Duffy

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Keeping an ear to the street is paramount in the music industry. Paying homage to those who paved the way as well as exhibiting humility are a part of any great artist’s apprenticeship or “paying dues” process. While New Orleans Uptown neighborhoods may have established a reputation for being crime-ridden, there lives an immeasurable gift that manifests itself daily. This gift is known as music and in New Orleans, music continues to be a focal point in the Calliope Projects aka CP3. The Heat Magazine brings you an interesting interview on a young man by the name of Paco Troxclair. Paco is a rap artist and currently he has the city of New Orleans going “Duffy.”

The Heat Magazine: How did you come up with the moniker “Paco Troxclair”?

Paco: Paco was the name given to me in the Calliope (projects). It’s a mystery to me how it exactly became my name but many people attempt to solve the mystery. Troxclair is the last name of my family in the Calliope which is my momma’s side that I’m closest with.

The Heat Magazine: Fullpack has been a mainstay in urban music. How did you connect with such an established company?

Paco: Fess of Full Pack is an extended member of my family. I would always hear about the great things he did and he invited me over after hearing a project of mine. I immediately began working with Don and Fess and we shared a love for music.

The Heat Magazine: Your new single ‘Duffy’ is garnering great feedback. How did you come up with this hit?

Paco: I literally went to the studio excited and Fess was there first and I told Fess I wanted something that drop in hard as fuck. He begin building the beat and I was in love with it. It was something that I did without thinking. It came very natural to me. Fess didn’t like it at first; he thought the beat was too easy and he wanted to add things. I think when something happens that easy you just think this can’t be.

The Heat Magazine: What artists influence you?

Paco: I’m a product of my hometown. Therefore, all of the hometown heroes but If you know me you know I love B.G.

The Heat Magazine: Who do you plan on working with in the near future?

Paco: I have some things in the works with Currensy. I believe we can do something dope because the energy he brings, works well with what I’m about.

The Heat Magazine: What can your supporters and our readers expect from Paco Troxclair in 2018?

Paco: Expect me to go Duffy. Me and KL have made a gang of records. Also me and Flight School have connected and they are leading the New Orleans new school. Expect the “new New Orleans” sound.

The Heat Magazine: You were able to blend a nostalgic vibe from New Orleans classic days with the wave that exists currently in the 21st century. How important was this concept to you?

Paco: This happened organically so I can’t say for sure it was consciously important. I never thought about it but working with Full Pack made me want to create the new wave of New Orleans. I don’t think people have any idea what New Orleans music sounds like in the new times.

The Heat Magazine: When you’re not doing music or performing, what do you like to do in your leisure time?

Paco: I’m always finding new ways to maximize my potential. One thing I do a lot of is work out. I saw Mystikal one day on ‘Second and D’ and he was in such great shape he inspired me.

The Heat Magazine: What advice would you give to the youth concerning the music industry?

Paco: What I’ve learned is individual people are powerful. You can do more than you believe. You don’t need a label or manager. Focus on your following and those who appreciate what you do.

The Heat Magazine: Interesting! What do you love most about New Orleans?

Paco: The second lines, seafood, I really miss the block parties. I love the drinking in the streets and the girls at super Sunday. I love the culture.

The Heat Magazine: What area in New Orleans do you represent?

Paco: I represent the Calliope project. I actually lived in Gentilly as well but my roots are in the Calliope, my family, my influences, and the place I was raised.

The Heat Magazine: Your stage performance is outgoing and your video is fun. How important is it for you to have fun doing music?

Paco: I enjoy having a good time in life so my art reflects that. Ultimately, music is to lift the vibe so it’s a must I keep the frequencies high.

The Heat Magazine: Tell the world your favorite New Orleans dish and where they should visit if they come down for Mardi Gras?

Paco: Crawfish and shrimp; I love it. I probably eat it too much but I’m not sure if I’ll give that up. I could do it everyday. The place they should visit is Cajuns Seafood. You have to go there. I’m an addict.

Follow Paco Troxclair @pacotroxclair on Instagram.

Stream Paco Troxclair’s single here:

Stream video here:


Heat Exclusive: Assata Renay Shares Love and Wisdom in “Handbook”

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

In life, there comes a time when the young mind shares wisdom with the old. Love is an enigma and the world continues to find the answer. Who knows the recipe for love? In the meantime, we continue to explore ways to express it. Music serves as a representative for those who experience it but still there’s no “Handbook” for it.

This resonating message comes from a promising songstress professionally known as Assata Renay. Her new composition “Handbook” is now available on all digital outlets.

When The Heat Magazine first heard this song, we found it necessary to give our readers an inside look on Assata.

Assata is a native of New Orleans. Music danced through her roots starting with her late grandfather who was a blues guitarist. The musical lineage continued with her mother and father both landing careers in the music industry.

Assata’s sound can be described as alternative Rhythm and Blues fusing together both harmonies and emotions to create the unique sound that she takes pride in calling her own.

“Whether it’s experiencing a live show or listening to a record, you will be taken on a journey of everyday life situations through the eyes of a Nola girl,” said Assata.

The Heat Magazine proudly presents this exceptional artist’s music to our readers. Be sure to add this great song to your Valentines Day playlist.

Find out more about Assata Renay by following her @assatarenay on Instagram.

Check out her heartfelt composition “Handbook” here:



The Elephant is in the room

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

What kind of Brotha takes a Sistah’s heart and watches it tear piece by piece like confetti? The same kind that rips it piece by piece as if was confetti. What kind of Sistah allows that Brotha to tear and rip her heart to pieces. The kind that loves him so much that she doesn’t want to admit that her heart has been thrown up in the air in pieces like confetti at a party. The kind that won’t admit that her heart has been played with. This is the kind of Sistah that’s in denial, the kind that wants what she thinks they have so bad that she closes her eyes to the very thing that’s obvious…. The elephant in the room. This Sistah walks around it, looks around it, over it, and under it but still won’t admit that it’s in the room. She may even ride this elephant from room to room as if it was a high tide coming in from the Zambia River. She’s in a beautiful place in her mind, a place like the Cape Town or a Botswana Safari, Kruger, Victoria Falls or Tanzania, however, she’s really in a concrete jungle. A place where she has imprisoned herself just because she wants what looks good and what feels good from time to time.
So this Sistah is not bad. She’s not one that’s naïve nor is she stupid, she just wants to be loved by the right Brotha. Everyone deserves to be happy in life, why can’t she? Why can’t she have a peaceful, blissful, beautiful relationship with a person who vows to protect her, support her, guide her, provide for her? At least that’s what he told her. Yet, there’s the elephant in the room. Is this elephant an African elephant? Is it one that is so big that it squeezes you as you walk around it to get to the next spot in the room? Can’t you feel the pressure of this elephant pressing against your diaphragm making it hard for you to breathe? You can’t breathe in the love that you want so desperately to have. Isn’t this elephant in your walking space? Aren’t you having trouble moving your legs because the body of this elephant is so huge that it pains you to even try to step around it? You can’t step into love. Your arms are not wide nor long enough to go around this elephant to reach the unreachable so you strain muscles in your arm trying to grab what you think is at your fingertips but you can’t grab the love that you think is right there. It has gotten difficult to see the love you thought you had. The elephant has started to gain weight, being fed lies, denial, disappointments, and it has gotten larger and larger in the room, now you can’t even see around it. The only thing you can see is this elephant and that’s not what you want to look at. You’re trying your best to ignore the very thing in front of you and look past it but now it has begun to stress your vision. This elephant has got to be removed but how? Who’s gonna be strong enough to do so? Will the Brotha, who’s the Lion of the relationship, man up and take on responsibility by doing what’s right? Will he decide that game time is over, he has played enough with the Sistah’s heart and be the king he was ordained to be and move the elephant? Will he come clean and correct and for once, be transparent and remove the elephant? Or will it be the Sistah? Will she realize that the game has come to an end, she should take her loss and move around and out of the presence of the elephant? Since she is the Lioness, and it’s her duty to feed the Lion, will she feed him the love of leaving? Who’s going to process the situation? Who’s going to right what has gone wrong? Who’s gonna be the one to remove the elephant?
The elephant has to be removed. Both parties know it’s there. The Brotha gave access for it to come in and fed it while it stayed, the Sistah on the other hand knows it’s there but too uncertain in having it removed. The elephant has caused the oxygen in the room to drop tremendously. The walls seems to be closing in and there is no room to move, breathe and now have your own being. The Sistah begins to be a part of the elephant as well as the Brotha. He has become a part of the elephant too. There are no winners in this game. Both has been swallowed by the acts of the Elephant in the room.

You Are The Father… Again! *Side Eye*

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016




As I perused the internet as usual on yesterday I thought I had once again came upon an old article concerning a very, how can I say it gently, oil slick pastor of the Baltimore area. Sadly I wasn’t being had this time because after a bit of digging (really not much) I found so much information concerning said “Oil Slick”. Now if you haven figured out by the title or haven’t heard the internal banter of the internet, I’m talking about Pastor Jamal Bryant.

Oh, Jamal, Jamal, Jamal… those are the only words I could muster as I watched his periscope plea as he stated that God isn’t through with him yet and he is yet a man…blah blah booooo hoooo *Boy bye* you can miss me with this dragging of your tail behind you after being caught yet again doing the absolute most and wrong. I’m not saying that you are not a man who has weaknesses, but you having been in this predicament (ahem) before, you should absolutely know better. I could’ve sworn that you as a pastor of thousands of parishioners would be able to handle temptation and wordly living  a bit better than what you’ve displayed here sir. I thought that trying to live righteous meant that you understood that we do sin and we are tempted, but it’s how we handle the situation that sets us aside from those who don’t profess what we do.

I’m sitting here trying to figure out if I should call Maury for you or will you have your armor bearer do it for you *super side eye*. I mean this is just sad to the point that it wipes out all of your credibility to everything you had established in our ever so growing fight with civil rights and black lives matter movement. You messed it up, you were a voice (cause we don’t really want Jesse or Al) in this generation of shakers and movers. I don’t know why you just couldn’t keep it in your pants sir…

The story states that the woman who engaged in the relationship with Bryant claims that he asked her to get an abortion. Obviously this woman was not having any of that and has now forced Bryant to drink the kool-aid and confess his trespasses towards his family, kids, church, friends, just everybody. All this foolishness could’ve been avoided if he took his own advice from his own sermon entitled “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal”. And for the record, these paternity tests aren’t either.

One last thought… Pastor Jamal, the fact that another child is coming for you… you out here in these streets not even protecting yourself?That’s nasty

aint loyal


Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015


princess b 0

If anyone could tell you one thing about “Ms. TK” is that I LOVE fashion & style. So I stopped in on not only a GREAT friend of mines but where I shop at as well “Princess Beauty Bar & Boutique”, with the one and only Ms. Crystal Flecther. While I was there I felt what better time for me to pick her brain and ask her a few questions about her business. As we always do when I make my visit we have to drink water & chat to see what’s been going on in each other’s lives since our last visit. Today I surprised her when I asked If I could interview her, man if y’all could see the look on her face, I had to laugh myself. She was willing after I finished laughing. I really wanted to know, what made her open a boutique in the first place. “It’s a passion TK, I always loved to shop so I decided to turn my shopping into a business that also helps the women of the community” is what she says to me, so I say “Oh” because she was telling me something that I didn’t know about her. She goes on to say that she love to help every customer look and feel fabulous as well as to help build up their self-esteem but on a low-cost budget. She opened the doors in 2013, with no overhead all by herself. “It makes me feel like a robot sometimes, but I thank GOD that I’m blessed to be able to do it!” she said. In the next 5 yrs, her vision is to be a fashion expert on a tv show, styling celebrities, having her own Brand & some employees so she’ll have time to do what she needs too. Every year for Mother’s Day she does makeovers for mothers which consists of styling them and getting their hair done, with her being a single mother herself is what inspired her to “GIVE BACK” to the community in that form. She also has brought celebrities such as Shekinah(from the T.I. & Tiny show) , and Perez(He’s a celebrity stylist from ATL) to the city and have what we call a “Sip & Shop” event, that’s where women can come mingle, sip & shop all in one place. It’s not easy having a business especially in a city like Columbus, Ga where there is so much of the same things going on all over the city. When your heart is in the right place it does not matter how many of the same things going on opens, as long as GOD is in it, you’ll always win it!!! That’s what she told me in closing, Now those are some GREAT words to live by. If you’re in the city, stop by and give her a visit at 2400 Hamilton Rd, Columbus Ga or you can check her out on her website She she “ALL” styles of fashion from business, church, allnight-fun, & causul attire, I promise you’ll be hooked because I’M GUILTY MYSELF!! My thoughts of the day!!

princess b 1

princess b 2me for princess b 2

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Word for today: People

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015


People will forget what you did for them and may not return the favor, but you cant let it discourage you. Give from your heart and when you recongnize someone is a only a taker, stop letting them take from you.

Michelle Johnson And Gregory Lee Congratulations From The Heat On Your New Marriage

Thursday, April 17th, 2014


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Steve Harvey Speaks On Relationships

Monday, January 27th, 2014


Steve Harvey Speaks On Relationships, and TD Jake speaks on your past, never let your past relationships, mess up your good relatiosship. What your going to lose is that good man that was by your side.

Why Do Women Treat Good Men Bad?

Friday, January 24th, 2014


The other day i met a 49 yr old black woman who was telling me (with a smile on her face) about how BAD she treats her man. Her exact word were “i’m mean to my man.” when i asked her why is she mean to him… she shook her shoulders and replied “i don’t know”, so i asked her does he treat her bad? did he cheat on you? did he hit you? is he verbally abusive… she said “no he’s very good to me.” at that point i became baffled. Me being a single black women knowing how difficult it is to actually meet a actual GOOD man who treats you right i became some what annoyed by this woman who seemed 2 get pleasure out of treating a GOOD man BAD.

I couldnt help but ask myself… is it women like her who are giving us black women a bad name with black men? she literally bragged about treating this good man bad for no reason other than he’s “Too Nice” SMH.

Fellas… if you are a GOOD man who has had some bad experiences with women and are now assuming that ALL women are the same… it’s not true. There are good women out there who will appreciate you… You just need to be more selective about who you give your goodness to. STOP picking women based on physical appearance alone. Observe her character. Not every women is mentally ready to accept having a good man in her life. Sometimes a person (male or female) has to go through some things in order to APPRECIATE a good thing.

If you are Good man and your lady treats you bad for NO apparent reason… just know that.. she has issues that have nothing to do with you. also know this… she is treating you bad because you are allowing her to do it. I learned the lesson years ago that a person will treat you the way you allow them to.

Too ALL of you women out there who are lucky enough to have a GOOD man (not just any man but a GOOOOD man who treats you the way a man is SUPPOSED to treat a woman).. appreciate your man! There are OVER 2 million single black women out there who are just waiting to snatch him up if you don’t treat him right. Get it together ladies!!