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You Are The Father… Again! *Side Eye*

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016




As I perused the internet as usual on yesterday I thought I had once again came upon an old article concerning a very, how can I say it gently, oil slick pastor of the Baltimore area. Sadly I wasn’t being had this time because after a bit of digging (really not much) I found so much information concerning said “Oil Slick”. Now if you haven figured out by the title or haven’t heard the internal banter of the internet, I’m talking about Pastor Jamal Bryant.

Oh, Jamal, Jamal, Jamal… those are the only words I could muster as I watched his periscope plea as he stated that God isn’t through with him yet and he is yet a man…blah blah booooo hoooo *Boy bye* you can miss me with this dragging of your tail behind you after being caught yet again doing the absolute most and wrong. I’m not saying that you are not a man who has weaknesses, but you having been in this predicament (ahem) before, you should absolutely know better. I could’ve sworn that you as a pastor of thousands of parishioners would be able to handle temptation and wordly living  a bit better than what you’ve displayed here sir. I thought that trying to live righteous meant that you understood that we do sin and we are tempted, but it’s how we handle the situation that sets us aside from those who don’t profess what we do.

I’m sitting here trying to figure out if I should call Maury for you or will you have your armor bearer do it for you *super side eye*. I mean this is just sad to the point that it wipes out all of your credibility to everything you had established in our ever so growing fight with civil rights and black lives matter movement. You messed it up, you were a voice (cause we don’t really want Jesse or Al) in this generation of shakers and movers. I don’t know why you just couldn’t keep it in your pants sir…

The story states that the woman who engaged in the relationship with Bryant claims that he asked her to get an abortion. Obviously this woman was not having any of that and has now forced Bryant to drink the kool-aid and confess his trespasses towards his family, kids, church, friends, just everybody. All this foolishness could’ve been avoided if he took his own advice from his own sermon entitled “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal”. And for the record, these paternity tests aren’t either.

One last thought… Pastor Jamal, the fact that another child is coming for you… you out here in these streets not even protecting yourself?That’s nasty

aint loyal


Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015


princess b 0

If anyone could tell you one thing about “Ms. TK” is that I LOVE fashion & style. So I stopped in on not only a GREAT friend of mines but where I shop at as well “Princess Beauty Bar & Boutique”, with the one and only Ms. Crystal Flecther. While I was there I felt what better time for me to pick her brain and ask her a few questions about her business. As we always do when I make my visit we have to drink water & chat to see what’s been going on in each other’s lives since our last visit. Today I surprised her when I asked If I could interview her, man if y’all could see the look on her face, I had to laugh myself. She was willing after I finished laughing. I really wanted to know, what made her open a boutique in the first place. “It’s a passion TK, I always loved to shop so I decided to turn my shopping into a business that also helps the women of the community” is what she says to me, so I say “Oh” because she was telling me something that I didn’t know about her. She goes on to say that she love to help every customer look and feel fabulous as well as to help build up their self-esteem but on a low-cost budget. She opened the doors in 2013, with no overhead all by herself. “It makes me feel like a robot sometimes, but I thank GOD that I’m blessed to be able to do it!” she said. In the next 5 yrs, her vision is to be a fashion expert on a tv show, styling celebrities, having her own Brand & some employees so she’ll have time to do what she needs too. Every year for Mother’s Day she does makeovers for mothers which consists of styling them and getting their hair done, with her being a single mother herself is what inspired her to “GIVE BACK” to the community in that form. She also has brought celebrities such as Shekinah(from the T.I. & Tiny show) , and Perez(He’s a celebrity stylist from ATL) to the city and have what we call a “Sip & Shop” event, that’s where women can come mingle, sip & shop all in one place. It’s not easy having a business especially in a city like Columbus, Ga where there is so much of the same things going on all over the city. When your heart is in the right place it does not matter how many of the same things going on opens, as long as GOD is in it, you’ll always win it!!! That’s what she told me in closing, Now those are some GREAT words to live by. If you’re in the city, stop by and give her a visit at 2400 Hamilton Rd, Columbus Ga or you can check her out on her website She she “ALL” styles of fashion from business, church, allnight-fun, & causul attire, I promise you’ll be hooked because I’M GUILTY MYSELF!! My thoughts of the day!!

princess b 1

princess b 2me for princess b 2

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Word for today: People

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015


People will forget what you did for them and may not return the favor, but you cant let it discourage you. Give from your heart and when you recongnize someone is a only a taker, stop letting them take from you.

Michelle Johnson And Gregory Lee Congratulations From The Heat On Your New Marriage

Thursday, April 17th, 2014


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Steve Harvey Speaks On Relationships

Monday, January 27th, 2014


Steve Harvey Speaks On Relationships, and TD Jake speaks on your past, never let your past relationships, mess up your good relatiosship. What your going to lose is that good man that was by your side.

Why Do Women Treat Good Men Bad?

Friday, January 24th, 2014


The other day i met a 49 yr old black woman who was telling me (with a smile on her face) about how BAD she treats her man. Her exact word were “i’m mean to my man.” when i asked her why is she mean to him… she shook her shoulders and replied “i don’t know”, so i asked her does he treat her bad? did he cheat on you? did he hit you? is he verbally abusive… she said “no he’s very good to me.” at that point i became baffled. Me being a single black women knowing how difficult it is to actually meet a actual GOOD man who treats you right i became some what annoyed by this woman who seemed 2 get pleasure out of treating a GOOD man BAD.

I couldnt help but ask myself… is it women like her who are giving us black women a bad name with black men? she literally bragged about treating this good man bad for no reason other than he’s “Too Nice” SMH.

Fellas… if you are a GOOD man who has had some bad experiences with women and are now assuming that ALL women are the same… it’s not true. There are good women out there who will appreciate you… You just need to be more selective about who you give your goodness to. STOP picking women based on physical appearance alone. Observe her character. Not every women is mentally ready to accept having a good man in her life. Sometimes a person (male or female) has to go through some things in order to APPRECIATE a good thing.

If you are Good man and your lady treats you bad for NO apparent reason… just know that.. she has issues that have nothing to do with you. also know this… she is treating you bad because you are allowing her to do it. I learned the lesson years ago that a person will treat you the way you allow them to.

Too ALL of you women out there who are lucky enough to have a GOOD man (not just any man but a GOOOOD man who treats you the way a man is SUPPOSED to treat a woman).. appreciate your man! There are OVER 2 million single black women out there who are just waiting to snatch him up if you don’t treat him right. Get it together ladies!!

Heat Relationships (Respect Yourself)

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014


Ladies: If you don’t respect yourself? Why demand as much from a man? I need to speak on this, because it’s actually disturbing to see the steps “some” women take, to impress men. Please stop disrespecting yourselves with taking pics with your ass all hiked up, like you ready to be mounted, and those “club” pics, trying to show as much skin as possible. I really want to know what type of guy, you’re actually fishing for? Because good men see foolishness. We see a thirsty female, who feels her smile & personality are not good enough. “Let me entice a man, with my assets” We see a damaged soul, desperate for attention. Please stop, with the desperate attempts to get attention from men, because only dogs will go after your ratchet self. I know I have some hate coming my way, for saying this, but I’m not here to please you.

Heat Relationships (To Those Who Break Hearts)

Friday, January 10th, 2014


To those who pretend to live and break hearts without remorse: Your first mistake was taking them for granted. Your second mistake was leaving them. Your final mistake—and biggest gift—was letting them realize that they were better off without you… clearing the way for someone who would value them

Happy Birthday Kelvin Woods From The Heat Magazine

Thursday, December 26th, 2013


Ave Woods would like to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband I love this man so much words can’t explain. He is my true support system, my lover and my best friend. I love you Boo!


Do Women Always Have To Be Right?

Friday, December 13th, 2013


Speaking with a male coworker the other day gave me another male perspective on relationships. We were talking about living the married life and, with no hesitation, he made a statement that was as obvious as it was disturbing. Like many men before him, he said that “the woman has to always be right.” I’ve heard this comment before. People say it with sarcasm at weddings, at family get-togethers, and just to be funny. Come to think of it, it’s really not funny at all.

This left me wondering. Why do so many men feel like they have to give up something just to appease their women?

I asked my coworker to explain himself. He said, “I feel like I’m always the one apologizing.” I guess this means that his wife is either always right or she can’t ever admit it when she is wrong. I’ve never met her but I’m willing to bet it’s the latter. If a man feels that he needs to apologize simply because the woman won’t, then he must feel there is an unfair balance in the relationship.

My coworker said a couple more things that stuck out. He said, “If I’m going to admit that I’m wrong (when I’m wrong) then you better admit it when you’re wrong.” Even more enlightening for me was that he said, “Women need to throw us a bone every once in a while if they want to keep us around.”

This really brought all the reasons why men feel that the woman has to always be right into one sharp focus for me. They feel this way because they don’t get any credit for being right themselves. Or even worse, they probably don’t feel that their women even acknowledge it when they are right.

All men need credit, praise, and acknowledgment. That is what keeps them going. As a woman, if you can understand this, then you can understand how important it is to a man when you give him credit. If he can’t get any of this from you, chances are he’s going to try to find it elsewhere, and that won’t be good for either of you.

Just remember, when giving credit, it’s just as important to tell a man when he is right as it is to admit to a man when you are wrong. And, if you are admitting you are wrong, then don’t forget to apologize.

Sometimes, you should just give the dog a bone even if you prefer the challenge of a tug-of-war.